Halo Reactor Box Mod Review – The Best Product by Halo?

Halo Reator Mod Review

Halo Reactor box mod is unarguably the best offering by Halo (check out our brand review here), one of the  very best e-cigarette brands.  It comes packed with all the features of a powerful, modern sub-ohm box mod that will let you step into the world of vapor. The mod has an adjustable wattage and adjustable voltage, LED screen, a 4,400mAh battery and a massive 5ml tank. On top of that, it houses a unique 0.5ohm dual-coil head. Firing up to only 50W, this might not be one of the most powerful mods available on the market, but on the plus side it comes with several handy accessories and the entire kit costs just $69.99.
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Halo Reactor Mod
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Why We Liked It


Just like any other product, the Halo Reactor mod has some pros and some cons. Halo is better known for their cig-a-likes and disposable e-cigs, and they’ve introduced industry’s best products such as the Triton and Tracer starter kits. The Reactor is their first venture into the high-tech world of box mods, and that’s probably why there are a few things lacking. Yet, it is one of the most recommended mods for beginners who want to flirt with sub-ohm vaping.

First of all, the mod burns out the coils more quickly as compared to most other box mods in its category. I had to change the coil almost every week – but I am a chain vaper, so the period a coil head lasts might be considerably longer if you vape intermittently. And the good thing is that Halo offers a 5-coil pack for an unbeatable price of just $13.99.

Moreover, the mod features a custom 4,400mAh battery instead of the more popular 18650 batteries, which is definitely not cool. And did I mention that the battery costs you $39.99 – more than half the price of the mod. However, the mod supports USB cable for charging and comes with every vaper’s favorite “pass through” feature that lets you vape even when it’s on charging. What’s more, the battery has a 10-second cutoff time, which means you can take a 10-sec long puff on the mod.

Other than these couple glitches, there is everything to love about the mod. It has an extremely elegant design, easily readable LED screen, and nice button-based interface. The mod is perfectly sized and fits in your hand and the highly polished stainless steel finish is just icing on the cake. It’s available in four very pleasant colors, though the blue one is my personal favorite.

And What About its Vapor Production?


Make sure to use High VG E-Liquid for the best vaping experience.

When it comes to vapor quality and production, Halo never fails to impress us. From their cig-a-likes to the box mod, every product is simply a vapor machine. Particularly the Reactor offers massive plumes of vapor, especially when you use it with any of Halo’s High VG type e-juices. And not to mention that the kit also includes a free 30ml bottle of Halo e-juice of your own choice with custom nicotine strength. I simply love their Kringle’s Curse E-liquid and recommend it for use with the Reactor.

Since I vape a lot, one thing that really bothers me is that I tend to accidently click the up or down button and end up changing the wattage without even knowing it. Halo has countered this glitch by adding a “hold” feature, which can be initiated by pressing both the up and down buttons together, and it ensures that wattage won’t change until you unlock the mod by pressing the two buttons together again.

Despite the limited range of wattage, we were really impressed by Reactor’s performance. The adjustable wattage as well as voltage, plus the airflow control let you customize the vaping experience just the way you want. It’s easy to set up, has a quick heat up and offers a smooth flavor. We might not have recommended the Reactor for this price had the kit not included sub-ohm Reactor tank, a wide-bore glass, stainless steel mouthpiece, and of course the free e-juice bottle. Remember, the e-juice bottle alone costs about $20.

The bottom line is that if you want to switch to a box mod from e-cigs, Halo Reactor Mod is the absolute best choice on the market to consider. You can simply enjoy amazing vape straight out of the box, without having to tinker with any complicated settings. Oh, and if you do love to tinker with settings, Halo Reactor still won’t disappoint you either.