Aspire Archon Mod – A Tiny Powerhouse

Aspire Archon Mod Review

Price: ~$60

The Aspire Archon is an affordable 150W mod with some neat tricks up its sleeves. It is a step-up mod for newbie vapers that want to have more power and better control of their vaping experience. The Archon a tiny powerhouse that you can carry wherever you’d like.

In a nutshell, the Aspire Archon vape mod is an upgraded model of other Aspire mods, now with dual 18650 batteries to lengthen battery life and increase the maximum wattage. As a result, the Archon can accommodate modern tank atomizers that require that level of power. Single batteries usually max out at 75W and the addition of another 18650 battery makes it a more powerful mod overall than Aspire’s other offerings.

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Two Additional Buttons

With the Archon, Aspire has added two additional buttons above its LCD screen for scrolling through options for wattage mode (W) and temperature mode (T). It saves you the hassle of going through all the button clicks just to get to the right menu to increase and decrease power and temperature settings. These functional buttons are a welcome innovation, and it would be nice to see this trend spread to other manufacturers as well.

Aspire Archon Mod Review

Notable Features

Accelerometers are always present in Aspire mods, so the screen will always automatically orient itself the right way when you are using it.

Putting the mod on bypass mode will make it function like a mechanical mod. The Archon can also utilize coils made of titanium, nickel, and stainless steel.

Customizable profiles can be adjusted to suit your personal style of vaping and can be set to ramp up depending on the total time you are taking a draw.

Child-lock Safety Feature

If you value the safety of your kids or those curious people around you, please turn on this feature because it can prevent a lot of accidents from happening. Just press both the wattage and down button at the same time to set your password.


The grainy textured finish is great even for vapers with sweaty hands.  Even with hours of use, the mod is still not slippery at all. The rounded side feels very comfortable on the inside of your fingers and is designed to make you use your thumb for firing the device. The buttons are easy to press and have good feedback as you depress it each time.  

Aspire Archon Mod Review


The Good

  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Well-designed spring loaded 510 pin
  • Custom firing profiles
  • Child lock safety feature is a nice addition
  • Well written colored manual and warranty card

The Bad

  • Doesn’t work with atomizers and tanks with 24mm+ diameters

Everything about Aspire Archon is refined and improved from other previous Aspire mods. The build quality, power and safety features all combine to form a mod that we highly recommend as a step-up vaping device to newbie vapers.

We definitely welcome the child lock and two new buttons added to this device. Now all you need are an atomizer and a pair of batteries, and you’re good to go!

Aspire Archon Mod
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