Smok Micro One 80W TC Micro TFV4 Starter Kit – Our Review

Smok Micro One 80W TC Micro TFV4 Starter Kit

Best with Juices $59.99

The Micro One 80W TC TFV4 is one of the most popular vape mod starter kits from SMOK, a Chinese manufacturer that supplies everything needed for vaping on their powerful box mod. As if the name itself isn’t a giveaway, the Micro TFV4 sub-ohm tank is a small version of the immensely popular and durable TFV4 tank, incorporating all of the key features with no compromise on performance power. Equipped with an airflow control system considered one of the best in the game, and including two micro cores, the Micro One is currently one of the best starter kits and retails for $59.99.

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With a rectangle chassis made from high-quality zinc and containing a tiny mod, the SMOK Micro One R80 has a lot of similarities with the previous M80 model in terms of design. The specifications of this device are definitely attractive: a temperature control mode that supports titanium, nickel and even stainless steel coils, and a powerful 4000 mAh battery. The OLED screen displays everything taking place inside this little beast of a mod, although it would have been better if it was just a little bit bigger.

Heating Efficiency And Vapor Path

Smok Micro One 80W TC Micro TFV4 Starter KitAfter screwing the Micro TFV4 into place on the R80 TC unit, putting your vapor juice into the mod is as simple as opening the cap and filling it directly through the port. Once filled, allow the juice to stand inside the tank for approximately 5 minutes before using the device so that the coil is properly primed. The Micro TFV4 coils are brand new and specifically designed for use with the Micro TFV4. An RBA coil can also be purchased separately. The tank also comes with a pre-installed 0.3-ohm Micro CLP3 Coil Core, which, according to SMOK, can be used between 30-60W. We found that the coil performs best when set in the 40-50W range; the vapor production and flavor are both phenomenal.

The kit also comes with a Micro STC2 Coil Core, which is made from stainless steel and can be used with a wattage range of 30-60W. We found that this coil works best between the 50-60W range, producing great-tasting and smooth vapor with huge puffy clouds. But the most exceptional feature of the coil is that the Micro STC2 Coil can be used, with temperature control, straight out of the box!

Maintenance, Accessories, and Battery

Before changing the coil, make sure that the tank is completely free from juice residue. The glass tank is unscrewed from the base, the old coil is removed, and then the new coil is inserted. The tank extension kit can be used to increase the capacity to 3.5 ml. Cleaning and maintaining this product is hassle free.

The Micro One 80W TC Micro TFV4 Starter Kit is definitely very generous with what it offers. The R80 Micro One mod comes in a standard cardboard box with the company’s logo on top, along with a 80W powerful temperature control mod, a TFV4 micro version, two coil heads – a 0.3-ohm Micro Fused Clapton Core and a 0.25-ohm Stainless Steel Core – a replacement glass tube, a USB cable, an extension adapter, a few spare parts, a user manual and a SMOK vape band.

With a lot of the advanced mods available, not only do you need to buy and charge batteries individually, but a tank will also be required to start vaping. With this starter kit, you literally just need to get hold of some e-liquid, and you can start vaping straight away.

We saved the battery for last, but really the R80 mod’s battery is one of the most useful and best features, especially for beginners. Gone are the days when you’d need to search for and buy high-drain external batteries separately, as a large one is already built in the mod. Because an external charger is not required, charging is faster and easier.

Battery life duration differs according to the wattage set and your vaping session, but as an estimate, we would say that it lasts a full day for the average vaper. Even if it does get low on battery, it takes hardly an hour to fully charge it.

Smok Micro One Review Summary

Considering that the SMOK Micro One 80W TC is an all-in-one starter kit, it really can’t be beat in terms of what it offers and its performance. It makes a fantastic beginner kit for those who are gradually trying to step up to real cloud chasing and high power units, as well as to familiarize themselves with temperature control. Both the SMOK R80 TC and the Micro TFV4 mods perform outstandingly and deliver excellent flavor and clouds. The design is not flimsy at all, but we did notice that the buttons on the device rattled slightly.

All in all, we are very pleased with how this kit performs, and the low price point is a definite cherry on top!

Smok Micro One 80W TC Starter Kit
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