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If ever there was a website that was totally honest about what they are, it is Eco Cigs. A simple web design for a simple site. They aim to sell people on the economy products within the electronic cigarette market. It is not the biggest selection of products but there is a market for it and they have found it.

The Eco Cig Electronic Cigarette

They only sell the cig-a-like design of electronic cigarette and they sell disposables and rechargeables. Eco Cigs is a place for people who know what they want. It is for people who know they want the economy e-cig. That is all fine and dandy, however in my opinion it is a bit difficult to get an economy deal when ordering online most times.

Sure, the prices for a single disposable pack of e-cigs might be cheap, but what are you paying once you add the shipping in? I can promise you that it will be more than what you will pay at teh gas station or corner store in your neighborhood.

A Swing and Miss

Far be it for me to criticize anybody who has the guts to start a business of their own. I just do not see the logic in a webstore such as this. In the e-cig community there is a healthy dislike for cheap disposables. This is the case because they do not work as they should.


The rechargeables are okay, but they are no better than just okay. Again, this is a case of paying more than you would typically need to because of shipping costs. They also sell some accessories but they are limited to covering the products they sell only, which is not much.

A Different Perspective

Eco Cigs has a good plan, if they were a brick and mortar type of store. Their model just does not work. It has come to my attention however as I was looking through some things on their site, that they know the “economy” e-cig does not work in principle online. Because of this they have taken a different approach.

Instead of trying to push the “economy” of their product versus others on the market, they are pushing the “we are cheaper than tobacco” angle. The problem is that we all know this already. This is why we have all chosen e-cigs in the first place, or at least one of the reasons. So they are not telling us anything new.

The Overall Impression

With Eco Cigs I get what they are trying to do. I get that they are trying to work the “savings” angle. Like I said, had this been a physical location I think it would work. They could even expand their product base if that was the case. Unfortunately it is not the case.

They are an online retailer of electronic cigarettes and in that market their “cheap”, “economy” e-cigs are just looked at as cheap versions of what people are already using. The disposables they sell are the same as everyone else and their rechargeables are just the same. There is just absolutely nothing about this store that stands out or saves anybody money. Except for maybe not making a purchase on their site.

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