Black Note E-Liquid Review

If there is any downside to Black Note and its top notch line of e-liquids, that would be the price and nothing else. This premium e-liquid brand does prove that good things come with a price. Although they may offer a relatively small selection of flavors, Black Note makes sure that their products are never substandard, and always a result of unparalleled perfectionism.

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Obviously, Black Note has quickly become a subject of our partiality after trying out all of its flavors. We have done a careful review of the brand to provide a good amount of explanations for this declaration.

Black Note Overview

Black-Note-packHaving launched their website only this year, Black Note has gone from an interesting beginning to a lucrative growing e-liquid brand. The name itself sounds very enticing for vapers who want their juices above the standard quality, and those who are out to find remarkable flavors that are derived from Naturally Extracted Tobacco.

Black Note only has eight flavors to offer, but that does not mean they are short of what you can call outstanding. Their limited selection is balanced by how they put great effort into creating every bottle, from choosing the variety of tobacco, until the final product is packaged in their stylish bottles and casing. The company insists that staying with tobacco-based flavors is a deliberate choice made with their goal in offering authentic tobacco experiences to vaping adults.

Shopping Benefits at Black Note

Aside from the coupon that we have so you can enjoy a good chunk of discount off the original price of your first Black Note purchase, the brand offers quite an amazing list of shopping benefits. It does not matter if you are a new or returning customer—Black Note does its part in giving out bonuses for anyone who buys their top-of-the-line products.

They offer a 60-day money back guarantee, free expedited shipping (to the customer and for returns), and a 1-3 day delivery within the US (otherwise, you will get a refund and get to keep your orders without a charge).

You can also have a custom text written on your e-juice bottle (for free), which looks fantastic!

Of course, they also have bonuses for referrals, a points-based rewards system, a wholesale program, and affiliate marketing systems for those who want to be a part of their growing business.

Top Flavors and their Quality

As mentioned, Black Note only has eight tobacco flavors. Each one is based on naturally extracted tobacco as the flavoring and undergoes 6-8 weeks of processing before getting released for consumption. Black Note takes pride in their cold maceration process in extracting flavor from chosen tobacco varieties planted, harvested and processed from different parts of the world.

The company also takes time in making their products’ ingredients known to all their customers, to erase any doubt and understand that Black Note only uses non-harmful ingredients such as Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, both of which are mixed at a 50-50 ratio to produce just the right throat hit and flavor. We’d recommend above-ohm coils to use with these vape juices to get the best flavor. As we tasted each one, we found out that this meant no strong hits, and just smooth and flavorful vape. Then again, other vapers may prefer options regarding VG-PG blends.

Black Note’s Best Vape Juice Flavors:

Black Note Solo


Authentic tobacco and mint combined


Black Note defines the Solo as a combination of ‘ultra-smooth Virginia tobacco’ with ‘layers of natural menthol’ that result in a ‘refreshing mint flavor’.

Menthol lovers will find the Solo an exceptional creation that delivers a smooth and natural minty tobacco taste, mimicking real menthol cigarettes—only without the harmful carcinogens that we all would love to avert.



Naturally sweet tobacco

Like superior tobacco cigarettes that give classy smokers a smooth, mellow, and gentle on the throat smoky flavor, the Prelude is indeed a taste of Virginia tobacco with a sweet and smooth undertone. This all-day vape is straightforward tasteful and makes vaping an exclusive experience for those who know why Black Note focuses on a few but refined options.



Rich and robust tobacco with mild sweetness underneath

Cavendish tobacco base with a mildly sweet and nutty exhale finished with a tinge of alcohol—this is how we would describe our vaping experience with the Sonata. Its unique and exciting combination of tastes makes the Sonata a surprisingly satisfying vape, even for non-tobacco aficionados.

Our Overall Say

Black Note E-Liquid
QSC Rating: 87/100 by

At $29 per 30ml bottle, we can say that Black Note is not just some e-liquid for anyone. It is a premium choice for vapers who want only the best e-liquids on their devices. Not only does Black Note guarantee authentic tobacco flavors from real tobacco products, but also assures its ever-growing market that their products are created under the strictest standards.

That being said, you can expect your devices to last longer since Black Note e-liquids will not leave as much gunk following your vaping sessions. If you want to save up and get freebies, learn to recycle and send them back your empty bottles. Black Note will give you a free e-liquid for every five empty bottles that you return.

They also have their Notebook sampler pack, which includes all eight flavors at 7.5ml bottles each—a great choice for those who have not found their perfect match just yet.


Their packaging is just as incomparable as their flavors—they make sure each bottle is encased in a cylindrical tube with a stunning classic design, portraying a high-end product with all the information that you need.

On the whole, we would say that Black Note’s pricing is not a burden at all, with every bottle of e-liquid they sell being on top of the line regarding quality, branding, safety, and flavor. Vapers who know what good e-juice is would not mind spending $29 on a bottle of Black Note E-liquids.