Eon Smoke E-Cig Review


  • Selection: 80%
  • Products Quality: 70%
  • Prices: 85%
  • E-Liquid Quality/Selection: 73%
  • Overall Rating: 75%
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Eon Smoke carries a distinct range of products, most their own. They have an average selection of juices and small package deals too. Their real strength is their starter kits however.

From disposable e-cigs to their own Eon Hybrid battery that fits tanks, clearomizers, and pre-filled cartridges alike, they have what you need. Eon Smoke is one of those places that strives to give the consumer what they are looking for. They are hoping that you will stop looking when you find them, and most will.Generally starter kits are toned down versions of bigger mods or advanced personal vaporizers. With Eon Smoke the kits are complete versions of their already proven devices. They are very proud of their devices and with good reason.

Eon Starter Kits

eon economyUnlike some of the other companies, Eon offers economy kits such as the Infinity or the Eternity kits. Both of these are under $35 shipped, and they  come complete. Even better, the Eternity kit is a hybrid that will work with pre-filled carts or tanks. Perfect for the newcomer to vaping who is still not sure which style they prefer.

Variety in a Package

Their disposables also come complete in a starter kit as well or individually. They have done a fine job packaging various products together to hit different price points. They really do have something for everyone. They even have a starter kit that is both a cig-a-like with cartridges and an eGo style with tanks.

Their juices are top of the line also. They carry a large variety of flavors all made in-house. The e-juice they produce is all in 15ml bottles and is a mix of 50% VG and 50% PG for an all around vaper cloud and taste.


What Could Have Been Better

eon posterAside from the praise I have given Eon Smoke, there are a couple of things that I would like to see improved before I proclaim them King of the Hill. For one, I would like to see a much deeper selection of juices.

It would be nice to have a bigger variety, both in flavor and brands. While it is nice to have your own product produced in house, and I would advise every supplier to do so, it is nice to have other choices. Securing a couple more brands to offer the customers would surely be welcomed by those who frequent the site.

In addition, while it is very nice to have a blog, it would be even better to have much more information for the visitor who seeks that out. This is an industry filled with confused consumers. The more info they have, the more likely they are to shop where they got that info.


Overall Conclusion

All in all however Eon Smoke is a decent place to shop. I know that “decent” is a very vague and over-used description, but here it fits. The devices that they sell are of very good quality, although some of their starter kits could use a bit of the same.

Their juices are adequate and also of similar quality, but they could stand to get more. Eon Smoke makes a great place to shop for the novice and the veteran alike. Although I can see most customers visiting only once or twice, making them come back a third or fourth time is not too far away with some new additions.

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  1. I switched to eons (the rechargeable economy version) from Newports (1-2 packs a day) on November 4th, 2012. I had quit many many times over the 23 years I smoked heavily.

    It’s been 2 years now and I still enjoy the ion cigarettes and use them daily, but I haven’t smoked any cigarettes in a little over two years now.

    I have asthma and smoking cigarettes made it worse. My lung volume is back, my smokers cough has been gone for a long time now and in due time (when I’m ready) I’ll give up the ion e-cig too, but I really enjoy them.

    Knowing how ‘hardcore’ a smoker I was, several friends of mine (who had had no luck with the more expensive e-cigs) have quit cigarettes using ions too, so I’m a believer and I’m now happily never going back to Newports.

    I sincerely recommend them to anyone struggling to quit. My advice is you need to make the mental commitment to switch to them and toss your cigarettes. You can’t use both or you’ll just use both.

    Happy quitting. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

  2. I’ve been using eon’s rechargeable cigs, tobacco, 30mg for almost 3 years now. I love this brand and I always recommend them to my friends. I’ve noticed recently that their quality has really dropped. I order large quantitys at a time and have noticed that half of them never work (filters). I also order cartridges too and half of them never work either (no draw or very weak draw). Ive been told by EON Smoke that I can return them, but that’s a pain in the neck to do ALL the time. I’m currently researching a new provider because of this problem. I wish EON would correct this flaw so I don’t have to switch!!

  3. I bought the economy pack and have been so disappointed and FRUSTRATED!!! I’m depending on these to substitute my smoking and 3 of the 5 cartridges did not work the battery does not hold a charge very long… Not a good situation when your trying to quit smoking and really need a cigarette!!!!!

  4. Same as above, two out of five in a pack are duds. Becomes costly and disappointing since I enjoy them so much (The one’s that work). Always hope to get a full working pack but 99 percent of the time it’s the same thing.Hope Won could correct this problem. But till then I’ll be seeking other brands.

  5. Eonsmoke is the worst place to do business with. Rude, ignorant employees that don’t know their products nor want to help their customers. I’ve been (WAS) a repeat customer. I purchased a new item on their site (think it was called Venus Mod…don’t remember since I shipped it back), I contacted customer support because clearly there was something wrong with the product. After assembling, the battery was obviously too short inside the mod…you could hear it jostling around inside. Anyway…I contacted customer service and the girl I spoke with had ZERO CLUE how to help me. Actually sounded like she was googling the product to learn about it as we were on the phone. If that wasn’t bad enough – she was a complete b****. I asked about a replacement since this was obviously never going to work – and at over $100 you’d think they’d be accommodating. But NO. I had to ship back at my expense then wait…and wait…and wait…and I’m still waiting 7 months later for a refund. My latest conversation a few days ago with these jokers is pretty much “too bad and thanks for the hundreds of dollars you spent with us” – because they’re not giving me a credit. I sent back TWO products – one of which was over $100 and they’re not issuing a credit – or store credit – or sending new product. Needless to say I will NEVER do business with this company again. Nor will any of my vaping friends. There are plenty of other companies out there selling much better products than EONJOKE.

  6. I purchased the eon usb rechargeable economy kit from a local gas station. It worked to replace my habit of smoking near a pack a day of marlboro black menthol. I purchased it about 2 weeks ago and yes some cartidge packs are duds, battery does not last long and apparently it dies after 2 weeks….
    I will maybe buy another one or perhaps ill find a different ecig.

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