• Why is Maryland’s new smoking ban being opposed?

    Ban on Rockville’s Menu: No More Smoking on Outdoor Patios

    Following all of the recent smoking bans we’ve reported, one can say without exaggeration that the smokers’ world is shrinking. First, smoking was banned in public outdoor spaces; then in public indoor spaces and workplaces. Parks, recreational areas, and stadiums followed, but that isn’t the end to the legal push for a smoke-free environment. Eventually, even […]

  • Battle for tobacco-free air continues.

    Weekly overview: From Air Pollution to Design Solutions

    Protecting the Youngsters Not far behind us, May 31st marked the World No Tobacco Day. Prior to this date, there were introductions of many new laws. The main actors included health commissioners, practitioners, lawmakers, and legislators. East Point, Georgia, banned smoking from its parks and recreational areas in order to honor this important date. Moreover, […]

  • New research puts light cigarettes back in the shadow.

    Smokers of Light Cigarettes, we Have Something to Tell You

    Researchers from Ohio State University, have shed some new light on the so-called light cigarettes. This is the result from their latest research project. Before diving into their discovery, let us investigate the distinction between regular and light cigarettes first. Not That Light After All They have the name “light” for two main reasons. First, […]

  • Is raising the smoking age really for health or is it a political move?

    This New Cigarette Sales Law has Boston Area Tobacco Retailers Incensed

    As long as there has been cigarettes, there has been a constant for smokers and nonsmokers. Like the Montagues and the Capulets, their disputes goes back generations. In recent times, the lawmakers have chose smokers of tobacco and electronic cigarettes as their targets. Cities and counties across the United States have banned smoking from most […]

  • How damaging indoor air pollution is to your kids?

    UC San Diego Study Shows Indoor Air Deadly, Here’s How

    You think with cars and factories, the outside air might be bad for your health. A University of California, San Diego study shows that indoor air can be just as deadly. Do you have any guesses why? Let’s investigate. Cigarette Smoke Damages Air Quality When it comes to indoor air, we might think that it […]

  • What is the story behind the band name - The Chainsmokers?

    The Smoke behind The Chainsmokers

    What have you been listening to lately? Is it Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, or might you be listening to the Chainsmokers? In any case, have you ever wondered what might be the story behind the name of your favorite band, or artist? Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Lana Del Rey are examples of some artists that […]

  • Would these pack design prompt you to quit smoking?

    Find out how This Hack Helped Australia Reduce its Smoking Rate

    Believe it or not, smoking is the number one most preventable single cause of death in the whole wide world. One trick seems to be a helpful tool in battle against smoking. You might call it a designer’s solution. Furthermore, it seems to be working in a country like Australia. How did Australia do this? […]

  • What happened this week in Vaping and Smoking News?

    Weekly Overview: New Discoveries and New Laws

    Surprising Outcomes in the Battle Against Smoking Over the course of the last week, we brought you news about the latest in science. There were some innovative and interesting studies in the field of medicine. All of these studies had surprising research outcomes. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, surprised us all with their […]

  • Wait, New York did what about Vaping?

    New York State Just Made a Ruling on Vaping

    The citizens living in the city of New York has just lost something that they have been enjoying. This is following the example of Austin, TX. Last Wednesday, the New York State Assembly had a discussion about  further restrictions on e-cigarettes. The session resulted in equal restrictions for regular and e-cigarettes usage in indoor spaces. […]

  • Can emails be as life-saving as medications?

    Can Quit-Smoking E-mails be as Effective as Medications?

    More and more healthcare practitioners have recognized the usage of technology as a beneficial factor in various treatments. It is not a wonder then that telemedicine is growing as a promising practice in treating the patients. The core value of telemedicine is that professionals provide proper education and proper healthcare to those in need of […]

  • Do Cardiovascular diseases differentiate between regular smokers and social smokers?

    It Is Possible You Will Quit Social Smoking after Reading This

    There is a great misbelief that only regular smoking induces damage to human body. Lighting even one cigarette will leave an unhealthy mark on your body. It doesn’t matter whether you are regular or occasional smoker. Even exposure to secondhand smoke can lead to a fatal outcome. This is according to a new study. There […]