The Best Bag Vaporizers

vapor_bagBag vaporizers let you fill a bag with vapor and vape at your own leisure. They offer a great way to build up vapor to enjoy while you step away from the machine, and they are great for sharing with friends. We’ve narrowed down the list of bag vaporizers on the market to the three we recommend the most. These are the ones that produce the highest quality vapor, have the most efficient design and work flawlessly for years.


The Herbalizer is the most expensive one on this list, but it backsup its price tag with some powerful stats. It can fill a bag of vapor faster than most other desktop vaporizers can even heat up. This vaporizer was designed by former NASA engineers, and their expertise shows through in its sleek design and impeccable performance.

The device is also remarkably durable and fully functional. You can easily adjust the temperature to whatever setting you like, and auto shutoff features ensure safe operating every time.

As an added benefit, the vaporizer also doubles as an aromatherapy machine. It comes with some aromatic samples to get you started, and this functioncan be extremely therapeutic. The addition of the aromatherapy function makes sense, because the Herbalizer is being marketed to the medical community.


Arizer Extreme Q

The Arizer Extreme Q also fills its bags super quick. You can get a full bag in as little as 90 seconds, but if you want a thicker vapor, you should let it fill for longer. It also reaches the desired temperature in 20-30 seconds. That’s really fast for a desktop vaporizer.

The price is also remarkably low for a quality desktop balloon vape. It may not quite measure up to some of the higher-priced competition in quality, but it’s close enough that the dollar difference may be the deciding factor for many.

On the downside, the machine can get quite hot, so you’ll need to be careful about which parts you touch whileit is on. Also the balloons that come with the machine have no valves. So you have to keep your finger pressed down on the end of the balloon when you are nottaking draws so that novapor escapes.

But other than these minor issues, there is nothing majorly wrong with the Arizer Extreme Q,and it’s perfect for people who wanta good quality balloon vape for a low price.


The Volcano has more than earned its reputation as the king of the desktop vaporizers. Like the ones listed above, it does a lot of things and letsyou vape a lot of different ways. As a balloon vape, it is unrivaled, since the balloonscomewithvalvesand are of excellent quality. You won’t be accidentally bursting them just because you weren’t careful.

Now the Volcano does take a little longer to heat up than the other two, but it also produces some fantastic vapor that is rarely matched by other vaporizers.

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