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  • Vapor Production – 84%
  • Flavors – 87%
  • Selection – 50%
  • Prices – 84%
  • Overall Rating – 76%
Johnson Creek has been around since the beginning. They have perfected their smoke juice in that time and even developed an e-cig that holds its own amongst the big boys. What else do they have going for them?

Johnson Creek is a company that has been around since the early days of the electronic cigarette in the United Stats. Originally they focused their efforts on the e-liquid side of the industry. They wanted to produce the best, premium e-liquid available. They claimed theirs was so good it demanded a new name, smoke juice.


From Smoke Juice to E-Cigs

In 2012 Johnson Creek developed a device to compliment their premium smoke juice. The Vea electronic cigarette was born. There was nothing extremely special about their device in all actuality. But what it was, was a device that worked well, lasted a long time, and would not disappoint.



Like most companies that produce only one or two devices, they offer a few accessories to their device and nothing more. The pieces that are sold for use with the Vea battery come in a standard 510 thread to ensure compatibility with other products.

I will admit, I have been using the Vea “canteens” for almost a year now. The canteen is their version of a cartomizer. They are slim and have a plain look to them. Thing is, they work very well. Every now and again however one of them will only work for about a week. But for the most part they last as long as any other cart would.


Premium “Smoke Juice”

The smoke juice is Johnson Creek’s bread and butter and it is easy to see why. They make some quality juices and offer a large variety of flavors. Just like most other companies they offer various size bottles and various strengths of nicotine.


jc_smoke juice


One of the great things about buying smoke juice from Johnson Creek is the experience. Their site is organized in a way that makes shopping very easy. They even have their juices separated by the size and strength of the throat hit as well as other factors. Point is, finding what you are looking for is made easier.



“Chinks” in the Armor?

With all of the good things that I have to say about this company, you would think there would have to be a couple negatives too right? Well, there is, but not many. The biggest issue that I have with them is the quality of their “canteens”.

“Wait a minute, weren’t you just saying how good they are?”

I was, but I also said that every now and again one of them does not last as long as it should. They come in boxes of three. Every so often I will get one of those boxes in which only two of the three “canteens” will last longer than a week. This is something that should be fixed soon if they wish to keep the “accessory” sales up. I know I am not the only one experiencing this.


Final Thoughts

Johnson Creek Vapor
QSC Rating: 76/100 by

During the nearly three years now that I have been using e-cigs, I have always had some sort of contact with Johnson Creek. I would buy a bottle or two of their smoke juice, or a box of canteens. I have always used them for something here and there. That is the thing about this company, they have been around for a while and everyone knows about the quality of their juices.

I think if the company can see fit to maintain their solid reputation they will do just fine. They will need to continue producing great premium juices and keep up the quality of their Vea device and they will be fine. The e-cig industry is starting to grow more than ever and a small company or one with no niche will be lost. Johnson Creek on the other hand is in a good position, all they need to do is keep it.


  1. were from Australia and we need to buy smoke juice we smoke 12 mlg smokes in Australian migs so what milligram is that in usa

  2. I used to purchase Johnson Creek Blend Blu-E cig disposables. Since Blu stopped using Johnson’s Creek, Iv’e been dying to get my hands on that formula! Where can I purchase it?!!!

  3. have been a Loyal customer of johnson creek for many years. The past few months they have made major changes to their flavor lines and they are all terrible and reek of chemical flavors. Tried calling their customer service to complain. Was treated so rudely that i am making sure everyone knows to stay away from this outfit! They used to be one of the best but this past year they have fallen to the bottom of the heap.
    Please do yourself a favor and look into “ecblends” and “juice mafia”, both of them have truly great quality juices, enormous selections and courteous customer service. Pure certified ingredients and the best prices I have found. Also international shipping!

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