Artisan Clouds E-Liquids: Breakfast For Every Vape of the Day

Artisan Clouds E-LiquidsIt’s not always easy to get up in the morning, especially on work days, but there’s nothing like the sweet smell and taste of breakfast cereal to jump-start your day. Cereal-based e-liquid flavors have been a huge hit since they started coming out a few years back, and Artisan Clouds has developed some of the best cereal e-liquid flavors to start your day right.

Even if you vape fruity, pastry, tobacco, or dessert type e-liquids, you won’t be able to resist cereal e-liquid. That yummy smell when you open the bottle simply makes you want to eat it. Cereal flavors aren’t for everyone, it’s  true, but if you are one of the many vapers that like to enjoy the yummy taste of cereal all day long, then read on!

We’ll look 4 cereal flavors offered by Artisan Clouds and see how they stand above the crowd.

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This flavor tastes a lot like rice puffs and cream with a hint of sweet marshmallow on the exhale. The milk taste of this Artisan Cloud e-juice is very authentic; it’s exactly the flavor of sweet milk left in a big bowl of sugary cereal. The strength of the rice crisps is a bit of the mild side, and could really be helped with a stronger marshmallow taste. If you are a fan of a dry cereal taste, this can be your new all-day vape.


The inhale tastes like a cereal mix of cherry, lemon, and orange. This e-liquid fruit cereal has a crisp and strong citrus flavor and you’ll be able to notice it right away. The sweetness is spot-on and the Artisan flavor chefs did a great job here with the citrus flavor; it’s not overpowering and combines very well with the cereal milk taste. The exhale also gives you a hint of grainy cereal that leaves a very distinct impression from other cereal fruit flavors I’ve tried.  Make sure to try this one out.


Wow, this e-liquid tastes like the real thing! This made me wonder if I could pour the e-liquid into a bowl and eat it up, it’s that good! The sweet honey flavor goes really well with the cream and a bit of nuttiness on both the inhale and exhale. The honey primary flavor is strong and followed by a hint of nuts, cereal and cream. When drinking coffee with your vape, the sweetness of the honey stays longer after the exhale. This is one great way of enjoying sweets without gaining weight.


This is my personal favorite from this bunch because the Berry flavor has the most realistic taste for a cereal based e-liquid. It has a moderate flavor strength which is perfect for an all-day vape. I could taste blueberry, strawberry and other berry tones with a smooth milk taste on the exhale. The aftertaste is naturally sweet and doesn’t have that artificial sweetness. If the citrus taste of the fruit flavor does not sound very appealing to you, then this berry flavor is a good bet.

Final Word

One thing that you taste when you try the e-liquids from Artisan Clouds is the premium quality of each flavor. The creamy milk is spot on, and the sweetness is natural and gets to you on the exhale. This flavor theme is aimed especially at vapers who enjoy an all-day vaping experience.

Yes, there are hundreds of cereal based e-liquids in the market right now, but Artisan Clouds really shine above them because of authentic and precise flavor combinations of each bottle. Each flavor is a delightful experience in your taste buds that you can enjoy any hour of the day. Make sure to give this one a try and be amazed how these flavors closely resemble the real cereal treats.

Artisan Clouds E-Liquids
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