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Best Electronic Cigarette Brands for 2015

Quit Smoking Community believes that electronic cigarettes are one of the best ways to switch the way you intake nicotine. By publishing these reviews on the top electronic cigarettes, we hope that you will switch from smoking tobacco to vaping e-cigarettes to greatly reduce the harm you cause to your body.

eCigarette Rankings and Reviews for 2015

V2 Cigs is the undisputed top brand on the market right now. They are the largest online retailer of electronic cigarettes and have a gigantic fanbase. This is because V2 combines a huge variety of products with superior performance. Their e-cigs produce more vapor, have a longer battery life, taste better and offer more personalization than any other brand on the market. Whether you're new to e-cigarettes or have been around the block, V2 Cigs has a product that can help you quit smoking for good.  Check out our V2 Cigs Review to learn more about this brand!

read v2 cigs review
visit v2 cigs website

vapor fi best e cig
We just finished our review of Vapor Fi's e-cigarettes and e-liquid, and it's very clear that Vapor Fi is advancing fast. Previosuly known as Vapor Zone, Vapor Fi now has 6 different models of electronic cigarettes ranging from miniature cigarette shaped ones to full-sized eGo models with great cartomizers. With that said, what really makes Vapor Fi a top 3 e-cigarette is their e-liquid. Not only do they have a large selection that is very popular with e-cigarette users, they recently launched a "Create Your Own" flavor option. You can mix and match between up to 3 flavors and create a custom taste that's all your own. Vapor Fi offers the most customization of their products in the e-cigarette industry; if this intrigues you, read more below.

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visit vapor website

Halo Cigs is an innovator in the industry. Halo offers very competitive and advanced e-cigarette hardware that both new and experienced vapors will enjoy. We have reviewed their Triton Tank System, which we were very impressed with (click below for details). They are also very well known for their wide selection of flavors, though we thought V2 Cigs had a slight edge on them in that respect. Be sure to check out our Halo Cigs Review to learn more about what is possible with the Triton Tank System.

read halo review
visit halo website

Apollo is a very good brand that we recommend particularly to more advanced e-cig users. This is because they offer not only the typical e-cigarette model, but the eGo model as well. eGos are fantastic batteries that connect to a wide range of tanks. You can fill these tanks with any brand of juice you can find, which makes a more personalized and open source experience. Check out our Apollo E-Cig Review for more information.

read apollo e cig review
visit apollo e cig website

Green Smoke is another top tier brand. They have a lot of selection and perform very well for their price range. However, they were just purchased by Phillip Morris, the biggest tobacco company in the world. It remains to be seen what changes this will cause in their product, pricing and performance but for now they are our number three electronic cigarette brand for beginners. Read our Green Smoke Review for more information.

read halo review
visit green smoke website

777 E-Cigs is a very well-respected electronic cigarette company. They have been around for a very long time and have a very respected company. Their product is top notch; it creates a fair amount of vapor and their flavors are top notch. But not only that, they also have premium customer service and take care of their customers in every way. Learn more by reading out 777 E-Cig Review.

read 777 e cig review
visit apollo e cig website

Revolver is a brand that is very similar to Apollo. They have a huge variety of products for many different types of e-cig users. They have disposables for entry level users all the way up to the "eVIC" model which is very advanced and can even plug into your computer to give you statistics about your e-cig use. Revolver is definitely worth a look. Check out our Revolver E-Cig Review for more information.

read revolver e cig review
visit revolver cig website

South Beach Smoke has been around for a very long time. They haven't quite improved as much as some other brands but they are still a solid choice for beginning e-cig users. If you are interested in a brand that has a great selection of flavors and a solid history, than South Beach Smoke is definitely an option. For more information, read our South Beach Smoke Review.

read south beach smoke review
visit revolver cig website

Basic Information on Electronic Cigarettes

Many people put off the decision to switch to e-cigarettes because they are worried that the technology or amount of options will be too overwhelming. But as those of you who have actually made the switch know, e-cigarettes are actually very easy to use. We've put together this section in order to help new or potentially new e-cigarette users understand how these new devices work.

Our View on eCigarettes and Quitting Smoking

Here at Quit Smoking Community, we believe that electronic cigarettes are a perfectly acceptable tool to help you quit smoking. Some of the best electronic cigarettes available on the market will successfully replace your nicotine cravings, resulting in a pain free way to quit smoking.

We decided to order 10 popular e-cigarette brands and have a 3rd party reviewer (none of the staff here use nicotine) test each one and write up reviews for them. Armed with the best electronic cigarette for your needs, anyone can kick the tobacco habit.

The Essential Parts of Every Electronic Cigarette

As far as the average e-cig user is concerned, electronic cigarettes are really just composed of 3 main parts. Those two parts are the battery, the cartridge and the e-liquid.


eliquid vapor

E-liquid, sometimes called E-Juice, is the fuel of any electronic smoking device. It cointains flavoring and nicotine, along with a base to hold it all together. Once the device is activated, the e-liquid becomes vapor to be inhaled. There are almost an infinite amount of e-liquid flavors available all over the internet, so it's important to understand how it works.

E-Liquid comes not only in different flavors, but with different amounts of nicotine as well. Strength of the liquid is typically measured in milligrams of nicotine per millileter of liquid. You'll usually see strengths labelled with "mg/ml". Below is some information on typical nicotine levels and which one would be best for you:

6 mg/ml: Low volume smoker, less than half a pack per day

12 mg/ml: Average smoker, between half and full pack a day

18 mg/ml: High volume smoker, more than a pack per day

24 mg/ml: Chain smoker, this is typically the highest strength sold by any reputable retailer

Beyond that, there's not a lot more to know. If you buy a starter kit, which we recommend for first time buyers, it will include e-liquid. But it is the one part of an e-cig that you have to replace very frequently.

Recommended E-Liquid Vendors:

V2 Cigs - Their Menthol is Hugely Popular

Vape Dudes - Gourmet E-Liquid, Huge Selection

Halo - They Are Well-Known For their Lineup

To learn more, read our Full E-Cig Liquid Guide

Cartomizers, Clearomizers, Tanks and Cartridges

cartomizers tanks

This piece of an electronic cigarette has many names. Cartomizer, cartridge, clearomizer, tank, and often any of those two words combined. But they all serve the same function. It is the piece that holds the reservoir of e-liquid and facilitates the process of vaporizing it.

Inside the cartridge is a small piece called an atomizer, which is the vaporizing element. As the user puffs on his e-cigarette, the cartomizer feeds liquid onto the atomizer via small fiber wicks. Cartridges are the most frustrating element because there are many things that can go wrong. However, some brands have very high quality cartridges that work very well and need to be replaced a lot less.

Brands With Starter Kits That Have Good Cartridges:

V2 Cigs - Recently released 2 new cartridges under the "EX" line, and they are fantastic.

Halo - Their Triton Tank System comes with a great tank that holds a lot of liquid and has very few issues.

Apollo - Their eGo Starter Kits come with a "CE4" clearomizer, which is cheap and decent quality.

Make sure you choose a brand with quality cartridges, they can make or break the flavor and smoothness of your vapor.


e-cig batteryes


The final piece of the puzzle is the battery, which provides the power needed to generate the atomizer and vaporize the e-liquid. Batteries are fairly straightforward: the bigger the battery, the longer it's going to last and the more vapor it's going to be able to generate. Some people prefer the miniature e-cigarettes because they want to mimic the tobacco cigarette experience. Others prefer the eGo style (sold by Halo and Apollo) because they are a bit larger and have a longer battery life. Some eGo models even allow you to adjust how much power you want your battery to release when you are puffing. Then others have gargantuan "mods" that have incredibly long battery life but are not portable at all.


The most popular types of electronic cigarettes are in the list below (click to read more about them)

Miniature e-Cigarette or 'Cig-a-Like' Models

eGo Style

Mods and APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers)

Mechanical Mods


There are a few different aspects of batteries that are variable beyond just their size. They are:

1. mAH - This stands for milli-ampere-hours and it's a measure of how much energy can be held in your battery overall. So basically, the higher the mAH, the longer that battery will hold a charge. eGo batteries typically range from 600 to 1300 mAH, while miniature "cig-a-like" brands are a little lower.

2. Automatic vs Manual - This used to be a big debate in the e-cig community around 2012, however since then manual batteries have become the more popular choice. The difference is just as it sounds, the automatic batteries will start to vaporize right when you start inhaling on the device. The manual batteries require that you push a button while inhaling. It's common knowledge that manual batteries can hold a charge longer, are safer, and create more vapor than the automatic ones. You'll still find automatic batteries around but we certainly recommend manual.

3. Voltage - Whereas mAH is the measure of how much energy a battery can retain, voltage is how much it can put out. So the higher the voltage, the hotter the atomizer is going to get, resulting in some very big, very hot vapor. The industry standard used to be 3.7 volts for the "cig-a-like" batteries, but things have gotten much crazier since then. Most eGo batteries are now "variable voltage" which means you can adjust the range of power you want the battery to output when you press the button. They typically start a 3.0 volts and top out at just below 5 volts, allowing the vaper to try and find the setting that they like best.

When it comes down to it, it's a personal preference thing. I don't like to draw a lot of attention to myself, therefore I wouldn't go around whipping out something like this thing at a party. I personally like to have an mid-size battery like the eGo around for when I'm working or sitting around, but for driving or working around the house, I love to have a "cig-a-like" in my mouth. I used to love working in the yard with a real cigarette loosely hanging out of my mouth, and I can have that again with a miniature e-cigarette.


Brands Whose Kits Have Great Batteries:

Halo - The Triton Tank System is a beautiful thing. The battery is short and squat, but it packs a punch.

V2 Cigs - They recently released an improved battery, also with the "EX" line. It is still the shape of a real cigarette but it has much more power

Apollo - Once again, their eGo starter kits are a great option, this time because of the eGo batteries included.

From Set Up to Maintenance

E-Cig Set Up

setting up starter kit

Now that we've gotten the basic setup of these devices out of the way, we can talk about how to use them and keep them running smoothly. And truth be told, it's really not all that hard. So let's get started.

So your shiny new starter kit just arrived in the mail. You peeked inside and saw a scene that was a bit more complicated than you imagined. But don't worry, it's just all of the accessories that come with the kit most likely. The only things you really have to worry about are the three components we covered above.

Charging the Batteries: The first thing you should do is take out the battery(s) and start charging them immediately. Hold off on setting up your e-cig until it's fully charged, this will cause it to work better and have a longer lifespan.

refill an e-cigarette tankPutting the Pieces Together  - The next step depends what type of kit you purchased. If you purchased a kit with prefilled cartridges, than all you have to do once the battery is charged is screw one of the cartridges onto the end of the battery and you're ready to puff away. If you bought a kit with a refillable tank, you'll need to fill it first before you attach it to the battery.

Filling the Cartomizer: Start by taking the top off of the cartomizer, then hold the whole thing at a 45 degree angle. When you go to start dripping the juice, aim for the sides of the opening, you dont' want any liquid to go into the air hole that sits in the center. If that happens, you'll be getting e-liquid in your mouth for the next 2 minutes, and that's the worst feeling ever. Once it's filled up, just put the tip back on and you are good to go. Have a napkin on hand because this process can get messy.

Miscellaneous Preparation: If your kit didn't come with any sort of case, you may want to find something to hold your e-cigarette. Otherwise it ends up rolling around in your pockets when you're not using it. If your kit came with a "Personal Charging Case" than you should also charge that fully once your battery is done.

E-Cigarette Maintenance and Continued Use

vaping maintenance

Electronic smoking is not like being a traditional smoker, you don't simply finish up a tank of e-liquid and toss the whole thing away (unless you buy disposables, which you shouldn't be doing). Also, it's important to keep things clean so that the moving parts aren't interrupted by dirt or loose e-liquid. Here's some tips on making the most and saving the most during your e-cigarette experience.

Watch the E-Liquid Levels - If you use a refillable tank, than make sure to monitor how much is left. Try not to let the levels get below 1/4 because that can end up ruining the atomizer, meaning you have to buy a whole new cartridge. So just like you don't keep driving on empty, don't keep puffing on low e-liquid either!

Clean Stuff -  You'll want to take the time to clean off the end of both the battery and cartomizer so that the connection between the two remains strong. When there's gunk in there, it interferes with the voltage.

Expect That You'll Have to Replace Things - Over time, every aspect of an e-cigarette wears down. The e-liquid, obviously, gets vaporized. The wicks and atomizers in the cartridges get worn down from the extreme heat. The batteries eventually lose their power and ability to hold a charge. But all told. you'll still be saving a significant amount over regular cigarettes.

Shopping For the Best Electronic Cigarette

Shopping for electronic cigarettes can be a bit frustrating. We've seen some "review" sites out there that dont' even sound like they have tried the product or even ever been a cigarette smoker in their life. But we're different. We've been there. Our entire goal is to help you quit smoking tobacco and so our analysis of the e-cigarette brands out there is going to be based on that and nothing more.

With that said, it's time to help you figure out which brand suits your interest. We'll go through a list of different types of smokers and suggest the e-cigarette brand that suits their style. Please check it out and figure out which brand will help you quit smoking!

Smoking on the Run

If you are constantly on the go and have no time to stand around for a smoke break, you are definitely a smoker on the run. You love to puff while you drive and take long drags as you stroll down the street.

We Recommend:   V2 Cigs 

Their new EX line of batteries offers the power of larger ones without the bulkiness. You'll have no problems with it getting in your way, plus their EX cartridges are fantastic. Check out their line of EX starter kits right here!

Big Puffs Every Time

If you're the type of person to light a cigarette and then immediately take a 10 second drag, you like the feeling of your lungs being filled with smoke. Well, you can still achieve that, only with much less harmful vapor. Many vapers favorite aspect of vaping is the "throat hit" or the feeling of the vapor hitting your throat and lungs, signifying that nicotine is entering your bloodstream. Yes, it sounds a little bit like a drug addicts thinking but that's essentially what smokers are. Regardless, if you like big clouds of vapor and powerful throat hits, we have the brand for you.

We Recommend:   Halo E-Cigs  

Their Triton Tank Starter Kit comes with two batteries that will provide you with the vapor production you're looking for. If you want big clouds, than go Halo all the way. Check out their site.

The Conoisseur

You are the person known to talk about the differences in taste between various tobacco brands, even though everyone pretty much felt they all tasted the same. You like things that taste good, which means you're going to fall in love with e-cigarettes.

We Recommend:   Vapor Zone  

Vapor Zone has a ton of flavors, plus they allow you to combine them into custom orders. You'll never run out of flavors to try.

Our Stance on Electronic Cigarettes

Many of us who have successfully quit, have done so with the help of electronic cigarettes. Many of us have tried other methods to quit smoking, such as the patch, nicotine gum, or even cold turkey. Those attempts generally ended in relapse.

Finally, a product was introduced that revolutionized smoking cessation: the e-cigarette. Non-smokers don’t realize that the allure of smoking isn’t just the nicotine, but also the ritual. Smokers enjoy the actions of holding up a cigarette to their lips and taking a drag of smoke. Although you don’t have to fumble with a lighter, e-cigs give the vaper almost the same experience as tobacco cigarettes. Although personally we feel that vaping is much more sophisticated that smoking. After all, discovering fire is a little primitive.

E-Cigarettes are a Miracle in Harm Reduction

best electronic cigarette brandsAt the very least, electronic cigarettes help to reduce harm. The vapor that e-cigarettes produce is much safer than tobacco smoke, which contains more toxins than you would imagine. Unlike secondhand cigarette smoke, secondhand e-cig vapor is rather harmless. It may contain a small trace of nicotine, but nothing to worry about. In fact, recent studies have shown that nicotine isn’t any more addicting or harmful than caffeine. It’s the other chemicals contained in tobacco smoke that is harmful.

At Quit Smoking Community, we believe that electronic cigarettes are currently the most effective way to quit smoking. We say this from our own personal experiences as well as the countless success stories that we have heard from all over the globe.

The Truth About E-Cigs

We feel that there are a lot of misconceptions about e-cigarettes. In fact, a lot of the stigma on smoking has been unfairly passed onto vaping. It is time to think of vaping as the opposite of smoking. Vaping is the future, and it will bring smoking to an end.

When first trying to make the switch from smoking to vaping, it can become overwhelming. There are so many brands out there. How do you know which one is the best? In our efforts to help those navigate the world of vaping, we personal review some of the brands that we recommend. Check them out and you will find an e-cigarette that is right for you. If you have any questions, just remember that the Quit Smoking Community is here to help. Don’t hesitate to ask questions on the forum.

Today is the first day of your healthier lifestyle!

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Quit Smoking Community

24 Responses to "Best Electronic Cigarette Brands for 2015"

  • Chris
    June 15, 2014 - 11:19 am Reply

    I am interested to find out your opinion on the VIP brand. I have been using their Photon Tank model since I made the switch four months ago and it works great for me

  • Dutch
    September 5, 2014 - 10:42 pm Reply

    I am ready to give up cigarettes but not sure what to switch to. I smoke about 1 pack a day, mostly on quick breaks during the work day. I think I am more of a long, fast hitter on the cigarette, but do not consider myself a throat smoker. Any recommendations as to what I should consider buying to start with?

    • Bill
      December 8, 2014 - 10:58 pm Reply

      I started with a kit from Halo. I smoked 2 packs a day and now I have been smoke free for a year!

  • Diana
    September 8, 2014 - 2:42 pm Reply

    I stopped 15 months ago and have been for last 12 months using 10 motives menthol e ciggs avail online at 10 motives or from most Tesco stores. They are amazing!!!! I havnt had even a sneaky wee puff in all that time!!! NOT EVEN ONCE!!!!! If they work for me who smoked 20 a day they will work for anyone. Dont waste time trying other brands like I did theses are the best. Goodluck and dont give in its best thing I ever did I save £200 per month WOW!!!!!

  • alan
    September 17, 2014 - 5:22 pm Reply

    I tried 3 ecig brands in he UK – leaks – battery problems all cheap imports Im afraid – then I found V2 – proper electronic cigarette – tested eliquid and now in the UK
    ty QSC

  • Bj
    September 19, 2014 - 4:53 pm Reply

    I too WAS a firm believer in the V2 e-cigarette ever since a friend gave me one to try on May 2nd 2013… and I never looked back. They indeed offered exceptional choices of styles, flavors, warranty and customer service. I was a firm believer and supporter in the V2 product and their line…Until;

    Five months ago I ordered a “starter kit” for e-liquids which contained a “New Style” USB charger that included a long cord which made it VERY versatile allowing the new style charger to be used in so many different configurations.

    I immediately ordered a second as a backup charger. However, what I received, was a “Switched” replacement of the old style USB charger. Even the box, showed pictures of the “Long Cord” charger.

    L O N G story short, after countless phone calls, emails, PROMISES, time, frustration and threats to switch to another brand; And Having Spent Hundreds Of Dollars On Their Products, I have yet to receive what I in fact ordered, Nor, have I been given any refund or any kind for something I did not order.

    I HATE a liar. And, like most, I hate a company that represents itself in any way to deceive it’s customers. ALL THIS OVER A SIMPLE CHARGER!

    So now, I am indeed looking for a new company. I will N E V E R trust V2 again. Never would I have thought, from past experience with V2, that they would treat a customer as they have treated me.


  • Dani
    September 23, 2014 - 5:08 pm Reply

    I am truly confused on which brand of ecigs is the best. I purchased the Alternacig over a year ago, however, I have not tried to get off regular cigs yet. I needed to stop using excuse after excuse. Now that I have done that I feel ready to give quitting a go. My sister came for a visit after having pneumonia for the fifth time. She brought her V-2 ecig with. We compared her V-2 to my Alternacig the results ended up with the Alternacig cartridges lasted way longer than her V-2. We smoked at the same time so that we could see which was better. She was changing her V-2 cartridge within the first day. My Alternacig lasted a day and a half before changing the cartridge. Her V-2 battery lasted longer. As far as the taste we agreed they both tasted fine. As far as throat hits we decided the Alternacig was better. And finally we called customer service for the both of them and found that they both gave great service. Please know if my sister can quit ANYONE can. She was lighting her next cigarette with the one she was about to put out. She has not had a “real” cigarette in 2 and a half years. Her advice is this, find the ecig that works best for you and never allow yourself to purchase a real cigarette again.

  • Drew Anne Young (Yep, I'm a girl named Drew!)
    September 27, 2014 - 6:01 pm Reply

    Finally, a website that covers the bases in a manner that I ‘get’. I quit smoking almost 6 months ago. I was a pack a day Marlboro reds girl….the ‘catalyst’ for me was the smell of smoke in my hair….I was sick of it.

    I went to my local mall and my first purchase of an e-cig was this skinny, black pen shaped thing that had a slim cartridge and recharged from the wall. I think they’re called ‘Spinners’, whatever the heck THAT means.

    Due to this little pen shaped miracle, I haven’t touched a nasty fag since.

    I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I have gone thru NUMEROUS e-cigs. The first one was retired after about month due to its inability to hold a charge. I got on the ‘net and was advised by a company (Altcig) to purchase an itaste v v battery along with a cartridge that held my juice in a peachy GLASS enclosure. It didn’t take me long to knock that bad boy off my counter onto the CERAMIC kitchen floor. ‘Shattered’ doesn’t describe the condition of that poor thing. Off I went, again, to search out the perfect e-cig.

    I then ended up with this cartridge made by Aspire. Stainless body…slim ‘window’ to check juice levels… Wasn’t too bad. I kept my battery, so the cost of replacing the cartridge wasn’t too painful. I even purchased a new drip tip in a fabulous pink color! The plastic drip tip lost its allure pretty quickly, so I once again put the stainless back on.

    I have this really bad habit of ‘stashing’ my cig in my back pocket of my jeans. It was in that back pocket the other day when I dashed out of a store, flew into my car…..oops….well sh**. I BROKE the tank….broke the threading right off. Aw geez….here we go again. Not to mention the loss of Five Pawns juice that I vape….all over my car seat. Car smells excellent, however.

    I then purchased an SSV Genie tank. Cute little ‘Jeannie bottle’ shape….performance SUCKS. I’ve never heard so much gurgling and gargling since I was in college after the girls had a long night in the bars. Damned thing….I am cleaning this thing EVERY TIME I put juice in it. I don’t understand this phenomenon, but the juice goes from the cartridge, travels down into the stainless band where it pools. Then, in its final, destructive voyage, it puddles around the top of the battery. This requires a total tear down of my cig to clean it. I need to buy stock in Bounty for all the towels I have used to clean this failure. I fill with a needle tip and do NOT get juice in the center hole. I don’t overfill nor do I let the liquid get too empty. WTF?

    Do you know how frustrating it is to have a stressful moment, reach for the sanity contained in an e-cig only to be rewarded with gurgling, snapping and popping and the inevitable mouth of juice that feels like electrical zaps???

    I think the design of most e-cigs is flawed as well. It’s just not possible to balance a car on the tip of a pencil and these damned things are so top heavy, there is no way to keep them upright….so the obligation to walk around holding them exists. Or you can put it in your back pocket and break it when you sit down. I’ve seen the lanyards….don’t go there.

    Here is my idea of the PERFECT e-cig. First and foremost, the bottom needs to be at LEAST twice the width of the top to get some stability. Second, let’s find a cartridge that doesn’t leak….what a concept! I like the idea of being able to adjust my cig from 3.0 to 5.0 cause when these things are first filled up and have a new coil they are badass and ready to go…..tastes like burnt toast so ya gotta crank down the voltage! I know that there is another air(?) adjustment type of dealio on some, but I don’t think I know what that’s for. I’m certainly not sophisticated enough with these to be able to build my own coils, so I would require one with replaceable coils. Oh, and by the way, my nickname is ‘coil killer’. I can burn one up in two days. Yeah, yeah….I know….we’re not sucking golf balls thru garden hoses here….I just like that chest and throat hit….what’s a girl to do when she’s stressed? I’m not a cloud chaser, but the idea is kinda fun.

    If you have managed to get thru this mini version of ‘War and Peace’, and if you have time, may I impose upon your knowledge to hook me up with my perfect e-cig?

    • ty
      November 12, 2014 - 6:07 am Reply

      I feel ur paine, reading that was like reliving my experience. I’m using mark ten cig a like now, I like to pretend it’s a normal cig. Per these reviews I’m gonna try either the V2 or halo brands, probably V2 first.

  • Joshua
    October 9, 2014 - 5:44 pm Reply

    I’ve been looking at different Vapor units and have seen some as low as 30 bucks and others that go up to 200 bucks. whats the main difference between a $20 unit and a $200 one? is there any “red flags” that I should look out for on

  • doris jarvis
    October 20, 2014 - 1:56 pm Reply

    We are in Anderson, In. We did buis. with Low Bobs on 53rd. St. We have yet to find a battery of any quality. Worse yet distributors like low bob know it and sell them anyway. They then refuse any remedy for their junk. Tuff luck I guess. Can you recommend a product or company that is not the junk low bob sales?

  • cage
    November 19, 2014 - 4:06 am Reply

    I got a Kangertech EVOD starter pack.. 2x 650mah batteries, 2x poly tanks, 5 replacement single coils, and charger. I really enjoy this unit. Just updated to the Kangertech Protank 3.

    Recommended highly

  • mike
    November 21, 2014 - 1:59 pm Reply

    I’m a chain smoker who wants to switch to e cigs. I’ve tried the blu , mark 10 ( I like due to the lightweight and cigarette feel but cartridge is short and battery sucks) and the vuse. I want to switch but I want one that lasts and will hold me over so I don’t want an actual cigarette. What do you recommend ?

    • Brad Rickey
      December 22, 2014 - 3:27 pm Reply

      I chose “Vuse” to help me quit, after several recomendations. It took me about 5 weeks to quit gradually, but smoke free for 3 days now. I am really satisfied with vuse use and highly recomend it. The taste is phenomenal. I didn’t realize that e-cigs could accually have a better taste than my formerly used swishers. The starter kit is only 10 bucks and includes 1 cartomizer, ( which lasts about 2 days.) the cartemizer replacement is about 3 bucks is the simplest, cheapest, most expediant alternative to help you quit. Although Phillip morris makes no claims that it is a cecession device, but it worked for me. Thanks to the e-cig alterative, I’ll never have a need to return those nasty, expensive, killers.

      • Mary edel
        January 1, 2015 - 3:39 pm Reply

        I started with ecig this am. Vuse menthol, my first drag made me cough like crazy can anyone tell me why. I am a heavy smoker, I smoke pall mall lights. Do I need to get less nicotine or what’s the reason? Thanks

        • Tyler Bullock
          January 7, 2015 - 9:51 pm Reply

          Yep exactly, your nicotine levels are probably too high. People generally cough a lot from e-cigs when they first start using them, so your body has to get used to it as well.

  • Amber
    November 22, 2014 - 5:50 am Reply

    I recently got a ecig and it makes me feel sick. I am trying to figure out why. I feel like I am high and like I am going to be sick. I only take one drag off it and feel this way. Thanks guys.

    • tolstoy
      December 9, 2014 - 1:21 am Reply

      could be that your nicotine is too high. Some people are also allergic to PG (propoleyne glycol *misspelled) which is a main ingredient in ejuice.

      look up vegetable glycerine based ejuice (VG) and lower your nicotine to 12 or 6 for average light smokers.

  • will
    November 25, 2014 - 8:53 pm Reply

    V2 and VaporFi have great hardware and customer service. VaporFi specifically, has wonderful vaping power, awesome tank/coil design and they last for quite some time. Highly recommended. Green Smoke is alright as well, particularly for beginners.
    Not sure how Halo keeps coming up high on review lists but I guess they were pretty good for novices back in the day. Now their products are becoming increasingly inconsistent. Not only that, their attitude is “Halo is always right.” So Halo customers, take the back seat, if the product fails, its your fault.

  • Michael
    December 10, 2014 - 8:44 pm Reply

    I have been purchasing VaporFi,com product and couldn’t be happier. When compared to similar products in the market as far as price goes, Vaporfi prices are a little bit higher, but when comparing their stuff to generic products or other brands, vaporfi always wins out in quality, vapor production, taste and other factors that are important to me. If anyone is looking to switch to a basic, simple but reliable e-cig, go with their Pro kit. I am sure you can find coupons as well. They also have some advanced gear, but for new users, go with something simple like the express or pro.

  • Brian
    December 13, 2014 - 6:45 pm Reply

    I stopped smoking in 2001 9/24. Funny a lot of folks relapsed on 9/11 ..I was motivated by the terrorist c__k s__kers…I took it personal that they were trying to make me relapse .Finally hit 24 hours smoke free on 9/24/01. However a few years later I was ready to relapse and a doctor prescribed me NIcotrol Inhalers. My co-pay is $50 a month. A few weeks ago my insurance screwed up my prescription so I bought ecigs at WalMart .. Fin. They say a cartrige equals 2 backs of cigs. Forget that. Might equal 4 cigarettes. Not cheap. I go thru about 2-3 cartriges a day…like 6 to 9 bucks. I tried Blu and did not even get a wall charger. they gave me a charger for car cig lighter. Am I supposed to run my car while charging? PLus you have to charge the box and then charge your battery from that. At least with Fin from Walmart you can charge a box at wall and your battery at same time. However Fin box charger broke down very soon (box). I still prefer the Nicotrol Inhalers… no mist, no muss, no fuss. However, how much longer my insurance company will pay for maitenance not just withdrawal I don’t know. I definitely need to learn more about ecigs. Like how to do it less expensively.

  • Christian Butler
    December 31, 2014 - 3:44 am Reply

    I got the vision spinner one and 2, with MT3 Clearomizer 1.8ohm is the best I’ve ever come across and I gone through most types of clearomizers out there. Oil I smoke 24mg of white widow 10ml 6droplets of Amber leaf 18mg in MT3 Clearomizer 1.8 ohm with vision spinner one at 3.3volts.

  • Sandra
    January 4, 2015 - 7:13 pm Reply

    I’m using a Smart Smoke – I see no reviews on here for them. I was a half a pack Merit Ultra Light and the lowest mg of Smart Smoke for the blueberry that I like is 11 mg which I have to custom order. I’m using 14mg right now, but find it in my hand all the time. I wanted to use it as an aid to quit but feel I’m getting more addicted than when I was smoking. Smoking a cigarette satisfied for a few hours – this doesn’t. Any suggestions or thoughts on Smart Smoke? I do prefer the cartridges to the liquid. Seems cleaner

  • Tricia
    January 19, 2015 - 9:49 pm Reply

    I bought an Itaste set on a whim at the flea-market on Saturday for 40 bucks. From what I’ve seen on-line today, that’s pretty good. I gave the guy my almost-full pack of smokes to throw away because I knew I wouldn’t do it right away. Today is Monday and I have a wicked head-ache but I haven’t smoked and I don’t regret the decision one bit. I’ve smoked for over 30 years and I’m only 46. The tobacco companies are not getting another penny of my money. Ever… I hope….. I’ll let ya know how it goes. :)

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