Why CBD Capsules Are Better Than CBD Oil?

What are the effects of CBD?

The main benefit of CBD is relaxation. CBD capsules help people cope with the stresses of modern life. Additionally, users also enjoy benefits such as nausea and pain relief, and reduced symptoms of inflammation. Some users claim that CBD has even helped to treat their asthma, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and even cancer.

Why CBD Capsules Are Better Than CBD Oil?

Why are capsules better than CBD oil or smoking marijuana?

CBD capsules are safer and easier than using CBD oil as a supplement. They provide the same benefits, but without the difficulty of measuring proper dosage and the danger of overdosing. CBD capsules also avoid the dangers of smoking such as respiratory damage and lung cancer.

About CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) capsules are a dietary supplement created from the chemicals and essential oils of a cannabis flower. It’s a relatively new type of food supplement that many people are just now discovering, thanks to the recent legalization of marijuana in four U.S. states.

The main benefit that CBD capsules provide is relaxation. With all of the stresses and worries that people face in the modern age, CBD capsules help them cope with their problems. In addition to simple relaxation, users also enjoy the benefits such as nausea and pain relief and reduced symptoms of inflammation. Some people even claim that CBD capsules have helped to treat their asthma, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and even cancer, although there is no scientific evidence to back that up.

Regardless, people suffering from these conditions have claimed that CBD helps to relieve some of the pains and symptoms of their illnesses. Since CBD capsules don’t have any significant side effects, they may be worth consuming when you’re in pain to see if they can give you any relief.

CBD vs. Other Cannabinoids

The CBD is extracted from a particular species of cannabis plant called hemp. Hemp has 85 distinct chemical substances that are part a category of compounds commonly referred to as cannabinoids. CBD is one such cannabinoid, and is one of the most abundant compounds found in hemp.

When oils are extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD makes up 40% of the compounds found in the oil. To create the supplement, the CBD is extracted from the rest of the compounds and placed in a capsule. 

Many people don’t realize that there are differences between all these cannabinoids, assuming that taking any cannabis oil will help them relax. The truth is that each cannabinoid will affect every user differently. For example, THC is most abundant in a cannabis plant; however, THC is responsible for the traditional cannabis “high,” and is illegal in many places. CBD, meanwhile, does not provide a high or any form of intoxication. As a result, CBD from hemp is legal worldwide.

A Better Alternative to Smoking

People often wonder, why go through all the trouble of purchasing a supplement when you could just smoke marijuana? Well, the issue with smoking marijuana is that it has all the same health risks as smoking tobacco. These risks include damage to the respiratory system and contracting lung cancer.

Smoking also means that you will be consuming all of the cannabinoids from the original cannabis plant, not just the good ones. Taking CBD capsules will ensure that you stay mentally coherent, and you will avoid damaging your lungs and respiratory system.

CBD: Health Benefits

CBD Capsules vs. CBD Oils

There are different forms of CBD available, the most common forms being capsules, pure oils, sprays, and topicals. The sprays and topicals only provide the user mild health benefits, so they’re not even worth mentioning.

The pure oil is what a lot of people use because they can just place the oil under their tongue or in their food to consume it. The problem with consuming CBD as oil is the risk of overdosing.

Since oil is a liquid, you would need to take the exact number of drops recommended on the label, which is inconvenient and leaves room for measuring errors. Taking CBD capsules is easier and more convenient, since they already contain the exact amount of CBD oil that is recommended per dose. Using a capsule means you can just pop a pre-measured dose in your mouth before you eat a meal and you’re good to go. This method is both more convenient and safer than taking CBD oil.