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If you’ve been around the vaping community, then you’ve heard of Vapor2 before, also know as V2. What you might not have heard of yet is V2’s newest release, the TRINITY Vaporizer kit. Read our review of the TRINITY here and see how this well-established company has implemented the newest technology in the TRINITY.

By the way, this year, V2 became or #1-rated brand of electronic cigarettes (read more here).

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There are many things that the TRINITY kit seeks to do differently from other vaporizers, among them: offer you a richer, more flavor-filled experience, and keep the use of the device unprecedentedly intuitive.

Before its release, this kit was rumored to be able to produce monstrous clouds. The V2 TRINITY does not disappoint.

The V2 TRINITY kit comes with the tank atomizers, charging rigs and the mod. The price is quite affordable compared to the other options on the market, especially given the features and functionalities that the kit offers.

Build Quality and Design

The box mod is the center of attention. It comes in one of two colors, blue or black. The mod has a small LED screen to help you check the battery usage and temperature and coil settings.

The device has a uniquely gorgeous appearance, with an elegant design that gives the device a high-tech look. There’s a micro-USB port on the face of the device to make charging easier, and a set of buttons used to adjust the wattage and the vaping temperature. All this comes in a device that fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

Made for All Types Of E-Juices

For a company that works on the cutting edge of vaping technology, it comes as no surprise that the TRINITY tank is a top fill, which is very easy to work with. The tank has a 2ml capacity, which you’ll find quite sufficient. The first interesting fact about this device is that, unlike some of the other vaping kits, this particular kit accommodates both PG and VG e-liquids.

Powerful, Yet Easy to Use

Even though the device is built to satisfy the most demanding of vapers, the layout of the buttons and their functions have been set in a way that is intuitive to even non-vapers. Not only that, but the small stature is easy to handle and conceal, and the LED display is easy to see and clearly displays vital information.

The customizable buttons are easily reachable even mid-draw. The only thing not switch controlled is the air flow, but that’s still just as simple to work with – all you have to do is turn the cylinder around.

Performance and Vapor Quality

V2 TRINITY ReviewThe performance of this kit is outstanding in relation to the vapor quality. The kit includes a sub-ohm tank, which can be used for powerful vapor clouds. The vapor clouds remain thick even with continued use, while maintaining the flavor of the juice at the same time.

As with the battery life, you get up to 450 draws with the battery, which, given the size of the box mod, is particularly impressive. That means you get to run on the battery for a couple of hours.

User Experience

On an aesthetic level, it’s disappointing that that kit only comes in two colors; but when you get down to the vaping, the variable wattage and the efficient firing will quickly put that out of your mind. The clouds are surprising and exciting; you wouldn’t expect such thick clouds as the TRINITY produces. If you consider yourself a cloud-chaser, you should seriously consider this device. One downside is that the wattage is capped at 40 watts, but that isn’t a huge deal – it gets the job done.

The battery is another impressive aspect of the kit. Given the quick and efficient functioning, you’d expect it to be completely drained in about two hours, maximum. But the TRINITY keeps running and running.

What We Loved About Vapor2 Trinity

  • Small and portable design
  • Variable wattage
  • USB charger
  • Impressive thick clouds
  • Long lasting battery
  • Elegant design

What We Didn’t Like

  • The wattage on the box mod is capped at 40W
  • You only get to choose from two color options
  • The tank’s 2ml capacity is a little shallow

Is it Worth the Price?

TRINITY is a great vaporizing kit that will tantalize users who love the power of a box mod has to offer and the convenience of mobile vaping. It is a great kit that features everything you’ll need and does not demand a lot from you. The top fill tank is a fan favorite, especially for those that might not have the steadiest hands. Despite some downsides, it is safe to say that this kit is worth the price.

Vapor2 Trinity Vape Mod
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