How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your System?

Nicotine is a dangerous chemical inside of cigarettes which is primarily used to create addiction. For those wanting to quit, it is important to know how long that nicotine will remain in their system, as that can give them a good idea of how soon they will start to suffer severe withdrawal symptoms.

When nicotine levels lower, such as several hours after the last cigarette, cravings for the next one can start. Once all nicotine is removed from the body’s systems, more powerful withdrawal symptoms will begin.Side effects of nicotine on the human body

When a person stops smoking, nicotine will start to disappear from their body. Once that happens, they will eventually lose all remnants of nicotine out of their system. For some, that process can take as little as three days. For others, it can take up to three months. It all depends on how much nicotine a person absorbed, how long they had been using nicotine and what measures they are taking to get rid of nicotine.

It is also important to note that once nicotine goes into the body, most of it becomes cotinine. This is a slightly different chemical, but it has basically the same effects. Both the nicotine and cotinine have to be removed from the body for that person to be truly nicotine free.

There are a few ways that a person could speed up the process of cleansing their body of these chemicals. The easiest way is to drink plenty of water. This flushes out the system and gets rid of many toxins within the body. Additionally, foods and drinks that are full of antioxidants (berries, juices, etc.) can help to purge the body’s systems as well. Unlike alcohol, nicotine stays longer in the system and also can be detected for during nicotine testing for extended periods of time.

People can also exercise, which helps improve their body’s immunity and resistance to negative effects. It allows their body’s systems to work faster and stronger, pushing out toxins at an accelerated rate.

How quickly all of this works will depend on the kind of diet a person has, how active they already are and what kind of effects nicotine has already caused to their body.

Nicotine penetrates different areas of the body, particularly the blood, urine, saliva and hair. There are actually individual tests for each of these areas of the body that tests how free said area is of nicotine. Each portion of the body drains of nicotine at different rates. So while nicotine may be expelled from the blood in as little as a day after a person quits smoking, it may take as long as 15 or 20 days for it to be expelled from the urine. Once again, these times will vary depending on a variety of factors, most of which have to do with how long a person has been smoking.

Those trying to remove nicotine from their system should keep in mind that the effects are long lasting, and cravings and withdrawal symptoms may last as long as three years. That is why so many people fail to quit smoking completely.


  1. This was very helpful. My husband has to STOP smoking for life insurance reasons, he has been smoking since he was 14 yrs old. He tried patches, gum and even the vapor. He is now on, non nic vapor and all though it’s been VERY hard on him, as far as I know he’s doing a good job. He is 60 yrs old. Cranky and moody and oh so irritable but he is trying. Thanks for the information, it was helpful. YES, withdrawal are extremely difficult on both ends. But as the non smoking in the house . I need to understand his moods and accept it. It is difficult for both, but I do feel for him. He’s the one that got himself in to this health scare and as his wife, we need to help him. Why? Because I love him and I want to spend another 25 years with him. Wish us kuck. As I wish anyone who is wanting to quit!!!. Best regards. Mrs. Buchanan

  2. I quit smoking 7 months ago . I have been having worse problems with my blood sugar lately . Is this a withdrawal from not smoking ? And lots of nausea?

  3. Thanks for the info and we have worked in the similar topic in our group and hope this will be useful to many looking for nicotine in the body !


    • Dr mike. I quit smoking 3 months now on nicoderm.patches. but I have to test for blood and that affect my insurance. If I peel off the patch for good how long does the patch stay. It’s hard for me to now pull of the patch but I’m doing this even if I get sick

  4. I smoked a pack a week and have not had a cigarette in 16 days. I hope I can keep it up because I do not want to smoke anymore. I am having some problems with wheezing, chest congestion and difficulty breathing after a Summer cold 2 weeks ago. I have also had a headache for 2 days. Could this all be related to nicotine leaving my body?

    • What MG patch are you on? Headache is a common side effect of a Transdermal Nicotine Patch. If you only smoke a pack a week you shouldn’t be using anything stronger than 7 MG.

    • Good to hear. Third time for me. I’m 28 so 10 years of smoking seemed like it was time to put it down before I some day become a father.

    • Hi Mary,

      Today is my first day without smoking and I am irritated as can be, my stomach and body has the shakes, do you know how long that is going to stick with me? I am having to quit in order to get a hip replacement, the doctor stated I needed 60 days without cigarettes, but I have been smoking for 40 years. Need help in finding ways to keep a cigarette out of my mouth and system. I am not allowed to have any kind of nicotine help to quit smoking, any suggestions?

      • I quit for 8 years cold turkey. Then sadly started again… Second time I’ve quit (only been 3 days in) and those side effect usually go away after a few days. Taking Chantix (only half a dose, to minimize the side effects) definitely helps. I have to be nicotine free for a blood test, plus I’d like to be healthier. I might try a nicotine -free vaporizer to get me by. It’s not as great as a cig but it might help those stressful moments when you want to keep your hands busy. I tried breathing through a straw (no luck). Staying busy and taking deep breaths when you want to get upset, or smoke seems to help. Good luck! Stick with it 🙂 I will too!!

      • My husband is going through the same thing. He needs a knee replacement and he has to be nicotine free. He’s on week 4. Went last week for a blood test. The results were not good. His nicotine levels were still to high. I know for sure that he has not smoked. So they will test again in 2 weeks. Hope it’s better then.

    • I’m on day 4 I’ve been smoking 35 yrs quit 2 time for 3 minths, using the patch. I started up by just sneaking 1 cigarette. Now in choosing to stop, no patches no nicotine replacement anything, when I strat to so call stress I feel it acknowledge the feeling and remind myself I’m fine and it will pass. Cigarettes are killing me they do nothing positive is more things I tell myself. Best of luck everyone we got this

    • Dear people. I am 48…our tried quitting 3 times…I always went back after less than an month…but this January 6th I stopped. I bought Zyban,nicorettes and cape over about 3 months and prepared myself…I read your posts I read about a lot of people who quit and I thank them for their inspiration. I started yoga two years ago but I still smoked. I started bikram (hot yoga) 10 months ago. I also met some old friends who stopped and it impacted on me. Accumulating all these stories I was determined to win this fight. So on the night before I quit,I bought smokes and they fell put somewhere…when I got home I had my sisters smokes but mine were lost. I took 3 out of here pack and smoked them. The next morning when I awoke,I looked at the 3 things on my table…Zyban,nicorettes, vape. ..
      I got so down thinking…”how do I replace thus horror addiction with another!!! Do I have to contend with another master?”
      I just couldn’t do that anymore.
      I stopped cold turkey.
      I will never smoke a cigarette again…although I feel tempted…I made a promise to me and I will keep it…I feel great…I used to be depressed and upset…no more… and lastly…
      A yoga blog helped me to learn that…
      When I have withdrawals…I must accept it and make peace that it is happening…but it does not mean I must give in…
      If I did it…so will you…hit it from all sides and smile on the other side…I give you light and strength…leave the cursed cigarette!

    • If you get to the point of not being able to breath and gasp for air like me ….it becomes easy to put them down for good! But the damage is already done… but at least I can breath again for now! I They are pure poison don’t go back!

    • Hang in there. i’m on my 8th day as well. Quit ‘cold turkey’ and so far, I’m moving forward. I have a surgical procedure and I need the nicotine gone completely. Since quitting, my stress level has decreased significantly. We can do this!!

      • I have a surgical procedure as well and must be nicotine free or it will not be done. I’m on day 3 and I can do it as I quit for 8 yrs. The secret is to keep your distance from smokers who might want to temp you. That’s what happened to me. I’m stronger now and I’m tired of my back pain.

    • I gave up three weeks ago but just had one earlier today. I didn’t enjoy it at all but I feel silly for doing it. Wanted to just have a social one with my friend but I know I should not have had it. 🙁
      I want to choose life!

    • Remember. Cigs are going up 1.50 a pack in Aug. That should help. I’m putting a sigh on my front door. Warning bitch on board. Enter at ur own risk. Lol

    • I quit a year ago and the trick is to not be tempted, will power is the strong thing to have and even harder to master, my friends can smoke a cig next to me and it doesn’t bother me, the fear of actually getting lung cancer or anytime of cancer for that matter is enough to never go back. Get a new hobby like working out or I picked up being a magician, anything is healthier then that trust me keep up the good work guys

    • I’m 7 days in, and don’t think I’ll ever touch it again. 4th attempt in 19 years. But this time I truly don’t want to smoke again.

  5. I quit smoking cigarettes 11 days ago and have Been on a vapor pen 0/0 mg. of nicotine for 5 days…???? I smoked for 35 years and it’s hard. Specially right now that my boyfriend went to balcony yo smoke a cigarrete. Help me!!!! I need to to be nicotine free for a surgical procedure and because I’d like to use this opportunity to quit for good!!!

    • Just wondering if u made it until ur surgery? Im in the same boat, have to be nicotine free for 30 days b4 surgery
      I’m on day 2, been smoking for appx.30 years, boy I really could go for one..UGH!!

    • Hi I am having major spinal surgery in the next month or so…Id like to sy I’m not a heavy smoker but with a LOT of family health issues as well as my own I’ve been smoking more I have smoked for bout 33 years am 54 now. Any suggestions as how to remove the nicotine herbs? juices etc Thank You, I hope that u are doing welk

    • Me too my friend. I’m being forced to quit to have spine surgery plus lose weight. It’s torture. I’m using the pen with some success I’ve broken a couple sitting on them brb smoking about 40 years. I’m miserable.

    • Hey sid im in the same boat as u. I have to quit or my doctor won’t do the operation. Its soo bloody hard. I have until the 31 of October to quit.

    • Hope your surgery went well & that you’re still going strong. It must be difficult to abstain when you’re around those who still smoke. It may help if your boyfriend stops smoking too, then you will have eachother to keep accountable!

      • Hi I am in the same boat as all of the people who need medical procedure. Have not smoked in a week, so I went an took the PP test I know its going to come back positive. But I just want to know the level, so it will make me stronger. Does that make since?

    • Chantix works, but you must also have will power.
      Like you, I live with a smoker and that makes it REALLY hard.
      The hardest part is putting it out of your mind, you really have to think hard about something else.
      But also keep reminding yourself that you’re doing it for YOU, for your lungs, for your gums, for your skin, for your bones…that smoke does bad things to EVERYTHING!

    • I have been on Chantex for a week now and it is really helping and I have a vapor 0 nic I smoked for 35yrs also so good luck we both need it luck from New Orleans

    • Same story for me, only I continued to vape for 3 years…until I couldn’t get a full breath… and actually increased my nicotine intake. I truly believe vaping is as damaging as smoking. Nicotine is a powerfully addictive drug and, I’m sorry to say, having a partner who smokes will always be a negative. Best of luck to you… please don’t give up!

      • If youre looking at the heart/circulation elements,I learned that its the nicotine that constricts blood vessels, so switching to vaping or any type of cessation products that contain nicotine is just trading one delivery system for another.

    • How are you doing? I quit less than 2 days ago because i have a surgical procedure coming to and read your post and know exactly the help me feeling. Heart ❤️ goes out to you.

      • Day 2 for me as well, I also have an upcoming surgery. My PCP gave me Wellbutrin, so far so good, but wow this is hard..

      • Hi! First I would like to say good luck to everyone I’m praying you can all quit. Cigs are a very powerful drug. I am a 56 year old woman and i have smoked for 45 years. I am also facing surgery, I have lung cancer and I half to be cig free and there blood testing me today and I cheated and had a cig. I’m scared to death they won’t do the surgery and I really need it. How stupid am I this should be simple, stop smoking and have a chance to maybe live or keep smoking and put that final nail in my coffin. Can someone please help me out here and tell me how to clean my system fast or give me some sound advice please I’m really scared.

        • I quit smoking after 20 years. I tried everything from hypnosis, chantex, the patch, ect. The only thing that worked was cold turkey. It’s very hard but maybe I can help you. It is the cravings that get the best of you. Your brain is so used to the nicotine that it goes through some serious withdrawals that become so overwhelming at times that you get desperate and want that cigarette to make it go away. Then you have the cigarette and you feel very terrible about it. You get down on yourself and feel like your cannot beat it once again. The first week of withdrawals is the worst. The first few days can be overwhelming and these are the important days to get through. You have to not care about anyone around you or their feelings while you go through your symptoms. That is the most important thing to do… You have to put everyone else second! The cravings in the first few days to a week may get so bad that you may flip out or feel like you are losing your mind and that is ok… That is normal while quitting so don’t let it scare you. The cravings at first will come on hard and last long periods of time, up to a few minutes before going away. During those long few minutes, you will fight yourself over picking the cigarette up. You will keep coming up with reasons in your head that its ok to just have one more… Don’t do it! Wait it out… It’s the hardest thing in the world to do but you have to close the door and just wait…The craving will go away for awhile and you will feel like you beat it, and you will feel good about yourself. A little while later, the craving will come back and you will go through this process over a period of a few days to a week but if you fight the urges off (Its not one day at a time with quitting smoking. It’s one minute at a time). My children and husband were begging me to go buy a pack when I was fighting my withdrawals. I yelled, I screamed, I broke things, I was foaming at the mouth like a dog in heat, but I didn’t give up because my husband was coughing up blood and by the time he made it to the doctor the next day, they gave him three months. He’s no longer here. It’s a hell of a battle but you will ultimately thank yourself for it later. And just remember, you come first and everyone else comes second. If you need to go in your bedroom and shut the door and scream on the top of your lungs, do it! Everyone around you will see the struggle you went through to stay in this world for them. I’m soooo happy that I got through it. It’s been 5 years now and I will never forget the first few weeks. But my family thanks me for it now. The cravings will get less and less I promise..

          • Your Comments were the best. You hit the nail on the head! It’s day 6 for my husband n myself. We’re ready to walk out the door n go buy some. We’re both in misery! I hate my life!!

    • I’m in the same Situation Sid need to quit for surgery started on a vaporiser today not easy but it could all be worth it good luck

      • Some here I have two surgery done on my neck and my doctor says I have to be nicotine free I have tried so many ways I have done strips nicotine gum if anybody can help me I can use all the help and all the ideas

      • I smoked for 50 plus years and quit cold turkey , it is 8 months now was tested after 1 month and I’m good to go for sure. Pray you can do it also just keep them away where you don’t even know you have them , I had 1 pack left and its still there . Not easy but think its worth it .

      • I also have to quit for a surgery procedure, it’s been almost three weeks of cold turkey no vapor, patches or pills and I must say that it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.. I do other this when I’m craving love like work out or eat sunflower seeds all day.. It really helps to put your mind on something else.. I take my nicotine test on the 16th.. I have my fingers crossed.. Good luck to everyone..

      • I’m having surgery too! I need to quit! My surgery was scheduled & the canceled due to the nicotine! They don’t even have me a new surgery date. 🙁 he told me it would be a month from May 3,2017. Well I have not heard anything on a new date yet! I smoke bc I like to smoke. They might make me wait a years b4 they reschedule. I just need to quit for my Health. I can be a lil hard headed. Lol. Good luck to both you & I!!

    • Wow! Sid,
      Keep up the good work. You have come to far to turn back now. Congratulations! I’m happy for you because our story is very similar, it’s been 16 days for me quitting, and same here I’m having a surgery procedure and had to stop in order to have it done.

    • I’m in the same position. I have to have surgery and the surgery will not be performed until I am six weeks smoke-free at least. And the doctor will drug test me. I went six days before I smoked a cigarette and now I feel like I have to start all over again.

    • Hi Sid,
      I’m in similar situation. A smoker of 48 years and my doctor won’t do the surgery until I’m nicotine free.
      I need to have a MRSA infected patch removed from a hernia repair 5 years ago. I thought it was kind of a strange requirement to make to a patient looking for relief from some pretty serious pain. I’m hoping the abdominal pain may help distract from the pain of quitting smoking. Hope you were able to get nico-free and your surgical procedure went well..

    • Hi Sid. I need to quit for spinal surgery and I was wondering how your procedure went. This is really hard. I have smoked for 50 years and now I need this nicotine gone. Hope all went well with you.

      • I quit smoking! 🙂 this is day seven for me. I’m doing it cold turkey cause I refuse to let something have control of me. I feel great and proud of me.

      • hi all i had to quit for spinal surgery as well my surgery went well im up walking and it was 3 weeks ago i was walking the same day as my surgery had pins and screws put in and cysts 4 of them removed its been 40 days sense i last smoked wooooohooooo so happy and
        good luck everyone
        biggest part of conquering your addiction and the symptoms of withdrawal is to get the toxins out of your body. Nicotine is one of those toxins, and once it is out, you should not experience any more cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Increasing your water intake is a great way to do so, but you can fight even harder by drinking grape juice daily. The acids in the juice are natural detoxifiers and they will rejuvenate your system and cleanse out the toxins faster.

    • Hey there. Just wondering if you were able to quit for surgery and if so, how long and how did it go? I’m in a similar situation and there are only 4 weeks til I’m under the knife!

      • Ok you guys, I had surgery almost two years ago, a week before my surgery I went to a smoke shop and purchased a detox kit and it worked. It was a 5-day detox and my urine nor blood showed nicotine. Best part it removed everything out so my cravings were less. Good luck to all you guys, I know how hard it is.?

      • I’m having surgery too. I am on day 3, but I hope by drinking all of this water and eating lots of fruit and veggies that I can pass the test in a short amount of time. Has anyone done this? How long did you have Kerri?

    • I am in the same situation! My husband goes outside to smoke and thats all I smell and want. Where did you find the 0mg one? Good luck!

    • I’m going through the same thing but I just can’t seem to quit. It’s really hard when people in ur household also use cigs and that makes it a lot harder for me l.

    • Hi there! I’ve quit smoking cigarettes for a couple years now but found some comfort in vaping @ 6 mg. I’m scheduled for back surgery at the end of this month! I have COPD and my concern is the recovery process which I understand would be affected by nicotine. I’m scared, of course, but wonder if the 0 nicotine is still an issue to be concerned about!!

    • I just found out today I have to have surgery also and my surgeon will not perform the surgery if i test positive for nicotine. The surgery is not until July. I was hoping to get some suggestions on how to quit, when I need to start and how to stay quit!! I have smoked heavily for 28 years. Thanks

    • Hi sid,

      I can relate to the surgery part of your dilemma. I needed a hysterectomy but my gyn said she wouldn’t do it. I quit for the surgery, but soon after i started again. That was two years ago. I started chantix a month ago and quit smoking on the 15th of march of this year. I was extremely physically ill and i don’t know if it was because of the chantix or the nicotine withdrawal. I stopped the chantix about four days ago, and now i am starting to really crave nicotine again. Big time. I keep having thoughts of just buying one pack. However, i am trying to rely on prayer and God’s strength to get through this difficult time. You CAN do it and i will pray for you!!

      • my gyn told me the dame thing. I am not a heavy smoker and i had one yesterday and now i fear the test will show it

    • I also need to quit for a surgery in to have. It is the most difficult thing I have done so far. Quit smoking for awhile and then started back up again. Any suggestions on how your staying nicotine free would be helpful. Thanks.

    • You can do it. I also had to quit for a surgical procedure. I not only had to quit nicotine, I also had to cut my diet down to around 650 calories per day. This means NO SNACKING. I use my vape with 0 mg of nicotine. I am now at day 18. There are still some hard times. I just tell myself that I can do this and it will all be worth it in the end. I pray that after the surgery, I don’t start back. Only time will tell. At this time, I don’t want to. If I can do it, you can too. I believe in you even if you don’t believe in yourself. You are stronger than you think you are. If you cheat, just get back at it. It is just a set back. Like Henry Ford once said, “Failure is an opportunity to begin again with more experience.” GOOD LUCK, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

    • Please know this, its a lot easier if you’ll make a small goal such as 3 days and tell yourself if I can get thru these days, I can do anything, the same for the next 3 and so on. When you think you’re going to cheat think about how much you dreaded quitting at first and how you’ll have to start all over again if you give in just once. I want one right now but I know that’s part of the addiction and that it will go away if I just hold out a little longer. you CAN do this!:)

    • Did you go for the operation and stop smoking? I’m asking because I am in the same boat. Monday I will be tested for nicotine and if I’m clean they will operate on Tuesday.

    • I was a smoker for 4 years, love. But now I’m completely smoke-free. Cut down from 1 cigarette a day, to be noted: smoke only at night because the cravings will get too intense throughout the day if you do so during the day. Then one cigarette every week on Wednesday. If you want to smoke in between the week, try one on Wednesday night, then Saturday, night. I hope this works for you, it’s working wonderfully for me. And when you crave a cigarette, it won’t last forever, just for, 5-10 minutes, remind yourself why you chose to quit. I’ll be praying for you Sid. God bless you.

    • I have to quit for surgery also, it has been two weeks but I smoked one cigarette. It’s hard, especially when you have smokers around you all day.

      • I was advised to quit before a surgical procedure. I didn’t and nothing happened until two years later when they forced me to quit. I had two strokes, and a possible infection from being in the hospital itself. I have been forced to quit since December2016. Used nicorette gum, lozengers, mini lozengers which proved to be much more costly than smoking itself. Insurance sometimes cover the cost, but not in the excess that I needed to quit the habit I had. Two-three packs a day for over 25 years.

        • I was advised to quit before a surgical procedure. I didn’t and nothing happened until two years later when they forced me to quit. I had two strokes, and a possible infection from being in the hospital itself. I have been forced to quit since December2016. Used nicorette gum, lozengers, mini lozengers which proved to be much more costly than smoking itself. Insurance sometimes cover the cost, but not in the excess that I needed to quit the habit I had. Two-three packs a day for over 25 years. Hernia repair, Dr. Brandon Teri refused to fix and caused a double hernia by pushing on my belly with excess force on two different occasions. A month before that was a bladder sling. They hospitalized me because of smoking cigarettes eight months later, did not even have clean underwear. The wouldn’t let me out for over two weeks, and one of my pets,at home had to be put to sleep after my discharge.

    • Hi I am in the similar situation I’ve been smoking for about 30 yrs and I have to quit for a surgical procedure in possibly Oct so I have 2 months to clean my system before my actual nicotine blood test so I’m on day 4 using a vape zero nicotine my question is are you still smoke / nicotine free ?

    • I did hypnosis and it has lasted 14 years so far!! No craving either, before that I can’t count how many times I tried to quit.

      • Hey Jim W
        Imagine… Look in your mirror, cover your bottom jaw and lip with your hand, that’s what you’ll look like after they remove your jaw and tongue from cancer, by chew tobacco, my younger brother lived like this, for 3 yrs… Then found cancer in his throat. He opted no more surgery, he passed at 39.. Hope it scares you enough to quit chew

      • Hey Jim, just quit a couple days ago. Hope you’re still tobacco free. The thing that helps me is to wait until the cravings are strong and then just try to take a nap or even go to sleep for the night. It’s not always possible to take a nap whenever, but the cravings are a little less. Doing some yard work or excercise helps too. Just wear yourself out a bit until you’re too tired to think about chewing.

      • Hey Jim W

        Get yourself a bunch of toothpicks and gum. For me, the toothpick acts as a substitute for chew because you can move it around the mouth and use your tongue to manipulate the toothpick (as you would with chewing tobacco) into many different positions, thus clearing the mind of actually using chewing tobacco. Good Luck!

      • Jim, I quit chewing after 10+ years by laser treatment. I went for the treatment and never chewed again. But several years later started smoking again. Now I need to quit smoking for insurance reasons.

    • Try Allen Carr’s easy way to quit smoking or his book called ” How to stop smoking and e-cigarettes”. You won’t be as afraid.

      • I’ve just read this book… he makes it clear why there is absolutely no benefits from smoking and you are happier without it. Works for me ..

      • I’m on day 10 of choosing never to smoke again. Allen Carr knows what it was all about.
        All these years of giving up smoking and starting again as it was just too hard. So I’ve followed his advice I’ve not given up , i’ve just chose not to do it any more, and it’s so easy. Good luck all. But give the book ago.

    • I detoxed from opioids and it was brutal.
      I quit cold turkey off of 600 mg of morphine per day in 2009. I been smoking since I was 12 and I quit 30 days ago for surgery. Quitting smoking really is easy compared to opioids. I will never smoke again.
      The way I looked at it was opioids are from a flower and I refuse to let a flower kill me.
      So refuse to let tobacco kill you.
      We are more powerful than any plants liquid or substance on this Earth keep that in mind.

      • Dear Troy,

        I am on day one of quitting smoking, I need to be 60 days clean before I can get my hip replacement, I am angry, have the shakes and vomitting, do you have any suggestions of how to get over these cravings and get rid of the side effects?

      • Hello what kind of surgery did you have? And how long before did you stop? Did the doctor know you were smoke free at the time of surgery. I’m wondering cuz I am supposed to have my knee replaced April 18 2017. The doctor said I need to quit everything “COLD TURKEY” I’m sorry but I’m not a quitter of anything but I have no choice really with this. I’m an addict alcoholic so I kicked heroin. I’m going on a month exactly. I drink once in awhile mostly to kill my pain. My question is… How long did it take for the nicotine to get our of your system??? Please reply as soon as possible. I smoked today, but haven’t been smoking like I used to. (Pack a day) but the doc said he’ll refuse to do the surgery if I’m not clean of everything. Please help me. I’m good with the drugs and the drinking. But the smoking has me by the berries bad. I can’t seem to quit it. Even after IV’ing heroin fir years I still was able to kick it. This shit on the other hand is rough. Let me know please. I need some feedback asap. Thank you. I’m not a creep either. I’m a 36yr. Old male. Father of a 14 yr. Old daughter. Trying to get my shit together. Please reply. Please. Thanx. Angelo

      • Did you detox from opioids and cigarettes at the same time? That’s what I’m trying now but damn it’s hard. I never thought that I would need something to get thru the day but I became completely dependant on heroine, alcohol and cigarettes. Now I have to kick everything and be clean by April 18. I’ve smoked but not even 2/3 of what I was smoking. If I stop now, will the nicotine test still pick it up? My test is on the 6th so I have 12 days. I am quitting,slowly but surely. I just want to make the surgery and not have my body reject the knee or much worse end up having to cut it off because of infection. Let me know bro. I left my personal phone number there so you could contact me sooner than later. Any info you have on this will be very useful. Try and get back to me soon. PLEASE. I’m on this right now but I want to ask a couple questions. Call me collect if you have to. Shit I’ll answer. Thanx bro. Let me know ASAP.

    • hey hi
      biggest part of conquering your addiction and the symptoms of withdrawal is to get the toxins out of your body. Nicotine is one of those toxins, and once it is out, you should not experience any more cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Increasing your water intake is a great way to do so, but you can fight even harder by drinking grape juice daily. The acids in the juice are natural detoxifiers and they will rejuvenate your system and cleanse out the toxins faster. and radishs help with the cravings it helped me try it it really worked good luck

    • tomorrow is my big day to stop, once i stopped for 50 days,my husband smokes,i am terrified, ive smoked for more than 30 goes nothing

    • Why , I’ve stopped smoking today after 30yrs get a grip do you want to smoke or not. Make your mind up and do it. No dithering or feeling stressed or sorry for yourself get on with life as a non smoker don’t winge, because you don’t want to smoke else you wouldn’t of stopped .

    • I recently quite smoking as well because I am applying for a job that requires you to be nicotine free. I have smoked for over 25 years!! The first day was the hardest for me, I got really upset about something and bought a pack of cigarettes, smoked one and totally regretted it, I was so angry about quitting, I was passed because I was being forced to quit when I really didn’t want to quit. I had to completely change my attitude about the whole situation. Instead of being angry about it and miserable I mean MISERABLE I looked up all of the negative things of The web, drank water every time I had the urge and did anything I could to get my mind off of smoking! I am so proud that I have managed to stay smoke free for a whole week!! Lol, it seems like it has been a year but I am still proud!! This is by far way harder than I thought but with an attitude adjustment I guess anything can be conquered

    • I started chantix 11 days ago. I’ve smoked for 40 yrs. I didn’t expect it to be easy, even with taking chantix, But on day 8, I seemed to have lost the enjoyment of smoking, and only had 3, next day 2. I haven’t had a cig since sat. 10pm. I still have a urge, but so far, I just keep putting it off. Good luck with quiting

      • I also am on Chantix, day 8 and no smoking. It does get hard sometimes, most of that is breaking the habits of when you were smoking. Stay strong wishing you all the best of luck

      • I too have been smoking for 40 years, have attempted quitting 4 times now and always ended up smoking again. Am using Champix now and haven’t had a cigg in 9 weeks, I have 1 week more to go on the Champix and am done taking them.

        I know I have this beat this time 🙂

  6. I’m now 67 and have smoked around 50 years…
    The generic patches really work. Tried a yr ago and lasted a month. Trying again with only using 2weeks of the patches. Now it’s been 6 weeks today-YIPEEEEE! I’m surprised how easy it has become. The cravings come but go away quickly maybe 4 times during the day, they last only a few minutes. Just think of other things. Suck and breathe through a straw (a thought). My breathing has become so much better. Was really worried about black specks in phlem I coughed up… good ol’ internet
    says it is tar dislodging from lungs – ISH! Oh well, at least it’s leaving the ol bod! That lasted a couple of weeks now has stopped.
    When you get a craving do something or think of something else. If I can do it –


    • Took me a heart attack at 47 to quit…patched worked for me..os it…however I had no other option than to quit. Best of luck to all.

    • I’m on day 4. I’ve smoked 42 yrs. I’m over it! I’m tired of worrying if I smell bad to others. I’m tired of them ruling my life! I’m tired of the fact I can’t laugh with having a coughing spasm!
      I told all my peeps that if they catch me with a cig after oct 1 I have to give them $20. I made it even more painful to pick one up! ?
      I’m using TBX free, stop smoking aid. Love them. They have no nicotine but aid in the cravings. So far so good!
      We can do anything we make our minds up to do! By God I’m doing it this time!

      • The TBX-Free did nothing for me…those strips only taste like mint……I got some life savers and I went on Chantix……Havent even finished but 1 weeks worth of Chantix and im now free of those cigarettes

    • I’m on day 3 and I had hoped it would be better than day 1, but it seems to be worse. But I have smoked for 40 years, so I guess it is to be expected. Jan – you inspire me. You made it to 6 weeks and are expelling junk from your lungs. Surprised that after 6 weeks, you still get urges.
      OH – Boy! I really need to quit – COPD, but even having that – it is still such a struggle. So hard!

      • I am on day 17 Maggie and I felt the same…. day 1 – 4 seemed easier than day 5-8…. I broke down and bought a pack…. 1 – 3 per day but now that the pack is gone… I must STOP… although 1 – 3 per day is much better than 16 or more …. stopping is the goal….35 yr. smoker …brother has COPD… I want to quit…. you can do it Maggie…. distraction IS the key…. eating lots of candy and nicotine gum.

    • I wore the 14 mg for 2 weeks and 7 mg for one week. I too went with the generic. I am on day 4 of no patch and 4th week sense I quit smoking. The patch did not do everything but it did enough so I could do the rest. It does get easier every day. (37 years old, smoked 23 years).

    • What replaced the whole ritual that goes along with your smoking??? What filled the void??? That’s what I’m struggling with now. I’m an addict, alcoholic. Drugging drinking and smoking took up alot of my time, and I developed a rigorous routine and schedule that I would do this with. My problem is, that I don’t think I’m addicted to the nicotine as much as I’m addicted to the whole routine when I smoke. I wake up I smoke. I eat. I smoke. I get in the car I smoke. I drink I smoke. Shit that almost half the day I have to fill. So yeah. That’s my question then. How did you trick your mind into not needing/wanting that anymore. I got a 100 dollar ecig with juice that has zero nicotine cuz I thought that would help the puffing part but nope. It sure didn’t help me. So if you would please reply as soon as possible. I have 12 days before I pee fir my doctor and if there’s any substances in my system he will refuse to do my knee replacement. I’m trying my hardest to quit and I do good fir a few days but then I mess up again. Please reply and or contact me at 505 699 6610. My name is Angelo. I’m not a creep. I’m a 36 yr. old male who needs answers to these questions. It sucks cuz my kids look at me and feel they can ask me anything and I can pretend I know all the answers, but to my own problems…. I don’t have a clue. Thank you very much. Hope to hear back from you soon.

  7. Download the Livestrong app. I’ve been a member for 607 days. Quit for a year with the community’s help and relapsed….on day 3 today! You can do this‼️

  8. Hey gang, I’m am giving up smoking, too. I’ve tried in the past but went back to it. I was able to stop during pregnancies but the minute that baby was out I wanted a cigarette (no one told me it went through breast milk)! This time I’m using chantix. I tried it last time with great success but loved smoking and went back to it again.
    I am an RN and always tried to hide any smoke odor so my patients wouldn’t smell it. Now I live in Arkansas and hospitals will not hire any employee who smokes and terminates any who are found to have nicotine in their body. Yes, they drug screen for this. It’s all the more motivation for me to finally quit for good. I know I can do it. It’s just going to take some effort but at $7 per pack I can save up the money for lots of things I want. The amount I spend per month on cigarettes would make a very hefty new car payment! Here goes and I’m praying you all have success.

  9. This is my 3rd attempt in 7 years, to quit smoking. I’m only 46 years old and have many health issues. It is very hard. Nothing in the world will help you quit if your mind is not set to quitting. I’m on day 2. Reward yourself for every day you don’t smoke. Think of the money you will save. What helps me too, is thinking of the gagging and coughing every morning, seasonal illnesses that make it hard to breathe. Good luck to everyone!

  10. Need to quit nicotine replacement gum. Been on it for 10 years. Recently started losing my hair and am only 47 and very depressed about it. The nicotine might be the problem. I am so scared of the withdrawal. If anyone out there has gone through this would love some suggestions. Thanks

  11. Must read Allan Carr’s book the “EasyWay”. It is a book that will astonish smokers. You can find it free on the Internet.

    I stopped smoking after I finished the book, like it instructs you. I am done forever. It’s is not even unpleasant. The thought of a smoke pass through my mind easily. The thoughts get further apart from my last cig. Read this book and it will give a perspective you have not heard before. I

  12. I smoked for 32 years…and over the last 3 years developed a cough … I quit smoking on May 28th 2016.. It took maybe a week for the cough to go away … And have not had it since … It is very tough I crave a cig all the time.. But have not gave in… Good luck to everyone…

  13. Hi I am Cheryl. Today is day 5 for me and it’s ridiculously hard. I’ve never tried to quit in the past 35 – 40 years that I have smoked. My beautiful reconstruction and plastic surgeon said no smoking or he would not do my surgery.
    Inside I was like “WHAT! NO WAY!” “THERE’S NO WAY!!”
    I could not conceive the thought and still can’t.
    But here I sit. 5 days later. Wowsa


  14. I am 59 yo. I have quit numerous times. The longest was for 3 yrs. I am currently on week 4 and the cravings seem to be lessening, hope I am successful this time..

  15. It’s been 3weeks and 5 day so I feel I’m getting there, have been smoking for 50 years, my neighbour has been my support system, have tried 3 time before but gave up, determination is the key ?For me and to all who is trying tt give up

  16. Ive never tried to quit for more then 2 hours LOL Ive been smoking for 39 years. Im using the patch and 0/0 Vap. Im on day 5! I can’t even believe it.

  17. Today is my first day and I always smoked outside. I’ve already walked outside 5 times since I got up at 8:30. I have to have back surgery. Some fusions. I have to quit before that happens. I don’t know how long it takes to be nicotine free but I want to Co tinge being a non-smoker even after my surgery. Wish me luck☺ Jen

  18. To all of us, who are trying to quit, make sure you are doing it for you. I failed at the first time due to someone else wanting me to quit. I am now doing it for me. It has been a rough road. I know the end results will be everlasting. I smoked my last one and switched to the vap pen. I know this will help with my depression too. Everyone keep up the good work and keep going forward.

  19. It is hard trying my best but still crave that hand to mouth action. Must quit or else I can’t get the surgery i need to save my life! So if anyone has any tips that actually work please share! Thank you!?

  20. I am on day 1 and I have a nicotine saliva test Thursday… Decided to take this opportunity to quit but it’s only been a day and the cravings are killing me!!

  21. I’m trying to quit again for the third time, I’m making this time permanent! I will say one thing though I don’t think I’m addicted to the nicotine, I think I’m addicted to the sugar in cigarettes. Wishing you all best wishes and praying for everyone that we can all quit!

  22. Hi I am on day 9 . I have only quit once before for 4 days and that was a very long time ago. I’m using the patch and a vape with 0 nicotine or tar. I would appreciate any advice please or tips ect. I’m not going to lie I’m craving one a lot , I am really going to try my hardest. I been walking and trying to keep busy. Really need a support system. Thanks much ?

  23. I quit for 25 years and went back. Totally stupid I know. Started smoking in April of this year and was totally hooked within a week. Lesson…never think you can have even one cigarette. I enjoyed my smoke free life and never missed smoking, it actually repulsed me. Today, I am 11 days tobacco free thanks to Chantix. I am absolutely convinced I could not do it without this medication. Don’t listen to the scary TV ad’s. If you really want to quit YOU CAN be successful with medication.

  24. Get wellbutrin xl from your doctor…stopped in one week and never smoked again….no side effects a…just a little drowsy! I smoked for 35 years and now love being smoke free! Oh and quit in 2000 right after my dad passed!

  25. I’m bipolar and sept 16 I stopped smoking weed after using it daily, and today I gave up the cigarettes. It’s been six hours since I smoked and I’m determined to live a smoke free life. It ain’t easy though. Mental illness is hard enough and guess what? It just got harder.

  26. I am on day three. It is the hardest thing to do. Cold turkey for me. I started cutting back to 4 a day before I totally quit. I have smoked for about 20 years. Its a habit. But stay strong. I could see myself doing the patch, gum or a vapor. To me i just had to tell myself everyday that I am going to quit. multiply times per day. Then I finally said no more. I have cravings, especially in the car driving. and after a meal, or drinking a beer. But stay strong

  27. I’m in the cutting back stage-target quit date is Sunday. Nicotine patches/gum/mints upset my stomach but found a product called TBX Free-it’s nicotine free and relatively inexpensive on Amazon. I’ve smoked for 30+ years but this makes cigarettes not taste like they used to so I’m pleased. Also, oddly, diet sprite has a bit of a bite and that’s helping.

    Hang in there everybody!

  28. I have smoked for over fifty years. I’m have KNEE replacement November 7th. The doctor called late yesterday afternoon and said that before I can have surgery I have to pass a urine test. Short notice.

    • Hello Kaye. My name is Angelo. I’m 36. Male. Have a daughter that’s 14. I will be having knee replacement surgery April 18 2017. My doctor also told me that I had to stop everything 6 weeks before the surgery. Well. Hell. I’m an addict alcoholic smoker, who has never quite anything and had been smoking since I was 15. I haven’t been an addict for too long, but long enough to know what the withdrawal feels like. Well now I go in 12 days to do a pee test for my doctor to see if I’m clean and not smoking. If I’m dirty he said he will refuse the surgery. I’ve quit a couple times but always end up smoking again. I kicked heroin which was a bitch,but this smoking shit really had me by the berries. I can’t quit completely and my leg depends on it. Lethe me know how your surgery went and if it was a success and if you really quit and are still smoke free. Let me know please. Thanx.

  29. Been a smoker for many years, not heavy, but really want to quit. My husband is continuing to smoke so it’s going to be tough but it’s not enjoyable for me any more, so I just pray everyday that I will start the journey and I’ve decided tomorrow is the day so it begins…keep fighting the good fight it’s worth it…

  30. hi i thort id never give up smoking i found it to be the hardest thing in life lol…. i now have this job i love so much the thing is your not allowed to smoke, well you can but you get court your gone. people would say smoke after work ONLY. haha i cant do that 7 wks ago i put a patch on i havent smoked since my hubby smokes it dont bother me. friends smoke that has no effect on me either. im not missing anything and yes i have had the odd craving but that soon passes. im proud of me and so is my hubby. so guys its possiable

  31. I have been smoke free for 3 months I did it cold turkey. Blood pressure is down but eating a little to much lately but I am going to stick it out then worry about weight later. Good luck all.

  32. Quit smoking September 22nd 2005 when I was admitted to the hospital after tests showed I had been having minor heart attacks, ignored the severe pain in upper left arm above elbow to shoulder and around between my shoulder blades. Had single bypass surgery . That was 11years ago. Survived the death of both parents and my oldest son and didn’t start smoking, but recent situations and I start smoking… it’s been 5 days of smoking,, but am putting them down today as I see the disappointment in my husbands and families eyes. I did it once, I can do it again. By the way I had smoked over 30 years when I quit the first time, so 5 days may be a bit stressful I can do it with the support and love of my family.

  33. Anyone a 1 1/2 to 2 pack a day smoker for around 28 years who quit? I am on crazy train withdrawals right now and it is awful because it is riding me constant. I am at almost the 2 day mark give an hour or so. I have 7 more days off work to settle out but if after two I am a wreck what will 7 more bring… I am still going thru crazy withdrawals? I gave stats so you know that I was a heavy smoker no light smoking but a true serious addict who chain smoked at times. All input and tips appreciated.

    • Believe me I know what you are going through… I smoked for 56 years and pretty much chain smoked. In later years I smoked 1 1/2 pk to 2 pks a day. I was constantly coughing and at times whizzing. Was out of breath all the time and on inhaler for COPD plus a rescue inhaler. You would think these things alone would make me want to quit. Weirdly enough what worked for me was an app for my android called “Get Rich or Die Smoking” – It is free on google play. You fill out stats like what you spend on a pk of cigarettes, how often between cigarettes, and how many pks you smoke a day. To keep you motivated you take a picture of something you desire with a dollar amount. So far I have been smoke free since Feb 27, 2017 and I have saved $504.59. I have not inhaled 1g,8mg of nicotine and 17 g of tar.

    • 30 cigs a day for 20+ years. I went to a hypnotist. Cravings are minimal. Really is amazing. I’m surprised none else had mentioned it. Guys luck everyone

    • Been there, done it. Tried cold turkey several times, after 24 hours, I wanted to kill somebody or would have given $2.00 for 1 cigarette. I went on the generic Wellbutrin and Chantix. I haven’t smoked for 10 weeks now. Did two rounds of Chantix, now I haven’t had that for almost a month. Will stay with the generic Wellbutrin for awhile yet. I was a hardcore smoker, who’s family thought I would never quit. Doesn’t bother me to be around someone smoking, but I admit, I love the smell of that smoke yet. Could breathe easier on the 4th day after I quit, after 8 days, my blood pressure was where it was suppose to be and my oxygen level was up. I’m pretty much a food junkie now, but very glad I quit smoking.

  34. On my 3rd week trying hard to give up but finding it hard on patches prior to first lot of patches my breath test was 20 after week one it went from 20 – 5 second week went from 5 -2 chemist said I really need to be off completely by week 5 I’m having one fag in morning one at night which is really good for me so I thought but chemist kinda tell me off in a nice way but I came out thinking I need a cigarette after that but didn’t as I am trying hard some people may take a little longer than the 5 weeks the chemist expect not everyone is same or am I just trying to talk myself in to smoking again I’ll give patches a try this week and if I fail that I’ll give up trying to give up lol

  35. I’ve tried quitting several times after about 13 years of smoking (now 33). Today is day two and I’m on wellbutrin to help with the cravings and it’s surprisingly not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The first week was tough. .I started the meds, smoked 4-5 cigs one day, 3 the next, 2 the following. .until I got down to 1 cigarette on the last day (only allowed to smoke for 7 days after starting meds). On the last day, I lit up and it tasted so gross, I only got through about half and I put it out. Same thing later that evening. I told myself, “this is it! Today’s the last day you’re smoking” and although it’s only been 2 days since my last cig, I’m pretty damn proud of myself. I can already feel a difference in my breathing and my hair, fingers, and clothes actually don’t wreak. I don’t have to cover my hair on my lunch break in fear that the students will smell me. .lol. A few other things that are helping are: almonds, grapes, apples, carrots – anything crunchy or small/healthy to redirect myself from thinking of cigs. It also helps from not eating bad since there are horror stories about gaining weight after quitting. It doesn’t make you gain weight! It increases your appetite, yes, but instead of picking up that burger (mmmmm), choose better things to snack on. Good luck!

  36. I am also quitting for a surgical procedure. I’m using Chantex. I haven’t had a smoke since Friday night, but I’m eating like I haven’t been fed in weeks. I’m up 8 lbs. I’m so depressed about the weight. It’s really hard to fight. The Chantex works. I have no bad side effects except for an upset stomach shortly after I take it, but it doesn’t last long. I need to do a urine test next week. If it’s not nicotine free, the Dr won’t do the surgery. I always said I wanted to quit smoking, but being forced to quit makes it a lot tougher for me.
    I really enjoyed smoking, but hated the smell that lingered. I mean smoking was the best drug. It would be whatever I wanted it to me. A relaxer, a appetite suppressant, a pick me up. I mean just what ever I needed it would be.

  37. This is my 51st day of being smoke free, I’m doing this in order to give my Dad whom I love very very much a kidney. I look at it this way he is saving my life as I hope to save his, the trasplant team has taken blood & urine samples. I have to wait 3 month for them to even test me to make sure in the mean time my Dad is on dialysis for 5 years. There are times when I see him after his sessions. How drained he is and it bteaks my heart. All his tests are done,mine have jist barely began til my 3 months are up. I dont know why they dont do my testing while I’m no longer smoking it feels like a sad situation.

  38. I have quit many times but until I used NLP and hypnotherapy I would always start again after a few weeks or months. Usually I would start again when I was drinking or feeling stressed. If you want to make quitting easy try using Hypnotherapy, NLP or the latest method EFT to eliminate cravings. Now I’ve been smoke free for over 20 years.

  39. Hello courageous non-smokers This is my third day without a cigarette. I was a smoker for 40+ years. Lately I have been smoking up to two packs a day. The first day I wore AA patch the last two days o didn’t wear any.

    Is this a good idea. I thought that if I didn’t use the patch, that the nicotine would leave the body quickly; a few days vs. wearing the patch which would keep nicotine in the body until the patch is removed.

    . I am around smokers. Is this smart not to wear the patch?

    • You are going to figure out what works best for you. If this is your first attempt at quitting, it could be brutal. You are an addict going through withdrawals. If you had a cigarette with your coffee, you may need to avoid coffee for a while. The routine of smoking will need to be adjusted. The goal is to quit smoking. How you get there is up to you. Anyone who gives you grief doesn’t get to judge. Find a cheerleader. Drinks LOTS of water. Flavor with fruit or cucumbers. You have 40 years of bending your elbow to place your hand on your mouth. Cinnamon sticks, carrots, celery, beef jerky anything chewy.

  40. Almost going to a year without smoking, haven’t felt this great. the challenge of this game is keep your mind distracted.. Tell yourself “its my body and not a lousy cigarette will tell me otherwise nor take over me” maybe sign on to a local gym and work out.

  41. 60 and just had a stint put in. I’m 2 days smoke free. Trying cold turkey. I quit in my 30’s for 10 years then picked it up again. If I’m successful this time, I won’t ever allow myself to get sucked back in.

  42. I am on day 5. Quitting the vape. it was such a horrible addiction. four days ago I was vaping non stop, as usual, then sat to do breathing and yoga, and all of a sudden the left side of my chest almost exploded with pain. took me two hours of pain to be able to take a deep full breath again. I realized that I no longer want to smoke, vape, or do anything related to nicotine. it is a drug. just as bad as any other drug. I no longer want to be a slave to it.
    Quitting it is really is so excruciatingly difficult. But possible. We can do it. I have done it before. I wuit smoking several times. For years. But would always start again. I am reading Alan Carr’s book “easy way to quit smoking” and I am remembering how the chest hurt this time, and also my left arm and hand and left cheek went numb back in April, and I lost ability to control speech for an hour or so. that was all thanks to vaping. I took a ton of deep drags on my vape, as usual, and then all that numbness started.
    We do not have to suffer from any of these symptoms. We can eliminate these risks. This is such an unnecessary obstacle to healthy living, to enjoying life, and to being free from addictions.
    let exercise be our addiction. that one is healthy:)
    gosh, day five…. I wish it were month five.

  43. for health reason I’ve had to quit I’m now on my second day smoke free and I’m finding the hardest part is the habit I have built up over the years when I make a cuppa I always have a fag after food and I’m finding my self reaching for where my tobacco used to be almost with out thinking my body just moves any advice for breaking this habit

  44. Hi, I quit smoking Sept 4, 2016 after doing laser treatment. I have smoked for 40 years. I found the laser treatment to be very effective to get passed the first week and now I’m smoke free and what a great feeling. The cravings are naturally still there but they go just as fast as they came. My wife is totally amazed how easy it really was and frankly, I am too!

    just keep pushing along, you can do it, you just have to want to 🙂

  45. Hey, fellow nicotine sufferers. I quit smoking 16 months ago. (First it was Newport 100’s, then to roll-em tobacco around 40/day.) I couldn’t breathe and just got on the methadone program for opiate abuse and addiction. Age 63 then. Hated not breathing normally and all that BS. But, it’s not BS – so vitally important for us.
    I started on Nicotine Lozenges 4mg/mini. Got really addicted to ’em or was just still hooked on the nic from smoking. Many of my friends from AA were proud of me but I just couldn’t quit the lozenges. My doctor mostly prescribed them for me. It became a pain in the ass to get them. She wanted me off ’em. Told me to taper, increase the time between, and all that.
    Finally, she wanted me to see a hypno-therapist but her schedule was full. It was my choice and decision to go on Chantix. I know that nicotine is far from harmless.
    Today is my 8th day on Chantix. I bought my last pack of nicotine lozenges this morning but did not open it. “When will the right day come?” Damnit!
    That’s it. Today is my quit day. Cracked a few beers today. I am not supposed to drink because of the MMT but fuck it. I blew off one class today. I am a junior at Worcester State University.
    Tomorrow is group day at the clinic. Then, I have to get back to AA. My friends will break my balls about “Where have you been, you asshole?”
    They are right. I need to get back on antabuse, for alcohol dependence. It keeps me from drinking.
    BTW, I am very happy with my life. I am 64, in no trouble with the law. Not doing hard drugs. On the clinic. A junior in college. I just get hooked on anything!
    Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!


  46. I have been using the patch to help. Second time around. I have not bought a pack in almost 4 months, but I would steal a couple cigs off my mom, when I would visit. 2 or 3 times a week. The first 3 months were pretty easy, but just like the 1st time, after about 3 months, mentally, I start going over the edge, anxiety, so, I just saw where it can take up to 3 months for it to totally leave your system?? So, that must be what is happening, I just smoked a cig, but after reading this, I put on a patch, it is calming me a lot. Just something to keep in mind.

  47. It sure is hard but good for you all, it’s day 9 for me. ? I had quit for nine years after I found out I was pregnant with my first born. Never looked back but picked up after I separated with my husband 13 years later. Been smoking for five cents and I just woke up one day and thought screw this filthy habit I started it years ago when I was a teenager thinking it was cool and got stuck fighting this battle all of my life. It’s only nine years of a break and freedom from it. Well going to the gym and then lighting up after is counterproductive and I’m tired of the expense my children want me to stop. So I am and on Zyban and it’s certainly taking off the edge. But also prayer is helping me through to asking God to take this for me. Good luck to all. ?

  48. I’ve smoked for 48 years…YIKES! I’m a serial-quitter, the longest time lasting 2-1/2 years. That was the first time I quit, and I swear, the hardest. No patch back then except by prescription. I switched to little bandits (chew)…and started to like them a LOT, which horrified my husband. (He did not want a ‘chew spitting’ wife. Go figure.) Finally, I kicked the habit…but went back after 2-1/2 years. From there, I tried quitting multiple times, at least once or twice a year. Sometimes it would last a month, sometimes a week, and occasionally six months…and I’ve gone through every viable crutch. The patch, the gum, the vape E-cig, the little white pills you must take with food (can’t remember the name), and Wellbutrin (which I’m staying on, smoking or not, and it definitely diminishes the desire for a cig. But I’m done with all the other crutches because I want the nicotine out of my system for good. I say all this, sure, because I’m only on day two…white knuckling it, but determined.

    • I’m on day three.I started taking champix 12 days ago.I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t had a cigarette until the second day. I’m a professional at quitting….I do it all the time.I hope that the champix works.

  49. I’m about to quit tomorrow, cold turkey. I’m honestly nervous about the side effects. This is one of many, many times I’ve tried quitting but definitely the last time because I’m done with smoking. The funny thing is I hate smoking but I hate the process of quitting. It’s miserable but the end result will be worth it.

    • I am also quitting tomorrow I have been smoking 40+ yrs, I am almost 65 and I have had it being the only one of my friends that smoke and I am really hating the smell on me and the fact I have put my health in danger because of a stupid habit that I never should of started … I will pray for you all to have success..

  50. I am on 2 weeks the cravings do come and go but very quick. Try changing other habits. I associated my morning cup of coffee with my first cigarette. Now I shower first and drink a glass of water, then I can drink my coffee with no cravings. You can do it.

    • Lol, I am proud of you!!! I am starting my journey today! I smoked off and on since 1989, when I met that jerk that introduced me to that demon. This is my first day and I am experiencing cravings but I am going to quit to enjoy my life. I will be 50 on December 18th and I am just tired of smoking. I started my weight loss journey January 23, 2016 and I was weighing 184 and now I am at 124!!! Feeling Kk about it !!! My dentist said last week he never Knew that I smoke until I told him!!! He said proud of wght loss but stop smoking is more important than weight loss!!! My feelings were hurt!!! I suffer from anxiety and soon as I light a cigarette the anxiety kicks in and ruins my day!!!! I am ready to get in the gym and body build ready to say bye to another bad habit!!!! Let’s all do this together!!! Think of your health and get rid of the negative distorted thoughts that plaque your mind!!!! Think of the benefits and the money you save!!! I responded to your post because my BFF quit ten years ago and said the same phrase about the chewing gum!!! Happy Holidays and God Bless all!!!

      • I’ll be 40 on December 28th and am on day 8 of a smoke-free life after 20 years of smoking. We will both be smoke free on these milestone bdays this year. Congratulations and Happy early Birthday!!!

  51. It’s been 2 hours since I last smoked, another 8640 hours and I would have completed a year, if my math is right.
    I started smoking at age 20 and now I’m 42, a pack and half a day. May be some day I’ll have some sense and quit cold turkey. I really want to but my job which involves dealing with the most dumbest human beings on earth, makes me smoke like crazy, Shit if there were drugs I’d probably also take them. Any way someday I’ll quit and that will be the best day of my life. Cheers.

  52. I quit for 7 years and every day I still wanted one. First couple of times I tried a cigarette it was so nasty I had to brush my teeth. For me it wasn’t so much wanting one it was doing something with my hands. I would fold napkins then unfold and refold over and over. Or tap a lighter or a pencil from end to end. Drove me nuts. Finally the last time I tried a cigarette I went and bought a carton. Twelve years later I’m still smoking.

    • This is what scares me how does people quit smoking for 7 to 10 to 15 years and start back is scary to look forward to not smoking for 10 years and then start back up again I’m not looking forward to that each time I quit and start back I smoke more so what should I do ?

  53. I am trying my best because I need to have spine surgery. The Dr’s won’t do it if they know that i havent quit. Well ive smoked 2 pks 3 weeks. When I am a normal pk to pk 1/2a day. So I give myself cootos for that part of not smoking. I know I need to keep quit. Lord knows im trying.

  54. Day 14 and it’s getting easier. I used the patch for the 1st 4 days. Already, my morning cough went away. It’s amazing!! Smoked all my life and I’m almost 60y/o. Never thought I could do it.

  55. Egad….today told I need spinal surgery before Christmas so HAVE to stop smoking immediately. Have 2 left so one tonight and one in the morning.

    Going to have to get something to do with my hands constantly like a craft ect.
    Hubby has done it and so have both my sons, so no sympathy from them..buck up.

  56. Everyone keep it up!!! It’s for all the right reasons. The sooner the decision, the better. I want to see my daughter grow into her life, with me.

  57. I smoked cigarettes for over 30 years. I started smoking the e cigarettes about 4 years ago and never touched a regular cigarette again. The problem is that they are so addictive and I was able to smoke them anywhere. I tried to quit several times and I wouldn’t last a day. Finally I got an upper respiratory infection and could not smoke. So that was the perfect time to quit. It’s been 3 days. I want to join my gym workout classes but I can’t breathe. Maybe now I can.

  58. Day 1 down no cigarette but it is so hard felt irritated and my aniety through the roof the other day felt like i couldn’t breath i knew it was time to quit.My husband still smokes but i put them in the bedroom so i wouldn’t look at them been smoke free 1 time for 3 years then like a dummy went back this time i am sticking to it.I have lost weight and now quitting ready to be healthy.Want to wish every one good luck in this hard and difficult journey.

  59. Congrats to all those making the attempt. I just celebrated my 12 year anniversary after smoking for 40 years.

    I always used to say quitting is easy I’ve done it hundreds of times.

    I can certainly tell you it gets easier and easier as you go along but even after 12 years I occasionally have something trigger the urge again. I just tell myself no way in hell am I going back down that road again, stop whatever I was doing, think of something else and the urge passes quickly.

    After the first week the urge is all psychological. You need to trick your brain into not thinking about it. Break those routines and habits that you associate with smoking. Like the poster who spoke of morning coffee and cigarettes, change the routine and you change the urge.

    I started chewing bubble gum and it really helped. I say bubble gum instead of regular gum because you can chew it really hard. That’s why ball players use it to replace chewing tobacco.

    I believe smokers are just like alcoholics… you’re never an ex-smoker you’re always a recovering smoker/nicotine addict. You can’t have “just one”.

    Sure it’s hard but I promise you the rewards are so worth it. You’ll be amazed at how much better the world around you smells and how much better food tastes and just think of all the things you can buy with the money you save! I used to put the cost of cigs in a jar for every day I quit. At $5 a pack, look at how much money you will have at the end of a year to go buy some nice reward for yourself.

    PS. You’ll be shocked to find out how bad other smokers smell.

    Good luck and best wishes for you to celebrate your 12th anniversary.

    • Hi. My wife and I are 3 days into stopping. Both smoked for about 23 years. We are doing the jar thing also. With both of us putting in, we will save around 5000 pounds a year! I am doing it cold turkey as I have tried everything else before. Wife is vaping just now. We will use the money on a holiday if we can keep it up. It’s hard but I’ve never been so determined. Even writing here is helping. Cheers and keep it up!

  60. I’ve smoked for 10 years!! I have been smoke free for 9 days now. 5 days of the patch and 4 days free of all nicotine. Hoping to quit for good! It’s tuff but I’m hanging on there.

  61. 83 days after 40 yrs of smoking. I’m using the app Smoke Free. It counts days smoke free, cigarettes not smoked, money saved as well as hours of life regained. It actually helps. Only 83 days and over 2,000 cigarettes not smoked. That to me is incredible. Keep your head straight, it’s a mind game.

  62. first off…i do wish the industries would change the head set to STOP and abandon the use of the word QUIT…i believe “quit” was LONG AGO instilled by the psycho-savvy tobacco ad agencies because while the dictionary meaning is accurate, the word quit is associated more with failure and anti-survival. I smoked for 35 years and quit many tomes…over a decade has passed and i can say i STOPPED once. I found it VERY helpful to SLOWLY go through “the ritual” in my mind…I’d picture myself to…pick up the pack…remove a cigarette…put it between my lips…get a light…strike a flame…put the flame to the cigarette and frankly, by that slo-mo time, i did NOT want to actually smoke! I was lucky and never looked back since. If you are seriously committed to knock off the butts…STOP THINKING quit and START THINKING TAKE CONTROL & STOP…STOP…STOP!!! I hope this is helpful to even just one person! Good luck to you all!

  63. I seem to be on a 4 year rotation. Quit for 4 years, after smoking for 20 years, then started and smoked for 4 years and October this year marked the 4 year mark for not smoking again- However the death of my Brother in October had me reaching for the cigs again and I thought I could handle one a day – Turns out I’m not that strong and can feel the cravings already. Seems like the more I try NOT to think about it .. The MORE I think about it

  64. I’ve smoked on and off for 40 years. Quit many times usually for about 5 years and started again for some lame excuse.
    I find that when a craving comes, I take a deep, deep breath in through my nose and breathe it out slow through my mouth. Tell myself in a minute the craving will go, just be tough and wait for a minute, only one. It goes. It’s all,about getting through one minute. Take each one as they come and be stronger than some ridiculous white cancer stick. And I keep a full unopened pack visable and curse it everytime I see it, telling it has no power over me. I just made 1 day. Everyone just be strong. Its awful.

  65. This is my 6th time on steroid for my breathing with a bad cold virus in 8 ‘months it’s that time for me to quite in the last 3 day I went from a pack a day to having 3 to 4 trying to use a vape I just feel it’s so hard to give up again but I have to for my health

  66. Hi I’m on day 41 and glad it’s still going well. After30 yrs and 20 a day. It’s a good feeling now. I’m using patches the first two weeks was hard as hell and I must admit the morning cig with a cuppa was constantly on my mind, like every morning so I decided to have one first thing with a cuppa. I only did that for three days and thought how daft. If I could last the rest of the day I could do without that morning one. So I did. I still want a cig but now tell my myself it’s a want not a need. Good luck everyone. Think positive

  67. I am 64 and smoked 50 plus years. Never quit for more than half a day! Most time I ever went without a smoke was sleeping for 8 hours! Bought a vape pen 18 October and haven’t smoked since. Been off the vape pen for four days now. I find most of my smoking was habits (eat- smoke, finish a task-smoke, start a task-smoke, smoke when my wife went out for a smoke, etc.). So knowing that, have a plan to defeat those moments works. Know your enemy!
    Oh, in this short time my complexion has improved (no clogged pores), I don’t wake-up to stand-up to cough-up any more!

  68. I quit smoking about ten days ago using chantix. I’ve been smoking for about fifteen years. I need major back surgery and my insurance requires a clean blood test to pay for it. Anyone else go through this and if so. . How long will it take to be out of my blood? I’m drinking plenty of water and tea but am open to other ideas that might help get rid of it sooner. I am in desperate need of the surgery. Please help me!

  69. Well, today is my 6th day smoke free, my wife got the nicotine patch Step 2 and so far is working it has stopped the craving but not sure for how long any idea?

  70. Its been since the 30th of October. Boy am I feeling my oats for not smoking for 50 years.and i wont have any problems for the surgery.

  71. I’m 26 and have been smoking since I was 14 – about a pack to a pack and a half a day. Some days, I’ve smoked 2 packs. I’ve quit many times, usually for a few days to a few weeks – and once for a year. It’s so hard. I quit a month and a half ago and was doing great thinking it was the last time but then 2 days ago I was in a small smokey bar drinking and ended up smoking 3 cigs! Haven’t had another since and that is really surprising because in the past, one slip up always led to a pack that day or the next. Worried that this will be a battle for the rest of my life because even when I quit for a year, I still envied those that indulged. On the bright side, I have a few older friends that quit 25+ years ago and never looked back. I also have friends that can somehow smoke just once in a while or only when they drink.

  72. Hey I am going start from tomorrow I hope to do it I have been on and off smoker now it’s time to give it the boot as am trying for a baby I don’t know if I can as my Ashe is 45 let’s see

  73. Over the years I quit and started again several times. In my 20s I was a heavy smoker, pack a day. Gave it up till mid 40s, picked up habit again, still 6-8 cigs a day. Then I quit again, 5-6 yrs passed and started again. Stopped again, started again. Lately was down to ca 3-4 menthol cigs a day. Still, I felt it was too much for my body, got dizzy with every cigarette. What I found works best for me…I prep my mind that I want to quit. Sometimes I cut out every day one cig, then I go to one a day, then every other day. Then I go to one on Sundays for a few weeks. One Sunday you will just forget, or it will be super easy to say no. Quitting gets really easy if you get a cold. Cold typically lasts a week to ten days. You are miserable anyways and withdrawal isn’t really detectable. The trick is to stay away when you feel totally healthy again. The wish may come back. Because we develop these routines. Liking smoking one after you come home from work, or your after lunch break. Or before you go to sleep. Whatever your routine is, cig rituals. Those are mind games that lure you back, for a few months, but less and less every week that passes. Don’t drink coffee when a craving hits, herbal tea works best. Add a little sweet. Be careful though watch your weight!! Eat healthy and try to cut calories. Because whe you gain weight you’ll be so frustrated you will start smoking again. Only, that won’t bring the weight down either, than you have gained AND you smoke again. Even more frustrating. So here is my unconventional tip if you really want to quit for good. Wait for your first flu. Drink lots of fluids, fresh juices, teas, soups..fresh fruits, veggies. Cut down on carbs. After two weeks you will have lost a little weight, and you are off cigs. No patches needed. Now you start feeling great again, better than before. Temptation WILL hit, cigs and food, cuz it starts all tasting better. Don’t start buying chocolate or ice cream! Have a clementine, an orange. Citrus fruits work great when cravings hit. Or Go to a movie. The cravings pass most often within minutes. Put a dollar in a jar every time you work thru a craving successfully. Right now I used the flu, which made it easy. 2 weeks off almost and shed 5-6 pounds. Taking an expectorant, because the cough does get nasty with a cold AND quitting!! Drinking fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning, religiously now for the next month for sure!! The shit hits the fan now 🙂 but I have no desire to smoke. Ever again. I know the craving will be back once in a while. But I know it will be easy as pie to sail thru it. It doesn’t last long. It helps to avoid smoking friends “in the act”… for a while. Tell your mind no thanks when you are with them. Avoid arguments!!!! They are a big trigger. Reward yourself constantly for good no smoking behavior. Count in your head the money you saved from when you stopped. You can do it. No clinic. No patches. No hypnosis necessary. All of those things are costly. I enjoy having saved all that money. Actually, I came here to find out how long it takes for my body to get rid of nicotine of my 3-4 or 4-5 menthols a day

    • Great advice. I stopped for 10 years and have been smoking again 2 packs a day for the last 2 years. I’m following the ‘flu’ method and already 7 days without the cigs. As Cora mentions it’s really easy to do when having the flu.

      This time it will be forever.

  74. I stopped 8 years ago. I still have the lighter and the last pack of cigarettes I bought with 8 left.
    IF you REALLY want to stop smoking NOTHING will stop you.

  75. im 39 and have just resently been in an auto accident that has left my right ankle shattered. I now have pins and rods holding my foot to my leg and I am pending surgery based on when my leg and foot swelling go down. The Doctor was very frank and told me that if we do surgery soon and im still smoking , then theres a big chance of amputation. He said the nicotine in my body would hamper the healing. I need to stop smoking. I am scared to death. Ive smoked sence I was 17 and only had one 6month time frame were I had gone smoke free. True being around other smokers does not help. I am hopeing my mother will stop too. Would make it easier. I am worried about my cig monster in me. That nasty withdrawl feeling that makes me feel like a monster when people frustrate me. I habe to stay possitive. If I need to cry then by god I am going to cry instead of getting angry. I need support but in a possitive manner, Encouragement, and new things to think about. Its funny. When I was in the hospital for that week, I had absolutly no cravings. Not until i got into the vehical with my smoking mother, And my anxiety over actually having to ride in a vehicle so soon. I was weak. Its time to stop and take control, because i would love to keep my foot and still be able to see my first grandbaby born in April.

  76. This is my 2nd day without smoking and i’m f-in going insane. I had to stop though because i’m really sick and coughing up a lung. My chest is burning and I know I need to stop. Why the hell do I wanna smoke so bad? Its so disgusting.. I wish I never started.

  77. Today’s my fourth day cold turkey i’m having terrible cravings headaches and I’m very irritable but still I’m trying to stay positive I’m drinking a lot of tea and I took time off work tomorrow will be my first day back at work I am terrified but I’m also excited by the money I am saving since I quit

  78. Today is my fourth day cold turkey I’m a little irritable headaches and stomach cramps but I’m drinking lots of tea and water I took a couple of days off from work so far so good this is my second time and I think it will be it I’m done with smoking

  79. Im 65
    ive smoked since i was 14
    the 20th of December this year
    i suffered a heart attack
    5 days before christmas and i nearly died
    now wouldnt that have been a great gift for my husband kids and grand kids..?
    im useing nicoderm my dr prescribed it and as of this writeing im on day 7
    no desire to smoke,
    dont wait like me to have a heart attack please stop however works for you
    and if you havent yet started DONT

  80. Today is 3rd day cold turkey. So far cravings not as bad as 1st day or last night. Made it through son’s flat tire last night and $500 unexpected tire expenditure this morning still smoke free so far. I feel off, tired, low energy today. Not very hungry since I quit and when I eat then a bit of indigestion. Easily irritated of course by loud voices & whining grandson. Am off work until next Tues plan to be a hermit as much as possible for the sake of all involved. Coughing and hacking still and still have the brain fuzz but is way less than on day 1. When I want to smoke I spend 5 mins on my treadmill during what would have been my cig time. Also made list of things to do been adding to and working things off the list to keep self busy.

  81. I stopped smoking on April 4th 2016 ofter been a smoker for 38 years but I still can’t get the hang of not smoking when I have a drink ( alcohol) I still need a fag when I drink but there again it’s not often I drink considering I did smoke at least 40 fags a day I think I have done really well ?

  82. First day. I can say it’s not so bad (not yet). I have been smoking for 34 years… started at 12 years old. My voice is starting to sound harsh. I am coughing all the time. My lungs hurt even when I turn, I am lucky my fiance does not smoke so there’s never been any smoking in this house. I am also unlucky because I do smoke in my vehicle so when I do get in my vehicle it will be full of nicotine hopefully I will be able to get the car detailed all of the nicotine removed and have no problem. We are all bracing for the wicked witch to show her face but we will deal with it when that time comes.

  83. I am 60 years old and have basically smoked since I was 16 years old. I quit several times over the years. But, always started back.
    I fell on Dec 5th and fractured my calcaneus (heel). Had surgery on Dec 9th, with plates, screws & bone out of a box. No weight bearing for 12 weeks. My surgeon told me I had to quit smoking if I wanted to heal so that I could walk again. No nicotine in my system is important for bone to heal.
    So I am 4 weeks into not smoking. Have not used Chantix, because I have enough trouble sleeping with a brace on my leg and foot.
    I read about the TBX Free…Will that help with the nibbling?

  84. Day one for me. Was a heavy smoker for 25 years. Tried using chantix, but it made me sick every time I took it. Fot about 2 weeks of it in my system, and last night I decided I was done. It’s been almost 21 hours, and I haven’t really had any cravings yet. Thought it would be nice to pick one up a few times, but that’s just habit. I’ve quit before, but stress made me pick the habit up again. Praying I can do this!

    • I quit Dec 5, after 25 years. I had tried several times. Went a few months sometimes. I get Headaches now because I am trying to find a way to deal with stress better. I would always just smoke. I still crave it. It’s definitely one of the hardest things to do! I’m still going strong! Good luck everyone!!

  85. You can quit cigarettes if you make up your mind to do so. I smoked for 43 years and smoked my last cigarette crossing the hospital parking lot to have open heart surgery! That was a year and 5 months ago and my cravings have been gone for most of that time. I did not use any pills, patches, etc but quit cold turkey…one simply has to make up their mind. Food tastes so much better and I can smell again (which isn’t ALWAYS a good thing!).

    FIGHT the desire to light up, never give up on yourself.

  86. Day 3 for me…..Cravings are still up there but I’m determined. Smoked for 33 years and decided enough already. Got hypnosis and it has made things a little more bearable.

  87. I’m on my 2nd-day cold turkey… Today is not a good day… Anxiety has kicked in, but I found something to do and it eased the urge… I’ve been emotional and sad… But I know cigarettes are not good for me…. But why do I feel sad?

  88. I quit Dec 5, after 25 years. I had tried several times. Went a few months sometimes. I get Headaches now because I am trying to find a way to deal with stress better. I would always just smoke. I still crave it. It’s definitely one of the hardest things to do! I’m still going strong! Good luck everyone!!

  89. Today is day 3 without a cigarette for me! I’m trying the patch this time which is working so far. I’ve tried multiple times to quit cold turkey, and I always fail. I’ve been smoking for 19 years, and I’m more than ready to quit! Hopefully this time I can beat this nasty ass addiction! Good luck everyone!

  90. I’ve been smoking on and off since I was 13 yrs old I’m now 28, and I’ve had to do the nicotine test, so I quit for six days, and I passed it and it said 2 something on it so anyone who is doing this nicotine test at your doctors I’d advise them to quit for two weeks before your test, and you will pass with flying colours.
    This is for people who have been told they have to stop smoking for 3 months and have to provide evidence that they have stopped that how you pass it if you don’t wanna quit.

  91. I’m a strange case, from what others say to me: I had my first cigarette in college. I have smoked on and off for years (now 45) sometimes with years in between without smoking. I’ve also had times when I only smoked at work with others, but never at home or on weekends. It seems like certain stressors bring out the craving, plus I think there is just this appeal to the act of smoking. I lost my job last September, and immediately bought a pack. Then I stopped for two months, then started again around X-Mas for a few weeks, then stopped. now I’m about to start a new job and I started smoking again, but I want to stop, not only do I just feel like crap by the end of the day, but it obviously impacts my exercise routine and is expensive (NY taxes are crazy) and my new job has almost double the cost for health benefits if you’re a tobacco user. I stopped drinking over a year ago and have no problems being around others who drink, but smoking is such a strange craving for me. I can go days, weeks and even years without smoking and all of a sudden – BANG – I’m doing it again. Anyone else like this, have any advice? Thanks. M.

  92. I started smoking when I was very young and now it’s 56 years later and still smoking. I’ve had several surgeries, was told to quit and didn’t. But tonight’s the night. I have 3 cigarettes left and I hope I can do this. I’m retired now and considered low income. It costs me $275/mo to smoke in Washington State – money I could put to much better use. My heart goes out to all of you. Please don’t let 56 years pass by before quitting.

    • I’ve smoked for 40 years and the last 10 have been 2 packs a day. I came to the point where I was constantly coughing and hacking up some horrible looking stuff. Ran out of cigarettes Tuesday and I would have had to walk in the pouring rain to get more. That gave me a good enough excuse to quit I guess. I’m on day 3 with the patches (I bought those a few months ago) It hasn’t been too bad except after I eat and first thing in the morning with coffee. I think I will make it but it’s tough going right now. California is going up to $8 a pack April 1st so that is another good incentive to get me to quit. That’s a lot of money over a months time. I think I can figure out something to do with the money other than fill an ashtray. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  93. 15 days ago i quit smoking, this is the second time for me. 1st time i quit for 18mnth. Die to family bereavement i started up again. I walked into the chemist out of the blue and signed up to stop smoking clinic. Set of with patches and lozenges. Patches only lasted 3 days, wanted to rip my skin off. Day 15 and only the most 3 lozenges a day. Feeling more determined than the last time. X

  94. I’ve been smoking about a pack a day for 20 years and I quit cold turkey 6 days ago. I already feel way better. Read Allen Carr’s book Easy Way To Stop Smoking. I recommend it to all here that are struggling with quitting.

  95. Good job!! How are you doing? I smoked for 39 years. I quit last January using nicotine replacement. In October I lost my job so I started smoking again. It was no time before I was back to regular smoking. Now it is February 2017 and I am one week free, cold turkey this time. I remember last year. I didn’t feel “right” for about 3 months. After 3 months it was pretty good. I got to the point at 6 months where I was going long periods of time without thinking of cigarettes. After I lost my job the first thing I did was buy a pack. Now, I do believe that it is easier to stay quit. It was super hard to just stop, It took me forever to work up to it. But I am happy to say that it is not as difficult as last January. If you need to talk please feel free to chat.

  96. I am nearing my 6th week of not smoking. I quit a couple days before surgery. I was told that nicotine would slow down the healing and after 21 years I figured this would be a good reason to quit. However the last few days I have been having major withdrawals, I’m not using anything to quit with nicotine, but any ideas to help me pass through the urges?

  97. Hello, I’ve been a smoker for about 28 years. I have never quit for longer than 11 days.

    Today is my fourth day without cigarettes, I quit because I had a tooth extraction. I’m still having cravings, and crying, it’s been a part of my life for so long. I also started young, thinking I was cool. It’s not a habit, it’s an addiction. I’m sad to read it takes three years to exit your system if you’re a long term smoker. But I also know I can’t let it control my life anymore. I wish the best for everyone reading this, we are strong, we are determined, we can rise against this plant.

  98. The easiest way would be,”Quit for days target”,set targets for say 5 days and on the 5th day you smoke one cigarette,and then go for the second target and then third one and so. on..
    Happy quitting!!!

  99. Every single one here I wish them all the luck to quit smoking, I quit and I’ll tell you its the best thing I have ever done for myself now I work out and I spend my time with my family I love it!! If you want a scare to quit smoking look at your face years ago in a photo and now look at your face and see if you can see the difference I know I did and now my face has very very little wrinkles in it and the worst wrinkles is around the mouth. I am 60 years old and people tell me that I look in my 40’s and that’s what makes me want more and more to look better each day. Good luck everyone!! 🙂

  100. Omg I have to have surgery on my hand but the doctor won’t do it if he finds nicotine in my system he is giving me two weeks to quite I am down from a whole pack to just a couple a day I am 29 have been smoking for 12 years I have a pen with 0/0 in it I have one pack of smokes somewhere in my house I had my boyfriend hid them on me I think I feel better knowing they are around the house somewhere I go in to bad depression from a lack of nicotine but I also am struggling with a 10 year meth addiction have been clean in sober for almost 5 months I think stopping meth was easier than stopping smoking idk I might be crazy but I found smoking comforted me threw giving up meth but I know I can quite it is all in the mind I just don’t want ro go threw the depression part again any advice

  101. Hi I’m trying to quit I’ve had 5 cigs today I plan on going cold turkey tomorrow I do have nicotine gum so I’m hoping just not to use that I want weight loss surgery have to be nicotine free so hope I can do without cigs

  102. Day 4 this time. Smoked off and on for years. Always quit cold turkey. Seems to work for me. Went through a divorce recently was the excuse to start again after 10 years clean. You can quit. Just switch thoughts when you think of a smoke. Be surprised how fast you forget to light up

  103. I quit smoking for 10 years and I broke my back they put me on pain medication within six months I could not stop the preview for cigarettes and I don’t know why I need to quit I have to quit can you please help Thank you Jason

  104. Quite smoking is very easy. I did so many times. 10 days, 3 months, 9 months, one and the half year. Finally I quite 6 years is running. Good Luck everypne

  105. I am on Day 3 right now, COLD TURKEY. omg i feel like i am going absolutely insane. I’ve been smoking since i was 17 and now i’m 34. I got the flu last week from my 3 year old son. decided i will use this time of being sick to QUIT. and i did it. so far so good, the first two days were all fun and games. now day three and i’m getting very strong urges and my brain is racing back and forth. ITS NOT EASY for someone who smoked 2 packs a day for 10+ years and then quits COLD TURKEY. I know i can do this. thanks for leaving comments. just reading them makes me feel better.

  106. Hey, I’m 35 and I’ve been a 1 pack a day smoker for 12 years, I’m now on day 5 cold turkey…the first 3 days I have to say were absolute hell (don’t mean to scare you, just be prepared)…I literally locked myself in the house, paced around alot, slept maybe 2 hours in those 3 days, cried a bit at times cuz it was so bad. For some reason the worse I felt the more will I had to stop and the more hatred I had for smoking for making me feel this way which pushed me forward…day 2 was the worst. Day 4 was night and day from the first 3 for me and today day 5 I actually feel “ok” I’m a bit anxious at times and kinda tired but past the point of grabbing the car keys to get smokes, then putting them down, then grabbing the keys again, then putting them down. I found get past the first 3 and it gets ALOT better, atleast for me. I really hope I never go back, its a expensive and disgusting habit. I wish you all the best of luck, we can all quit I know it!

  107. I’ve been a smoker for 25yrs since I started smoking at age 27, which is a late age to start. Yesturday the 18th of this month of April before 14:00pm, I decided that I can’t smoke cigs anymore because of my current health condition of CODP and a persistant cough with constant smell of tar coming from my lungs. It’s absolutely disgusting, especially when I need to expel it from my mouth.

    Since my last smoke yesturday, I have noticed over a 24 hour period, that my cough has been about the same, but now that it’s after 23:30pm on the 19th of April, I don’t have as much junk coming out from my lungs which I know is a good thing.

    As regards withdrawals of wanting to smoke, I’ve experienced a few episodes. They’re not strong urges but I can feel when I get that trigger. I look at my ashcan and lighters. And I say out loud to myself, “NO! I CAN’T DO IT. I CAN’T SMOKE ANYMORE!!!” Then I think about all my health problems due to the addiction of cigarettes. 2 heart attacks. One at age 45 & the 2nd one in 2010 @ age 47 which killed me, and I remember dying until I was gone. Then I was zapped awake a 2nd time before I returned from the dead. I have Coronary Artery Disease and Congestive Heart Failure. Cadiomyopathy, loss of all natural teeth due to loss of gum tissue from smoking. Looking older and balding. Toe nail fungus and skin problems in which my heart meds may be the factor on my nail fungus problem. A few years back I had to have lenses placed into my eyes because of cateracts possibly due to smoking. Irregular heart beats and angina episodes (chest pain), as well as others that I haven’t mentioned. Some of my cough attacks are so bad, that I can’t get my breath and feel like I can pass out. I think they call it Axaspiration or something of that nature.

    Tomorrow after I wake up from my sleep, I hope I don’t crave a smoke as I usually do after sleeping. This morning I didn’t smoke only because I didn’t feel like it. Maybe it’s also because that I have a need to quit so that I can start to cough a lot less. I may not get over it completely, but at least I can give it a shot not to fall back again.

    I want to be smoke free once again as I was before I had that 1st smoke that got me addicted eventually, and took away about 20+ years of my life before my natural departure date from this life on earth.

    Those that are smokers, I understand and know what it’s like to be a prisoner of these enjoyable cancer sticks. These rolls of paper & tobacco are a health crisis in the making and a disguise that takes its time to ruin and kill innocent folks of all races of humanity. Someday it will happen to you that you can and will succeed in the goal of being a former smoker. It’s almost 36hrs since my last cig, and I’m pushing to go as long as I can without the need to smoke again. I AM NOT A SMOKER ANYMORE!!! Thanks for reading.

  108. I am proud of the accomplishments of quit the smoking for one year but what’s scary to me is people that have quit smoking five ten fifteen years and start back I’m not looking forward to that so what do you do ?

  109. I can relate to most of your stories. I quit smoking 3 months and 3 weeks ago. It’s been a challenge needless to say. The cravings come less often and are less severe. My sinuses are clear and I’m not coughing all the time. I’m also relieved of the shame I felt when I smoked. I knew I was killing myself and was ashamed of it. This is like any other addiction…we don’t get cured when we quit…we overcome the addiction with hard work every day. Good luck to everyone!!

  110. I I have been smoking for years I am 61 years old I was supposed to stop smoking last year when I made 60 but I did it I made 61 again and I got sick I couldn’t breathe I got a treatment and once that I got the treatment that was it for me I just quit cold turkey

    • You got treatment so its not cold turkey!
      I smoked for 20+ years, 1- 2 packs per day. About 4 years ago – my dentist told me that my gum issues were due to smoking… I came back and quit smoking – cold turkey. My heart rate kind of fell low and blood pressure dropped and I was drowsey for first few days after quitting smoking. I wanted to do things but I could not – I was just lazy. After about 7-8 days I came back to my senses My gums are ok. The chest congestion is gone and the little wheezing that used to come and go every once in a while is no longer an issue.

  111. Good for you!!! I just had a heart attack, had an angioplasty, and was strongly warned to quit smoking. I’m a 1 1/2-2 pack a day smoker, 45 years, and have been pretty successful in my attempts although Ive had a few since. For me it’s like 90% psycological so I’m working on the triggers. It aint easy, but I’m really determined cuz I wanna live.

  112. I have to quit smoking for surgery. I stated Chantix and quit on March 3rd. Did one urine test and it was negative but still had some in my metabolism. Just got the results back from the second test a month later and it said I am positive with a score of 42. I am so upset my surgery is being postponed until I can give 2 negative test a month apart.

    What I wanted to tell everyone was to keep people who smoke away from you, that’s why I gave a positive. Also do a blood test over the urine test. Nicotine leaves the blood fast compared to weeks in the urine.

    My problem is not the nicotine, it is having a cigarette in my hands. So I found a cigarette that has 0 nicotine and 0 tobacco. It is called Ecstacy (do a search on line) but I like the white pack better than the black or green pack. It takes a while to get used to the taste and smell but it has helped me stop.

    Good Luck everyone

  113. February 1994 was my last cigarette. God set me totally free of the addiction to nicotine. Nicotine was my drug of choice and I was as bad or worse than any drug addict. Both my parents passed away with COPD and i didn’t want my children to watch me suffer in such a way. So one day as i was enjoying my Virginia Slim I cried out to God and said Lord i love cigarettes, but i promise if you make me hate them I’ll never pick them up again. Oh i didn’t quit that next day, but 6 months later i woke up totally free never wanting another cigarette. I was 27 and smoked 2 packs a day. I was smoking like a freight train the night before I never knew I’d awake to never desire a cigarette again. Now i’m watching my husband battle a 35 year addiction. He needs hip replacement surgery and they’ll only do it if he quits smoking. I pray for him and all of you that you will have the strength to overcome this horrible drug called nicotine.

  114. Hi,fellow nicotine junkies!

    35 years of smoking , 40 cigarettes a day and now it is enough!
    You know how much time I was really busy with smoking?

    Every day (40 times x 5 minutes ) = 200 minutes (3.3 hours)
    Week = 1400 minutes (23.3 hours)
    Year = 73000 minutes (1216.7 hours or 50.7 days)
    35 years = 1774.3 days (Almost 5 years!!)

    I am 4 days clean and it is not that difficult than I expected.
    I didn’t have fever, did not feel sick, was not shaking, no dizziness and had a good appetite.

    But what to do with that extra time you suddenly have?? I realized that the time I was not smoking I was thinking about smoking… (3.3 hours a day)
    My cold turkey is not a problem, having flu is much worse.
    I have to reorganize my life!
    What to do 40 times 5 minutes a day? Pushups sit-ups?
    I start to walk a lot more with the dog.
    But after 2 days the dog refuses to go out after 4 pm.
    New plan: Told my wife that I will take care about all the meals. I have to learn to cook!

    Till now I achieved:
    – The carbon monoxide is out of my body and my blood can easily transport oxygen again.
    – After the first day, my lungs start with the big clearance.
    – After the third day, the nicotine was out my blood.
    – My coffee smells great !!

  115. Day 2 after 30 years of smoking. Drawing on the same spiritual strength that helped me stop drinking and taking drugs 8 months ago after 30 years of self destruction.

  116. I smoked 40 yrs. Also had to quit for surgery after trying the patch, pills and meditation i finally turned to vapor 0/0. Started vaping 3 months ago now i dont even want it. Vaping was easier for me. 3 months nicotine free. Surgery next month.

  117. I have quit smoking going 2wks..This works for me is that I “pay” myself back each day to my portable safe $9 pr day & watch it grow which encourges me to give it up & never go back ! The cost of cigs in CA is $8.95 pr pk.. Living in CA the legal age to purchase just went from 18 yr to 21yrs of age..

  118. Usually would never remark on one of these sites. However, I am 44 yrs young. I run at least 4 days a week eat healthy and loved to smoke. I would tell everyone that I was a healthy smoker( go figure). I smoked since I was a teen and told friends/family that I would never stop. I would remark that my great aunts smoked until they died of old age. I had a heart attack 5 days. Let me tell you that will scare you into never picking up a cig again. No matter how healthy you think you are cigs will kill u.

  119. Have smoked for 30 years and smoked my last cigarette at 10: 30 in the morning on May 8th. Have a patch on my hiney,
    wellbutrin in my system, and got myself hypnotized.
    Haven’t smoked yet and pray everyday that I won’t.
    When I hear that these cravings can go on for several years….Oh my.

  120. It’s so hard for me to quit and if I don’t quite soon my surgery will have to be reset! Everyone I know smokes and they do it around me so temptation is always with me and I finally give in and smoke I’m on chantix but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything for me.

  121. I read about cigarettes online and I do not ever want to run in my mouth again may God bless you all I am done I don’t need no more of that in my system I love myself I am a strong-minded person when I read about that I said hell no

  122. I have stop smoking 9months ago and I’m still testing positive for nicotine and I don’t live with anyone that smokes I need help to get it out my system

  123. Hey I am on day 11 I have to be nicotine free for a job at the hospital does anyone know if the nicotine will be out of my system and will I be ok to pass this test? I am in complete panic I should find out this week what day I have to test I have been drinking water like a crazy person. PLEASE any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Same here, I’m unsure of when my test is but am on day 2 of not smoking and had smoke heavy for 2 years. I’m extremely nervous that it will not be out of my system before my test which I expect to be in about a week.

  124. To everyone battling with cigarette addiction, I became a slave to smoking and would being homeless and or broke wouldn’t stop me from having one. I would pick butts (wet ones to, drying the tobacco using tinfoil found in empty packs and lighter) to satisfy my 20-30 cigarettes a day habit when I couldn’t afford to purchase them, which dragged on for 15 long years. With that said I’d like to share something that helped me curb the addiction,

    I was smoking about 1 – 1 1/2 packs a day, I went through about 250 of of these filters getting about 2-3 smokes through one before it was to clogged to use efficiently. Keep your used filters all together in a dish near your ashtray and witnessing the amount of tar that should be inside your body is so sickining it turned me off from smoking. I hope this helps. Good luck

  125. My lastuff cigarette was this past Wednesday at 3pm. So far I’ve been eating like crazy and sucking air through a straw. The cravings are really bad but I’m making it. I ordered the patch before I actually quit and now I don’t want to use it because I feel like if the nicotine is leaving why put it back in? Especially when chewing on these plastic straws are helping.
    Good luck to us all. I hope it gets easier.

    • Hope you are still going strong. If you want to stay away from supplements like the patch cause they have nicotine, I can recommend TBX-Free. It’s nicotine free and I don’t have any of the cravings or withdrawal symptoms that I would have had going cold turkey or even on a nicotine replacement therapy. I’ve been using this for 4 weeks now and after taking it for three days, I lost the desire to smoke. I don’t think I need to continue taking it but if I’ve had a stressful day at work I’ll use it instead of going and getting a pack. I do use the straw trick too just to satisfy the mental habit but it’s only on rare occasions that I have to do that now too.

  126. I’m using TBX-Free and haven’t ‘felt’ like smoking for almost 2 full days now. I still have the mental habit because smoking was a routine for me but the physical withdrawal symptoms are not there. I new I couldn’t do it cold turkey, even on Chantix I was a ‘very unpleasant’ person to be around but with TBX-Free, I just don’t feel the withdrawal symptoms. I’m trying to walk more and keep my mind distracted because I will have to break the mental habit. I was, on average, a heavy smoker for the past 27 years. Good luck to everyone! BTW, I ordered TBX-Free from and it is nicotine free.

  127. I have been smoking from last 28 years, I tried 2 to 3 times but nothing working, I lost everything, I don’t have much time left now, doctor saying I have 2 months maximum time, so its my request to every one, please please please don’t smoke otherwise one day you will lost everything your life, your family, your friends.

  128. guys me am in day 4 an i just dnt feel to smoke any becouse i just told my mind this is it am done smoking i can even chill with budys they smoke as well

  129. I am on day 0, without a cigarette since yesterday at 630pm. I’m on day 7 with chantix and I’m very proud of myself for buying gum and mints earlier today instead of another pack. I’m also using an app called QuitNet for support from other ex smokers. I have found lots of support from many people and have gained the courage to move my quit date up a whole week early. Good luck everyone!

  130. I have not had a cigarette in 43 days and chose to vape with no nicotine. yes it is hard my husband still smokes. I have wanted to quit but refused to try till i was ready. Now iam on wellbutrin and the no nicotine vape. The vape is not the same but at least you feel like you are still smoking. I am stronger than this addiction . I have been smoking 28 years. It is a smelly nasty habit that we can beat. You just have to want it. Good Luck to all and thank you, its nice to know iam not alone on this journey.

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