The Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil: The Fountain of Youth

Hemp seed oil is derived from hemp plant seeds and has been approved by the FDA as both a beauty enhancement treatment and a dietary supplement. Hemp seed oil is not the same product as its cousin, hemp oil, sometimes known as hash oil. Hemp seed oil has many nutritional and beauty boosters for the person that utilizes it as a regular practice. There are several documented studies from Europe that prove the healing properties of hemp seed oil.

Disclaimer: Scientific research on the properties and benefits within the United States are prohibited by law. As a result, the following information regarding the health benefits of hemp seed oil are considered “anecdotal” and not to be determined as fact. This disclaimer is required by the FDA to be present on any document that references hemp seed oil, hemp oil, or any derivatives as helpful or a cure for any medical purposes.


Nutritional Boost, the Fountain of Youth

Hemp seed oils have many positive health benefits for the consumer. They are full of protein, omega 3 and omega 6, Vitamin E tocopherols, magnesium, iron, and fiber. The oil seeds increase the immune system and fight free radicals, as it is heavily composed of antioxidants.  Hemp oil is referred to as the “fountain of youth” because it is so beneficial when used as a moisturizer. Hemp seed oil extracts, when applied topically, will reduce wrinkles, reduce the appearance of aging, and brighten skin. Hemp seed oils, because of the omega oils content, have been documented to decrease cholesterol and improves heart health. What’s not to love about hemp seed oils?

Hormonal Help and Shiny Hair

Hemp oil is a source of gamma-linolenic acid, the hormone that balances hormone health. For women that are in menopause or pre-menopause, hemp oil will help with the mood swings and heat flashes of the phase. Hemp oil counteracts aging by slowing down the aging process and plumping up wrinkles so they are not as obvious. The moisturizing properties of hemp oil builds upon skin elasticity, another element that makes skin look dry and crackly. It is especially helpful to counteract the drying effects of the sun and tanning beds. In addition to the effects upon skin, hemp oil added to conditioner for hair it will increase the emollients in hair, making it thicker and shiny. Lastly, hemp oil nourishes the nails, increasing their strength and hardness.

Decreases Cholesterol, Regulates Blood Sugars, and Eliminates Psoriasis

Hemp oil will also help control blood sugars for persons with diabetes. The omega-6 component can reverse the dryness of psoriasis, and sometimes even eliminate it, as the root problem of psoriasis is an omega-6 deficit in the body. Supplementing the omega-6 will reduce the lesions of psoriasis until they are no longer visible. Hemp oil is a natural anti-coagulant, meaning it will thin blood and help prevent blood clots. Usage of hemp oil should first be discussed with your primary care medical practitioner because of the blood thinning qualities.

Use Caution

As a blood thinner, this product is not suggested for men diagnosed with prostate cancer, anyone with a bleeding disorder or ulcers, and individuals taking blood thinners like Savayas, Xarelto, Coumadin, Pradaxa, or Eliquis. The individual new to consuming hemp seed oil can experience diarrhea and abdominal cramps because of the extremely high fiber content. Keep it safe and away from children as this could be dehydrating and life-threatening for them. Hemp oil does not need to be heated to extremely high temperatures, as heat will cause the fats to separate into saturate fats, making them bad fats instead of good fats.

Hemp oil must be kept away from both heat and light, as it will negate the positive health effects by deterioration. Hemp oil also turns rancid quickly so it must be used immediately after purchase. It is safe to use for vaping and will not lose the medicinal qualities because it is not overheated to the extreme temperatures that cause the separation of the fats. It is best to refrigerate hemp seed oil to preserve it if you do not consume it within two weeks of opening the bottle of oil or capsules.

Vaping Hemp Oil

The Marijuana Myth

Hemp oil is not a substitute for marijuana and will not get you high. It has very little THC, the component that plays with the brain, but is extremely high in CBD, especially if derived from the stalk of the plant. A person that is taking or vaping hemp oil can test positive for THC. It does not stay in the body for the length of marijuana because the THC content is so much lower. Studies have shown it will not affect drug tests after 48 hours of discontinued use.

Chemical Breakdown of Hemp Seed Oil

  1. CBD
  2. CBC
  3. THC
  4. CBG

CBD is cannabidiol, highly touted as an elemental healing product (verified by scientific studies in Europe) for patients with cancer, epilepsy and insomnia. CBD heals neurons in the brain that regulate memory and concentration, reversing some symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease. The blood thinning qualities reduce the opportunity for blood clots to accumulate and travel to the heart and brain, helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

For people with myelin issues in the central nervous system, like those with diabetes or multiple sclerosis, hemp oil will reduce inflammation and pain. Many people are discussing hemp oil as a preventative for metastasis in cancer patients, but there are no specific studies. Hemp oil is not considered a medicine and cannot be marketed as such, due to the lack of regulated studies. There have been several studies in countries other than North America. In North America studies of hemp oil products is illegal and forbidden by the DEA. Hemp oil itself is not illegal and the consumption of hemp oil is not regulated.

CBC is not discussed very often but it reduces the growth of cancer cells, a very important benefit, and health wise. It specifically stops the proliferation of breast cancer cells. CBG has most of the same positive benefits as CBC.

Forms of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is sold in three forms: supplements like chewing gum, capsules, and drops, plus creams, soaps, shampoos or oils for topical application, and RSHO, Real Scientific Hemp Oil. Many retailers carry hemp oil under specific brand names for their products. Some of the more familiar brands are Irie Organics and Vibrance Organic Chocolates. The Body Shop has a complete line of products using hemp oil.

Vaping Products

CBD and hemp oil are available in e-cigarettes, oils for the vaping device, disposable e-cigs, dabs and waxes. It also comes as an e-liquid and is used in the device just like any other vaping liquid. Hemp oil is available in an assortment of flavors like all the other vaping solutions and very popular.

The uses of hemp seed oil and hemp oil can make you look better and feel better. Consider how hemp seed oil can enhance your appearance and immune system.