Sigelei 213W Mod Review – Unmatched Power, Extreme Versatility

Sigelei is known for their extremely powerful vape mods, however, they have really raised the bar with their latest Sigelei 213W mod. Just as the name suggests, it can fire up to 213 watts, and also comes with temperature control functionality, so that you can use Ni-Chrome, Kanthal, Stainless Steel and Titanium coils.

Sigelei 213W vape mod

What is so special about Sigelei 213W vape mod?

A compact, portable and durable mod, that allows vaping at a whopping 213-watt and also works in temperature control mode, is definitely worth the $114.95 price tag.

Although it’s one of the most powerful regulated mods available on the market, there is yet another exclusive feature that really sets it apart from the competition. It comes with a new technology called “power up” timer that allows you to fine tune your vaping experience, just the way you want it.

Here’s how the feature works: you can set the power up function at 100 watts for 1.5 seconds only. Your mod will fire at 100 watts for the 1.5 seconds and then will go back to the previously selected settings, no matter it was a temperature control setting or a wattage level. So far, we haven’t seen this feature elsewhere.

Sigelei 213W: Design & Performance

213W vape modThe design of the Sigelei 213W is elegant, ergonomic and screams robustness, however, there’s nothing too flashy about it. It’s available in either gunmetal finish or black and gold, which I personally think looks much better. The carbon fiber finish gives the gadget a really soft feel in the hand. The fire button is located at the side, but the wattage up and down buttons are rather awkwardly located on the side, right next to the old-fashioned LED display screen. Although there is nothing too special about the screen, we liked how it displays the remaining voltage for each battery separately and also the accumulative voltage at the bottom. For a mod that fires up to 213 watts and houses two 18650 batteries, it’s very compact and portable. The battery cover is located right at the bottom, and installing or removing the batteries is very convenient, thanks to the sliding cover.

The Sigelei 213W mod is obviously very powerful and is one of the best mods when it comes to performance. It also works in temperature control mod (just make sure you use nickel coils in TC mode). Unlike most other mods that take forever to increment, the Sigelei increments really quick. The power up feature that we discussed earlier takes the performance and customizability to a whole new level. The high performance of the mod comes at the cost of battery life. Moreover, you should use only li-on batteries with a minimum amp limit of 20A, because using weaker batteries can be dangerous.

Summing it all up

There is hardly anything to hate about the Sigelei 213W mod. Besides being one of the most powerful mods available on the market, it’s the only mod to feature the power up feature. You might be able to find better-designed mods or better performing mods, but at this price, it’s hard to find an alternative that offers such high power and versatility. Ideal for beginners, intermediate and even experienced vapers, this mod will definitely not disappoint you, no matter what your expectations are.

What we liked

– Fairly elegant, ergonomic design, and sturdy build
– Unique power up feature
– Can fire up to 213W, and 200-600F in temperature control mode
– Very easy to use
– Reasonably priced

What we didn’t like

– Short battery life, especially when used at high wattage
– Requires more expensive batteries to functional safety

Sigelei 213W Mod
QSC Rating: 93/100 by