Zamplebox E-Liquid Subscription Service Review


To start vaping, you need to find the right e-cigarette and cartridge or e-liquid flavor according to your taste. While this can be a fun task for those who love shopping and asking around, some people are just not very interested in doing it. It is fairly understandable since many new vapers come from the ex-smokers’ block, who are accustomed to the easy-breezy trip to the convenience store to buy their regular pack of cigarettes.

Thankfully, e-cig companies and other organizations have become aware of the increasing needs of new and long-time vapers. This includes e-liquid subscription services such as Zamplebox’s. In this review, we have taken our time to evaluate the overall process of subscribing to their e-liquid program, their pricing, and the quality of the products that they send.

History and Background of ZampleBox E-Juices

zamplebox-ejuice-bottlesZamplebox is one of the first companies to offer an e-liquid subscription service in the US. They pride themselves as a community-first, product-second brand, which aims to help “create a tobacco-free world”.

As a company that provides services to people from the US and beyond, Zamplebox has also become one of the most popular e-liquid subscription brands worldwide. At present, they are offering different vaping devices, apparel, and hardware through their website.

Zamplebox ships e-liquids in random flavors to their subscribers each month, giving the latter the opportunity to discover what they do and do not like at highly discounted prices.

New vapers find this especially convenient as they search for their all-day vape. Advanced vapers sign up for their service due to the excitement that each round of e-liquid supply brings. Some are just too busy to visit their e-liquid retail store, or order their stash online each time they run out of juice.

Nevertheless, the idea of an e-liquid subscription service that originated from forerunners like Zamplebox is obviously a well-received service as the company now has more than 20,000 active members in the US.

Signing Up for Zamplebox: Detailed but Easy


Signing up for Zamplebox’s e-liquid subscription program takes a few easy steps. All in all, we believe that the company does its part in collecting the most essential and relevant information from their members. The result, however, still depends on how detailed you will answer their queries. The more specific your answers are, especially in the part where they ask which flavors you want to avoid, the more capable they are in excluding them from your monthly supply.

Zamplebox subscription begins with telling them your vaping experience by clicking on the most appropriate option (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). Through this, they will have a general overview of your vaping habits, the kind of device that you use, and probably the knowledge that you have. Zamplebox assumes that beginners who just quit smoking are more interested in PG-based e-liquids, while advanced vapers who use RBAs and more complex vaping devices are into VG-based juices.

As you continue the process of signing up for their service, you will be asked to click on the flavor groups that you would like to receive. The choices include fruit, dessert, tobacco, and menthol.

Then comes the part where you will have to enter manually the e-liquid flavors you want to avoid, followed by those you love or want to try. Take note that there are no options to click, so typing in your answers is the only way to fill this part. Next is choosing the nicotine strength that you prefer, and the kind of box you want to get each month.


Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Zamplebox-packagingTrue enough, Zamplebox offers vapers a clever way to save on e-liquids. Their Silver box is a hit at $19.99 for three bottles amounting to 30-50 ml of e-juice, which lets you save around 40% off the regular retail price. Their Gold box includes six bottles (80-100 ml) at $24.99, taking off 60% from what you will pay if you buy from a retail store. If you want the best value for your money and can consume as much e-juice in a month, you can get the Platinum box, which includes 11 bottles (150-180 ml) of e-liquids at $44.99.

As soon as you complete the registration process, Zamplebox immediately processes your order and ships your box within 1-2 business days. Their website states that shipments commonly take 3-5 business days before they arrive, although we have heard plenty of positive responses regarding shorter waiting time for deliveries within the US.

Their billing cycle is also very simple—it starts with your sign up date, and recurs on the same date of the following month. We found this particularly convenient, as there is no need for prorated charges and complicated billing cycles. That being said, you can expect your monthly supply of e-liquids to be processed on the same date of every month as well.

Zamplebox does not have particular guidelines regarding refund and returns. They offer refunds on a case-to-case basis, “depending on the situation”, so there is no guarantee for their customers. This is one of the very few downsides that we have seen in Zamplebox’s e-liquid subscription program.

Packaging and Content

zamplebox-eliquids-boxThe packaging, while simple, is impressively neat and secure. The bottles are protected by soft foam, and the boxes are modest and far from classy. Some vapers would want something more out of their packaging, but we say that the discounted price makes up for the absence of high presentation standards.

All the bottles come in the same sizes, with similar labels and easy-to-use droppers for refilling your tank. Zamplebox makes sure that the flavors of the e-liquids sent to their members are chosen according to the sign-up profile that was submitted. They even include a menu for every box they ship out to give their customers a quick overview of every e-juice flavor included in the package.

Whereas you cannot expect to find some Black Note or any other premium e-liquid brands in your Zamplebox package, many customers enjoy most of the brands included in their monthly supply of e-juice. After all, one of the foremost reasons why people sign up with Zamplebox is to find an all-day vape by trying out different brands in an affordable and expedient way.

Zamplebox Review Overall Conclusion

QSC Rating: 87/100 by

From their establishment to present, Zamplebox has received a mixture of both positive and negative responses from their customers. Apparently, Zamplebox has improved their service over the years, or the negative reviews came from people who expected to get 100% compatibility with their monthly supply of e-juice. Nevertheless, we are pleased with their service and believe that they are an answer to a vaper’s quest for a more exciting vaping experience.

Overall, Zamplebox has a pretty straightforward signing up process, quick shipping, and offers a good amount of discount in every batch of e-juice that you receive. They also have enough choices based on the quantity of the products included in each shipment. So far, their choice of flavors is superb—obviously based on the profile that is entered during the signing up stage.