Does CBD Oil Really Help in Cancer Treatment?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is among the over sixty known cannabinoids associated with cannabis. In essence, it is considered a major constituent of the cannabis plant and expectedly accounts for about 40% of the plant’s extract, mostly also considered as being a non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid.

CBD Oil and Its Impact On the Human Body

Although THC is the more popular extract of marijuana, because of its capabilities to give the user a high, CBD also has several powerful capabilities. The biggest advantage of CBD oil, however, is that it doesn’t make the user high, and they can perform virtually any function after using it. Here are some of the known effects of CBD oil:

  • It triggers the death of cells through apoptosis mechanism.
  • It helps in stopping the division of cells.
  • It helps prevent new blood vessels not to grow into tumors.
  • It also reduces the probabilities of cancer cells from spreading over a person’s body.
  • It is also beneficial in speeding up internal cell’s waste disposal machine, which is a process referred to as autophagy. This process may lead to dying of cells.

All the above effects are believed to be brought about by locking off of CB1 and CB2 receptors. In essence, it is confirmable that CBD for cancer is becoming agreeably applicable in daily lives as well as benefiting in cancer treatments among many people.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

In the US, marijuana is listed as a controlled substance, together with its cannabinoids. It, therefore, means that these substances cannot be legally possessed or prescribed, and even sold without consent or regulations under the federal law. THC oil is also not yet approved by the FDA. It is, thus, not recognized for medical use. However, treatment of certain medical conditions using marijuana is assumed to be approved under some states’ laws.

On the flip, hemp oil as well as CBD oil are considered to be dietary supplements as they are made from industrial hemp plants and aren’t considered medication. FDA has approved its use and if you live in the US, you can legally purchase and consume Cannabidiol without prescription in any state.

CBD Oil and Cancer Treatment

Although more and more studies are being carried out in this area, however, studies show that CBD oil can help killing cancer cells. Breast cancer is the second biggest cancer-related death in women, and another study published by U.S. government’s National Cancer Institute claimed that CBD can help kill breast cancer cells.

However, there are two most evident advantages of using CBD oil, especially after chemo. Firstly, the patients usually lose a lot of weight and have trouble eating. This is where CBD oil can boost appetite and help regain. Secondly, the oil can also help in killing the chronic pain, which is experienced by some cancer patients.  

In a number of researches and scientific studies, both THC and CBD have been perceived to have effects on people’s lives, especially negative effects. Among such fears are causing death or certain types of cancer that multiplies in a number of cells. On the other hand, other studies also suggest that there are a number of cannabinoids compounds that may slow down the growth of cancer or reduce the spread of certain kinds of cancer.

A number of scientific trials have been performed in relation to cannabinoids’ ability to treat g cancer among different patients. A great number of studies have also shown that CBD can safely be used in treating cancer, though they do not point to CBD able to treat other diseases.

According to many scientists or researches, dronabinol is beneficial in the reduction of nausea and vomiting that is related to chemotherapy. Accordingly, dronabinol can be said to have also helped in improving levels of intake of food and preventing weight loss in those patients with HIV. But in cancer patients’ studies, not a lot of findings have pointed to another a better remedy as CBD, in the recent past.

Consequently, another drug, nabiximols, has also demonstrated being able to assist cancer patients reduce levels of cancer pain. This drug specifically helps in relieving pain that other drugs have not successfully achieved. However, it is still not very efficient in achieving this, hence more studies are still being carried to ascertain its importance and levels of accuracy in application to cancer patients.

Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil for Cancer Patients

Just as other types of drugs, CBD for cancer also is likely to exhibit certain side effects in its use. Prescription of CBD, dronabinol, as well as, nabilone can be said to exhibit certain side effects and sometimes might cause complications to users and other patients.

For instance, there are certain people who might have a problem of heightened rate of the heart or even a decreased blood pressure, more so when they are standing up. Apart from these, users of CBD have been reported to experience dizziness, fainting or lightheadedness among other physical symptoms of using the drug.

Moreover, uses of CBD oil for cancer also reported experiencing drowsiness and change in moods. Others also reported worse cases of depression, mania, and other related mental disorders or illnesses. There are also patients who have reportedly experienced hallucinations after taking CBD oil. Moreover, it is also believed that the drug can also increase certain effects related to sedatives or sleeping pills and alcohol. These may include sleepiness as well as poor coordination in some patients who use the drug.

Some people claim to experience problems related to dry mouth and memory failures. But others, especially older patients, were realized to experience more adverse effects of using the drug as compared to younger patients. For instance, older patients’ side effects are usually known to even cause deaths in a worse situation. Due to this, they are always advised to start on a low dosage of CBD oil.

Different people may experience different side effects when using the drug depending on the type and dosage so, a patient should first consult a doctor before using CBD oil for treating cancer.  


It is evident that the CBD oil can be helpful in one way or another for cancer patients. However, medical decisions ought to be made according to every patient’s needs so that pains and symptoms that emerge from the use of the CBD oil can be managed in the right manner.