How to Make Rick Simpson Oil at Home

Over the years, Rick Simpson has been popular among medical marijuana enthusiasts and even recreational users because of his famous oil (made from cannabis) as a medication for a range of illnesses. Rick is known to have assisted a great number of people since 2003 when he cured himself successfully of a metastatic skin cancer. Since then, he has devoted his life to sharing the truth about a particular recipe of hemp oil, which is popularly known as the Rick Simpson oil.

On the flip side, there is an absurdly high number of people who still resist this truth, including health agencies, pharmaceutical firms as well as government agencies, among others. But according to Rick, over 5,000 patients have been treated with his medication free of charge. Again, he believes that there is no form of a disease that is not curable. He insists that quality hemp oil is capable of treating all types or forms of cancer as well as other diseases.  

Rick has reported having treated patients suffering from a range of diseases and a good number of conditions such as Cancer, HIV/AIDs, Diabetes, Depression, Asthma, Chronic pain, Insomnia, Arthritis and more.

It is for this reason that there is an increasing spread, especially through the Internet, of hemp oil (Simpson oil) as a medication for such illnesses like cancer. The technique of making this treatment has not been so obvious to many people. Thus, this article will help you in identifying the process of making Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

Rick Simpson Oil Step-By-Step Recipe

Rick has outlined the process of how to make phoenix tears recipe too by outlining materials and steps required in achieving great oil from the process. First, the plant material should be dry to achieve good oil from it. As well, the process described in the following part displays how oil is extracted by dampening the contents fully and later dehydrating and achieving oil from the process.

The recipe also describes cautionary measures that are taken while extracting the oil and on how the best oil will be achieved through following the same steps. It should be remembered that cannabis oil should be extracted only by licensed persons. However, the process described below may also guide cannabis making enthusiasts understand how it is made.

In making Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), an ounce of dry herb will be utilized. This is estimated to produce about three to four grams oil. Each ounce’s production, however, may also vary depending on other factors. Moreover, a pound of dried herb can produce almost 2 ounces oil.

  • Identify a clean and dry bucket and put in the dry herbs inside of it.
  • Choose on any acceptable solvent to dampen the dry material you have placed inside the bucket. Petroleum solvents are not recommended, but instead, you can use ethanol, water or butane. For good quality oil, about 2 gallons of the solvent will be needed.
  • Crush the materials in the bucket by using a clean wooden device or any other applicable device for the same. Ensure that the dry materials are well damped as you add the solvent bit by bit until the plant is completely soaked.
  • When the mixture is completely covered and well soaked, continue stirring for almost 3 minutes so that the THC gets dissolved off the material and into the solvent itself.
  • From here, use another clean bucket to transfer the solvent-oil mixture. By now, over 80% of the material is stripped off its THC.
  • Now, perform the second wash. This is where you add solvent to the mixture and proceed to work on it for about 3 more minutes so that you extract all the remaining THC.
  • Return this solvent-oil mix to the initial bucket that was poured out and discard this secondly washed material in it.
  • Use a coffee filter and pour the solvent-oil mixture into another clean container.
  • Use a rice cooker to boil the solvent. It is recommended that you perform this process cautiously and away from open flames.
  • As the boiling continues, add the solvent to the rice cooker up to three-quarter level while on high heat. Also, ensure that this process is done in a well-ventilated room or use a fan to carry away the fumes.
  • Continue with this process until all the mixture is added to the cooker and as the
  • When the level in the cooker reduces, add some few drops of water to help release the residue of the solvent as well as to protect the oil from a lot of heat.
  • Towards completion of the process, when there is almost less than an inch of solvent-water mixture, you can put the oven mitts on as you pick the unit up. At the same time, you should swirl off the remaining contents up to a point when all the solvent has completely boiled off.
  • Turn the cooker to low heat once all the solvent has boiled off. It is advisable not to allow the oil to boil up to over 140˚ C or 290˚ F.
  • Now remove the container with oil from the rice cooker and keenly pour off the oil extracted to another stainless steel pot or container.
  • Proceed to putting the container with extracted oil into a dehydrator or a coffee warmer so that water evaporates from the oil. After this, the oil will be ready for use.
  • It is recommended that you suck the ready oil into a plastic syringe so that it will be easy to dispense.

The Rick Simpson Oil Medication

The whole plant of cannabis oil (as well as the Rick Simpson Oil) has a typically bitter taste. Thus, the most recommended method of ingesting cannabis oil is through taking the dosage on the lower gum line then letting it dissolve slowly on its own. This might take few minutes just like for infusing any sublingual. But as the dosage uptake increases, one gets used to the taste and flavor of the medicine (cannabis oil) and therefore it becomes less of a problem to take in.

It is advised that since the Rick Simpson is a very potent kind of medicine, it ought to be treated with care and used for only the purposes described. As such, it is recommended that you only take the appropriate dosage as prescribed without overdosing or abusing the medicine. Again, it is advisable to start with a lower dosage until the body gets to embrace the use of the medicine over time.

Last but not the least, this guide is purely informatory and doesn’t recommend using Rick Simpson oil as an alternative to your regular treatment, irrespective of the disease you’re suffering from.