Innokin MVP 3.0 Box Mod: A Hands-On Review

The Innokin MVP 3.0 is the latest box mod addition to the MVP iTaste series by Innokin which has ranked as bestsellers. The MVP 3.0 is a well-built and durable box mod with fantastic features which also include built-in safety features. The MVP 3 is also able to fire down to 0.4ohm which makes it compatible with the most recent sub ohm tanks by Kanger, Aspire, and Joyetech.

Innokin MVP 3.0 Box Mod

We have used the MVP 2.0 in the past, and we think that the MVP 3.0 is much better and improved. Innokin have kept in all the good features of the original as well as added some other much-needed features.

Innokin MVP 3.0 Rating: 91/100

As mentioned before, the MVP 3.0 can fire 0.4ohm which is really low. This means that new generation of tanks which come with sub ohm coils can be utilized by this product. This is an essential feature as a lot of people have been buying the latest sub ohm tanks. The MVP3 works flawlessly with them and for most people using sub ohm tanks, RDAs, glassomizers, and clearomizers, the maximum power of 30E will be sufficient.

Innokin MVP 3.0 Box Mod On Screen Features

The screen is very helpful; you will be able to view the resistance of the tank on the device and the voltage and wattage in real time when the button is fired. If the plus and minus buttons are pressed together and held in place, the information on the screen can also be inverted. When the fire button is rapidly clicked thrice, the device turns off. Adjustment of the wattage and voltage is also easily done using the plus and minus buttons. Another remarkable feature is that the device remembers the last setting.

Construction and Durability

Innokin MVP 3.0

The construction of the iTaste MVP 3.0 is excellent. It feels very sturdy and solid in your hand. The iTaste MVP 3 is surprisingly lightweight but doesn’t feel flimsy. Rather you can feel that the body was designed and created with quality and durable products. The plastic buttons don’t rattle or feel like they are plastic. Instead they feel like the buttons found on some of the mini box mods. We must say, this is a solid kit that actually feels like it will last a long time. The stainless steel finish is a sleek touch and really refines the exterior. The item also comes in a range of different colors, for those of you who want something different.

As long as we are on the topic of build, the fire button is placed strategically in a better position. Previously it was placed on the wider side of the device. We like the placement on the new MVP 3.0 better. The thumb reaches and presses more easily now.

Battery, Charging, and Extras

A mini USB charger comes with the device. This enables you to use the MVP 3.0 to power charge any Android devices that you own. If your phone is running low on battery, this is really handy for charging the phone while you are outside and there are no sockets nearby. You can also charge your iPhone using the USB port, as well as other devices. Can you believe you can also charge your old MVP 2?

Pass-through charging is another function, so you can have your vape session as the box mod charges.

The battery life is outstanding. If you vape this at a wattage setting that is low like 6-15W, this product will last for several days! It should go without saying that the MVP3 used at 30W will drain the battery faster, but should still be enough to get you through the day or several vaping sessions.  Different colors also show the battery life left in the device through a small LED light at the top of the device.

Along with the iTaste MVP 3.0 you will get one MVP3.0 battery, a USB charger cable, an eGo Threading adaptor, and an English manual. The manual is very detailed and well written. It is thorough with its explanations for newbies who are new to vaping. At times we have read manuals that either includes too much technical jargon or have little to no substance. This manual, on the other hand, is written very well and should set a standard in manuals that come with every vaporizer pen or box mod.


We have grown very fond of the MVP 3.0, and honestly, there is hardly anything to complain about this device. If we nitpick, then people possibly won’t be partial towards the weight and size of this device. It is larger than standard mini box mods and slightly heavier too due to its rugged build quality. If you are searching for a mini box that is actually mini, this may not be the best device for you. But we have to say, compromising on the size for the great features is probably a good idea.

Other than that, users who want a well built, solid and sturdy contraption, this device was literally made for you! We personally love the product and it will be our go-to box mod for quite a long time.

QSC Rating: 73/100 by