Eleaf iStick Vape Mod Review

After the series of unfortunate events involving the Eleaf iStick 50W vape mod, Eleaf went ahead and released the 40W and 100W. Many people gave their two cents’ worth about these mods even without trying them out first, which is somewhat understandable. After all, the auto-firing, overheating, and exploding iStick 50W was a legit (and huge) downside that turned customers away from this brand.

Then again, we know that no brand is ever so perfect, which is why we took the chance to test and review the new iterations of the iStick. Did Eleaf get it right this time? Will the iStick 40W and iStick 100W help them regain the vaping community’s trust and confidence? Here’s what we think.

istick 40W and 100W mods comparison

iStick 40W Mod Review

$34.95 at Direct Vapor

istick-40w-boxFeaturing temperature control and improved design, the iStick 40W must never be underrated. It is a fully capable temperature control mod that also has a variable wattage capability, with a compact and portable design—all under $40.

Design and Build

While there is nothing too special with the aesthetics of the iStick 40W, it is worth noting that this version of Eleaf’s series of semi-advanced devices has been improved for ergonomic reasons.

At a glance, the iStick 40W looks pretty much like the 50W version. However, once you take a closer look at the design, you will see that the minimalist style on this mini box mod has edgier corners. The parts are more proportional and better shaped, and the finish is better. The previously criticized firing button has been enhanced with a protruding metal ring that makes it better to the touch.

Eleaf added a menu button in the middle of the up and down arrow buttons, solely for switching from temperature control istick-40Wto wattage settings adjustment. The size of the device has likewise been altered to make sure that 23mm atomizers will not overhang from the edge of the iStick.

The build is still compact yet lightweight, something that on-the-go vapers want. Even the buttons are more compact this time around, but there is still a small rattling sound when the device is shaken. The device does not look very ‘cheap’ anymore, but in our opinion, it is not something you would want to drop all the time.

Performance & Battery Life of iStick 40W

Using the temperature control function, we were amazed at how something so small and inexpensive could deliver such satisfying vape. A Kanger sub tank mini with Ni2000 coils was paired to this device to get a consistent, warm, and flavorful vape at 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Surprisingly, this mod worked as excellently as other mods with higher prices.

Sub-ohm vaping is also impressively compatible with the iStick 40W. However, if you want to vape at a resistance that is lower than 0.3ohm, you might need to get a more powerful mod with a higher wattage setting capacity. Still, this mod gives a considerably wide range of options for vaping at different resistance, wattage, and temperature levels.

One of the most important things that experienced vapers look for in a mod is a significant battery life. The latter, in any case, is crucial in giving you a satisfying experience. The iStick 40W has a 2600mah battery that is 1800mah lower in power than that of the iStick 50W. However, with temperature control function, this version can extend your vaping hours with its battery. Moreover, while it still cannot make up for the huge difference, it is good to know that the iStick 40W will not simply die on you in the middle of the day.

iStick 100W Mod ($34.95)

Eleaf iStick 100W mod

Eleaf iStick 100W mod

Instead of adding temperature control, Eleaf gave the iStick 100W a wider range for vaping in wattage control. The design of the iStick 100W is practically the same as the 40W. It has the same ergonomic, sleek and portable look with curved edges and same features. However, the size of this mod is considerably larger, given the high wattage output that requires two 18650 batteries.

There’s no beating around the bush this time, and we are saying that the iStick 100W is a great buy for $34.95. Its high wattage output allows you to vape billowing clouds while a variety of protection features ensures that nothing goes overboard in this advanced piece.

Any tank sits perfectly on this mod, although Eleaf recommends the iJust 2 vape tank from their making. Once your tank is attached and filled with your chosen e-liquid, you can start vaping by setting the wattage or voltage according to your desired level. Simply scroll up or down until you find what’s best for your taste, and inhale through the mouthpiece.

Needless to say, the vapor quality on this mod is superb. The batteries, unsurprisingly, last for hours and hours, and even days of vaping (especially when you set your wattage at a low point). Charging is done by removing the batteries and using an external charger, or through the USB port that features pass-through charging. The latter, we think, is not very significant since we prefer charging these powerful batteries externally due to the shorter charging time. Nonetheless, those who would want to charge in the car will consider it very useful.

Our Final Verdict on the iStick 100W

If you are not into temperature control and would prefer high wattage vaping, then the iStick 100W is for you. Even if you are a newbie who is looking to step up from cig-a-like or vape pen vaping to mods, the iStick 100W is a simple yet powerful box mod that you can get for $34.95.

Eleaf iStick
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