Oplus E-Liquid: Quality, True-to-Flavor Vaporizer Juice

Oplus E-Liquid

Let me start by saying that this e-liquid is made in China. Most seasoned vapers may have heard and tried e-juice from famous Chinese manufacturers such as Dekang and Green Smoke. These e-juices were characterized by their singular flavors and very low price per bottle. These might now wow you in taste and flavor but their juices are good enough for a lot of beginners that looking for a bargain.

Today there are many awesome e-liquids made in the US, UK, Malaysia and the like, and China seems to have fallen off the radar because of their focus on manufacturing vaping devices. Vaping is considered  a less harmful alternative and many vapers have started moving away from questionable ingredients in their e-juices to minimize health risks.

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It might seem like Oplus e-liquids are coming on late in the game, but their entrance is certainly strong. E-cigs are expected to surpass conventional cigarettes within the coming decade, and Oplus plans to be a major player and grab a meaty piece of the pie.

It’s a fact that Chinese manufacturers have the most sophisticated tools and processes to keep costs low and set a high quality standards for their products in general. So what do we know about Oplus so far? Oplus proudly follows the process and guidelines set by AEMSA (American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association). This assures vapers of the careful quality screening process each bottle receives before it is shipped off to customers.

Their Oplus factory scheme is highlighted on their website and shows the location of their air and water purification systems, ultraviolet disinfection and temperature and humidity controls. The average DIY mixer pales in comparison to Oplus’ stringent quality levels. They have employed an ingenious way of tracking each separate ingredient back to its original manufacturer for your peace of mind.

Oplus E-Liquid

So let’s get down to business and see what Oplus has to offer.

Right out of the box, you’ll notice that the bottles are uniquely colored, a fresh approach to the usual clear bottles we see every day. These bottles are made from pharmaceutical-grade plastic and include a tamper-proof cap plus a tiny tipped nozzle for easy fill-ups. The colorful bottle looks like a candy pop in my opinion, but gets high scores for creativity. Since the bottles are colored, the e-juice inside is clear with no coloring.

The OPLUS line has a total of 29 flavors. These include 11 fruits, 9 tobaccos, and 9 assorted flavors. All of these flavors come in 0, 6, 12, and 18mg nicotine strength. The PG/VG combination on our test samples were about 50% VG and 50% PG.

Fortunately, I am a fan of single flavors and most of their flavors are exactly that, meaning that bananas taste like bananas and pineapples taste like pineapples. It’s simple, and in the best way.  You won’t find a strawberry-banana or a strawberry-cheesecake combination here. Each bottle is packed with strong and punchy flavors and each draw gives a nice consistent taste.

I would recommend the OPLUS butterscotch, caramel, and almond as all-day vape flavors. These flavors taste just like the real thing. If you are in the mood to experiment with new flavors, definitely try the coconut and chili flavor!

Out of the 7 flavors in the tobacco line, I really enjoyed—and almost finished—the bottle of American blend in half a day. This tobacco flavor has a bitter aftertaste with a hint of rye on the draw. I see newbie vapers trying this as their first bottle of e-liquid, since it’s similar to regular cigarette smoke.

Oplus E-Liquid


Oplus has definitely answered the concerns of vapers worldwide to have clean, quality and flavorful e-juice. With their world-class production process following the AEMSA guidelines, Oplus sets themselves above many e-juice manufacturers that still produce e-juice basically from their own kitchens.

The flavors used by Oplus originate from a German company, which seems to have removed the alcohol smell that was a mainstay of many generic Chinese e-liquids. Opus has a definite pricing advantage over its competition because of its efficient manufacturing process. The price per bottle could factor into Oplus’ popularity, since new vapers typically buy what is cheaper.

There is room for some improvement on nicotine strength variants, since the nicotine strength jumps from 0mg to 6mg with no levels in between. I only know a few vapers who can vape 12mg and 18mg nicotine levels comfortably. The average vaper like myself probably couldn’t even inhale 18mg on a dare. We are excited to taste the next line of flavors Oplus will churn out; hopefully this time it’s a combination flavor or a new dessert line!

Oplus E-Liquid
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