CBD Oil for Pain Relief – The Story of a Fibromyalgia Patient

Joint and muscular pain can be a real drag. Especially if you’re getting old or are adventure loving and like outdoorsy. A chronic pain anywhere in the body is extremely difficult to live with. Performing the simplest and easiest tasks can become a hassle, sometimes even impossible because of chronic pain.

In worst case scenario, pain can also lead to anxiety and depression.

Being a patient of fibromyalgia, I suffer from different types of pain, almost 27/4. After having tried several medications, which were not only expensive but also come with a wide array of side-effects, I turned to CBD oil (extracted form hemp) on a close friend’s suggestion.

My Personal Experience

After trying so many medicines, I was almost disappointe, and started to think that I will have to live with this pain for the rest of my life, though some art of me was hopeful about finding a viable solution. After trying CBD oil for a few weeks, I could actually feel the difference in the intensity of the pain, and now, I have almost forgotten if I ever had it.

Forms of CBD

CBD is usually sold in the form of oil/tinctures. It’s available online and can also be found in stores. However, you may also be able to find strains of marijuana that are rich in CBD contents, which can be smoked or vaped.

How to Gauge the Quality

From the color, thickness, and smell of the oil, some people who have used CBD oil for long can assess the quality. However, to figure out the exact quality and how pure it is, a lab test is the only sure-fire approach.

Why CBD is Oil a Miracle?

  • For the past thousands of years, CBD or cannabidiol source plants were used as a medication for any disease that was either difficult to understand or was incurable.
  • Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t get you high – which is a huge benefit as you can go to your work, drive, and perform any activity after having used it.
  • Hemp oil can be very beneficial for pain relief as it improves the homeostasis process of the human body. It brings all the processes taking place in the body to an equilibrium that gives relief to pain in our body.
  • The only problem is, CBD oil has to be used continuously to keep the pain away and similar is the case with pharmaceutical medicines. However, pharmaceutical medicines have a lot of side effects whereas CBD oil has virtually no side effects as it is an almost organic product.
  • Another great thing about CBD oil from the hemp plants is that it’s regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • CBD oil has been marked legal by 50 states due to the present benefits of the compound especially for the treatment of psychosis disorders.
  • For international readers, CBD oil is also legal in the UK and Canada.

CBD Oil Dosage

How much CBD oil should be consumed depends on several factors, including the intensity of pain, person’s health and a lot more. People take different dosage depending on their medical condition. Although I had to continuously use the product twice a day to relieve pain in different joints or parts of my body.

In a Nutshell

After having used CBD oil for pain relief, I’m extremely happy with the results. My overall life is so much better as I can perform everyday activities without having to suffer any pain. The fact that CBD oil is organic and has virtually no side effects as compared to medications, is a great plus. Although the compound is still being researched on but I’m not the only one to have benefited from it. However, be careful when buying the product as a lot of low-quality oil or even contaminated with other cheap oils.