Kanger KBOX 200w Mod Review — Is It Really Worth the Price?

Kanger KBox 200W

The Kange’s KBOX 200w Mod is a new, hi-tech addition to the KBOX box mods family. Kanger KBOX 200 also marks their first step into the high powered mods market. It’s the smallest 200w mod to offer five different modes for different styles of vaping. There is the wattage mode, and then four temperature control modes including Nickel, Titanium, Stainless-Steel, and Nichrome.

Kanger KBOX 200 Review
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Kanger KBOX Specifications and Features:

  • Temperature control with support for Ni/Ti/SS/NiCr
  • Supports as low as 0.5Ω
  • Wattage output: 7-200W
  • Supports temperate range between 200 and 600 degrees
  • Two replaceable 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Micro USB port for DC 5V at 1.5A and future firmware updates
  • 84mm (H) x 56mm (L) x 22mm (W)

The most intriguing thing about KBOX 200w, however, is its economical price. At the time of writing this review, it costs just under 60 bucks. So, it’s one of the cheapest mods – if not the cheapest – in its class.

KBox 200 Review: Aesthetics & PerformanceKanger-kbox-200w-red-and-white

Made of Zinc Alloy and Aluminum (battery cover), the Kanger KBOX 200w vape box mod has a cool look and feel and somewhat resembles the KangerTech Nebox. As for size, it’s decidedly smaller than the Sigelei 150 watt dual 18650 mod, and slightly bigger than the Evic-VTC mini single battery mod. In other words, it may not look very elegant to hold if you have tiny hands, yet it’s the smallest dual 18650 mod that can virtually fire up to 200 watts, and is smaller than even some lower powered mods.

If you remove the battery cover, you’ll notice that the internal housing for the batteries is made of plastic, which looks pretty fragile, especially compared with the likes of SnowWolf 200w box mod. But again, most mods have a plastic casing around the battery which you don’t notice because of the metal at the back. The aluminum cover on KBOX 200w surely offers considerable protection for the weaker innards.

When you get your KBOX 200w, make sure that it’s not a fake copy by pressing the + – buttons alternately until it displays the anti-counterfeiting serial number and then matching it with KangerTech’s database through their website. Thanks to the TI Infineon stability chip and 360kHz high-speed synchronous DC-DC control, this vape mod performs extremely well in all modes, and depending on your juice, you can get extremely dense clouds. There is no pulse modulation even at 200 watts, and it can even handle Kanthal in NiCr mode in addition to Titanium, Nickel, Stainless-Steel and Nichrome, though, for obvious reasons, the Kanthal coil got red hot when I fired up the temperature all the way up to 600 ℉.

You can attach virtually any tank to the KBOX 200 through the 510 contact pin, but it’s width makes it ideal for the 22mm or smaller tanks. You can also flirt with its many options, but I personally enjoyed massive thick clouds of vapor using the mod with SMOK TFV4 at 130 watts. The only notable downside was probably the fact that, because of its high power, the mod is a battery hog.

Ease of use


KBOX 200 has only three buttons.

Because of so many features, especially the temperature control modes, the KBOX 200w has a slight learning curve, if you’re new to vaping. It has a big, easily readable OLED display screen, a plus “+” button, a “-” button, and a Fire button. From replacing the batteries to interacting with the mod through the buttoned interface, everything is as easy as you like. For example, you can change screen orientation by holding the + and – buttons together, and to avoid any accidental switch between the mods, you may lock/unlock the device by pressing all the three buttons simultaneously. You may press the Fire button three times to change between different modes, or press it five times to turn the device on/off.

Kanger KBOX 200 Review Summary


  • High performance at an affordable price
  • The only box mod to have five modes (Ni, Ti, NiCr, SuS, Wattage)
  • 360KHz High-Speed Synchronous DC-DC Control Mode
  • Easily portable, excellent vape
  • Works with virtually any tank
  • Very powerful despite a small size


  • Drains out battery rather quickly
  • Though it looks durable from the outside, the battery housing seems pretty fragile
  • Prone to scratching by the tanks
  • You can’t switch between modes when you’re charging the gadget
  • In temperature control mode, nine out of ten times it will ask if you’re using a new coil; but when it doesn’t, it doesn’t calibrate or lock in the resistance properly


This is an amazing mod that stands out from the crowd with its beautiful design, powerful features and of course the affordable price. Despite a couple of minor drawbacks, I highly recommend the KangerTech KBOX 200w mod to every serious vaper. In fact, it’s one of those mods that if I lose it today, I’ll go buy another one tomorrow. Totally worth every penny!