Eversmoke E-Cig Review


Type of Store: Cig-a-Like/Miniature/Starter Kit

  • Vapor Production – 80%
  • Battery Life – 75%
  • Flavors – 79%
  • Prices – 80%
  • Overall Rating – 78%
Eversmoke has been around a long time and has a solid selection of quality products. This brand is great for beginners looking for something simple yet effective.
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I always love doing reviews or writing articles about companies that I have not heard of or heard very little about. Eversmoke is one of those companies. I have heard of them before but never much about them. However, while doing this review I learned plenty about Eversmoke and also why they are not so well known.

Just What is Eversmoke?

Eversmoke is a company that puts their attentions on a single design. They do not try to pretend they are someone they are not, which is what I love most about them. They are exactly who you would think they are when you first arrive on their site’s homepage.

The product they sell is a pen-style e-cig with a standard pre-filled cart with built-in atomizer. It is a very lightweight a sleek cig-a-like that because of its lack of weight feels remarkably like a real cigarette. That is, until you take your first puff.

Like many of the other pre-filled cig-a-likes on the market the first couple puffs are fine, then the production of vapor trails off. This is a disappointing result too because until that point I was starting to like the little pen-style e-cig.

False Claims

As with their vapor production that does not match their claim, their batteries also do not last as long as they should. They claim on the website that they last longer than any other such style on the market but that is just not true. The battery will give you a

eversmoke-batterygood 2-3 hours of use but beyond that you will be looking for a charging cable. Just like other similar styles.

It seems like Eversmoke spends much of their time trying to push the safety, savings, and ability to help you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes more than anything else. Even their website is a testament to this mission. Speaking of their site, although it looks very nicely organized and has a “clean” feel to it, much of it feels as if it was just ripped off from other sites like it. There is nothing original in the feel of it at all.

What about Selection?

Eversmoke does not manufacture or sell their own e-liquid, although they do sell VaporZone products from their site. They offer a direct link to the VaporZone website from their nav-bar. While this might be nice for those who wish to shop from one site only, you would be better served to just go directly to VaporZone yourself.

The flavor selection is about what you might expect from a company that makes these types of e-cigs. Disposables and pre-filled carts often offer small flavor selections and Eversmoke is not any different. They offer 11 flavors as of this writing, all in pre-filled cartridges.

Their flavors are nice and robust, I will give them that. However, as with many other brands with similar products the vapor production trails off after the first few puffs and never returns. It is a big disappointment because had the vapor cloud remained I might have been more inclined to sing its praises.


QSC Rating: 78/100 by

Overall this is a poor e-cig for the money. I would not recommend this type of e-cig to anyone in the first place, but if I did it would not be one of these. The prices are on par with other pen-style disposables and pre-filled cart types, but you are still wasting money. If you are looking for flavors, strong vapor clouds, and just an enjoyable experience look elsewhere.

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