Virgin Vapor Review

virgin vapor review

  • Selection: 90%
  • Product Quality: 85%
  • Prices: 79%
  • Customer Service/Shipping: 85%
  • Overall Rating: 84%
Virgin Vapor has made a name for itself as a company that offers truly organic e-liquid products. These are specially formulated to stay as natural as possible and to avoid artificial flavorings and byproducts when possible. Their customers swear by them, but we had to see for ourselves what all the fuss was about.
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The Bottles

Our first impression of Virgin Vapor came from our look at the bottles when we opened the package they sent us. The bottles are all glass with rubber stoppers. The glass is designed to keep out any artificial byproducts that can seep into the liquid when using plastic. The only problem with using glass is how easy it is to break them. If you like to travel with your e-liquid bottles, you will have to be extra careful.

But these beautiful bottles are the kind you will want to keep long after you emptied the juice out of them. They are very sleek and impressive, and their design goes to show you how much thought is put into this line of e-juices.

The Liquids

virgin vapor e-juiceVirgin Vapor offers a few choices when it comes to liquid selections. Most of their products are made with a 100% vegetable glycerin base. This makes them taste a little sweeter than what you might find elsewhere, and it gives them a nice throat hit with a thick vapor.

A few of their products come with a 50/50 mix of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, so if that is what you are used to, you just have to request that they send your order with the base mix you want.

But the main draw here is the organic ingredients. Their products are free of gluten and sugar, and they use pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Taking a draw with their liquids feels like you are getting concentrated flavor delivered directly to your mouth. Speaking of which, let’s get to some of those flavors.

Eggnog- This doesn’t have the overly egg-y taste than many eggnog varieties tend to falter on. It tastes just like the very best eggnog, and we love it for that.

Maple French Toast- This is one of the industry favorites, winning awards for its powerful and true-to-life tastes. The maple hits you on the way in and out, and you get the wonderful flavor of cinnamon as well. If you don’t like these flavors, then you won’t like this liquid, but we dug it.

Double Espresso- Out of all the flavors we tried, this was the one that felt the flattest. Even after we let it steep, it just had a less than stellar taste to it. We would recommend it only for people who are happy with substandard coffee flavors.

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Is It Worth Your Money?

Virgin Vapor
QSC Rating: 84/100 by

Despite selling high end e-liquid, Virgin Vapor’s prices are not any higher than the majority of their competition. Most bottles sell for $11.50 or $13.50, depending on the flavor you choose. What you get are premium e-liquids that offer a truly unique experience.

The company has some of the most fiercely loyal customers out there simply because they are committed to making natural, quality e-juices. You always know you are getting something made professionally and organically when you order from them.

But it should be noted that because they are using a vegetable base for many of their flavors, the product needs a long steeping time. Most of the time, it will take a few days or even a week for it to steep properly. This process allows the flavors and ingredients to mix properly. If they are not given time to do this, they will taste flat and have little flavor.

You can steep your e-liquids by opening them up and allowing them to breathe. Even if you are used to doing this for liquids with PG /VG bases, you will have to allow more time for these VG base juices.

But having to wait just makes these great e-liquids taste even sweeter. They are definitely worth the wait, and we know we will by trying out more flavors and keeping some of those we did try in our rotation.


  • Beautiful, glass bottles make these truly high-end products
  • Flavorful juices that have intense taste
  • All natural ingredients


  • Long steeping time required
  • Glass bottles break easily

For us, it comes down to the taste. We can put up with quibbles like long steeping time and breakable bottles if we get to enjoy flavor as wonderful as what Virgin Vapor is offering.


  1. So I kept using Virgin Vapor for quite a few of my smoking needs. One of the batteries that was purchases has died within a few months. I thought nothing of it as I was a new vapor smoker, and really was there just for the flavors. I had been told repeatedly by others that this should last at lest 6 months, and mine didn’t even last 2…with careful charging and alternating use. It wasn’t used much, maybe a few minutes every other day and with alternating batteries, it comes out to 1-2 times at most per battery. Anyways, I suggested they send me a replacement battery as that seems fair. They said no. After the 9th email, they told me how generous they were. Are they joking? They extended their exchange length from 15 to 30 days…as a courtesy. They wanted me to ship my broken battery (nont throw it out and not waste money on shipping) but they also wanted me to get it with tracking. They wouldn’t give me a phone number or anyone of the heads to speak/email to. Just upsetting and not worth it. All I wanted was a battery replaced and a sorry, and I would have continued to be a loyal customer. I’m dumbfounded that someone would lose customers over inexpensive items. I just feel dirty after emailing them. They thought they were generous 🙂

    • I can;t comment to their hardware as I only use the Aspire Atlantis whit there sub ohm battery (after years a trial and failure I have found this to be the best) Their juice is second to none…..the flavor is amazing and throat hit and vapor production is perfect. I have only tried 2 flavors so far….mint chocolate chip (to die for0 and In vino veritas…… both are some of the toughest flavors and they delivered flawlessly…anxiously awaiting my next shipment from them which includes rose…death by chocolate (i hate everyone else’ chocolate.but after the mint chocolate i cant wait some more is that good and mango and cherry…haven’t tried their fruit yet but my hopes are high. All in all..I would recommend virgin vape for ejuice. I have tried a lot and no one comes close1

  2. Virgin vapor is over priced with slow shipping and poor customer service. Try ecblends or mt. Baker vapor for juice just as good at half the price.

  3. Virgin vapor juices are wonderful, and generally worth their high price However orders for the last few months are taking two weeks to be delivered, and they have no discount for buying volume. I’m looking for another vendor.

  4. The last two bottles do cherry on top and plum with cherry tasted like the rubber on the dropper had steeped into the liquid. I had to throw it away. I loved the previous liquids before these two. White cherry crush was wonderful, but they discontinued it. I am disappointed wary to try again. Would ne interested if anyone else had the rubber taste experience.

    • HI James,

      Did you contact Virgin Vapor directly about this issue with the flavor? They can get the bottles replaced for you.

    • After I received a bottle of darkened –from oxidation– “Cherry on Top” flavor e liquid from Virgin Vapor (it’s usually clear, this was nearly brown – I have pictures to prove) with a batch date 1 year and 4 months earlier than date received, Angel from Virgin Vapor told me their e liquid doesn’t expire.. I thought that was an amazing thing, because Vegetable Glycerine alone has an expiry of from 16 to 24 months, without the nicotine and flavorings accelerating the spoil rate.

      I would take any of this company’s claims with a grain of salt –it seems they will tell anything to sale their product, no matter how ridiculous the claim.

      I give this company 3 thumbs down.

  5. Virgin Vapor is awesome! I order my liquids in advance so the normal shipping does not bother me. If I need it sooner I pay the extra little bit for overnight shipping. The prices are not much higher especially considering it is 100% VG and organic. I buy the extra virgin liquids and have loved all of them except one. I wont mention the name because others love it and it was just not my taste. I gave it to a friend and he thinks it is the best ever. I am 100% satisfied and recommend them everyone I can.

  6. Their double espresso is bomb. Its a coffee ive never found. And better than my best keurig coffee in the morning for sure. If you love coffee you jusg cant go wrong. Death by chocolate is like a chocolate similar to vaporfi almost exact. Goodluck trying to get decadance from vaporfi because its now discontinued. So best chocolate on earth for now. I wish there flavors were more mixed up instead of single flavors. But they are almost perfected. Maple french toast in an exception with tons of flavor and definately an all day vape. Worth the try of you are tired of artificial flavorings. Think of it as healthy vs unhealthy. No way can any other vape compare. Unless they make their flavors from real foods like virgin vapor and nude nicotine. Nude nicotine is non synthetic meaning better than 100% of artificial vapes out there. Virgin vapor is all organic, i hope, which means its better than that. I mean ive tried vape wild. And i love their flavors. Ive tried over 30 including some of their top sellers. Id say they beat out any company until i tried VV. I think you should let every bottle from VV breathe because its harsh even the bottles from batches 4 months ago. I put it in my dripper and its harsh less and less each vape. Until i need to refill again its about just perfect. Breathing should fix this. Steeping is not breathing
    Steeping is aging. Shaking is all you need for steeping. But heat can speed it up. Its great that you get glass and not plastic with VV. Microwave for 10 seconds without cap and your flavors will come alive but may also get harsh so breathing is always recommended. Breathe outdoors if you can. Fresh air is best. Usually works better with the wind anyways. Long enough?

  7. After I received a bottle darkened –from oxidation– “Cherry on Top” flavor e liquid from Virgin Vapor with a batch date 1 year and 4 months earlier than date received, Angel from Virgin Vapor told me their e liquid doesn’t expire.. I thought that was an amazing thing, because Vegetable Glycerine alone has an expiry of from 16 to 24 months, without the nicotine and flavorings accelerating the spoil rate.

    I would take any of this company’s claims with a grain of salt –it seems they will tell anything to sale their product, no matter how ridiculous the claim.

    I give this company 3 thumbs down.

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