The Coolest Vaporizers and Best Novelty Vaporizers

Not every vaporizer has to look the same. There is actually a lot of variety out there in the vaporizer market, and we are going to look at some of the truly standout vaporizer innovations that are worth checking out for vaporizer fans that like to try something a bit different.

Magic Flight Launch Box

This vape looks like a little wooden box- basically a coffin for your herbs. But if herbs go there to die then they come out on the other side as sweet, sweet vapor. This is one of the most efficient, fastest and powerful vaporizers for dry herbs on the market. It heats up quickly with no fuss, and you get great vapor every time.

There are also very few components to the Launch Box, so there is little chance that anything will go wrong or malfunction. The box has a trench for your herbs, a mesh screen, a rechargeable battery and an intake tube for vaping. It’s incredibly simple yet amazingly effective. And it manages to do all it does without any electronic components. The battery powers everything, and it comes with a charger so you don’t have to buy new ones all the time.

While the Launch Box does only handle dry herbs, the company also makes a very similar product for concentrates. But if you want an affordable, lightweight and reliable dry herb vaporizer, you really can’t go wrong with the Magic Flight Launch Box. You may find fancier-looking vapes, but few of them actually match up to the powerful performance of this very simple vaporizer.



Have you ever wished the vaporizers you use could be more inconspicuous- that they could look like common, everyday items and not something for vaping herbs? The PuffIt could be just what you are looking for. Its inhaler design makes it suitable for taking out anywhere and vaping without attracting any attention. True, there will still be the smell of the vapor to deal with, but as long as no one is right next to you, they will probably just think you are using an inhaler.

It certainly works a lot better than other vaporizers that look like other items, such as the one that looks like a lighter. The PuffIt is definitely far less likely to attract any attention. But you are probably wondering how it performs.

This is actually one of our favorite vapes. It heats up fast, it is easy to use and it produces some incredible-tasting vapor. You might be concerned about clouds of vapor coming out of this as you try to vape incognito. The original design for the device made sure that wasn’t a problem, as very little vapor actually escaped. But for those who like a bit more vapor, there is now an included spring that can be placed under the lid to make the PuffIt create quite a bit of vapor.

The only real drawback to using this vape is that its battery doesn’t last very long. If you plan to use it as your main vape all the time, then you may want to buy an extra battery or something. It may not be a big deal for most people, but it is worth noting if it is the only vaporizer you have.

Also keep in mind that the camouflaged design is no replacement for discretion. People who know you aren’t asthmatic aren’t likely to be fooled by it, and neither are those who are standing next to you smelling your herb.

Vapor Genie

The Vapor Genie is as close as you are going to get to a conventional smoking pipe with a vaporizer. It looks and feels and even works a lot like a tobacco pipe, but it manages to vaporize your herbs, if you operate it properly.

The hand-carved wood look of the pipe makes it appear authentic, as does the operation method which has you holding a flame under the Vapor Genie to vaporize your herbs. Now this is an easy part to mess up, and many first-time users are likely to burn their herbs or to not cook them enough or make the pipe too hot. All this is easily learned after a few tries, but there is definitely going to be a learning period on this vaporizer.

That said, it offers a real vaporizer experience in pipe form, and it produces some hefty vapor clouds. And it all comes in a beautiful vape that sells for $50.

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