A Comprehensive Guide to Buying CBD Oil Online

How to Make Sure You Buy Genuine CBD Oil Online: Nine Tips

CBD oil is becoming quickly popular because of its potential healing powers and, unlike its counterpart THC, doesn’t feature the psychotic properties. However, buying CBD oil online or offline isn’t a straightforward process, unless you know a few basic things.

Choosing the right online seller out of hundreds requires some research. Unfortunately, CBD oil sold online isn’t currently regulated, and some retailers are selling fake or low-quality products.

Let’s ensure you don’t end up buying a fishy product.

Tip #1: Avoid the Modern Snake Oil Salesmen

It’s a no-brainer.

But the million-dollar question is: how do you know which sellers aren’t offering the real deal?

Every year, FDA tests products in the market whether or not they contain the levels of CBD as claimed by the manufacturer, and sends those that are accused of false advertising warning letters and publishes the test results online. You can find the test results for 2016 here.

Tip #2: Authorized Suppliers

You can purchase CBD oil from licensed suppliers of the product. The government regulates and authorizes the supply of CBD oil in the market. The pharmaceutical stores that keep CBD oil have about 28% concentration of CBD. Although these stores sell authentic oils, however, there is a big downside: they are extremely expensive. You can buy equally good oil online for a fraction of the price.

Tip #3: CBD Oil Is Not a Magic Wand

You must have heard that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Any online store that promises to give you miracle oil that cures each and every problem is most likely a rip-off. CBD oil can be useful for several illnesses, but it’s not a silver bullet that will make all your ailments and pains disappear.

Tip #4: Consider Concentration

A good supplier will mention the concentration of CBD in the product description. We are talking about the CBD volume in the oil, not the quantity of oil in the package. There is no such thing as too much CBD quantity, but knowing the real concentration is important.

The product should have around 10%-26% of CBD concentration. Secondly, check the percentage of CBD in the total amount of oil in the bottle. If the concentration is insanely low or high, pass.

Tip #5: Choose Quality Over Quantity

Remember, you get what you pay for.

It is better to choose a product that is of higher quality rather than selecting a product that is being sold at a low price. The extraction and organic breeding process are a bit expensive so, it would be difficult for you to find a low price product that is good in quality.

Tip #6: Guarantee Translates into Quality

Opt for a seller that offers a guarantee. The guarantee is a clear signal that the product is of high quality but also keep in mind the tips as mentioned above before you hit the checkout button. On top of that, good suppliers also offer discounts and trials as well, as they don’t have anything to hide.

Tip #7: Consider Extraction Method

Check the website for details on the extraction method or proof that the product is pure or effective. CBD oil is normally extracted from hemp a cannabis plant that has a high concentration of CBD component and a negligible amount of THC concentration, unlike marijuana.

Look for certified organic industrial hemp oil because some products come with chemicals which can be pesticides. By all means, avoid products that have chemicals in them.

Tip #8: Transparency

The company that is willing to share a lab report showing the concentration of CBD oil, absence of any pesticides and the extraction technique is your safest bet.

Tip #9: Look out for THC

Make sure that the product does not have THC concentration as it can get you high and has psychotic properties which include sedation, anxiety, and delusions.  

Types of CBD Oil Products Available Online

You can check this page to find the best CBD oils and below is the list of different CBD Oil products you can buy online:


Choose capsules if you want a higher concentration of CBD oil. Consult your doctor before buying the product and ask for the recommended dosage.

Consulting the doctor is also crucial because some drugs can react with others. For instance, a medicine you are taking may not go well with CBD and may cause a problem. The same is true for the dosage of CBD oil capsules.

CBD Oil for Vaping

CBD Oil is perfect for vaping, but make sure you have the right vaporizer that allows you to vape oils. It offers great satisfaction and quick relief from pain.

Drops or Tinctures

Tinctures come in different flavors (peppermint or lavender) and can be consumed with water. Normally people take one pump twice a day but you can increase the dosage over a period of a week if you are not happy with the effectiveness and fix the dosage to your satisfaction level.