• man rejects joint

    Putting Down the Joint: What Happens After You Quit Smoking Weed

    Done With Weed   No matter the reason why you decide to stop smoking weed, there are a few things you should know about what happens to your body when you stop smoking weed. You shouldn’t be surprised that there are withdrawal symptoms that occur with marijuana detoxification. Marijuana and more specifically, its main psychoactive […]

  • hot line support

    Quit Smoking Hotlines: Reach Out and Talk to Someone

    Quit Smoking Hotlines: What Are They? Quit smoking hotlines (or quitlines) are telephone based quit smoking services that are available with varying hours from Monday to Friday to all residents in the US free of charge. Quit smoking hotlines assist people who are looking for help to quit smoking. Services offered can vary from one-on-one […]

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    Free Quit Smoking Products: Where and How to Get Them

    Free Quit Smoking Products: The Facts Every state in the United States has a tobacco cessation program whose mission it is to help people quit smoking. They do this in a number of ways: Telephone hotlines that offer advice and support on how to quit smoking Financial support to local smoking cessation programs Partnership with […]

  • Woman support other woman

    Nicotine Anonymous: The 12 Steps for Cigarette Smokers

    Nicotine Anonymous: FAQ What is it? Nicotine Anonymous is a non-profit organization that is structured around the vaunted 12 Step Program that helps men and women who are committed to living nicotine free lives achieve their goals through group support and recovery. Nicotine Anonymous takes its model of recovery through spiritual awakening and abstinence from […]

  • Two women emotional

    Quitting Weed: The High, the Low and Everything in Between

    Quitting Weed: The Essentials Even the question of “should I quit smoking weed?” might be hard for some people to reckon with since popular thinking has it that weed is not harmful or addictive. This way of thinking then leads people to believe that there are no legitimate reasons to quit smoking weed. Except, there […]

  • Liquid nicotine

    Liquid Nicotine: A Poison or the Antidote to Smoking Cigarettes?

    What is Liquid Nicotine? Liquid nicotine is nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves which is then mixed with a base compound – either propylene glycol or glycerin or both (both of these are commonly used synthetics) – and then processed along with a bevy of flavorings, dyes and other additives to ultimately create liquid nicotine (also […]

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    Can a Pill Really Make it That Easy to Quit Smoking?

    Quit Smoking Pills: The First Step You have made the decision to quit smoking, but in your mind it is impossible for you to imagine life without cigarettes. Maybe you are a life-long smoker and you have developed such an addiction to nicotine that: You smoke more than a pack a day You smoke even […]

  • Young man with stomatitis pain

    Nicotine and Stomatitis: What Is The Relation Between Them?

    What Is Stomatitis? Stomatitis is an inflammation of the inside part of the mouth. It can affect all parts of the mouth, lips, cheeks,  gums, tongue and the palates. Stomatitis is characterized by redness and swelling on the affected areas inside the mouth. It can cause discomfort and pain and in some severe cases can […]

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    Nicotine’s Side Effects: The Agony and the Ecstasy

    The Many Faces of Nicotine Nicotine is both the main addictive ingredient in a cigarette and the drug that helps people quit smoking through NRT (nicotine replacement therapy). It is what addicts you to smoking and then it is what eventually frees you from tobacco. The contrasts do not stop there. Nicotine is a stimulant […]

  • Florida state map tobacco free

    Tobacco Free Florida: How Florida Became the Best at Quitting

    Tobacco Free Florida: A History The Tobacco Florida Free initiative was created in 2007. An amendment to the state’s constitution established the legal framework to create an all-encompassing tobacco education and prevention campaign to get Floridians to quit smoking. Since its beginning in 2007 Tobacco Free Florida can proudly proclaim that it has helped over […]

  • bottles with essential oils

    Aromatherapy and the Essential Oils That Can Help You Quit Smoking

    Essential Oils: The Breakdown There is a whole industry out there dedicated to helping you quit smoking. From nicotine replacement therapies (nicotine gum, the nicotine patch, etc.) to pills and e-cigarettes there are so many different products and treatments to choose from. One of the ways you may not have heard about to help you […]

  • quit smoking today

    Smoking Cessation Programs: A Rundown on What is Out There

    Smoking Cessation Programs: A List There are a wide variety of smoking cessation programs available to you if you are looking to quit smoking and all of the smoking cessation programs listed here are offered completely free of charge. 1-800-QUITNOW/ Both the quit-line and the website are administered by the National Institutes of Health along […]