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We will select a winner for the V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit every Saturday. It is completely random and will be based on your email address. Please use your real address so you can be contacted if you win. 

If you win, we will email you to get your address so we can ship the kit out to you.

We will wait 48 hours to hear back from you if you’re the winner, if we don’t hear back from you than we will choose another winner.

The kit is worth $150, the details of what’s inside can be found on the V2 Cigs website.

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  1. I have to quit smoking after 46 years because I have two little grandsons to love and to spend time with. I can’t chase them around because I have COPD and I don’t want it to get any worse. And I definitely don’t want to end up dying of cancer or having a stroke or heart attack. The kit looks amazing and I would love to win it.

  2. Doc and health says it’s time…Long time smoker 44 years. Have MS and now vascular and lung issues. Would love to win this gift…This may give me a better chance at quitting and improve my quality of life..♡

  3. I have smoked for 30+ yrs. one day my 12 yr old son came up to me and asked if I would please quit by his 13th birthday, which is 3 months away. I would really love to do that one special thing for him and myself. So here I am, hoping to win this to help me. My father quit by mark 10 e cig and I would love to try an e cig.

  4. Almost 63, and my mother had COPD and died of it, 2 uncles died of cancer and 1 aunt on my mother’s side. Been smoking since I was 15. Tried to quit smoking with the patch, gun, hypnotism and cold turkey. I am so tired of the cough, pneumonia, the smell and paying for cigarettes, which I really can’t afford. Please help!

  5. I’ve only took a couple of puffs off of s friends ..I really just like menthol flavor would live to use this. We roll our own cig now ..electric cig.roller..or etc cool but I want something I can smoke any where…these u can..

  6. I have not smoked for six months and four days. I still have a few strong cravings a day, but I take deep breaths and drink water. This kit would really help me as I get nervous still being around my friends who smoke, and going on vacation soon makes me a bit nervous. Thank you.

  7. I been trying to quite smoking for years but it never happened I been wanting to try y’all product but I can’t afford $150:00. It would be awesome to win this product

  8. I am only 27 and I need to quit like yesterday. My asthma is so bad but I can’t stop with the smoking….I need help now…I can’t afford the high price for these kits..I would really like to win so I can take control of my life and hopefully live a long life….

  9. Have a newborn coming in april 2015 ..with limited money could use the starter pack to help kick the habit before baby comes!! Thanks

  10. I would realy like this kit for my wife we are both retired and live on a pension so could not aford the price .I stopped smoking 42 years ago but my wife can’t but has tried for a long time . Regards geoff

  11. Hoping to win one, I have crohns disease and doctors are telling me I have to quit smoking, I have tried patches pills and even the little fake cigs they sell at gas stations, They just are so hard to hit and dont give much smoke and they burn my throat…

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