Brain Fogger & Target Mini Vape Pen Atomizer Kit – A Powerful Combination

Brain Fogger Target Mini Bad Ass Kit Review

Best With: Dry Herb Concentrates $89.90 

The Brain Fogger Target Mini Kit not only looks supremely muscular but it also delivers a powerful vaping experience, all while being extremely low maintenance. Read on for a point-by-point review of this epic vape kit.

The Brain Fogger paired with the Target Mini Vape Pen is the best example of a whole being more than the sum of its parts. This tandem is an enlightened combination packed with the most amazing features, and without a hefty price tag.

It can deliver superb performance and comes with a dab tool, new heat sensitive air-flow-base, a rubber tank protector, gold-plated 510 connectors, 1400 Mah VW /TC mod, 1 USB cable, and a DOA Warranty for factory defects.

This jam-packed kit isn’t only easy on the wallet; it’s going to leave your brain fogged!

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At First Glance

The item arrived in a cool and stylish gift box, which was a really fun touch – it was like unboxing a long overdue Christmas present!

The exterior of the Brain Fogger Target Mini Bad Ass Kit looked compact and sleek. The Target Mini Vape Pen features and ergonomic design, which fits nicely in the hands and is one of the most the compact mods we’ve ever laid our hands on.

The Brain Fogger is also a handsome piece that features a glass bubble mouthpiece tank. No plastic materials were used and, best of all, the ring sitting on the tank is made of stainless steel coated in a roguishly handsome black finish. We also noticed that, unlike other vape tanks, the Brain Fogger doesn’t have exposed coils, which ensures that the coils don’t cause any combustion and burnt flavors.

Heating System and Technique

The Brain Fogger features new heating technology. This beast’s coil atomizer has two stages, which makes it quite a robust item. The first coil melts the concentrate letting it run down to the base of the storage tank, and then the second coil provides the heat which allows the concentrate to be vaporized. This process allows you to enjoy crisp, distinguished flavors, especially when you’re using high-quality herb concentrates.

When we dabbed the dry herb concentrate onto the first coil, it took some time to warm up and melt the wax (around 8-10 seconds). After the first hit, however, we understood the hype.

This kit definitely delivers true convection heating that made different flavors come out vibrantly. Trust us – it’s a real steal for true herbalists out there.

One note: be careful not to overload the concentrate into the coil (the user manual will also remind you not to do this).

Brain Fogger Target Mini Bad Ass Kit Review

Usability and Mobility

The Brain Fogger Target Mini Bad Ass Kit is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of assembly. It’s the vaping equivalent of a hassle-free plug-and-play device, so even first time users can operate effortlessly. Both items in the kit come in compact designs that you can carry it in your pocket, take it out once you find a good spot, and take a discreet pull! It’s so tiny that we doubt that anyone would notice if you decide to use in public.

The Target Mini Mod comes with an internal 1400mAh lithium cell which can be charged using a micro USB port. Despite its tiny size, the device is capable of 40W of unadulterated power; however, you’ll probably want to keep it between 7W and 10W. This baby can run anywhere from 4-8 hours, and charging time from empty to full charge is around two hours. You can still vape a while the device is charging, but we recommend that you completely turn off the device when it’s charging – it’ll charge faster that way.

Storage and Upkeep

For a budget-friendly vape kit, this duo requires little maintenance. You just have to remember not to use the battery in or near any body of water or type of liquid, nor expose it to extreme heat and high temperatures.

Another great thing about MigVapor’s Brain Fogger is its self-cleaning feature. Most vaporizers will leave you with a sticky residue to clean up after each use, but that’s not the case with this uber-cool atomizer. Simply use 15-25W and make sure not to hold it for too long or you might fry the coil.

Final Verdict

We highly recommend this kit for full-fledged herbalists that are always on the hunt for a wickedly good vaping session. The device’s heating system totally rocks and allows you to get the best out of your herb concentrate. You’ll just have to remember not to put too much in the coil; otherwise it won’t reach full temperature.

There’s just one little thing that we found a bit off about the Target Mini Vape pen: it’s powered by a lithium cell battery. If used cautiously this won’t really be an issue, but do tread lightly with this battery.

Overall, the Brain Fogger Target Mini Bad Ass Kit gave us an entirely unique vaping experience at a very attractive price point. We weren’t expecting much from such a tiny duo, but this one-of-a-kind kit not only looks visually appealing, but its features are truly bad ass!

MigVapor Brain Fogger
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