What is Sub-Ohm Vaping? A Comprehensive Guide to Sub-Ohming

Sub Ohm Vaping Guide and Tips

sub-ohm vaping explained

Sub ohm vaping or simply “sub-ohming” is the hottest trend in the vaping world these days. Sub ohm vaping has given birth to cloud chasing, which has brought vaping from the living room into the areas where it’s done as a competitive sport. Cloud chasers from around the globe gather to see who can blow the biggest and thickest plumes of vapor. But sub ohm vaping is an extremely intense hobby, and isn’t for everyone. If you don’t really need to sub-ohm and still blindly follow the trends, at best it can cost you extra money and at worst can be risky. 

What is sub-ohm vaping anyway?

Sub-ohm vaping is done when an atomizer is used with the coil resistance below 1.0 ohm. Typically, the thicker the wire or coil is, the lower is its resistance because more surface area allows more current to pass through.

Do you even sub-ohm, bro?Vaporizers caught the limelight just a few years ago. Since then people have tried to produce more vapor and more flavor. In the beginning, the race was to introduce more powerful batteries and circuitry, which was mainly done with a mechanical mod (aka mech mod). Manufacturers introduced box mods with two 18650 batteries, that offer a wattage of as high as 200W or even more. When the threshold was reached for increasing battery power, a focus turned on reducing coils resistance as it would allow more current to pass through, the coil will get hotter and produce more vapor.

Sub-ohm vaping is done when an atomizer is used with the coil resistance below 1.0 ohm. Typically, the thicker the wire or coil is, the lower is its resistance because more surface area allows more current to pass through.

How Sub-Ohming Works?

Neo Vape Mod is a one of the best non-TC sub-ohm vapes.

Neo Vape Mod is a one of the best non-TC sub-ohm vapes.

Just like any other technological evolution, sub ohm vaping started as a complex, awkward phenomenon but has come a long way since then and is now fairly easy. Earlier, you had to get a mech mod – which had no safety features, get an RDA or RTA, rechargeable 18650 batteries, a metallic coil (usually Kanthal), and organic cotton to achieve the feat.

Nowadays, all you need is a sub-ohm tank, which can be slammed on any compatible box mod that offers at least 30W, and you can enjoy your sub-ohm vape right away. While mech mod with customized coils are still the king when it comes to sub ohming, however, they involve so much hassle and potential hazards that it’s just not worth the effort for beginner and intermediate vapers.

Is Sub-Ohming Safe?

sub-ohm-memeAre guns safe? While you might hate the answer, but it’s yes and no. If you jump into sub-ohm vaping without any prior knowledge and understanding, it definitely can be unsafe. While you don’t need to get a degree in electrical engineering, but basic know-how of ohm’s law, resistance, and some basic electronics can go a long way. If you’re too lazy, you can be on the safe side by using first-rate 18650 batteries, a high-quality sub-ohm tank, and a regulated mod from well-known vendors who take their reputation seriously.

You might be wondering what makes sub-ohm vaping dangerous?

One word: batteries.

When the resistance of your coil goes ridiculously low, the batteries have to provide more power which puts a lot of additional strain on them. Low-quality batteries can succumb to the pressure, and in worst case scenario can even blast.

Who is Sub-ohm Vaping For?

Owing to their harm-reduction potential, a lot of people are turning to vaping. However, sub-ohm vaping is not for everyone. If you are a beginner, just stay away from it until you get to know all the ins and outs of adjusting airflow, and using batteries, sub-ohm coils, vape mods and sub tanks. Sub ohming is only for those who know their stuff really well. In addition to certain risks, sub-ohm vaping has some pros and cons, which means that it may or may not be ideal for you depending on your vaping style and expectations.

Benefits of Sub-Ohm Vaping:

  • Fun

The biggest charm of sub ohm vaping is definitely the fun part of it. Seeing massive plumes of vapor coming out your mouth and nostrils is definitely a different sensation. Many vapers take sub-ohming to a whole new level by doing vaping tricks like Dragon, Vape Bubble, Cheerios, Ghost Inhale, Tornado and so on. And if you think you’re blessed with extraordinary lung capacity, you can even go to local competitions and win vaping gear or even cash prizes.  

  • Thick Vapor

Sub-ohm vaping can make you the envy of your friends who vape normally. Compared to a normal vapor, the sub-ohm vapor is many times bigger and thicker, and definitely looks way cooler.

  • More Flavor

This is a no-brainer. The hot coil produces a lot more heat, turning a lot more juice into vapor. More vapor going into your lungs means you get a richer flavor and a stronger throat as well as lung hit.

  • Warm Vapor

The heat from the coil can be felt in the vapor as well, and can be a blessing for those who love warm vapor. For an ever warmer vapor, try sub-ohm vaping using a stainless-steel mouthpiece.

Disadvantages of Sub-Ohm Vaping

  • It’s expensive

Since sub-ohm vaping involves sophisticated, more powerful gear, which can be more than twice as expensive as normal vaporizers, mods or tanks.

  • Higher risks

Those who don’t know much about sub-ohm vaping, think such vape mods are as dangerous as a time bomb and can explode any minute. While that’s far from reality, however, sub-ohming really strains your batteries. So, if you don’t know the limits of your mod, as well as the batteries, or are using a low-quality mod or cheap batteries, it sure can be risky. 

  • Unwanted lung hit

Sub-ohm vaping produces massive vapor, with some throat hit and some lung hit. While old vaping hands and cloud chasers love this hit, for beginners or mouth-to-lungers, it can be a little too much.

  • Stealth vaping isn’t an option

Most portable vapes are so small that they’re easily concealable. On top of that, vapor quickly dissipates into the air without leaving any smell. This means that if done right, vaping can be totally undetectable. However, with sub-ohm vaping, you’ll be blowing massive plumes of vapor which can be seen from miles away, so stealth vaping is simply out of question.

  • You’ll be buying e-juice more frequently

Last but not the least, you’ll be spending a little more cash on your e-juices as sub-ohm vaping is an e-juice hog. It zaps the e-liquid in the tank many times faster than normal vaping, which means you’ll have to buy more e-juice as well as to deal with the hassle of refilling your tank more often.

Sub Ohm or not Sub Ohm?

Hopefully, this guide has given you a good, basic idea of what sub ohm vaping is all about. Instead of following the trends thoughtlessly, consider all the factors before deciding whether sub-ohming is right for you or not. While sub-ohm vaping has become a sport and can be a lot of fun, but it also has some downsides especially for people who can be satisfied with regular vaping. For some vapers, it can be akin to installing a Nitrous Oxide Engine in your car that you only use to go to your work.

While the Nitrous Oxide Engine is a godsend for drag racers, it would be a mere waste of resources and can even be dangerous if you install it in a car that you only use for daily commute. On the flip, if you think sub-ohm vaping is actually right for you, then make sure you have enough knowledge and use proper caution while vaping.

Check out this sub-ohm vaping chart below to find the best vaping settings for the best experience.

Sub-ohm vaping