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  • Selection: 88%
  • Quality: 92%
  • Prices: 82%
  • Customer Service/Shipping: 88%
  • Overall Rating: 86%

Alt Smoke is a large e-commerce store that has a lot of options. They have all the latest batteries, tanks and everything else you need. Best for those who know what they’re doing but they also have solid starter kits.

There is a lot of good vibes surrounding Alt Smoke of late. Their reviews have been good, their site is looking good and driving traffic right through to checkout. So what else could I hope to say about the company that seems to have everything? Is there more to what appears on the surface? Let’s take a closer look.

Taking A Closer Look

For the individual just getting started with electronic cigarettes, the landscape can be extremely confusing. Therefore it is important for them to find their bearings quickly, or else they will spend a lot of money and have nothing to show for it.

For the starter you have what else, but the starter kit. The list at the Alt Smoke site is what else but impressive. Looking at it I quickly realized that almost every major manufacturer is represented here. Everything from Volt kits to Innokin iTaste models.

The Website and Starter Kits

Everything at Alt Smoke is clean and orderly. The starter kits are even broken up into four distinct groups.

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Mech Mods


For the novice with questions online chat is just a click away. There is also a “Learn” page where a couple very descriptive guides await. Once you are ready, make your choice and click one of the products in one of the categories. You will be brought to a page that tells you everything you need to know about the selected product. The product descriptions are very thorough and they include reviews from those who bought it in the past.

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Juices and Flavor Selection

So what about the juices you ask? I took a good long gander at the various juices and flavors on offer. This area is just like the others, full of selection and variety. One issue that I do see with the flavor variety however is that most are from only a couple to a handful of suppliers. I would like to see more brand diversity here, but for the most part it is good.

The quality of the juices on the other hand is great. The pure tobacco taste of Midnight Express and the sweetness of Summertime Tea would have me a customer forever, still there are many more flavors to try. They are opening retail locations as well. They have 6 open across the state of Ohio with 5 more on the way throughout Ohio and New York.

So What Does it All Mean?

Overall this is a company that does a lot to earn their customer’s loyalty. Not only do they strive to give people the best selection at competitive prices but they also have a customer rewards program. Customer can earn points with what they buy and redeem Alt Smoke Rewradsthose points for savings. Rewards programs are nothing new sure, but it is the fact that they are just giving you more ways to save that makes it so great.

They have won me over, and I can be tough because I have seen more e-cig websites than I care to admit. I always also give high points for customer service, and I can do different things to test it. How a person interprets customer service says a lot about them and their company. When it came time for Alt Smoke to step up, they did. They solved the problem that I gave them and showed me a glimpse of what they think customer service is.

Alt Smoke
QSC Rating: 88/100 by


Alt Smoke seems to get it, and they know that quality service and speedy service will when the day. They can correct problems and make the customer happy. Their website is easy to navigate to find what you are looking for, even for a rookie. Their selection is second to none in both variety and quality. The juices they carry are all quality products from quality suppliers.

I just listed a bunch of things that any company in the electronic cigarette industry would love to have said about them. Unfortunately for them, all of those comments are not for just any other e-cig company.. they are for Alt Smoke.. In my opinion one of the best, and setting the mark for all the rest to follow.

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