Smok Alien Kit – Our Review of Smok’s New Mini Vapor Beast

Smok Alien Kit – Our Review of Smok’s New Mini Vapor Beast

Best With E-Liquids $119,99

If you have been paying attention to modern vaping devices being released today, you’ll notice that they are getting more and more similar in terms of button layouts, size, power, and features. Comparison reviews lose value right away when the next “new” device comes out…which is quite quickly nowadays.

Vaping gear junkies rejoice! We can get our hands on awesome mods, sub-0hm tanks, coils and e-liquids in our personal quest for that perfect vape experience. One such device is the Alien Kit.

This kit includes the Alien Kit mod and the TFV8 tank atomizer, also known as the baby beast. Standard included in the kit are the following; a USB/data cable, extra O-rings, seals, cool vape bands, extra glass tube, and 1 extra coil. There is also a user manual, battery warning card, and authenticity card. Here’s our review of the Alien Kit by Smok.

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Build Quality

Smok is known for their elegant and powerful vaping device, and the newest Alien Kit is no exception. There are no rattles or odd angles on its aluminum alloy body. The whole kit feels sturdy and comfortable in your hands, and is very light and compact for a dual 18650 battery device. We have seen a number of single-battery devices that came out previously that were just as big as Alien Kit but have very limited power and shorter battery life.

Smok Alien Kit – Our Review of Smok’s New Mini Vapor Beast

Tank Atomizer – TFV8 aka Baby Beast

The TFV8 Baby—otherwise known as the Baby Beast—is a proper sub-ohm coil that perfectly complements the massive power generated by the Smok Alien mod. You also get two awesome pre-made heads, one with a dual coil and the other with octuplet coils. The recommended wattages are printed clearly on the atomizer head to take away the guesswork on what wattage to use. The glass tank allows you to peek at the watt recommendation just in case you forget. There are plenty of airflow options for cloud chasing and has a wide Delrin drip tip.

The flavor was awesome on the Baby Beast, and dry hits are almost non-existent. Note that after long, continuous use the tank can get a bit too hot. Another con is that this kit does not include a rebuildable deck. However, there are a lot of vapers who prefer pre-built coils, so this con may not be a big deal for many vapers.

Alien Kit

This mod produces a lot of power! In fact, the power output of most modern mods cannot be fully utilized by regular vapers. If, somehow, you are not content with 200 W of power, a firmware update is available to bump it up even higher to 227 W. 

The large LCD screen has a lot of information displayed in real time and adds to the appeal of the device. The color accent lines on the device matches the O-ring colors on the Baby Beast tank for a seamless overall look. Currently, they have the Alien kit available in orange, white, gold, red, and black.

You can use tanks with resistances of 0.1 to 3.0 ohms for variable wattage and 0.6 to 2.0 ohms for temperature controlled coils. The Alien mod features a side firing button that can be triggered comfortably with either hand and is a fresh change from the usual button trigger found in similar mods.

Smok Alien Kit – Our Review of Smok’s New Mini Vapor Beast



  • Solid and lightweight construction
  • Upgradeable firmware up to 227 W
  • Large screen
  • Accepts dual 18650 batteries for better battery life
  • Side-firing button
  • Awesome TFV8 baby beast sub-ohm tank


  • No rebuildable deck included in the kit
  • 25mm atomizers will have a bit of overhang
  • Atomizer tends to get hot when chain vaping

The Smok Alien Kit is highly recommended for newbies and veteran vapers alike. Most of us buy new vaping gear because we want to add to our growing collection of mods and atomizers. Collecting vaping gear is addictive, and when you do get that itch to buy a new mod, make sure to add this Alien kit to your collection.

We give this kit two thumbs up for including all the bells and whistles a vaper needs to stay happy and continue vaping. We’re looking forward to more mods and atomizers from Smok in the future. Keep on vaping!

Smok Alien Kit
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