Apollo V-Tube 4.0 Review — Powerful & Beautiful Tube Mod

With the recent influx of the sub-ohm tanks, the compatible box mods are also becoming very popular. But if you don’t like the design of the box mods, consider the US made Apollo VTube V4.0, the beautiful tube-shaped mod that can fire from 5 to 50W and down to a resistance of 0.2‎Ω – making it just about the perfect choice for a sub-ohm tank.


Apollo V-Tube 4.0 Mod
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Apollo V-Tube Vape Mod: Aesthetics, Performance, and Ease-of-Use

Made with simplicity and practicality in mind, the beautiful tube shape and Stainless Steel finish make it one of the most beautiful vape mods available on the market. The mod consists of two parts, the bottom part which houses the battery, and the top that has everything else. The only little nuisance here is that the tube doesn’t screw on all the way to fit snugly, and some threading – either at the top or bottom of the tube – can be seen. Well, it’s a minor flaw, and won’t prove to be a deal-breaker, but it’s a flaw that could have easily been fixed.
V-Tube 4.0 kit.

The Apollo VTube V4.0 is an improved version of the previous V3.0. As compared to the previous model, it not only offers more wattage but also comes with additional features. While the V3.0 could only go up to 20W, the V4.0 can go to an astounding 50W, making it ideal for the latest sub-ohm tanks.

What’s more, it’s capable of firing an atomizer down to 0.2‎Ω, thus giving you intense yet extremely smooth vaping.

Another amazing thing about the mod is that it comes with a resettable puff counter, and it will remember your puff count even if you take the battery out – not something you’ll see in many mods. For your safety, the mod offers dual protection: short circuit protection and low voltage protection. When there is a short circuit, the device won’t fire, and will prompt you to recharge when the battery level falls below the safety threshold. The mod works great with virtually any tank. If you’re a newbie or even an intermediate vaper, don’t set the wattage too high or you’ll get bad burn taste, or in worst case, might burn your coils.


Apart from the beautiful design, great vape, thick clouds and amazing flavor, there’s a lot to like about the VTube V4.0.

  • Battery friendly

While the battery life depends on the wattage you’re using it, the good thing about the V4.0 is that I checked it with a voltmeter, and it doesn’t leak voltage when you’re not actively using it. Vaping at maximum wattage will drain the battery faster, but it survived for 15 hours of intermittent, moderate to heavy vaping at 25W. That’s pretty cool to say the least.

  • Build Quality

The mod weighs about 7.5 ounces without a tank – that’s pretty heaving for such a tiny gadget and gives you the idea of how well built it is. Made of Stainless Steel, inside a clean, standardized facility in the United States, this is surely a mod to last.

  • Spring Loaded 510 Pin & Ego Threading

You can attach virtually any tank to the Apollo VTube V4.0 using the copper spring loaded 510 pin. On top of that, you can also use your ego threaded clearomizers.


  • No USB charging port
  • The wattage increments in 0.1W per button press, and it takes quite a while to go from 5 to 50. An accelerometer would have been nice.
  • While flirting with the mod, its button just popped out. Though I was able to fit it back In, but it kept popping out. However, thanks to their great warranty and replacement policy, I was able to get a replacement. An Apollo spokesman also ensured me that they’ve thoroughly tested the mod, and the button never comes out… maybe I got a bad piece.
  • When used with a sub-ohm tank, I noticed considerable moisture at the top and had to frequently clean it with a cotton swab.

Apollo V-Tube 4.0 Review Verdict:

I give the Apollo VTube V4.0 two thumbs up for its build, performance and affordable price. If you’re an experienced vaper, you should get the mod only which costs $79. But newbies should consider the full kit, which not only saves them money but also takes the hassle of choosing a fitting tank and e-liquid out of the equation. The kit costs $139, and contains the Apollo VTube V4.0, Apollo Phazer Sub-Ohm Tank, Apollo Carry Case, Panasonic 18650PF Battery, Dual 18650 Charger, and a 30ml bottle of MAX VG E-liquid of your choice. Moreover, you get free delivery (US and UK only) plus 30-day money back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty.