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Cigirex E-Cigarette Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the Cigirex E-Cigarette followed by a quick synopsis.

Cigirex Scores 74/100 in our overall rating of electronic cigarettes. 

Cigirex isn’t just another in a long line of companies offering disposable e-cigs at a reasonably low price. They are striving for something that looks and feels like a real cigarette without the disadvantages that come from those. Do they succeed or are they just blowing smoke?

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What You Get

cigirex 01For $17.95, you can choose from one of several different basic starter kits. The different choices each come with a different flavor, such as Menthol, Regular or Light. Besides the two flavor cartridges, you also get the battery and a charger. The pricing is slightly on the low end of the industry standard.

There are no other kits available from Cigirex. You either buy the parts individually or get the one standard kit. You can buy additional cartridges though, each for $8.95 or a 5-pack for $19.95. That doesn’t give you a lot of variety, and neither does their flavor selection, which only offers a handful of flavors. It’s actually kind of pitiful variety of flavors, all of which match up to standard cigarette flavors. You are not going to find anything here that is going to pleasantly surprise you. Most e-cig companies will offer their own, unique concoctions just to give you something that no one else has, but Cigirex seems content to offer a few standard flavors and call it a day.

Cigirex seems committed to the idea of creating an e-cig that looks and acts like a real cigarette, even down to the kinds of packaging and flavors they provide. If you like that it all feels like the cigarettes you used to smoke, then you are going to enjoy what they have to offer. But if you want something radically different then you’re probably going to want to look elsewhere. Even the starter kits come in boxes that look like cigarette packs.

The Quality of the Products

cigirex02We have tried a number of different e-cigarettes and disposable e-cigs, and not one of them feels as close to an actual cigarette as Cigirex e-cigs do. Now we know that not everyone is trying to make an exact replica of a traditional combustible cigarette, but for some people the familiarity will be quite welcome.

The tubing feels really soft and slightly malleable, just like an actual cigarette. And the end of it lights up red when you puff, unlike the blue lights favored by many of their competitors. If they didn’t know better, most people would assume that you are using an actual cigarette. The real difference is only noticeable when they get close and don’t smell that distinctive cigarette odor.

Now Cigirex boasts that its batteries will last for four hours, but that was not our experience. We got a little over three hours out of ours, which is fine, but not exceptional.

The flavors are a hit and miss affair that didn’t overwhelm us either. The Menthol was decent, and it actually excels over a lot of the competition’s menthol liquids. But the Regular flavor was flat where it should be interesting and chemical where it should taste natural. None of the few other flavors offered anything distinct or compelling. They were all just kind of bland and uninspired.

Is It Worth Your Money?

Cigirex offers something that it seems no one else is trying to do or that no one else has done successfully so far. They are creating an electronic cigarette that is as close as possible to conventional cigarettes. It certainly makes them unique, but the quality and variety isn’t all there. You might find something worth sinking your money into in a few months or a year, after they get some better flavors and offer something more than very basic products. But right now, it is just the bare essentials.


  • Looks and feels like a cigarette
  • Decent pricing on all products


  • Very little variety
  • The flavors are not very impressive
  • The omnipresent traditional cigarette packaging may be a bit too much

This is the kind of e-cigarette company that shows potential and has some good ideas. But their execution just isn’t up to par with some of their competitors, and they have little variety to offer consumers. Die hard cigarette lovers are going to like what they are trying to do, but everyone else should probably steer clear.

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