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vista vapors

  • Choice: 85%
  • Flavours Quality: 90%
  • Price: 84%
  • Vapor Quality: 94%
  • Overall Rating: 86%
Vista Vapors is a fantastic brand with a huge variety of e-liquids with something for everybody.
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At times it can be a real struggle to try and find the e-liquid you are looking for. This is especially true with the absolute deluge of brands and suppliers out there making it more and more difficult for consumers to decide where to shop. Naturally that is where reviews come in handy. But what are you supposed to do if there is no review for the juice you are thinking about? Of course at this point you would just need to trust your instincts and dive right in. This is the position I was in a while back when I came across Vista Vapors.

First Taste of Vista Vapors

You, the reader, might think that all of us “reviewers” are gifted juices left and right. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of us, myself included, find it necessary to purchase our juices for reviews and also for personal use. So I try to plan my purchases around the brands that I am going to write about in the near future so that I have some experience with the product for a couple weeks before I start writing. I found myself in need of smoke juice and I really knew next to nothing about Vista Vapors. So I did some browsing through their site, picked a few juices and waited.

I chose a couple different styles and flavors so that I could get a handle on their product. I went with a premium juice that they call “Vista Select” as well as a couple of their standard juices. Overall the pricing of their products is in line with the rest of the vaping world. $12 for a premium bottle (30ml) and $5 for a 17ml bottle of their standard juices. Now there are options when placing your order that you can select as well. Things like increasing the bottle capacity, adding some extra flavor, or adjusting the mix percentages for PG and VG. Overall, I was pleased with  the ordering system they developed. It is very easy to understand and while the more options  there are the better, I never felt overwhelmed with the choices available.

Easy Ordering

One thing that I really like about their system is the reviews. I know, most sites use a similar system, but when you are essentially unfamiliar with what a company offers it is nice to see what other customers thought about the product before you order. Each flavor you browse will give you a ton of reviews for that particular product by people who have tried it before. It really helps people who are trying new flavors or new styles of juice. Well done! VV-Mix Your Own

While they do not have a selection of 1,000 e-liquids they do offer enough to satisfy even some of the most picky vapors. All of the standard juices are on sale and even a couple that you might not have heard of before. They even have a star rating system under each selection to help you decide which flavor to look at more closely. All the ratings are from reviews by previous customers.

A few companies out there have been experimenting with ways to allow customers to “mix their own” smoke juice and for some it works out very well. Vista Vapors has been doing the same thing for some time now and in my opinion offer one of the better systems for doing so. They will let you mix up to 4 flavors from their complete selection.], not just half like some companies. Along with mixing flavors you also have the options of choosing the nicotine strength, VG/PG mixes, extra flavors “shots” as well as giving it a name that will be printed on the bottle. Pretty cool if you ask me. In addition, previous customers reviews and flavor mixes show up on the bottom of the page to help you along if you need it.

Final Thoughts

Overall Vista Vapors is a great place to stock up or just shop for your smoke juice in general. Their prices are great and with anything ordered over $50 you get free shipping. While they do not boast the largest selection they do have a good sized inventory. As for the quality of their product, I have tasted better but not by all that much. The consistency of course depends on the blend and flavor but if you get the right mix for your taste you will find that the quality matches that of some of the best you have tried. They also offer a rewards points system for returning customers. Vista Vapor does a great job of getting your order shipped quickly and with everything else they offer there is almost no reason to shop anywhere else.

Vista Vapors
QSC Rating: 86/100 by

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  1. I just got my juice and let me just say this is the best company I have ordered from so far the timing was great the quality is great when I opened it up I was surprised to see they even put my name on the bottle! And i was even more shocked to see they took the time to write a little thank u note on the receipt! It was from a “sandy” I couldn’t believe it never had such great customer service from an online store will 100% be ordering again I never write reviews but I just had to for this

  2. I just ordered a sample bottle but received an email stating I need to steep the bottle I get. Is this really necessary? If so I don’t see the convenience in ordering from this site at all really

  3. I love this company sooo much! I order from them twice a month and for the last two months they’ve sent me as much in free ejuice as what I’ve paid for! Literally! I bought 2 small bottles last week and they sent me two free! The beginning of the month I always place a bigger order and they send my order (fast and always correct) along with two or three free bottles and also a bunch of stickers! These guys send me so much free I’m afraid I’m going to put them out of business! I will never order from anyone else as long as they’re open. Oh, did I even mention how much I save by buying their 120 ml bottle (I live for their Menthol Delight, it’s all I vape now)….I look at what other stores charge and just laugh. Try them out and you’ll see that I’m right, you’ll be glad you did! Heather Gray

  4. just got my order, man I’m telling you VISTAVAPORS is where it’s at! no dumb shit here, just needs to be steeped but it’s legit!! first time customer and definately a returning one.. thanks Vista!!

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