The Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette Brands and Reviews

Disposable e-cigs

E-cigs and vaporizers began their journey almost ten years ago in the form of disposable electronic cigarettes, and they have come a long way since then. The latest models are rechargeable, can hold large quantities of e-liquid and allow you to vape different flavors and even different mediums. Just like any other product, the earliest e-cigs were very simple, consisted of one piece, and were useless after the battery would run out. But even after ten years, you can still find a variety of disposable e-cigs online as well as in the stores.

With so many great devices that offer great value for money and better vaping experience, e-cigs are a viable choice in just a couple of situations: firstly, when a newbie wants to test the waters, without having to invest a lot of money; secondly, when you don’t have access to your rechargeable e-cig for some reason like you’re on the go or stuck somewhere. Likewise, many manufacturers that offer rechargeable ecigs also offer disposables, so it could be a wise approach to try the disposables by a certain brand before switching to their flagship product.

Best Disposable E-Cigarette

Even when considering a disposable product, you want the very best that money can buy. But with so many options out there, choosing one can be confusing. So, to make your endeavor easy, we have put together a list of the best disposable ecigs: 

#1. 400 Puff V2 Cigs Disposables

V2 Disposable e-cigsThe 400 Puff V2 Cigs disposables rule the disposable e-cig world. Their 10-pack costs $44.95 and is very affordable when you compare them with traditional cigarettes. The e-cigs are 105 mm in length, come with 1.8% nicotine strength, and are available in two different flavors: V2 Red and Menthol. They offer the same number of puffs as two packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. They have an extremely elegant design and give pretty much the same feeling like a regular cigarette. Although their menthol flavor is amazing, ex-smokers love the tobacco-like V2 Red flavor as it gives nearly the same sensation as a tobacco cigarette, without the harmful effects.

In addition to commendable design and performance, great customer service also helped the V2 Cigs become the best disposable e-cigarette on our list.  For instance, if you buy the V2 Cigs disposables from a retailer, and for some reason they don’t work as publicized, you can get a replacement without any hassle. Moreover, if you have any question, you can reach out to the manufacturer on their website and expect a prompt reply. The only improvement we would love to see is if V2 could offer more flavors for their disposables.


#2. 400 Puff Zig-Zag Disposables 

Zig-zag-disposable-e-cigsV2 Cigs has combined the high-quality of their products with the popular brand name “Zig-Zag” in the name of tobacco world. Zig-Zag disposable e-cigarettes are available in two flavors just like the regular V2 disposables and cost the same i.e. $44.95, but they allow you to choose from two different nicotine strengths i.e. 1.8% and 2.4%. Also, the Zig-Zag version offers a cigarette-like throat hit, though not as strong. The battery life of the Zig-Zag is amazing, and they kept on going strong even when we tried chain vaping for quite a while.

We totally loved the creative artwork and design, decent battery life, impressive vapor quality, good throat hit, and of course the affordable price. However, you don’t get enough options when it comes to flavors and nicotine strengths.

#3. NEwhere Disposables

NEWHERE disposableAnother product that offers an impressive line of disposable e-cigarettes is NEwhere. Founded in 2013, they have moved to the top of the industry in a very short time. According to Nielsen data 2014, NEwhere brand electronic cigarettes are the 3rd best selling brand in Southern California, behind the two largest national brands Blu and Njoy. With such rapid growth, today NEwhere is recognized as America’s best tasting disposable e-cig.

The NEwhere e-cig comes in three different flavors, each with different nicotine contents. Classic tobacco provides 1.8% nicotine; refreshing menthol has 2.2% nicotine, and Grape Gusher contains 0.8% nicotine. Each NEwhere Electronic Cigarette equals up to 2 packs of cigarettes (approximately 800 puffs), making it a lower cost, customizable alternative to traditional cigarettes. The sleek design, great taste, and affordable price make the NEwhere e-cig a favorable choice for the discerning vaper.

#4. V4L Disposable Vape 10-Pack

The best disposable e-cig by Vapor4Life has been rated the number one by vaping gurus and e-cig magazines like Spinfuel and Vapor Digest. What sets this disposable electronic cigarette apart is its immense throat hit and rich flavor, that tastes just like the real tobacco. The manufacturer has improved the battery, which can now last for nearly the same time as a full pack of traditional cigarettes. 

To deliver good flavor and more vapor, an adjusted low resistance coil has been used. Another unique feature of the e-cig to offer a sensation of the real cigarettes is its extremely soft mouthpiece which you can even chew. On the downside, these disposable e cigarettes come with just two flavors and only one nicotine strength i.e. 2.6%.

#5. Blu Disposables

Blu DisposableOne of the more popular disposable e-cigarettes is the Blu, which you will see at the counters of most convenience stores. Although it’s a decent product, its popularity comes mainly from good supply and better availability. Blu comes in three different flavors including Magnificent Menthol, Classic Tobacco and Cherry Crush – the last one being the more popular because of, the stronger punch of delicious cherry-like taste. Although, Blu also offers a rechargeable e-cig, however, the disposables ones are more popular because of their simple, one-piece construction and the fact that you can start vaping on them right out of the box.

The best thing about Blue disposable e-cigarettes is that they last very long as each disposable roughly translates to two packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes, however, their vapor quality is just about average. They have a decent battery life, and the throat hit isn’t too bad either. Their cheap price – as low as $11.99 – also makes them a good gateway to the vaping world.

#6. NJOY Disposable E-Cigarettes

Entering the market in 2006, NJOY is one of the earliest e-cig makers. They have experimented with disposables, rechargeable e-cigs, and everything in between, however, their most popular product is still the King disposable e-cigarette. It has an iconic, cigarette-like shape that makes it hard to distinguish from a traditional cigarette.

The NJOY King comes in three different flavors: Bold, Menthol and Warm Tobacco, all of them taste great. Also, these ecigs come in two nicotine strengths: 3.5% and 4%, and pack a serious punch with every puff. That surely is very high level of nicotine, considering that usually, the highest level you can get is about 3.6% in other e-cigs. Despite a limited range of flavors and tobacco strengths, NJOY offers great vapor quality, good flavor, and ultimate throat hit. This really makes it an ideal choice for heavy smokers.

The only major nuisance is the below par battery life of NJOY disposables, which makes them fall down several notches in our book. While the manufacturer claims that one NJOY Disposable translates to forty traditional cigarettes, but according to my personal experience, it’s not more than twenty traditional cigarettes –still not bad at all. Maybe the manufacturer’s claim is regarding nicotine, which seems closer to reality but the battery doesn’t last as long as you’d smoke forty cigarettes for, and once the battery expires, you need to get a new e-cig.

The things that we loved about NJOY disposables include the look and feel of a traditional cigarette, great design, awesome flavors, massive vapor and high nicotine levels (ideal for heavy smokers but could be a drawback if you want to gradually reduce your nicotine intake). On the flip side, we were rather disappointed by the short battery life and limited range of flavors. Also, another thing that really got me concerned is that we noticed that not all NJOY disposables last equally long as some gave up the ghost rather quickly.

#7. Prosmoke Disposable E-cigs

Prosmoke is the first and only electronic cigarette company to get certified from Green American Foundation. It holds customer service primary by providing speedy delivery throughout the US and furnishes a 30-day guarantee for their products. Prosmoke is proud to say their products are made in the USA.

As claimed by the manufacturer, one disposable e-cig is equal to two packs of the traditional cigarettes in terms of puffs. The taste is often compared to that of a traditional cigarette, making it an easy transition to switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes for flavorful satisfaction. Consumers will enjoy the pleasant puff of flavored vapor without a sore throat that occurs when inhaling additives and chemicals.

Along with satisfying the taste buds, the rugged one-piece construction, soft tip filter, and traditional cigarette length are examples of the quality product that Prosmoke offers.

Prosmoke comes in two different flavors: tobacco and menthol; both offer just 1.8% nicotine content. The massive amount of vapor, long battery life, and inexpensive price makes Prosmoke a bargain purchase for the vaper that wants convenience.

All of these features make Prosmoke disposable E-cigarettes a good choice for the consumer. Best of all, one can audition the economical Prosmoke disposable e-cig before buying the more expensive rechargeable e-cigarettes. 

Disposable E-Cigs FAQs

1. What are Disposable E-cigarettes?

A disposable electronic cigarette is a handheld electronic device in which the battery charges the atomizer, which heats and provides the flavored water vapor that the user inhales. The disposables is the least advanced type of electronic cigarettes.

2. Where can I buy disposable electronic cigarettes?

While e-cigs can be acquired from vape shops, convenience stores, gas stations, etc. but the best place to buy electronic cigarettes is from the online stores. They offer high-quality, genuine products, expedient service, discounts, coupons, free shipping, reward points, and a wide selection of brands and flavors. Moreover, online retailers have the most recent models and accessories for the vaper.

3. Is the mist expelled by an e-cig hot and does it smell?

No, the vapor cloud that the e-cigarette expels is not hot. You can easily use disposable e-cigs without concern regarding a hot surface or a product that is dangerous to handle. The e-cigarette also has no lingering odor that clings to clothing and hair, unlike a traditional tobacco product.

4. How to Use the Disposable E-Cigarettes?

Using the e-cigarette is an easily learned skill. Before you start to use the e-cigarette, you must charge the battery fully. When the cigarette is charge, the light will come on signaling it is ready. Begin by taking small puffs into your mouth, holding the vapor for about five seconds in your mouth before inhaling or swallowing. Do not rapidly puff as you would a traditional cigarette. Instead, take the time to savor the flavor and the relaxed temp. Once you have mouthed the vapor for more than five seconds, take long drawn out puffs. Be careful not to take more than a few draw at a time because it could heat up the battery. The longer you contain the vapor to your mouth, the stronger the draw, the more flavor and sensation you will feel. To produce more vapor, take longer puffs as you adjust to the Vaping device. It may feel different at first, but you will get acclimated once you start using the new Vaping system.

Why Consider the Rechargeable E-Cigarettes Instead?

While disposable electronic cigarettes offer a doable choice for the first timers, serious vapers need to invest in a long lasting product. The rechargeable e-cigarettes offer countless benefits over the disposable ones. A disposable cigarette will only last as long as its battery will, and hardly any of them will last more than a day. This means, in the long run, disposables can you save money when compared with smoking tobacco cigarettes but will cost a lot more as compared to the rechargeable e-cigs which can be used over and over again. All you need to buy is more e-juice when your run out, and that’s many times cheaper than buying a whole new device.

Moreover, you can customize your vaping experience with a rechargeable device by choosing your desired level of wattage/voltage, flavor, and material. Vapor quality and quantity, both are exponentially better than what a disposable can offer. So, unless if you’re just testing the waters, we recommend using rechargeable e-cigs for a better, more enjoyable and more affordable vaping experience.

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