Vape Dudes E-Liquid Review

vape dudes review

Vape Dudes have been making e-liquids for a few years now. The company keeps growing and adding numerous flavors each year. At this point they are up to a little over 200 unique flavors. But are any of them worthwhile, or is it a case of quantity over quality?


The Choices

vape-dudes-ejuiceThe biggest advantage Vape Dudes E-Liquid has over its competition is the sheer amount of choice present. We mentioned the 200 flavors, but really, that is 200 different flavors, and not enough can be said about that unprecedented variety. If you say you can’t find a flavor you like out of that bunch, then you are lying.

But more than just flavors, Vape Dudes also offers other kinds of choice. They allow you to mix your PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) amounts. You can go 100% with one or the other or mix them up 60/40, 50/50 or however you want.

And the choices don’t stop there. You can also choose your nicotine quantities. You want no nicotine at all? That’s fine, because there is an option for you. The nicotine quantities come in 6mg, 11mg, 16mg and 24 mg.  So whether you are trying to wean yourself off of nicotine, or you just like enough to give yourself a nice throat hit, Vape Dudes has you covered.


The Flavors

With more than 200 different flavors, we couldn’t possibly try them all in a timely manner. So we picked out some of our favorites or those worth mentioning and decided to cover them for you.

Cinnamon Roll- It tastes just like the real thing, which can be said about a lot of their flavors. It works better as a dessert vape than something you would use all the time though.

Absinthe- It definitely has the absinthe taste, which means if you aren’t sure if you will like it, then you probably won’t. It is certainly an acquired taste.

Java Drizzle- The taste was just too strong with this one. The coffee flavoring is overpowering and can make for an unpleasant hit.

Menthol- If you have ever smoked a really good menthol cigarette, then you know what you are getting here. It is nice and cool without being overpowering.

It should be noted that you can request for extra flavoring when you order an e-liquid. This pumps up the flavor volume and gives some extra oomph to your favorite flavors. We say “favorite flavors” because it is not a good idea to ask for this option on flavors you aren’t familiar with. That can just make them overpowering and unpleasant. Unless you know you will like the flavor, we recommend you just stick with the predetermined flavoring quantities.


Is It Worth the Money?

Vape Dudes’ e-liquids are slightly higher priced than a lot of their competition. The 10ml bottles sell for $6.49 while the 30ml bottles are $17.49. But because these are quality liquids that offer a great hit no matter which clearomizer or cartomizer you are using, the price doesn’t matter as much. What we really cared about was the flavor, and Vapor Dudes definitely delivered. The company offers the most robust selection available, and it just keeps getting better.

And the majority of the flavors we tried, we liked. We recommend trying a sampling of flavors if you are trying this company’s e-liquids for the first time. Just go with the smaller bottles and see what flavors tickle your fancy. Everyone is going to have slightly different experiences with them, as with any e-liquid. But for our money, Vape Dudes offers some of the finest flavors on the market. Even as their demand increases and their selection expands, they have not lost sight of how to make a great e-liquid.

All their liquids are man-made, never produced in batches. This gives them a unique appeal and makes it feel like the company is going the extra mile to ensure quality control. Even as they grow large the company hasn’t grown too big to remember how to take care of their customers.


  • Unrivaled selection of flavors, sure to appeal to everyone
  • Choices for both nicotine content and PG/VG mixes
  • Works well with pretty much any cartomizer or clearomizer


  • Price is slightly higher than market average
  • A few of the flavors didn’t pop for us like we hoped or left us with a bad taste

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