Aqua Vapor E-Cig Review


  • Selection: 80%
  • Product Quality: 81%
  • Prices: 85%
  • Vapor Production: 89%
  • Overall Rating: 83%
Aqua Vapor has a wide selection of products and their own premium e-juice. Their website is a bit clunky but if you can get around that than you will probably enjoy their products.

Aqua Vapor makes it’s mark by selling everything and anything. Just looking through their starter kit selection will give you a good idea of the range of products they stock. They carry a little bit of everything and more of somethings, as the saying goes.

The Aqua Vapor Experience

Looking through a few things I noticed that Aqua Vapor has a pretty decent following. At the very least they have some pretty positive reviews. Far be it for me to try and knock someone off a pedestal, but do they deserve all the accolades they have been getting of late?

The first thing that I would consider because it is the first thing that I see and the first thing that everyone else sees as well, and that is the website. First impressions do matter and this is in my opinion the biggest mistake that Aqua Vapor has made.

Now I hate to throw a negative right out there like that, especially at the beginning of a review. But, as it is the website itself, and more importantly the home page that I have the problem with, I do not have much of a choice there.

The site is just lacking in order and everything has a sort of chaotic feel to it. There is a lot of blue at first and you eye cannot focus on any one portion of it. Then as soon as you click on your choice for where you would like to go everything turns bright red and the whole scheme changes. It is a bit disheartening.

Aqua Vapor Kits and Accessories

Now that we got past all of that we can move on to bigger and better things. Strangely enough that is sort of how you feel once you get deeper into the website also. Everything feels a bit easier and cleaner past the home page.. so now we can shop.

Like I said at the outset, there is a wide selection at Aqua Vapor. Both the starter kits and the accessories will give you a fine selection for all your needs. The kits range from pen-style e-cigs with pre-filled carts to variable voltage mods and parts for all of them.

Their prices are sort of all over the board so in some cases you might need to either do some comparison shopping or at least know the average costs for what you are looking at. Overall though anything that is overpriced is not massively so. In other words they did not go overboard in their markups.

If you look past a few products that are slightly overpriced, then you will have a good shopping experience. The products they sell are brands that all have their own reputation. Devices like the CE5 or the eGo and JoyTech devices are what stock their shelves. If you know what you want you will find it here.

Aqua Vapor Premium Liquids



Aqua Vapor does make their own brand of e-liquid. They have chose to go the 50/50 route and all of their juices are made with a 50/50 mix of PG and VG, all USP grades. They offer a great mix of flavors and they come in all the standard strengths.


One thing I can say about their brand of premium juice is that their flavor lasts longer than most others. In many brands you will notice that after a few puffs the flavor, no matter what it is, ends up tasting like everything else. The Aqua Vapor juice keeps its flavor much longer – sounds like a gum commercial.


Aqua Vapor
QSC Rating: 83/100 by

When I first came to the website I did not expect much. That was a direct result of the way the home page greeted me when I first came to the site. I thought the site would be nothing more than a collection of mis-matched pages with broken links and nothing but disarray.

This is a horrible impression to give a customer because it makes them scared to spend their money with you. They cannot trust you. They will assume that Aqua Vapor is some shoddy, fly-by-night company that will rip them off. How many of them will hold out hope until they get deeper into the site and see what kind of company Aqua Vapor truly is?

What they are is a great company with a great selection of products, high end and low, cheap and expensive, and a wide selection of premium juices. They are a company that you can trust and they will safeguard your transactions just as any other reputable site would. But getting past that first impression created by the home page is hard. How many vapors will go that far? How many will look past that first impression and give Aqua Vapor their due?

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