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Everybody who “vapes” has a personal journey into electronic cigarettes. It is the story of the progression they took from when they first tried an e-cig until today. Although they are all unique, most of them have striking similarities.

For me, E-Cig Express was my second stop on my personal journey. I found them once I realized there was much more out there than the disposable I was using. When I found their website and storefront I was greeted by a selection I was not prepared for.


Starter Kits Available at E-Cig Express

While everything was pretty well organized, I still did not know what I was looking for. I was moving from cig-a-likes to advanced personal vaporizers so I headed to section titled “E-Cig Kits” and went shopping! There is a wide selection of kits and accessories available so I would have no problem finding what I needed.


I eventually settled on an eGo Starter Kit because it seemed to have everything I would need. But I was very intrigued by the Innokin iTaste models as well as the CE5 Starter Kit. All of the products available seemed reasonably priced as well, so it was at that point that I bookmarked the site because I would be back.


You Gotta Take All of the Good….

Of course having a diverse product selection is always a good thing. The choices that I made while shopping might very well be similar to yours. Then again, they could be completely opposite. Point is, no matter what route you decide to take E-Cig Express will have you covered.





You want to give people choices so they stay at your store. That is what E-Cig Express tries to do, they try to give you a wide selection of brand name products. While they do succeed in that area, the selection dwindles as you go deeper into each product’s line. You can get a CE5 Battery and Clearomizer, but you will only see maybe 3 out of the 7 available accessories to choose from.

For someone who is new to vaping this is a great place to start. Much of what a person is likely reading about online can be found in the E-Cig Express inventory. For a veteran who knows what they need, the products available will suit them as well. There are still plenty of tanks, carts, refill packages, and various other tools and accessories available.

With all of the Bad.

I suppose if you look hard enough you will eventually find flaws with most anything. Like I said, it would be nice if they carried a full line of the available brands they sell. I could easily see a case where a person might have to get 3/4ths of their order here and the rest elsewhere. Probably because they do not carry one or two parts.

The site is a bit on the boring side but that’s okay because I was there to buy e-cigs not look at pretty pictures.
They have a great selection and wonderfully organized site, can things improve? Sure, there is always room for improvement. Customer service of late has come under fire in a couple online communities. But with things like that it is best to stay away unless you know the entire story.

Overall a Great Company

E-Cig Express might sound like a vapers Quickie-Mart, but it is a legit and a growing online supplier. Their selection counts amongst it some of the top brands in the industry and they are not trying to gouge you with high prices.

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