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V2 Eliquids Rating: 98%

V2 Cigs is not only our number one e-cigarette brand but is also the top brand for e-liquids to date. Their e-liquid line, which they labeled as the Platinum E-Liquid range, is yet the best choice out there despite not being the widest in terms of selection. On this page, we will give you an overview of why and how we found V2 as the top e-liquid brand.

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Elegant Packaging


V2 Red Tobacco is among the best tobacco-like vape juices we vaped.

V2 Cigs made sure that anyone who gets to see their e-liquids, even without tasting or trying them, would have positive feedback on their products. Their e-juice comes in highly superior bottles that are unlike other cheap-looking plastic bottles from other brands. Theirs are semi-transparent bottles with childproof silver caps that also serve as droppers.

The label on each bottle is likewise impressive. Everything you need to know, including the expiry date and batch number, are clearly stated on the label without making the bottle look overcrowded. V2 obviously takes time in designing their products, including the layout of these simple yet remarkably classy text markings.

V2 Cigs Platinum e-juices are available in 10ml bottle-sample packs, 25ml, and 50ml bottles.

Quality over Quantity


There is something incredible in how V2 brings this catchphrase to life. In fact, even with the ability to produce more flavors for the sake of widening their selection, V2 has chosen to limit their range of platinum e-liquids to a few but totally excellent vapes.

V2 E-liquid bottlesThe flavors in their e-liquid range are red tobacco, menthol tobacco, Congress tobacco, Sahara tobacco, cherry, cola, grape, mint tea, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and peppermint.

Vapers who have tried their e-liquids attest to the fact that in vaping and choosing your juice, it is always about the taste and flavor among others. You may be blowing clouds of vapor, but without any taste that satisfies your buds, it will feel empty and lacking. Especially if you are trying to or have just quit smoking, the flavor is crucial in finding the right e-juice that will ultimately make you quit and stay away from cancer cigarettes.

We have tried and vaped many other e-liquids with the same flavors, but none of them come at par with the quality of V2 Cigs. To name a few, we found their Peppermint, Vanilla, Coffee, and Cherry outstanding. There were no chemical aftertastes or anything that tastes artificial. Their tobacco flavors are right on, but are more on the mild side, and we deem them suitable for previous cigarette smokers who want to cut slowly their link to tobacco and everything that reminds them of it.

V2 Vape Juices: Nicotine Levels, VG-PG Ratios 

question markV2 Cigs Platinum E-liquids are available in five nicotine levels (0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%). In our opinion, that is more than enough to cater for all types of vapers, whether you are a recent red tobacco smoker or more interested in vapor volume.

When it comes to VG-PG ratios, V2 Cigs refuses to tell how much of each ingredient they put into their e-juice. While this may not be an issue for some people, other may find this as a bit of a downside. Sub ohm vapers would love to see VG-based versions of their e-liquids.

Overall Conclusion and Coupon Code

Because we are never one-sided in our reviews, we do not put our entire penchant on the selection that a particular brand offers. More than the number of choices that they offer, the quality of their products that defines customer satisfaction and value for money is of more importance. Thus, it is in this regard that we conclude: V2 Cigs Platinum E-Liquids are the best juices that you can find today.

We are excited to see them release new flavors in the future, and are ecstatic to find some VG-based options as well. Right now, V2 Cigs may not be catering to the needs of sub-ohm vapers. Then again, with the quality of their products, we know that even cloud chasers will be willing to sacrifice the latter for the sake of vaping V2’s platinum range.

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