Arbonne Review


Arbonne is a company that promotes its products as natural, pure and free from all sorts of harmful chemicals and animal products. They operate on an MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme, which means that consumers can become representatives and make money through the company.

We are going to look at the company and examine their products- how effective they are, if they measure up to their claims and if they are worth your money.

The Company

Let’s start by examining the company behind all the Arbonne products. They offer their products through their website and through various retailers. But a lot of their sales come straight through their own customers. That’s Because they essentially hire their customers to market their products for them. This is known as a multi-level marketing scheme, and it is very similar to how Avon and other door-to door beauty product companies work.

They all have a catalogue for people to order from, and many of their customers become representatives for a small introductory fee. Those who do represent the company get 35% off the company’s products and have to pay a charge for setup materials. Then they can buy as much as they like from the company and sell it at a profit. Alternatively, they can earn a commission off of all the products their friends and acquaintances buy through them.

This saves the company money in marketing, distribution and retail. It also helps spread the word very quickly about the product through sources that many consumers will trust. After all, who will you be more likely to believe- a television ad or your friend? The company is banking on that level of trust between people to grow its business empire. They offer perks to the reps who sell the most, making it a very competitive and aggressive way to market.

What They Offer

We haven’t really discussed what it is that Arbonne sells yet. Of course, it is likely that you came to this review after finding out a little about the company anyway. You are probably curious to see what people thought of it more than just wanting to find out what the company has to offer. But nonetheless, you should be aware of what Arbonne is selling to get a better idea of whether their products are something you would be interested in anyway.

They mostly sell beauty products- skin creams, body lotions, hair products and the like. But they also offer weight loss products, nutritional items, fragrances and more. Their line of products is geared toward women, but they certainly have a number of items guys would find useful as well. There is a lot of variety on offer, and even within specific categories, the company has some choices, so we are certainly not going to examine every item in detail. We can speak about their products in general though, as they all share some unique themes.


The Claims

When a company makes as many claims as Arbonne does about its products, it is important to examine those claims and see how they hold up. Arbonne advertises its products as being natural, pure and inspired by botanical. The wording is very imprint here, as there is no claim that it is all natural or that it all comes from botanical. That leaves a lot of room for ingredients that consumers may not want to have in their products.

If a product is mostly natural, it still could have some chemicals cooked up in a lab that totally negate the rest of the ingredient list by how toxic and dangerous they are. But Arbonne also promotes is products as safe, which you would assume would mean they are free from negative side effects.

Let’s look a little deeper at some of the claims. The company, right on its main website page, says that products are free from cholesterol (which means free of animal fat and most animal products), synthetic dyes, formaldehyde, parabens, benzene, any animal predict or byproducts, trans fats and artificial sweeteners.

Now it’s great that the company doesn’t have any of those in its products, or so it claims. Why would we be suspicious of the product contents, though? That’s Because there is no definitive ingredient list for each item. Instead, we get a list of what is supposedly not in them and some of what is in them.

If you go to he company’s website, you can see a long list of items that some of their products contain. They are all botanical, natural or reasonably safe, but it is alarming to not find any complete ingredient list of each product. Even their competition manages to post full ingredients for each item.

After reaching out to an Arbonne rep, we found out that the reasoning behind concealed ingredients is to protect proprietary information. They basically don’t want anyone copying their products. That’s fine, but they also have to understand that many consumers are going to be suspicious if they are not willing to release their full ingredient lists.

The Verdict

There is plenty to like about the company. They seem to be committed to natural, organic and toxin-free items that provide a variety of needs. But they also offer some great opportunities for people who want to take their lives into their own hands and become entrepreneurs for a low entry price. But the company is not forthcoming with their ingredient lists, which makes a lot of their claims about purity and natural products ring a little hollow. It is also worth noting that may of their items are priced far above what you would pay for similar products in stores.


  • Great business opportunities through MLM
  • Safe and naturally-inspired product line
  • Robust selection of products


  • Hidden ingredients make consumers wary
  • Most items are quite expensive

It is honestly difficult to recommend the products because of how secretive many of the ingredients are. If you feel comfortable with selling that kind of product and you can network well, you may be able to make a successful business venture out of selling to people you know.

Reviewer’s Score: 7 out of 10.

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