Mark Ten E-Cig Review

mark ten starter kitSo the new electronic cigarette product called the Mark Ten E-Cigarette has just been rolled out nationwide. It is hitting gas station displays everywhere, they are handing out free coupons and there is a lot of buzz surrounding it.

This is mainly because this is the first e-cigarette released by Altria Group. They used to be called Phillip Morris and are the 2nd biggest tobacco company in the world, and they have an entire 50% of the tobacco market in the United States.

They obviously joined the e-cig game VERY late, but will their product be worth the wait? I headed down to my local gas station right when I realized the Mark Ten was on sale there, and I asked the owner if he sold many of them. He said, “Yes.”

So let’s take a look at the Mark 10 and see if it’s really worth it.

The Quick Review

We’re going to ignore the fact that Mark 10 is a Big Tobacco product and give an honest review. These are the grades we came up with after 4 days of testing the Mark Ten.

  • Selection: 23%
  • Battery Life: 13%
  • Vapor Production: 10%
  • Prices: 80%
  • Overall Rating: 28%

It’s pretty simple, the Mark Ten is inferior to almost every other product on the marketplace. Let’s go over each piece and see what went wrong.
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The Packaging

Well, okay, there was one thing that went right. The packaging.  The Mark Ten has a nice package design that really draws you to it. Oh but this is produced by a Big Tobacco company, so that makes sense. Marketing, branding, and profits over all other things.

The Contents of the Kit

mark ten starter kit couponThe starter kit, which is running at retail stores for around $10, comes with 1 battery, 1 flavor cartridge, 1 USB charger, and a $3 off cartridges coupon. It also comes with a clear plastic cylindrical “protective tube” that they say is included to protect the e-cig while not in use, though I imagine it usually just gets thrown in the trash.

This is an absolute bare bones kit, you can barely call it a starter kit. This would last an average smoker not even a full day before they’d have to start buying replacement cartridges.

Four Draw Technology? What?

4 draw technology

Yippee! Four holes instead of one! … What does that do again?

The manufacturers of the Mark Ten are pushing their design of this e-cig because it boasts what they call “Four-Draw” technology. This was the star feature of their new brand, and I was interested to see what it was.

Turns out, their “Four-Draw” technology is nothing more than four holes in the end of the cartridge. As someone who has tried over 20 brands of e-cigarettes, I can say that this had absolutely no impact on anything.

It was most likely a marketing stunt.

The Cartridges

First of all the single cartridge that comes with the starter kit lasts only about 2 hours, and that is a stretch. So the consumer is almost forced to purchase a cartridge pack right away, which is sold for around $5 depending on where you buy it from.

In addition to the lack of longevity exhibited by the Mark Ten cartridges the vapor cloud that you get from it is almost non-existent. There is also almost no noticeable throat hit either, which most vapers are looking for. Even the new ones.

The Battery

mark ten battery

Without going too much into technical detail, the measure of how long a battery can hold a charge is called ‘milliamp hour’, referred to by e-cigarette users as mAH (and pronounced “ma” sometimes).

The Mark Ten battery’s has a an mAH of 90. That is absolutely the lowest number I’ve ever seen in an e-cig battery. The lowest one I’ve seen until this was about 130 mAH, back about 2 years ago when all the companies were selling the same thing.

When I unwrapped the kit, I did everything right. I gave it a full charge which took about 4 hours. Once charged, I was able to use it for about 30 minutes to an hour before it started to wane.

And even if the battery would have lasted longer, the cartridge would not have, as we discussed in the previous section. So when you’re trying to use the Mark Ten, you’re going to be constantly either having to recharge the battery or go out and buy more cartridges.

It’s tobacco cigarettes all over again. 

The Overall Consensus

Mark Ten E-Cigs
QSC Rating: 23/100 by

The Mark Ten is nothing more than Phillip Morris’s poor attempt to enter the electronic cigarette market, and years too late. Or is it? Big Tobacco is the one industry that seems to always have a large-scale plan to subtly affect results of legislation toward their side. Altria was the 2nd largest spender on lobbying in 2012!

So chances are, this low-grade product is part of some scheme to discredit electronic cigarettes as something that can help smokers. Either that or the R&D department at Phillip Morris doesn’t know what to do after making packs of 20 cigarettes over and over again for the last 60 years.

But this isn’t about them, this is about you. If I were you, I would absolutely go with a kit from a better brand. The upfront cost will be higher, but in the long run you will save a small fortune compared to real cigarettes or this Mark Ten.


  1. For someone quitting, like myself(From a pack a day). The mark ten works great. Ten to fifteen drags a day from my mark ten, just to help curb cravings has really helped. I havent smoked a cig in five weeks. Cartridges typically last me three to four days. I am also not walking around taking pulls off something that is the size of a tee ball bat. The mark ten fits in my pocket and is much more discreet…around kids or family or at work. As far as expenses go, I got a coupon in the mail for a free one, aswell as two dollars off first two packs of cartridges. I think the mark ten is fairly priced.

      • I love the markten,I couldn’t ask for a better way to quit smoking.They are really nice and I hardly feel anything in my throat like a real cigarette and the first post that was made is not true.These cartridges also last me 3 or 4 days and I don’t have to charge it but twice a week maybe,I love them.

        • I agree with you , my Markten XL last several days and charge every 14 hours. I puff on it a lot and it lasts me a long time. Use to get coupons but they don’t come in the pants anymore. Disappointed by that. But good product .

      • I have to say sense for the moment I cant get a house made menthol any more because of the fda sticking there nose nose in a great business. My mega sized battery and and tank combo died so i was in a pinch and bought the mark 10. Its working very hard well great taste
        Abously more expensive battery is shorter but it taste great and may be my choice for awhile. I am not really using ecigs to quit smoking but to continue enjoying smoking in a little healthier way. So far so good

    • I love the comment about the – “size of a tee ball bat.” I was laughing so loud. I was at the casino last week and the guy next to me had this vapor box that looked like an oxygen tank. When he took a puff and exhaled, I thought I was at a magic show with cloud of vapor coming out of his mouth and filling up the table.
      Anyway, I just picked one of these Markten e-cigs up today and I don’t think it’s as bad as this website review. There are so may e-cigs out on the market today that you just have to try a few to find one you like.

      • I find it to be very helpful. Each cartridge lasts about 24 hours I equate that to a pack a day. The cost almost $6 for 2 cartridges. So $6 every other day is saving Me half of wht I spent on Marlboro special blend 100’s everyday. I hate the fact that I am still consuming nicotine which led Me to wonder “R these ecigs a healthier choice considering it’s still nicotine”? I am hoping that nicotine used is void of all the other chems they treat tobacco leaves wth. Again one cartridge = 24hrs = pack a day (for Me anyways).

      • TRUE THIS PERSON GOT AN OLD MARK TEN THAT’S BEEN SITTING TOO LONG OR THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL THEIR V2 VAPOR CIGS. A Mark Ten XL filter lasts and lasts for days and days and the battery stays charged for 2 to 3 days and I puff a lot.

        • Yes have to agree don’t know what the bad reviews are all about love it so far last and last and will continue using it

        • I’m a pack and 1/2 a day smoker and I have been smoking mark 10 for a week now.. the filters don’t last that long.. if your a heavy smoker your looking at maybe 8 hrs.. I’ve been making mine last 12 hrs. Before I have to change.. don’t know what you have but, I’ve not been that lucky.

        • Mine doesn’t last that long. I wish it did and i puff on it alot. I like it though but at times it can be a pain in the butt. Changing it out.

        • I agree! The mark ten got my sister who was on oxygen and breathing machine for years with copd! She chained smoked! She tried eliquid vapor pens only to fail. I got her a mark ten and she has quit smoking for 4 months now and has not been using her breathing machine or oxygen tank.!! The markten stays charged all day and she chain vapes…one cartridge of mark ten xl last her 2 days.! She smoked 2 packs a day!! The markten has saved her life in my opinion. What the person said on the review about how the mark ten last is obviously not a smoker or got a bad device because mark ten is the best ecig out there! And I personally have tried many ecig a likes . the mark ten is the best ecig alike out there especially for someone switching from those nasty cigarettes to electronic cigarette… It resembles a real one…shame on the person who left a false negative review!!

        • No no, also no, and no as well. You either have the lungs of a baby or your definition of “pulling” differs greatly from the rest of the world. The XL battery will last for maybe 12 hours if you charge it properly but the cartridges go just as fast as the original mk10. I’ve also found that the refills come with a dud maybe 10% of the time I get them. By “dud”, I mean a cartridge that’s good for maybe 10-20 solid pulls and then the flavor begins to thin out and taste like chemicals rather than mint or tobacco. Sadly however, mk10 makes the best menthol e-cig I’ve ever tried, so I still buy them.

        • I completely agree. I’ve been smoking the XL one at work. I like it so much I carry an extra one in my pack of real smokes cuz I prefer it sometimes. In PA, the starter pack runs for 7.99,and with the new $4 off coupons ,they’re super cheap .I would definitely recommend the XL. They come out with new flavors now, and I love the new winter fresh (I think that’s what it’s called) reminds me of Marb smooths. I typically smoke marb blues or L&M menthol bold. And I didn’t struggle with taste at all from this ecig. And the battery and cartridges last forever. I couldn’t manage to use one up in 2 hours if I tried! And I puff away in my office. So I have no clue how this review came to light? I even bought one for my mom, my brother, and my roommate (with coupons of course, haha).

        • Hi, just curious. You said you puff on yours alot, is there any way you could estimate how many cigarettes it would be equivalent to? My boyfriend just bought the XL starter kit, and the cartridge only lasted him 1.5 days. He was informed it should last 3 days. On an average day he would smoke a full pack of marborl 72’s. Wondering if he might have received a bad cartridge or was it too good to be true. Looking forward to your response and any other information you can provide!

        • I used to find this to be true myself, when they first came out. Unfortunately like anything else I believe that they have begun to cut corners and their product shows this. I’m lucky if a cartridge last 24 hours now. Plus every clear label they use on the cartridge starts peeling off and rubs on your lips. Love the design and feel, but quality of slipping.

        • Same here. I quit smoking cigarettes about 2 month’s ago. Now I smoke marten and a cartridge last me a full day along with the battery. Along with the coupons it really is a cheaper alternative to cigarettes and I’m much less cranky then when I was trying to quit cold turkey. Health wise though, I don’t know if there are any risks that greater or lesser then those of regular cigarettes. That would be nice to know. Overall I give them a ten!

        • I love Marn Ten. Its been 8 days now since I smoked. I have chain smoked for years. My cartridges last about 2-3 days and the charge lasts about the same….this is the only thing that has ever helped me

        • How can I PLEASE get one of the New Menthol New Mark Tens with the $3.00 coupon? I had the older one and lost it. so now smoking again I’m on disability an have very limited funds. Can u pls send one to me. Thank
          You so very
          God Bless

      • I enjoy the mark10. I use the menthol. However, I never smoked menthol cigarettes. The menthol soothes my desire to smoke better than the regular did. I also “double hit ” it each time. I am never without one. I only hate that it takes so long to charge and charge depletes quickly. Haven’t smoked or cheated in 2years. Great product.

    • I smoke daily and tried the Mark Ten menthol. The e-cig is an excellent proxy to the real thing: great back of the throat hit, great inhalation and menthol taste and a smooth buzz from the nicotine. Yes, the battery life sucks and it needs to be re-charged daily, one way in which to avoid this is to have multiple cartridges charged for daily use and then re-charge at night. However, when compared to blu e-cigs that I was trying before, Mark Ten is 100x better. It’s created by smokers for smokers, so the feeling is very real..only wish I got some heat from the e-cig smoking in cold weather, but I guess that’s the next version forthcoming…

        • I prefer mark 10 over others I’ve tried, however the cartridges do run out quickly. I’m saving about half of what I spent smoking cigarettes. Mark 10 is a light menthol that has helped me not to even want a cigarette. Thank you…

          • Have been using MarkTen for about 5 weeks. The battery is good for about 12-14 hours. Refills a day at best-

            Have been using as a cigarette replacement- taking breaks at work and using it as I woulld a cigarette. So, from smoking about 15 a day, saves me about 3-4$ a day and I feel a lot better.

            Still- would be great if it actually made it through an entire day without needing a recharge- would give it a C+ compared to other ecig I have tried. Capable, but needing improvements

        • The blu caused be to cough and hack…i then decided…id never try another ecig. I got the mark ten today…i think its great…and it cut my cigarette smoking in half. I used it all day and it didnt run out or lose charge.

      • I agree100%. I really like this product over several I tried. Blu being yuk 100% as well as it does not hold up at all. Mark 10 has hit on a great e cig, thanks

    • I am thankful fir this product. Important in my step down. I stopped cold turkey, but instead of grumpy, i got depressed moods. I did not want to pick up a cigarette, i was doing well, with no urges. Then, i got a coupon, n researched on a markten. I used this product on and off for 2 weeks, then i stopped. I couldnt use the bigger evaps, i tried and got bad results. I used this and out helped me stop, n with how low the nicotine was, i never became needy on product.

    • I had a coupon that I used at a local grocery store. The only problem with that was, I had to buy a pack of cigarettes to get the e-cig free. What the heck is the point of that? I did it, just to get the free one. I hope to find coupons for the refills.

      • If you go online you can get coupons for free refills all the time. I get them every few weeks and get the free refills. Sometimes I get a couple at a time and go to different stores and stock up.

      • Guess it’s like anything else I’ve used when trying to quit. Sometimes you need a real smoke when first trying to stop. So you get a real pack with the vap, it helped to have a real one once a week or one every 2 weeks.

    • Mark ten is a joke ….if I had to pay for it I would be even more pissed off.bought refills though and a total waste of money.. not even close to a real smoke and lasts about 30 minutes before it needs a charge.what a disappointment. Dave

      • I think you got a defective one..I’m sure if you called or emailed them they would send you a new one or coupon for a new husband and I both use them and they work really good and last quite a while fully charged.

        • Most of the starter kits have $3/cartridges. …iI have a ton of them and every starter kit comes with one at least up here in WA. ..
          I agree! I love them. .. but they don’t last hubby as long. .. so I think it depends on the smoker whether it’s a good fit. ..I’m a fan though! One cartridge lasts me all day and I “smoke” way less.

        • I fell the same way mine is real good on charge and I’ve used it a week now with only 1 charge but that was to make sure for the road I’m quite happy with mine….

    • So far its working great. Since I cant figure out how to get the outside container open, haven’t smoked at all for 6 weeks. It’s a 2-1/2″ by 5″ black box. Don’t know where to slide, push, or pry. About to grab a pair of pliars and go from there. Anyone else have this container and know how to open? If there were instructions on the outer package I missed them.

      • The top slides away from you. I had same problem until I sat down and figured it out. Put both thumbs on each side and slide forward. Pain in the ass, but does work. You might need too push down while sliding as well.

      • the black box you have to slide the thin part down to open it. hard to describe but just try light pressure and slide down the thin part of the box.
        hope that helps!!!

        • This was my first ecigg and at least its not loud, it doesnt pop like a vape box can. I really wished it had flavors beyond mint & regular . I was a 2 pack a day smoker 2 months ago so it has served its purpose, saving money ( $0.00 vs. 21.00 a day/now (after the CA State 4/1/17 3$ rate increase= 28.00 Xs 2 smokers) = 900.00 a month.) Im looking at a new car soon, one that doesn’t reak of ciggarette smoke! what a savings!

    • If you like the Mark 10, that’s probably because you haven’t experienced anything that’s actually good. Initially, I thought Vuse e-cigs were excellent, but that was because it was the only one I had tried for longer than a few drags.

      If you want something that is as easy to use (just pop in a flavor cartridge and vape!) as the Mark 10 but will give you great flavor and a drag that actually is on par with a full-flavored cigarette (I used to smoke Marlboro Blacks and/or Came Regular Filters), not to mention it doesn’t look like you’re smoking out of a small woodwind musical instrument, I highly recommend you try “Juul” by Pax, which just released a week or two ago. It is hands down the best e cig out there that isn’t an eGo or box mod. The flavor is excellent and the vapor produced is on par with an actual cigarette.

      Their juice packs use nicotine salts, which apparently is why their juice is so flavorful and produces such excellent vapor. As an added bonus, it looks great (sleek, small, and inconspicuous). It’s a little pricey when compared to other gas station e-cigs, but still costs less than smoking regular cigs.

      The way I’ve been talking about Juul online in various comments sections probably makes it look like I work for Pax, but that is definitely not the case. Nor did I get any free product from them, or have any incentive to post positive comments. I just truly think their product is head and shoulders above what is available on the e-cig “cig-alike” market, and feel like people should try it instead of wasting their time/money with the other stuff out there, not to mention cigarettes.

      BTW: GET OFF THE CIGARETTES, PEOPLE!!!! Once you give a good e cig a chance and smoke them for a week or two, you will never want to smoke another cigarette again, as they will taste and feel disgusting. Shoot, this will probably happen for you even after smoking Mark 10s, as it worked for me with Vuse. Even though Vuse is not even half as good as Juul, I still prefer the Vuse over regular cigs.

      In regards to Vuse, the cartridges are extremely unreliable in my experience; out of the 20 or so cartridges I’ve purchased, almost all of them started tasting bad after 20 or so drags. A couple times, the cartridges died in about that many drags, which is terrible, considering each one is supposed to last about as long as a pack of cigs. Once the cartridge starts getting messed up, it will either lose its flavor almost completely while taking on a burnt, chemical flavor, or it will start producing extremely harsh vapor that is unsmokeable. Sometimes, it will change flavor AND become harsh, a double whammy that results in the cartridges getting thrown in the trash. I initially thought that maybe I just had a defective pack of cartridges, but this has been the case wirh roughly 90% of the cartridges I’ve purchased. For any of you that have tried Vuse longer than a week and with several cartridge packs, have you had the same experiences?

      Anyways, good luck to all who are looking to quit smoking cigarettes! Just give a GOOD e-cig a try for a week; I honestly believe you won’t regret it!!!

      Chris L

      • I want to quit and have always smoked Marlboro red 100’s.can you suggest what I try to get a similar flavor . There is so much out there and I am overwhelmed! I keep putting it off but I really want to quit. I would appreciate your opinion, thanks

        • I have just quit smoking Marlboro 100″s for many years. I have purchased a few e-cigs but have found MARKTEN XL to be the best. It is just as good as my Marlboro was.

        • I was smoking about a pack to pack 1/2 a day and a friend told me about the mark10. I am on day 4 same battery and cartridge I started with. I only take about 10 drags or so a day as it has curbed my need for a cig quite a bit. Hands down best decision I ever made!

        • I am very pleased with this brand. I tried the V-2, (bought two of them) and the first cig just stopped working! The charge doesn’t last very long, and yes, they’re too big, like a damn tee ball bat, as one person said,. The Mark tens are great. I’ve been smoking for almost ten years, and I knew I had to stop, at least get the damn carcinogens out of my lungs. Then I found this brand. My partner has been smoking since she was fourteen, and she’s 65 now, this is the only e-cig that has worked for us. In the end, it’s really the nicotine that one craves, and with these you’re getting the nicotine VAPOR, but not the tar and other nasties regular cigs have, and a lot of brands have God knows what other chemicals in them. I’d recommend this brand to first timers. I think it’s worth it.

      • Same experience with Vuse menthol-great at first, now all cartridges are harsh with no vapor, or burnt like a cigarette lit at the wrong end. Yuck! I was told today Vuse is going up $1 on all products..Going to try the Mack 10.

      • I started on Vuse and I like them a lot. Just kept going up in price. The only problem with my Vuse is the tip braking where you put the cartridge. I tryed the MarkTen for the first time this week. The battery life suck big time. I could not even make it to work without it going dead on me! I think I am going back to Vuse tomorrow!

      • One thing to keep in mind is, supposedly, one drag of an ecig is equivalent to two drags off a real square. So if you’re a chain smoker, it can appear to not last. And chain smokers have the highest risk of overdose symptoms. So learn them so you can recognize them. Also, be sure to let your doctor know what you’re smoking and know the nicotine content, especially if you’re in the ER for unexplained illness or starting any meds with negative reactions to nicotine.
        Be safe, educated and enjoy yall :-p

      • Yes Vuse has been terrible! Initially I liked the flavor more then others but it wears off too quickly. The charge never stays like mark 10 does. I bought a nicmax and thats just as close for the cost.

    • I have used this for several months. May will be 2 yrs for me that I haven’t smoked. I would love to be able to receive some coupons, but I didn’t see that on web site. Any suggestions on how to receive these? Thanks

    • Love this reply to the article. The person who did this review is clearly against “Big Tobacco”, and has a bad taste their mouth in regards to the company. I have tried the Mark 10, and now currently use the Mark 10 XL.

      I had smoked cigarettes since I was 13(am now 32), I have recently gotten back into the e-cig world and purchased the new Mark 10 XL. When I purchased the main package they were having a special that got me a package of cartridges(2), and I still haven’t finished the last one. I bought this Mark 10 XL at the beginning of December after I was sick for a couple weeks and didn’t smoke during that time(clearly the perfect time to quit smoking). I still needed nicotine though and Mark 10 XL has been a godsend for me. Without it, I may have ran a few people off the road or punched a few in the face.

      The battery has been lasting me about a week each time it’s fully charged. I only take about 15 puffs a day off of it, and that works for me. I am going to be stopping completely before too long, and only plan to purchase one more package of cartridges.

    • I agree. That’s a bad review. I quit smoking about a month ago and think this has everything I need to never buy a Marlboro again. I bought 3 cartridges with the sig last Saturday. It’s Friday now and on the same cartridge. The only downfall is that it needs to charge 4 hours

    • I agree with you Jon I am in a similar situation. Now they are pulling all the lower dose cartriges and the regular cigs and putting out the XL brand with has more nicotine. I feel like they are attempting to get us hooked all over again. Shame on you!!!!

    • just got one, they suck bad… IMO it’s a ploy to get smokers to go back to cigarettes.
      Kinda smart really since the average person is’int going to put much thought into trying another
      e-cig after purchasing this device, they’ll just go back to cigarettes.

    • I just started using the markten xl and love it so far! The battery usually last me a day and a half cartridges about 2-3. I think this review was written by an opposing company or at least with great bias. There is the whole new vaping crowd which are just as annoying as hipsters! You can’t take anything they say serious unless you talk about mixing juice and making vape clouds! They vape as a new hobby, I’m just trying quit with having to carry a mini iron lung around! So thank you for you review, it was very helpful to me. I appreciate it!!

    • Dude I totally agree. The Mark 10 is excellent, butmireover I’ve been vaping since 2011. I’ve mixed my own juices, tried all beands and tanks and for the Marlboro of ecigs, it takes the cake. The cartridges clearly outlast 2 hours, and the dry “throat hit” does indeed occur. This is probably one of the driest, most potent, most flavor consistent from start to finish, and, when the cartridges are spent, there is a light cotton taste (vs. an overwhelming cotton, burnt t-shirt taste, or sour chemical taste from flavor residue). They fn nailed it. The reason they finally released the now seemingly retro “cigarette-sized” model was because it needed to be nearest to perfect. It is Marlboro for Godsake. Now to the author, try their tobacco flavor in an ejuice if you need bigger clouds!

    • I have tried many (10+) e-cigs, from cheap to the most expensive. Mark 10 is hands-down the best. It most closely mimics smoking the real thing.
      If I were to give it a score, it woyuwoyuld be 95/100, thwe 5 points deducted due to the length of time a charge takes

    • I agree with you. E-cigs were made for the purpose of helping people quit smoking for health and financially to save, but for many it was just a replacement of cigarettes to fuel their addiction. I just purchased the MarktenXL starter kit at a gas station for $4.99 and a box of 2 refills for $4.99. I have been using one cartridge for 3 days now. My purpose is to stop smoking. I quit for 3 years and just recently started again and it was an e-cig I ordered online just like this one that helps but I paid $140 back then. Whenever I feel an urge to smoke I simply take about 4 to 5 drags and feel fine. I looked this up because my Markten was making a poppin sound when I inhale and I was concerned. When I took the first few drags it was terrible, very strong! But now it is fine, I inhale lightly. Again, my purpose is to get used to not smoking so I don’t need a huge cloud of smoke which I feel looks ridiculous. I am confident the 2 cortridges are all I am going to need to kick this habit again. So far, it’s a great deal and it doesn’t taste that different than the $140 one I bought years ago.

    • I don’t know what this guy was talking about. But I haven’t charged my markten. And it’s so going. I smoke about a half a pack a day. Sometimes more. I know thats not a lot. I have a co worker who buys two packs a day..But I like this Lil e cig.. I don’t like them big ass press the button e cigs.. this one though it reminds me of the one they have in county jail.. that’s why i like it. It does what I need it to do..

    • I feel the same way you do,Mark ten is great,I actually found an unopened starter pack and said what the heck I’ll try it,I just had to get my flavor as the one I found was menthol,gross,so I found the got a 2 pack of cartridges for 8$ with shipping,well the day I got my refills I hit it once and list it,well being hell bent on quitting smoking I went and bought a blue,not bad a bit pricey still cheaper than my 2pack a day habit,after about 3 days I found my Mark Ten,and omg its SO much better than the blue,I haven’t had to change my Mark tank yet,its been about 4days,I haven’t had any issues with needing to recharge it even after being under my couch for the 3 days,I’ve went from 2packs a day to 2 cigs a day right now,that morning CIG and a a bedtime CIG still get me,hopefully in a week or 2 that’ll change,but yea this review is off base,the Mark Ten is the best ecig I’ve had even better than my sons 80$ cape stick that he built himself

    • I agree with you 100% I experience the same things from the mark ten that you do. I haven’t touched a cigarette for about the same amount of time as you. Nor have I been walking around craving cigarettes either. I don’t understand why they’re giving them such a bad review.

    • I absolutely hate these things. I’m finding myself going to the store for the cartridges twice a day at 7$ each… it’s twice as addictive as smoking which I’m trying to quit -_-

    • I was using Vuse, and switched to Mark X. It works for me, because it provides the nicotine, but is not really a satisfying smoke. Thus, I found it easy to quit–it makes a good transition from smoking regular cigarettes, to Mark X, to nothing at all.

      The Vuse e-cigs had a nice throat hit, and a good tobacco-like flavor, but their quality control is horrible, and I found it harder to quit.

    • I agree. I think this is one of the best e-cigs, I’ve tried. The battery lasted me about 24 hours and I’ve been on the same cartridge for 3 days now and it was the one that came with the promotional pack. I don’t know what the reviewer is talking about or they have updated the model since this was written but I disagree with almost everything said. I smoked a pack of Newport red 100 s per day. I have smoked less than 10 cigarettes since I began this markten.
      I am totally satisfied with this product.

    • I am exactly where you are at on that, it does the same for me, as I’m trying to quit as well!! Stick with it they cigarettes or just a slow acting suicide of suffocation. i’ve watched Many that I have loved end up in intensive care trying to catch their breath from this shit. Proud of ya, u can do it!

    • Totally agree. I have tried 5 brands of e-cigs, and the Mark 10 menthol is hands down — MY FAVORITE— I like everything about it — size, color, the “screw in” method to attach cig/filter and cig /charger. Lasts so long that I usually chew up the filter before filter or battery run out

    • I would have to agree. I smoke a pack a day as well. I bought mine from a local gas station by my house and I love it. I helps curb the cravings and I love the size. I haven’t had to buy a cartridge yet and I’ve used it since Saturday. When I bought it , it came with about 5 coupons so I will buy cartridges today. The cost was under 8 dollars and I have a 120 dollar mod at home that is simply to big to have at work and to much (in my eyes) to walk around puffing on in public. mark ten works great for me…this was a good buy

    • I agree ⬆ I’m quitting cigs and the mark 10 has been very helpful. A pack of 2 cartridges costs me $8 and lasts about 3 1/2 to 4 days depending on how often I hit it. The battery lasts me about 8 to 12 hours. I also definitely feel it when I hit it. I smoke the red ones not the menthols. I can’t think of anything I dont like except the weird aftertaste it leaves, which is easily fixable by using mouthwash and staying hydrated, and when its running out it tastes funny like chemicals. I plan to quit this too at the beginning of next year like I did real cigarettes at the beginning of 2017. So I dont know what he’s talking about maybe he’s a heavy smoker. I smoked a pack of day of reds for years then went to lights and finally ultra lights before I quit. That may be helpful.

    • I agree, although the stores are ALWAYS OUT of the refills in Atlanta, actually Woodstock Georgia. Please get some in the stores, Quick Trip or Race Track.
      Thank you.
      It has also helped me quit the real mccoy~

    • I have smoked about 20-30 cigarettes a day for at least 30 years. For the past few years ive smoked Marlboro lights or Winston lights. I would say I had a long and strong pull, since I’m normally the fastest smoker in the bunch. I could typically smoke a cigarette in about half the time of others. Some times I would smoke several smokes in the same time they smoked one, and would still finish first.

      I switched to Markten about four days ago. I’m ended up buying two of the starter packs, to make sure I have a charged battery for the whole day. However at that same time I’ve not had any access to charging it at all during the day.

      I’m not keeping good track of the cartridges, but I think that one cartridge is lasting about a day. Sometimes I will just get one or two long drags off of it, and other times I like to just sip on it taking about ten smaller pulls.

      The battery’s and cartridge use is going to vary greatly from person to person. I would say that I was highly addicted to smoking. Someone that’s more of a light smoker, may get much longer use.

      Hope that helps someone?

    • This is exactly my take. This is helping me ‘smoke’ less. And it doesn’t look like I’m carrying a light saber around. It’s inexpensive and it’s exactly what I need; I don’t need to light up and feel like I have to smoke a whole cigarette or I’m wasting money.

      I get the reviewer, though…if I were a heavier smoker with no desire to quit I am sure this wouldn’t get it done, and their point about who makes it is interesting. Certainly Altria/Phillip Morris have no interest in helping people quit altogether.

  2. I would like to stop smoking but am not able to do it on my own. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Mark Ten E- Cig.

        • You can purchase oils and refill the cartridge. Vape Oils can come anywhere from no nicotine all the way up to 40 something mg nicotine. At least from what I have seen so far

    • E- cigs will definitely help you. I have used them and I actually like the e cigs better than regular ones. I didn’t realize how good they would be. I have used the Mark 10 and they are great! I use the regular ones
      non menthol and I really like them. I think that they will help you to slow down and eventually quit smoking. I just went to the store and bought the disposable ones and some cartridges.

    • You should try Markten menthol it great when you have to much stress in your life take 3 to 4 puffs and you feel relax and can get on with your life. I known people that stay on the ecig and will never give them up.
      This helps you so you will never go back to real cigarettes again.

    • You should try markten I love it so far a week in without tobacco and no urge to go back no smell of ciggs on me and my car stay smelling good I’m gonna rate them a 5

    • I have not smoked in 6 mos using Mark10xl. I use the menthol flavor. Smoked 1 1/2 packs a day for 44 years. Yikes. A cartridge lasts me one day. Hope this helps you. Not even interested in lighting up anymore.

  3. I just purchased the Mark 10 start up pack along with a 2 refill cartrage pack. At first I was frustrated due to the fact that it didnt come out of the box pre charged,I took 2 hours to let it achieve maximum possible charge,by then I was eager to try it out ,and to further prepetuate my anger the piece of shit wouldn’t function at all.I searched all over the internet for any useful trouble shooting info,there was none. To make things worse the Pakistani smoke shop owner I purchased mark 10 from wouldn’t so much as exchange it 4 another.Wish I could say what it tastes like,just an overpriced paper weight with a 50/50 chance of receiving a working unit. Fuck You Phillip Morris.

    • Haha, happened to me when I bought my first starter kit 3 years ago. Smoke 51, the store owners got 51% commission off of sales so they pushed them really hard. It was complete crap!

      Best way is just to start with a setup that is proven to be quality and not have to worry about anything. And I agree about the Phillip Morris comment 😛

    • I refill my cartilages my self I found its really easy taking the end off with 4 holes with a safety pin I use ejuice to fill the cotton back up

      • Ooo…See I bought the starter pack for the Blu ecig about a month ago and have been having problems with the batteries last and the cartridges weren’t lasting very long…plus having to carry around the charger (which is just as big as an actual pack of cigarettes) was annoying and the charger case lid broke off the day I bought it so it didn’t work well to begin with. So I bought the Mark 10 starter pack today because it was cheaper and no case to carry around. I’m always around a computer so the USB charger is convenient for me. But I was wondering if there was some way to refill the cartridges or not. Now I know and I checked to see if the four hole cap came off and it does. Very cool! Now it’s a lot cheaper than the Blu…I’m liking the Mark 10 more and more…also it does feel more like a real cig than the Blu did. Plus the Blu was very heavy…didn’t like having to bite the cartridge if my hands were busy while I was trying to “smoke”. The Mark10 is a lot lighter.

  4. I have been using the Mark 10 for about 3 weeks now. I have been trying to quit smoking for 15 years, and this is the longest I have gotten, thanks to the Mark 10. I enjoy it, as most disposable e cigs taste like burning plastic. I agree with Jon Ross 100%. I don’t want to carry around a huge bat to puff on. This is pretty close to the feel of a real cigarette. I also agree with Nathan, the charge sucks, and the cartridges aren’t anywhere near what I would consider 2 packs of smoking. Also, when you begin to run out of liquid, it starts to taste bad. But, I will continue using this product as I consider myself tobacco free thanks to the Mark10.

    • Hey that’s great Brent! You may want to look into the V2 Cig’s EX…it’s a bit bigger than the Mark Ten but it carries a charge and packs a much bigger punch, plus they have a lot more flavor options. But if the Mark Ten is working, that’s awesome!

    • I have been on Chantix for approximately 3 weeks and completely smoke free for 9 days. I have those “routines” that are difficult for me, the biggest being talking on the phone! The Mark Ten has totally gotten me thru those difficult times that remind me of smoking. The battery life isn’t the best and the cartridge itself doesn’t last terribly long, (about 48 hrs for me), but as the others have said, it has the look and feel of a cigarette and doesn’t feel like I’m smoking a bong like some of the others…. not that I’m familiar with that, but…. anyway, I would recommend to anyone who is not looking to replace their habit, but simply needing a crutch in the quitting process.

      • That is funny you mention that because the first time I quit smoking, the hardest part was talking on the phone. I would immediately head outside to take a puff. I agree, the mental habit is a lot longer than the physical. They didn’t have ecigs the first time. I actually quite using a yo-yo. Kept it in my pocket and whenever I started jonsing, would start yo yoing. Didn’t care if I was in a long line at the bank.

  5. I tried the Mark 10. I would say it is less than decent. I have a Prevari and of course against that no competition. Now lets compare apples to oranges. Compare this ecig to the same design cigarette looking vapor products it is not bad. For me it producted decent vapor, not great I said decent. The draw is a litte hard and not smooth as it should be. The taste not great, not bad. Does not taste like a Marlboro that I used to smoke a long time ago. Now another concern is what flavors are they using. Are these chemicals that make up for flavor cancerous? Good question coming from a tobacco company. I suggest forget it buying this ecig,and stick with real vapor variable voltabe mods that produce great flavor and a lot cheaper to operate never mind the battery charge sucks on the Mark 10. Come on Renolds come out with an ecig that draws eays and has good flavor using natural ingrediants would be a hit. My final opinion is forget this ecig dont waste your money.

    • Agreed, completely. But I don’t think beginners should necessarily start off with mods (unless they are really ingo gadgets and devices) because they’re so damn big, they don’t want to carry them around haha. Plus a bit more complex in maintenance and setup.

      But yeah, mods and APVs are a great way to go.

  6. I got a coupon in the mail for a free starter kit and one for a pack of cartridges for $1, so I got it. What’s a buck, right? I quit for real smoking over a year ago using an eGo Twist and a mod and I love vaping. I got the Mark Ten Menthol and for a free item, I love it! I think it tastes better than blu and any other cigarette-shaped e-cig I’ve ever tried. I’ll probably hang onto it and use it occasionally, but nothin will replace my cinnamon juice in my mod!

      • you can buy concentrate cinnamon oil at any of your local pharmacies along with eucalyptus and others. Remember these are concentrates and should be used carefully the cinnamon oil can burn you and I don’t know that it would work in a vape pen. But it’s great on a toothpick.

    • Hahah i feel the same way! I will admit I used it the other day when I was mowing the lawn with the push tractor. It’s very convenient and I do like the actual feel of it in your hands and the tip.

      I’ll keep mine around too for sure

  7. I had smoked for years and stopped for 3, started back up and have been trying to stop now for the past 2 years with no luck. I tried the regular vapors and the first few times of using it wasn’t bad, but after that I would cough each time. I tried different levels on the battery, different nicotine levels, different flavors, different tanks….nothing was working I would cough SO bad I would become light headed. I gave up on the vapor route (which cost me $60 in total for everything). I received coupons in the mail and figured eh why not, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I finally found a store yesterday that sells them and I used my free ecig coupon and my free box of cartridges coupon. For free I was willing to try it….besides that I am not getting much flavor, I LOVE IT! I don’t cough, I don’t taste liquid, it is smooth and pleasant. I like that I can hold it like a cigarette and that it is small. I hated holding the vapor down like a straw, it wasn’t natural and too much vapor came out, besides being huge and heavy. To me this has just the right amount of vapor or smoke. I am trying to alternate between real cigarettes and that to wean myself down, but as of right I am liking it especially for being free to try!

    • I know exactly what your talking about. I’ve been having that same problem. I’ve tried a few different kinds but after smoking on them for a day or so every time I smoked one I could get away with a drag or two but after that the coughing was just out of control, and so far the one I got today under the same deal is working great and so are my lungs. I find the taste is closer to a cig than the others I’ve tried but I would expect that by a company who has produced the real thing for so many years. But the taste is closer to a Cambridge than a Marlboro but that’s not a bad thing I domed them for years.

  8. I purchased the Mark Ten rechargeable and unfortunately I was disappointed….it only last approximately 2 days; the flavor (menthol) is good but not worth the cost….will go back to my to Blu.

      • There’s the problem you were using the disposable. Since then Blu has released the Plus 100. I too was not fond with the first released Blu’s, but these new one are quite different.

      • I love the mark10.Much better than blu.I think it’s the closest thing to a cigarette. Haven’t had a real cigarette in a year and a half.

    • I have tried several different ecigs including the Blu and the Mark 10 is my favorite. It looks like a real cigarette and isn’t heavy like the Blu. The battery life has been lasting for me and the menthol cartridges are GREAT. I like the four draw technology it seems more like a real cigarette all the others I have tried are hard to draw from. Think I have finally found the ecig that works for me.

    • I love the Mark Ten I was an avid blu smoker until they changed their menthol flavor. First I had 2 origional kits,they went to the new version an no longer had the cartridges,I hated the new taste,smelled worse than tobacco,left an awful taste in my mouth and my urine smelled really bad. I was ordering the origional cartridges from Blu itself..Then knowing why I ordered from a few phone called,they sent me 3 packs of origional size cart. With that awful smell..I still have them. I should of been told al, the origional were gone.Meanwhile my husband had been trying out different e- cigs .Came in with the Mark Ten last February and I absolutely love them The spearminty taste of the menthol, leaves a clean fresh feel in your mouth. The cartridge last me 2 sometimes 3 days. My blu I had to charge about every 4 hours. I can go 6-8 easily with the Mark Ten. So glad hubby came across this. I had also tried Vuse..nasty taste..

  9. This was my first time trying this lighter free cig ….i do not like at all. Its like rolling up air…i dont taste anything…if i were given a second chance i might try again…but as of now….(( well see )) then i wouldgive it a better rate..til then…im waiting

    • You have to check out some of the real vape setups man. You can get a quality one for under $50 with low recurring costs. Some of these things create massive clouds and really recreate the smoking feeling. Just gotta do some research. If you have a vape shop near you…go there!

  10. my first thought was this was not going to be good… but have founded to be by far the best e-cig i have had.
    i bought the menthol pack and its great considering its 8.99 where i bought it from. The taste is far the best of the menthol e cigs that i have tried. it makes almost as much smoke as a regular cigarette. i haven’t had issues with battery life, i’m a light smoker and its great for everyday use! the only draw back i have found its the lack of others flavors. I also wonder if this is cancerous because its made with ‘tobacco-derived nicotine’ and its made from a big tobacco company. this is a must buy for people who try to quit. its affordable price, very portable, very accessibility and a excellent choice for smokers that don’t like cigarettes.

    • Alejandro, thanks for your input! Yeah I thought the menthol was pretty tasty as well. But the battery seemed to die so quickly that you would need to buy like 4 of them. If I was out for a day trip, I’d be through 2 batteries by lunch! And I was a light smoker as well.

      But I’m glad it’s working for you!

      As for the ‘tobacco-derived nicotine’, I think it contains the same ingredients as any e-liquid. Which is generally acknowledge to be non-carcinogenic. However, we dont know about whether the vaporization process emits metal elements that could cause problems.

      Regardless, I think the goal of e-cigs should be to quit, not switch. They are an amazing tool but it’s best to just be addiction free, in my opinion.

      • Hey Kentaro,

        Not to bash your article because I definitely appreciate that there are superior alternatives. I’ve used the 510 in the past, and generally been smoke free for the past 3 years. I got the MarkTen from some marketers at a bar, and I gotta say it is better than your article makes it out to be. The vapor is decent like the other commenter said, and the flavor really isn’t that bad. I thought the USB charger was a great item because I just charge it in the car while I’m driving around. I would say if you are a heavy smoker and you need to puff on the vape all day, then this product definitely wouldn’t suffice, but if you have that craving just a few times a day, then I would actually say this product meets that need really well.

        Also, what inspired me to make the comment in the first place is your use of “non-carcinogenic.” Although I am not an expert by any means, I am fairly educated regarding biological sciences, and I would suggest that you alter the phrase slightly to “less carcinogenic” (relative to a real cigarette) until at least reputable data and research is performed to support a fairly definite conclusion of “non-carcinogenic.”

        • That’s not bashing, we appreciate any constructive criticism. After seeing some comments I will say that perhaps the Mark 10 is not a terrible option for starting out. And in fact it may not even be a bad way to quit nicotine altogether, considering what a previous user said about not wanting to like his e-cig too much.

          But I really want to address your final comment and say you make a really good point. I did not write the entire review, I had my writer help me out with part of it so that must have slipped in. There are certainly carcinogenic materials in vapor (in a lot of things in the world) but yes, I should have said “most likely” and “have less” rather than the absolute “non-carcinogenic”. Thank you for the correction!

      • Mark 10 was my first experience with vapor and I am researching better options. Tried Vuse but too harsh and not balanced as well so trashed it. I have 5 Mark 10 cigs because the battery charge is so shortlived and the chargers keep dying. Try to charge them at night do I can use them all day but am not going to buy another just for the lousy charger!

  11. I picked up the Mark 10, I haven’t smoked a plant cigarette since July 8 of this year, and I think the Mark 10 is to an e-cigarette what the 72s were to cigarettes. I didn’t just want to smoke something else (I already do plenty of that lol), I want something that continues my mentality that smoking nicotine sucks, period. The low battery life and weak charges perpetuate that. I would gladly continue smoking Blu cigs, but with the Mark 10 I get those reminders that it’s something I’m ready to quit doing. In the meantime, I’m spending less per day buying cartridges. In conclusion, I think Mark 10 will be the product that, down the road, I’ll be able to say was the last nicotine product I used before I quit completely.

    • Tommy,

      That’s actually a really good point man. We believe ultimately in nicotine cessation as well, not continuing to vape for your whole life.

      Thanks for the interesting point of view.

  12. I continue to get coupons for free or $1.00 cartridges so I will continue using the Mark Ten I received for free a couple of months ago. To me, the regular cartridge tastes like root beer. Anyone else?

    • Sierra I agree the regular taste like root beer at first but as it runs out it taste like burning plastic. Also have you noticed the end that you put in your mouth gets hot after 3 or 4 pulls? Or is this just me? Last Sierra I would like to know how you started receiving coupons in the mail? Without the coupons I’m not sure it is worth it to stay with this brand. Catridges only last about a day & I’m not a heavy smoker at all. Thank you.

    • So it’s been 3 days since I started with the mark 10 I’m not a heavy smoker so 1 catridge last 1-2 days. But 3 days in & my cheat feels like I have an elephant sitting on it. Not sure this is normal. On the up side I haven’t had a cigarette in 3 days now. Not sure what to do from here. :/

    • I taste root beer sometimes and other times honey. I also purchased the kit and cartridges with 1 $ coupons. I like the flavor quite a bit compared to other ecig flavors of the past, but I’ve not really searched out the newer flavors that other companies make. I enjoy both cartridge flavors in this brand. As a very light smoker, this can replace smoking for me anyways.

  13. I just went out and got a Mark Ten, a Fin, and a Blu disposable (cherry), and a Crave (disposable), to test out the differences. IMO Mark Ten wins solely for being as close to a real cig experience as any (size really matters). I don’t mind recharging it often as it helps curb my usage. Fin is the 2nd place winner, it’s a bit larger than MarkTen, but the flavor is a little better and it runs longer. The Blu disposable is great, but still gets 3rd due to size, and the Crave disposable has one distinction which is nice, the mouth is rubbery so you can play with it just like a real cig.

  14. Lame review. You say you re going to set aside the fact that it’s a “big tobacco” product but can’t get eight sentences in without bringing up that fact. Lame. I dig it but, I didn’t get burned by the $99.99 set up so….

  15. I am so disappointed! I have been using Mistic from Wal-Mart for the past year and when I saw this one I saw a chance to save some money…..yes, the price is good but in three days I have gone through three cartridges and the battery life sucks! The only thing I really like is the size. It feels like a cig and not a pen. Going back to what I know!

  16. I like the Mark Ten it really is helping me.The only probably I have is you have to charge it to much.but I will continue to use it until I have no Desire for any type of Tabacco.and hoping that won’t be much longer.

    • Take the smallest flat-head micro screwdriver in a set, or safety pin (or anything that will fit through one of the 4 draw-holes, I’ve found the micro flat-head works best) and pop the end off the cartridge. Comes off exactly the same way as the back end of a cheap bic pen. Goes back in place just as easily, a 4yr old could do it.

      Once the end is removed there’s a clear plastic o-ring that seals the juice from running out the draw holes that pops out very easily. Once the cap and o-ring are removed from the spent cartridge simply resaturate the cotton (with fav juice) just as you would a Zippo.

      Re-seat the o-ring and pop the cap back on and, IMHO, you have the best of both worlds… The feel of a real square with unlimited flavor possibilities.

      The both of my batteries last approx 14hrs, so I have no complaints. You also get to stick it 2 big tobacco by never having to buy a replacement cartridge again!

  17. I’ve been smoking since I was 18 years old. I’m now 51 and needed to stop asap as per my cardiologist. Wanted to try the Vuse and instead of just buying one I bought two like an idiot and two sets of cartridges. I should tell you I was smoking the Eon and loved it but wanted to try something else since I was told Eon was made in Hong Kong by some Chinese Company and I was scared about what they may have put in there. Anyway, the Vuse was DISGUSTING!! Didn’t taste like menthol at all and the gas station wouldn’t take the unopened products back so I spent 38 dollars FOR NOTHING. Frustrated I opened the FREE Mark Ten ecig they gave me as a gift when I bought the Vuse and WOW I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE TASTE!! Yes battery life sucks and the cartridge lasted less than a day since I smoke a lot but my goal is to eventually stop smoking all together sooooo maybe all the battery life frustration etc. will help me do that in the end. Loved your article

    • I really love the mark ten e CIG and have been buying cartridges.I love the taste of the Menthol but would like to get juice to refill but don’t know what kind it is to refill?

  18. Just got mine about 3 days ago. They sent me a starter kit for free via snail mail, although it wasn’t the same as the one pictured above. Mine came with a black slider case that included the charging end and a USB charger. It also came with two coupons to get cartridges for free. To me, the regular one tastes like stale vanilla (yuck), so I got menthol as well and am doing okay with that one. It has great flavor but you’re right about the battery life! Charging it twice a day already is getting old. I also agree with the comment that this is helping me remember that it’s only temporary. I’m doing it to help me quit, not to become an e-cig “lifer”. All in all my review is “meh.” Although I am curious if anyone else that tried these woke up heavy chested and phlegmy. Is that usual for all e-cigs and vapes or is it just thus brand? This is the only kind that I’ve tried so far. Sorry for the lengthy response!

  19. Got a free coupon in the mail and used it, figured what the hell. I actually like it more than I expected I would, and I like it better than Blu. The taste could be a tad better (the non menthol). I am still smoking cigs, and using the Mark 10 has helped me not smoke as many cigs. I like that it’s smaller size. The battery life isn’t a big issue for me. We can’t smoke at work, or get smoke breaks, so I carry the Mark 10 in my pocket at work and puff on it here and there throughout my work day. Everyone has their own opinion of what’s great and what sucks, and for me, my opinion is that it was free, the cartridges are cheap for my personal useage, and I like it. So I will continue to use it and it will probably be what I end up quitting real cigs with. Plus I like that they’re sending me coupons and freebies.

  20. I smoked Marb Reds for about 15 years, from 15-30, just quit last July when I purchased my first e-cig. I first tried V2 as they were popular. The price is a bit higher, but the flavors and quality goes a long way, much like this article described.

    If you start with the Mark Ten, you’ll appreciate e-cigs for what they are: tools to help curb your cravings to stop you from inhaling the carcinogens from real cigs. The ‘throat hit’ as described is a big part of that for me, I need that. The V2 did a fantastic job for supplying as deep of hits as you want, to the point you will cough, and their Zig-Zag black flavor is as close to a real cig as I can find.

    I next went the way of custom built, liquid refill (instead of cartridges), bought a starter kit for about $40 at a local tobacco shop and a few flavored bottles of e-liquid for about $6 a piece for 10ml. This method definitely supplies the ‘cloud’ smoke effect, whereby you can hold the button for as long as you want and take as big a hit as you desire. These give less of a ‘throat hit’, but are definitely great in the long run to use daily if you are a constant smoker. The cartridge types get old rather quickly, imho.

    At this point after using various e-cigs for a little more than a year, I use a combination of V2 cartridge-style ecig and the liquid refillable custom model (Smok T-dux 2.0 and Smok adjustable battery). I am completely satisfied whether I want a cigarette style throat hit, or a tasty cloud of vapor while I sit. Overall you spend less on e-liquid and carts than you would on cigs, about 50% less for me, but I do buy two different kinds and vape all day, every day.

    I honestly hope and believe that electronic cigs will be the accepted form of smoking for the future. It’s a shame some people are so uneducated that they make radiculous claims like how e-cig smoke is dangerous second-handed, when really it’s the exact same thing as coffee vapor. (Vegetable glycerine) is the compound, and is all natural. The only question is if second-handed nicotine would cause any negative effects, but all credible science and evidence says no as of now.

    If you know nothing of e-cigs, give them a try. You can’t pick a wrong one. Go cheap or go big, just get something you like with easy replacement options. From this article, I can definitely agree with its author that the Mark Ten is a very late bloomer and not worth the price compared to all the other great options.

    Neverending Vapors can give over-the-phone or email/facebook support for anyone interested. They specialize in all natural custom-flavored liquids and e-cig assemblies.

    Thanks for reading! -Larry

  21. My neighbor just picked up a starter kit and 10 cartridges for 80 cents. Yes you heard me right, 80 cents at wawa gas station. just ask for a coupon from the person behind the counter, and they will give you a starter kit and 10 refills just by paying the taxes, and that comes out to about 80 cents. I’m going to try it just to see if I’m an E-cig kind of person or if I’ll just suck it up and smoke regular cigarettes. This is a tester, going to Liquid Juice in the am for a real E-Cig. If I like it!


  23. Well i received a free “starter kit” from marlboro since i am a part of their mailing list for free items and etc. Opening my package and it comes in a nice package with a carrying case that can hold up to 2 batteries and 2 cartridges and the usb charger for the battery. It came with 1 free battery but no cartridge but came with a coupon for a free pack of cartridges for me to try. I have not tried it since there’s no cartridge that came with the pack. For someone who wants to quit maybe I’ll give this a shot since i did get it for free. If it doesn’t work then at least I didn’t spend a dime on this device. If it does then i might stick around with it. I’ve used blue ecig and after a few puffs lets just say it’s just sitting in the trunk of my car

  24. I just received a free starter kit in the mail. It came with a black carrying case that holds the usb and holds two mark10 ecigs also a coupon for two free refills. So far so good like the feeling feels like a light cigarette taste good also. Thanks for the free stuff. Since I got it haven’t bought a pack of smokes in about 3 days hopefully it lasts. Keep the coupons coming

  25. Hello Kentaro and fellow ‘Mark 10 E-Cigg Review” Googlers!

    First off, I would like to preface this with a thank you to Kentaro for taking the time to provide us with a truly in-depth review as well as his diligence in responding to the comments section. Its rare that someone takes the time to individually respond to comments and more so handle dissenting opinions on the product as gracefully as he did. I rarely comment online but the quality of discussion here, as well as the original poster’s awesomeness inspired me to throw in my two cents.

    I am still fairly new to the electronic cigarette/vaporizer scene. I was introduced to e-cigs by a friend at a party who lent me with Logic Platinum Menthol. Ever since that day, I was in love with the invention. I mainly smoke when I drink, which is fairly often, but I hated the smell that it left on my clothes, fingers and breath. My girlfriend hates when I smoke and if I want to get any after a party, I have to make sure to shower, brush my teeth and change my clothes (no joke). I’ve been around the block with gas station disposables like Blu, Njoy, Hi-Tech etc., as well as purchasing my first Kanger Vaporizer. For some reason I’ve settled on the Logic Platinum Menthols every once in a while when I’m feeling in the mood. All around, I enjoy the taste and I’m a creature of habit I suppose. Today I went to 711 here in Jersey to pick up my usual LPM before going out to the bar, when the cashier handed me a Mark 10 “free sample” Having tried a million different lackluster gas station disposables, I wasn’t too excited about another new face in the vast sea that is the gas station e-cig market, but hey, free is free right?

    Initially, the packaging struck me as being pretty nice. This bad boy comes in a pretty basic yet fairly aesthetically pleasing box, consisting of a plastic test tube that the e-cig calls home, a usb charger and some instruction papers. Having tried so many varieties of menthol e-cigs, the flavors usually fall into three categories for me. 1. Chemically and gross, 2. Odd but tolerable, and 3. Pleasantly mild, refreshing and enjoyable. The Mark 10 falls into the latter category for me. It’s got a unique and pleasant menthol flavor that i enjoyed very much. The only downside, as Kentaro stated, is that it fades fairly quickly, but it’s what I’ve come to expect from a $10 gas station special. As far as the physical properties, the size is conveniently small, but that four hole tip is complete gimmick. Similarly, the battery life isn’t very good, and after about 20 minutes of ripping it, the vapor becomes noticeably thin until it eventually states blinking at me and pleading for it’s several hour long charge. In comparison with my usual slampiece, the LPM, it doesn’t last nearly as long. Fortunately though, after I juice the battery back up, it comes back to life with the same initial taste and enthusiasm that it came with when I cracked the pack. Also, I don’t know why but mine came fully charged, unlike everyone else’s for some reason.

    All in all, I give it an 8/10 when compared to other products within the range of price and provenance, (gas station $10 tobacco vapor sticks. This is now my favorite disposable e-cig alongside the Logic Platinum.

    I know this review is sort of all over the place but I hope this helps someone just a little bit. Kentaro, you’re the man, keep doing your thing; you are appreciated.

  26. I have been using a Vuse for about 7weeks and today I decided to try the Mark10, I think it is the nasty thing. The vuse is so much better tasting. This one tastes like old chocolate, i will be sending it back to the compnay to get my money back

  27. I’ve been using the Mark 10 for a couple months. I didn’t buy it to stop smoking, more of a friendly smoking option around non – smoking friends.
    Positives first. It’s very affordable. When I got the starter kit it came with a $3.00 coupon for replacement cartridges. They run around $9.00 for 2 at my local smoke shop.
    I’m a menthol smoker and the menthol flavor is nice. Not having options of a bunch of different flavors doesn’t bother me.
    Negatives next. Here’s what may be the problem…I’m a smoker. I want a big vapor hit, which means harder draws. The cartridges don’t seem to last very long…at all. Probably because of how hard I have to draw to get a good vapor hit that I like.
    There’s no way to put this nicely but the battery life is horrid. I’ve been substituting my regular cigs for the Mark 10 when it’s cold outside and it won’t last an evening…much less if I was using it all day.
    All in all…I would give the Mark 10 about 2.5 stars. Good try but no “ecigar”. I just ordered a V2 EX starter kit. Looking forward to giving it a try.

  28. The mark ten is alright but I need something better. Just bought mine today and my battery has died, the flavor is good and all but i need something better. Something with more battery life and more vapor. Can someone help me out?

  29. What store’s are these available at? I just received 6 separate coupons in the mail today, each one is for a free device… I’ve not Seen these sold locally, but I live in a small town in Tennessee. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! (:

  30. I got the free starter kit with coupon, the life of the initial cartridge was short, but I used the $3 off coupon on the refills you get two in a box for $5 and it lasts a lot longer. The battery life is about a day for me, and if needed for $9 they do have an extended life battery with 33% longer battery life.

    The throat hit is nothing I am really care about, but the taste is nothing like my normal cigarette brands taste, but it is unique and has me smoking a real cigarette about two to three times a day, I was smoking a pack a day before trying this product.

    I like the little to no vapor it gives off because some places only allow non visual vapor in the building if using an Electronic Cigarettes.

    Overall I would give this product a 3.5 out of 5. I am sure there are better products out there, but I will wait to try them out, this one seems to work for me for the time being.

  31. I suppose if you really want to go around sucking on a big glistening tube, whooshing out huge clouds of apricot-lime stench, it says a lot about your personality aside from being addicted to smoking. You are someone who uses smoking to draw attention to yourself, just like in high school when you started smoking.

    You watch youtubes about how to make your whooshing even more obnoxious and to the point that the general public will finally decide that vaping is as bad or worse than smoking because nobody wants to smell your cloud, and it will also be banned in public places.

    You’re just like the idiots who will eventually ruin the nascent pot acceptance, by insisting on going over the top with dabs and inappropriate public consumption, just because you are an obnoxious fool.

    As for these Mark Ten e-whatevers, they are OK. Not great, but not too expensive in moderation, and they don’t make you look as foolish as some huffing, flannel shirt wearing neckbeard with a giant steel pacifier to get through the day.

  32. For the Light smoker I think it works well.. That said, I am not overly experienced in e-cigs. But my sons are, so I know and have tried a number of styles and none stuck. I dont want fancy flavors or smells. One of the reasons I am trying to quit is the smell. Also other E-cigs I have tried I don’t like they way they draw or the way they “taste”. If find that the Mark-Ten is the closest thing I have found to a real cigarette, possibly due to the “Gimmick” of the four draw. I think a lot of the bad reviews are biased by Vapers experiences with Vaps, and other E-cigs with more fluid types of arrangements and higher %Nic. I am a 3/4 pack of Marlboro 72 silver (Ultra Lights), and find its a perfect fit. Also find the cleanliness and ease of the cartridges kind of nice. Also they have a nice case on their website with a portable charger, extra tips and such for $29.. which should actually placate most the issues many have with time and charging. That cost is still cheaper than most Vap kits. So far day two and I like it.. guess time will tell.

  33. I have been trying to quit for a couple of years now. I have tried many different brands of e-cig in my attempt to find one that I could actually enjoy that did not leave me running for a pack of Marlboro Blend 27. The first I tried was called Mystic (sold at Wal-Mart stores) that was inexpensive but the vapor was minimal, and the flavor waned after just a few puffs. Then it was onto Blu…. decent vapor, cruddy battery life, and the flavor was gone after 10 or 12 puffs….don’t get me started on Blu’s customer lack of service. I tried several other brands (now into this experiment to quit to the tune of about $500). Then I tried the Mark 10. While I agree that the battery life leaves something to be desired, I disagree with the rest of the review. The throat hit is decent, the menthol flavor lasts throughout the cartridge(until it is almost out), and the flavor is consistent. I get plenty of vapor and so far it is the most satisfying e-cig I have tried. The prices are really my only complaint…$10 for the starter kit, and $10 for the refill pack (2 cartridges) ….in comparison the Blu refill packs are 5 cartridges for about $14…but that is the really only good thing I can say about them. I would give this product an 8/10…it would be higher if the prices were just a bit cheaper…..side note: After using the Blu ecig for the last 2 years …I am well used to crappy battery life lol.

  34. I received two coupons in the mail for two free mark tens, so I got one for myself and one for my hubby, I had tried one similar to this last year but it was a different e cig, so far I like it and I’m having to charge it right now so we will see how it does after the charge. I know last year I wasn’t crazy about the vapor but figured I’d give it another shot. What can I say it was free.

  35. So I bought mine yesterday morning… I just now charged the thing cause it blinked. everything works on it. bought it with 4 extra cartridges.. still on the first one and I use to be a two pack in a day and a half type of smoker. I don’t mind that the flavor weins over time.. I’m actually trying to quit now so I’m using it only when needed badly. It works how its suppose to if used right when it works. for me.. 100% good.

  36. Yeah, I got this just because of the coupons for both the starter and some cartridges. It was a bit of a journey to learn how to best use these things, but now that I’ve got it down – I think the menthol Markten is the bomb! Here’s why; 1. It allows a user-controlled modulated drag from shallow to quite deep (while other ones like the Vuse or Njoy have timed or short sustained drag capacity). 2. It never tastes like burnt filler material (the Vuse tastes like burnt poly from the first drag). 3. These Markten cartridges refill like there is no tomorrow, they easily can handle 20+ refills and often more. 4. The capacity may be short, but just carry around three or four of them – it is not that much work and they are cheap enough. 5. This menthol is the flavor I wish some liquid maker would make, but none have!! It is like having vicks vapor rub slathered around your insides. The coils in these are heavy duty with quality crimp (heavy duty copper crimp clamps) and no solder anywhere. It is hard to make one burn out.

    The way to make these work really well is to top them off with a thin liquid (I often use subzero) when new. They prime better than way. Then, only use them to about 75% done before refilling, so they don’t heat when the coil is dry. I’m surprised more people don’t like these.. I hope they stay on the market, even though I hate the company as much as anybody else who hates them. Vuse and Njoy were unusable for me at any price, the Markten has it all over them if you ask me, easily the best cartridge type in this size category.

  37. I got my coupon for a free one in the mail so I got it and bought some cartridges sometimes when I drag on it it stays on after I’m done it gets real hot the only way to get it to stop is to blow in the end of it my son got one too and his does the same except his stayed on in his pocket and burnt his leg but they do actually tastes pretty good when they’re working right

  38. I’m new to e-cigarettes in general. To be completely honest I’m not really trying to quit (I know, I know.. spare me the lecture), but rather just looking for something that will allow me to smoke indoors when the urge strikes. The gas station near my home was giving the Mark Tens away free one day last week, so I got one.

    Despite sensing a bit of an anti-Big Tobacco slant to the review, I did find that most of what was said was spot on. The girl claimed one cartridge was equal to one pack of cigarettes, and I have to assume she wasn’t talking about the cartridge that comes with the unit, because I got less than half a pack’s worth of smoke out of it. Probably closer to a quarter pack (5 cigs), although there’s no real way to measure. Either way, it wasn’t anywhere remotely close to a full pack.

    As stated, battery life is abysmal. Again, I’m new to the e-cigarette game, but even I could tell the battery life on this one was pretty bad. In the process of getting my 5-8 cigarettes worth of smoke out of it, I had to charge it THREE TIMES. Yeah, it’s that bad.

    On a brighter note, I smoke menthols, and I found the menthol flavor pretty tasty. Kind of like a stick of spearmint gum. It did, however, burn my throat a bit after repeated hits, but that’s not something that really bothered me.

    So overall, would I recommend this e-cig? Yes and no. I got it for free, and if you can do the same, it’s worth it, obviously. It also comes with a $3 off coupon toward your first cartridge purchase, making the total cost of it between $2-3, and with actual smokes at anywhere between $6-8, that’s a good deal even if I only get a half pack out of it. But I don’t expect that after that I’ll be buying anymore cartridges, because of the battery life, and to be completely honest because if an e-cig company wants my business, my device and cartridge life expenditures will have to be far more economically feasible than 1:1.

  39. I must say that this was my 3rd option for an e cig. Overall I would say this is a 6 out of 10.

    Flavor (menthol) 8
    Feel ..7
    Cartridge longevity 4
    The thing that I have found with the mark 10 is that the cartridges can be taken apart VERY EASILY, and filled by yourself. Overall not a bad starter, or quitting e cig. If you are looking for more smoke and quality, purchase a real evape for $40 and ejuice… that is my next move.

  40. I actually enjoy the e-cigarette it’s helping me quit smoking a little at a time but I lost my cigarette part of it I have several cartridges… I’m at a loss I was wondering if I could get another cigarette part… would it be possible.

  41. I received the MarkTen promo package, and so far so good. This guy’s review is BS. I’m also not that picky though. The four draw is a little glorified, but overall, an excellent product. I’ve used 4 or 5 different E-cigarettes, this one blows them all out of the water. I get about 200-250 hauls off of each cartridge(I think saying you get 50 is exaggerating). Whoever wrote the 1st review is clearly a massive chain smoker. I’d recommend this product to anyone interested. A+

  42. New to vaping and honestly thought it was kind of corny. got this mark ten for free. figured why the hell not. I am a tobacco user.. all kinds of tobacco. pipe, cigars, cig, dip, chew, hell even plug and nasal snuff a few times. I sort of liked this…. until I WENT TO A SMOKE SHOP, BOUGHT MY FIRST VIAL OF LIQUID AND REFILLED THIS LIL SUCKER ON MY OWN. if you don’t do this then you are missing the point. I will never have one of those huge vape pens. actually it is important to me that the size shape and feel is very authentic. hell even the light looks real fading in and out.
    anyway listen if Marlboro was trying to give us the razor and sell us the razor blades they messed up bigtime. Once I refilled with my own ejuice it was better throat hit WAY MORE VAPE and just covered the bases better!.

  43. Personally, even though I have larger e-cigs, Evods and Egos, I like using cigarette style e-cigs just for the simple fact they feel like using an analog cigarette. I received the coupon for the Mark 10 for free and decided to try it out. I like the feel of it, being smaller than my Green Smokes and Bloogs, and more like smoking an analog. They are refillable, of which I have refilled one 4 times so far and still working great. These will not totally replace my other e-cigs because the others have larger capacity batteries and carts, but work fine for going to the store or short dive someplace. Vapor production is as good as my other small e-cig, the Njoy rechargeable. Both have the same 90mah battery, Njoy being a bit longer and a larger capacity cart. I also used the $3.00 off coupon included in the Mark 10 to get extra carts, but I admit they do charge a bit more than other carts, but they are refillable. Njoys are refillable, but the end caps they use are a 2 piece design and break apart leaving a slight lip on it to put back on the cart, which can be tricky to put back on. One good thing though is that the Mark 10 caps fit the Njoys, so after those carts are no longer usable, I’ll just save them to use on the Njoys. The Mark 10’s are great for people wanting to try out e-cigs because of it’s feel. And if you like them a lot and want to use them all day, they do offer a PCC kit.

  44. I also got free coupons for Vuse and Mark10. I figured I’d try the free ones and be done. I do find myself once in a while when I’m buying stuff anyway, buying Vuse Cartridges. I’m a pretty heavy smoker so it doesn’t last all that long, but I don’t think any will based on how much I smoke. I usually use them when or where I can’t smoke. I think I went with the Vuse because I saw a list and it had the highest nicotine content. If I take a strong draw I do very often end up coughing. I do like that it tells you went the cartridge is empty as opposed to the Mark10 just letting you know about the battery. I have a hard time telling when the Mark10 is empty, sometimes I think it is and when I try it later it seems to work again. I do think the Mark10 has a nicer fit in my hand, but I think the smaller size is why so many people compain about the short battery life.
    The main issue with the Mark10 is as someone else mentioned a while ago. There’s definitely the taste of burnt plastic after a while. Maybe it’s not noticeable because so many people seems to be using the Menthol which covers it up. But in the regular flavor there’s a distict burning plastic taste.
    I’m not trying to bash the Mark10, I think it’s a decent product. I think it’s just that I got used to Vuse first, and like it, so I’m sticking with it. While if I received some free Mark10 coupons, I’d definitely use them and give it another try, & maybe end up switching.

  45. Hi! I am using mark ten to cut back on smoking and hopefully be done smoking cigs when my last two packs are gone! I like it a lot and hopefully be a non smoker all together in next few months! I really like them! I tried vapors and it makes me cough because it tickles and burns my throat! I have tried to stop before and no such luck but I think this will help stop the cravings til I can get to not smoking at all! I only have smoked a year and half so not that long! I like this product a lot! I am just so happy I have found something that can help so I can be a non smoker soon! Thanks

  46. I recieved a free coupon for a mark ten and I went and picked one up. I havent tried many brands but it is hard to match the real cigs. The mark ten has worked great for me for supplementing my smoking to slowly reduce my daily cigarrettes. I have recieved about 2-3 free refill coupons in the mail and you cant beat a free e-cig and free cartridges so I have no complaints about this producy. I plug it in after I use it each time and havent been inconvenienced by the battery life. Good product in my opinion just sign up for their mailing list and you will get some free coupons.

  47. I read the article (I disagree entirely) and every comment. I’ve noticed something in society. Smokers and now even non smokers are still smoking with e-cigs or dropping cigs and instead of quitting (which should be the means to an end; I acknowledge each I ndividual may take shorter or longer than others) they are just replacing one habit for another habit! I have a step-cousin who although hasn’t smoked in five months, has become obsessed with e-cigs. He has invested literally thousands of dollars on them! He has built many of his own for hundreds of dollars and knows the introconcies to the tiniest detail of them. His latest invention weighs seven lbs!!! Who would want to carry around that? Well, him I guess. My brother and his wife both have those large e-cigs with the fluid. I’ve tried them and concur that they taste great! However they DO NOT feel like I’m smoking a cigarette! I’m dumbfounded as to why my brother and his wife even use them? They still smoke and have no plans of quitting.
    Now getting to the subject at hand. My sister received a free starter kit in the mail. She doesn’t smoke and gave it to me. The kit came in a nice black box to store your e-cig, a charger cord, filter and a coupon for a free “pack” (each pack comes with two cartridges). I quit smoking cold turkey ten years ago for my witness as a Christian and for my wife and two toddler step-children I was going to raise; I wanted to set a good example. My wife left me for my best friend (TMI?) and divorced me last year so I started smoking New Years Eve 2013.
    I smoke 1/2 a pack a day. I went out recently to my tobacco shop to redeem the coupon at my tobacco shop and noticed the price was $5.99. I gave the kit w/cartridges to my step-dad because he needs it more than I do. He has COPD and smokes a pack to pack & 1/2 a day. I gave held it for ten minutes and took five drags within that time and LOVED IT! I smoke menthol cigs but these were regular and I still enjoyed the taste! This is THE BEST e-cig on the market!!! MARK-TEN feels like a real cig, looks like a real cig, glows like a burning cig, upon inhale you get that sensation that feels those cravings.
    My step-dad and I both bought those heavy, long, button push, fluid-flavor tank holding, whistle sucking e-cigs this past summer. We both spent $80.00-$120.00 each (leaking tanks, broken seals, fluids…etc, etc). We wasted our money! Mine kept breaking and leaking and then when it was fixed, somehow fluid would get into my mouth! The final straw was THE COUGHING!!! No matter how little a drag or long a drag, those e-cigs make me cough. I mentioned it to my step-dad and to my surprise he told me stopped smoking his for the same reason! So it wasn’t just me.
    I’m going out an getting me a MARK-TEN! To me, battery life is trivial to stopping this habit that makes me stink affects my health and could give me cancer. I buy 2 packs of Kool cigs every 3-4 days for over $12.00. I’ll pay the same for MARK-TEN only I won’t be inhaling all the thousands of toxic chemicals, I won’t stink, I won’t have to go outside and freeze but most of all, I’ll be on my way to quitting! Thank you for reading this entire comment to those who did. You may email me or Tweet @caseysean77

  48. I have been using the MarkTen now for about a month. Of all the Vaps and such its the best one for me. Solved the “Charging issue” I got two batteries.. swap them out and by the time the cart is done (and a cart and a battery last about the same time) . I swap. Also they sell a nice recharging case on their website (Comes with 2 batteries and 4 carts) . My issue is they recently went from 1.5% (15 mg) to 2.5% (25mg). They say they are not abandoning the 1.5% but I can’t find them I have to hunt all around town to find old stock. As soon as I buy out a place they get 2.5% as the replacement stock. I don’t care for the harsher hit of the 2.5%. That said I learned how to recharge the carts with vap juice, its quite simple. Each cart can take upwards of 2 or 3 top offs before its element and or the “cotton” is worn out. ITs simple take a push pin and pull the “four draw” tip out, then pull the rubber spacer out. Drip about 3-4 drips along the edge and reassemble. Just sit it tip up on a table for a 1/2 hour and its ready. I have gone to refilling with 6 mg and 0mg in an effort to get off Nic. Anyway, Altria/PM may have been late to the game, but thier product is the best Cig-A-Like on the market IMHO. Just wish they would bring back the 1.5% carts as Gold or something, and maybe a .6% one as a Silver.. Because the factory carts hit better and last longer than when you top them off with vap juice.

  49. I got one of the free coupons in the mail out of the blue so i went out and got it i think its the best one i have tried yet and i have tried around 20 or so now i plan on using this a lot more i didn’t seam to have the same problem with batter life it lasted 2 days and the first cartridge lasted be about a day and a half not bad i think for some one that smokes 1 pack a day well that’s just my 2 cents with i like it

  50. Mark 10 is my fav of all the gas station e-cigs. I started about 18 months ago with BLU disposables, as a way to curb my appetite and stimulate my metabolism after quitting tobacco cigs 12 years ago.

    After 6 months of disposables, I bought an Atmos Ole from the local tobacco shop, and used it regularly with menthol liquid with 1.6 nicotine, until I decided that nicotine wasn’t having the desired effect. So I switched to 0% menthol, cause I really love the sensation of inhaling, always have, and it was “less” carcinogenic than nicotine.

    Anyway, the Atmos tanks kept melting, and the battery finally gave up the ghost, and I have to send to Ft Myers Florida to get replacement parts, so it’s DONE. Over the holidays, I bought a Haus (by Mystic) tanker, and use my menthol juice in it, and all is well in my world again. But I keep buying Mark 10’s, cause I’ve got 3USB chargers, and 4 batteries, and the carts are only $5.99 for two around here. Oh, and I don’t have to charge the batteries more than 2 hours to get the green light. Oh, and if anyone knows where to buy carts in bulk at a discount, let me know, cause I keep these around for the occasional nicotine buzz.

    Well, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it, so Happy New Year to all!

  51. This E-Cig is pure CRAP!!! Horrible flavor. Here’s the irony; after vaping for almost two years and experimenting with over a half dozen brands, that included the popular, and overrated Blu-Cig..unless you like coffee flavored tobacco, I came across the VAPAGE brand. My first purchase was a disposable. My search was for a product that tasted like a REAL CIGARETTE and REAL TOBACCO. Dont wanna smoke cotton candy, or red lolli-pop, YUCK! I wanted something that tasted like the brand of cigarette I smoked for over thirty years, and that my friends was good old Marlboro. The Vapage Brand has three Tobacco flavors, but it was their RED TOBACCO, which after the very first hit, took me back to what it was I enjoyed for all those years. They taste is the closest, to what I would describe as in between a Marlboro Red and a Marlboro Light. After running out of flavored cartridges I went on an extensive and laborious task, in search of the refill cartridges. When I was almost ready to call it quits and just order directly from Vapage themselves, I was introduced to this brand by the store owner. I thought, FANTASTIC, Marlboro has entered the E-Cig business. And, I’m thinking, ALRIGHT! This is going to taste like a real Marlboro. Half way home I opened the kit and took a huge toke…YUKKKKK! What has Marlboro done? What were they thinking? Well, needless to say, I went ahead and ordered my Vapage; Red Tobacco….Hey Marlboro, you f–ked up big time. This shit is going in the trash. Bummer.

  52. Well, my 2 cents on it, I’ve vaped years ago when no one knew what the hell vaping was at the time. In fact I got so deep I to vaping I started mixing juice and actually loved it more than smoking. That’s where the problem came in… Needless to say, after dealing with some issues due to vaping too heavy and trying to get back into it as a means of backing off of the real thing, I would have to tell anyone that’s it’s all how u put it into perspective. It’s a nice little ecig although it’s no better than the older ones years ago, but if you use it for the intended purpose of trying to back off of cigs then this thing is absolutely fine. The problem comes in when u take this ecig thing to the next level and it becomes a crutch. Just use it for what it’s worth, take a drag, put it down…. Just as one of the other commenters said just to curtail the craving.

  53. Well I did get the MARK-TEN’s biggest package online for $39.99. I was disappointed that I was given a package of batteries instead of cartidges like the outside package stated. It was a packaging error. Also the second filter in my first cartridge was a dud. MARK-TEN offers a 90-Day Money Day Back Guarantee. I was given a full refund within four days. I just called because I hadn’t received the full paid return envelope/packaging-slip they were to send. MARK-TEN Customer Service stated and I quote, “as long as you have your money back we are pleased that you are satisfied as s customer. You can keep it, toss it or give it away. We are sorry it didn’t meet your needs. Keep the money, it’s on us.” I told him I was a Christian and a man of integrity and he said he appreciated the honesty but the hassle of returning it would be to much on my part so just keep the money. Say what you will about MARK-TEN, but as far as Custimer satisfaction goes, they will do anything to make sure you are happy with their product; even if you’re not, they still want to leave on good terms! Five Stars*****

  54. I bought the mark ten for my husband and it is crap will not charge , so I thought we got a bad one so I bought him another one and a pack of the cartridges , well guess what the same thing will not charge and the place will not take them back , and I cant find the phone number to call and complain I just wonder how many people got ripped off from this product . So very disappointed with this product.

  55. i just got mine today and i really like it but i need to ask – why is it when i take a draw from it does it burn my lip- i tried calling the 855 number on the leaflet with it and its a non working number

  56. After reading the reviews I’m a little nervous I bought mine today for 7.49 taxes included I’m trying to quit but I do hope that it lasts me more than just a couple days I’m somewhat a light smoker in a typical day I smoke about 10 but in a 24 hour setting I say I smoke a whole pack and I smoke Marlboro menthol black and the markten menthol is probably the best methol e-cig I’ve tried I’m too worried to buy the juices bc I have little ones running around I decided to quit because the fact that my son would cough and wheeze when he was around me and I already notice a difference in him I don’t know how much the cartridges are here in my state but I got a 3$ coupon so that’s good and like you said I don’t want to like my ecig too much because I want to end the habit not replace it with a new one. Will post again in a few days once I run out and need to replace mine buy so far I like it.

  57. I got mine free w/ a coupon that came in the mail. (The starter kit.) So far all seems good. I also received a coupon in the mail for 2 free cartriges(went and got those today) Plus, also just received in the mail a $3 off two more cartriges. So far I’m happy…It’s all been free! Tastes better than the Blue e for sure, But that’s my only experience w/ Vapors so…
    I still smoke regular Cigs, but for Me (a Musician) I like it for the reason I can still pretty much keep it in my mouth when We practice etc… Especially since I’m the only one left in the band (and the world it seems)that still smokes regular Cigs!!
    For Me it’s been all good; it was free, and works a great little cheater but time to go have a real one!

  58. i just have one concern about this product and i only wonder y it does it it gives u a shock on ur lips if u hit it at the tip of the cartrigde like you are testing a 9 volt battery am i the only one who noticed this

  59. This is the first e cig that I tried, I like it, Have been smoking since 1985. With that said, I have tried to quit a couple times and have went from reds to lights to now a newport non menthol to reduce my use.
    That has worked and now this free samples show up and worth a try to anyone who wants to cut down or eliminate using tobacco. I am sure the are other units that vap better and whatever but for a tool to help you cut back on smoking this is very good. 1 cartridge that came with the original free starter kit has lasted 3 plus days. I also like the feel of the cig size in my hand. All in all I will give it a 10, I saw a video on you tube how to recharge with e juice, that looks even better. I hate the cost of smoking tobacco but still enjoy it every now and then. I am sure that a heavy 2 pack a day smoker will not like this product..But for someone who has reduced over a couple years, this is really good…

  60. Not bad got a free coupon for the starter kit and for a pack of cartridges, the menthol tastes great, can’t say how long the battery lasts yet. So far so good, have tried many types this the best tasting e-cig type so far, have other base ball type vaping devices that blow bigger clouds but for free this isn’t too bad!

  61. Complete waste of money, Yes if you get a free coupon go ahead and try it. Trash it once done and don’t waste you money on refills. Blu is junk also, and expensive to use.
    Only brands I would recommend,
    V2, Bullsmoke, Halo, or Lecig they all use KR808 threads so all these products are interchangable. Markten has its know custom thread type, which is useless.
    Also recommend using blank cartridges and refilling only way to go, savings will be amazing and not to mention hundreds of any type of flavors you can think of.

  62. Yes I like the Mark 10 but now that I know its made by Phillip Morris I will not use it again. Also yes it needs to be charged too often and the cartridges just don’t lasr.. I use V2 cigs now and I am sticking with them. Product is superior and the cartridges last a very long time. I love the coffee flavor the best but cant really get the flavor of tobacco that I like..Someone said the Zig Zag Black was good–I will try that. Also the V2 cigs have outstanding customer service! I have been tobacco free for 36 days. I will never go back. I almost died from Acute Bronchitis–its a wonder I lived! Thanks for listening! Ciao !!

  63. I bought my first e cig before they were called e cigs and before they were available at every corner store.
    The first one I bought was refillable and was huge and heavy and felt not looked nothing like a cigarette. I was fairly pleased with the vapor and flavor and it also seemed to hold a charge for quite a while BUT the plastic refillable piece kept cracking and leaking liquid nicotine everywhere.
    I have since purchased many e cigs and am very surprised at the bad review the MarkTen was given. I found that it produced very good vapor, has a pleasant taste and I love the size and weight of it. I do agree about the sucky battery life and short cartridge life but for the price it’s affordable to have 2 batteries and just alternate. Thanks for the info about refilling the Mark Ten as I have lots of juice left from past purchases!

  64. You can easily refill them like you would with cleartomizers. Just take the plastic top off and rubber piece under it, and refill with whatever e-juice you use for mods. Small, discrete, and battery lasts almost a day for me (was smoking a pack in two days). With some ingenuity, you can rig them for mods easily with tin foil or the like for longer battery. 5 drops of e-juice fills it up for half a day. Personal tip: don’t overfill as it will taste like shit. But if you do 5 drops it tasts devine. I’m very picky, too.

    • I refill my Markten cartridges with eliquid also and it works well. To me it taste better then what is in the cartridge new. Saves me money too.

  65. I recently bought this product. I love the flavor of the menthol. The battery life could be better as well as the refills. I was very upset to buy a pack of refills and got one that either wasn’t filled at the factory or just was a dud. This product is rather pricey for no more than you get.

  66. Dont get me wrong…i dont promote ” big tobacco” but you said i your beginninh statement you were going to “forget about it being a big tobacco product” & the first paragraph of your review you just couldnt help yourself could ya? You went strait out and reminded us it was a big tobacco product! I stopped reading right there because you lost all credibility. Ill have to fork out $11 & review it myself.

    • Fair enough, I appreciate your candor. Unfortunately our entire website is dedicated to ending the death and pain caused by Big Tobacco and it’s hard to get over that bias. It seems that many folks are finding success with the Mark Ten and that’s fantastic. This review was written before it became so popular, and compared to the other vapor products we review, it doesn’t compare. But we’ve learned from writing this review that many people want something simple that performs well, and not necessarily a high-tech setup. We don’t care whether it’s a Big Tobacco product or not, if it helps you get off the real cigarettes, we support it completely.

  67. Won’t be most popular here since I don’t plan to quit nicotine. I’m 51 and have been smoking since 14, but only 1 _ 2 packs a week. I started vaping oct 14 to be less unhealthy & more politically correct and Flovors and haven’t had a real CIG since new years 14/15. I have 2 vision spinner 2s, an ego v3mega, a blowAMG, and when I want less conspicuous a small ego battery with green smart cartridges. I have no prob with their size or weight. Now to the mark 10. A friend gave me one he found, with 1 regular cartridge in the clear tube but no charger. Fortunately it was charged so I tried it and it’s not bad. I was glad to learn from this thread that the carts can be refilled. Yes, the cartridge and battery life are much shorter than my others, this is because both are so tiny. That is what makes it the perfect companion to my others, because its invisible in my shirt pocket and almost invisible in my hand. Most people don’t even notice me using it, great for when I’m somewhere that they get uppitty about even vaping. And lucky for me it will charge on my existing chargers. I think it is going to be a good addition to my stable of vaping devices.

  68. I feel this review is biased and way to negative, the markten is the best cheap e cig ive used so far, its way better then the tru cig. you shouldn’t be comparing it to vaporizers that are 3 times the price, thats not right. You clearly just dont want to give this product any credit because fo who makes it.

    • I think it was because we assumed people wanted the larger, tank style setups that you see everywhere. They tend to work a lot better and create better vapor. Most e-cig users you talk to would not even think about using the Mark10 daily. But then there are people who just want something small, simple and decent. And the Mark10 does do a good job of that.

  69. Here’s my 2 cents on the Mark 10..

    First off, let me begin by saying that I am a heavy smoker.. VERY HEAVY… I have a cigarette in my hand or mouth, almost every moment that I’m awake.. It’s gotten so bad and combined with the price of cigarettes, that for the past 2 years or so, I’ve started smoking 305 filtered cigars.. I switch up the flavor, but 95% of the time, I smoke the menthol.. I’m pretty sure these things are the worst possible things I could smoke.. I’m helpless against it, I’ve tried the gum.. I’ve tried E cigarettes.. I’ve tried cold turkey.. I just can’t quit, I can’t even seem to slow down.. Those 305 menthol cigars burn forever.. Just one will burn probably 4 times as long as a regular cigarette.. Imagine smoking 3 packs of those a day.. that’s where I was at until I recently found the Mark 10.

    The common E-Cigs that you get at a vape shop are all pretty similar, they are too heavy to let hang from your lips like a real cigarette.. there’s a button you have to press in order to draw vapor.. and from my experience, they don’t last very long before the button breaks, the battery starts loosing life like crazy, or the atomizer thing goes bad and needs replacing, and those things are like 6 bux a pop.. And worst of it all, is even though I got my nicotine, the actual drags that you take every time you draw from the E-Cig doesn’t taste or feel anything like an actual cigarette. These are the reasons I gave up on your standard E-Cig.

    Here’s why I like the Mark 10 better.

    First off, it looks and almost feels like a real cigarette, I’ve actually had people try to bum a smoke off of me while I’m smoking the Mark 10, and then I tell em it’s an E-Cig lol. Now that might seem stupid to you, but for me, a big part of the battle is mental. The fact that it looks and feels like an actual cigarette fulfills much of my addiction on its own. It is a little heavier than an actual cigarette, but with the Mark 10, you can actually hold the e-cig with your lips, and since there is no button that you have to press, you can drag it while holding it with your lips, as if you were smoking a real cigarette. Being a chain smoker, I tend to smoke when I’m doing other things, like driving, working, playing music (in a band or composing music in my home studio), cleaning house, ect.. Now while all of these things are possible with a standard e-cig, I’m used to smoking an actual cigarette, and most of the time, it’s hanging from my mouth, and I’m doing other stuff with my hands… That isn’t possible with the standard e-cig because of it’s size, weight, and the fact that you have to hold it in order to press the button every time you want a drag.

    As far as the battery life being horrible and only lasting 30 minutes.. I’m not sure if you tried more than one Mark 10, maybe you got a bad one or something. I would have called the company and they’d probably have sent you a coupon for a free starter kit. I actually started smoking the Mark 10 because of a coupon for a completely free starter kit and a completely free set of 2 cartridges, both coupons came in the same envelope. I said, well, it’s free, lets try it.. I LOVE IT!! Now I read that you say the four-draw makes no difference in the draw, but in my personal opinion, I beg to differ. For me, I feel like each draw from the Mark 10 feels much more like a cigarette than the standard e-cig with a button and no four draw. I removed the part with 4 holes (the four-draw), and took a few drags from it without that piece on, and it feels more like the standard button press e-cig, but when I put the 4 draw part back on the end and again dragged from it, it went back to feeling more like a cigarette.

    Back to the battery thing, They don’t last forever, that’s true, and they do take quite a while to charge up.. It’s certainly not perfect but I prefer it much more than the standard e-cig, and at this point, I prefer it to a regular cigarette or filtered cigar because of the flavor. My battery lasts for at least 3 hours on one charge, and I’m CONSTANTLY smoking it, basically chain smoking without the need to light another one. If you smoke as heavy as I do, you’ll probably have to buy one starter kit ($10) per month. They usually come with a coupon inside for $3 off of a pack of cartridges too! They also all come with a charger. I haven’t thrown away my old batteries, and I have 3 batteries now. The first 2 still hold at least an hour charge, and since they all came with chargers, I can charge as many at once as I have USB ports available. with 3 of them, for a total of at least 5-6 hours of smoking time before needing to charge them again, they usually last me while I’m out of the house, if I’m gonna be gone for a really long time, I alternate between real cigarettes and the e-cig, using real cigarettes a little more than when I’m at home. Even with the Mark 10, I still smoke cigarettes, but within my first week of using the Mark 10, I went from 3 packs of filtered cigars a day to making one pack last me for 3-4 days!! Some times I really just feel the need for a real smoke, like after sex, food, before bed and when I wake up.. It’s getting to the point that when I have that urge for a real smoke, and I go to smoke it, I am starting to think that real smokes taste bad and the less I smoke real cigarettes, the worse they taste each time I do smoke one.

    The cartridges last me about a half a day per cartridge, if I’m puffing non stop all day, I may use a 3rd cartridge as well.. When I can keep it to just 2 cartridges a day, my cost of smoking the e-cig is about $6 per day, which is less than a name brand pack of smokes. Now and then, I’ll get a cartridge that doesn’t seem to last as long as the others, maybe defective or something. It’s happened a few times now. I’m sure if I contacted the manufacturer, they’d send me coupons for free cartridges to make it right, but I’ve yet to try.

    I searched the internet to see if there was a way to refill the cartridges for the Mark 10 with regular e-cig liquid. On youtube, I came across a few videos that show how to do this, and it’s really easy actually! I do have to say that each cartridge can only be refilled maybe 4 or 5 times max and still smoke good. Like the atomizer on a standard button push e-cig, the cartridges stop working after you’ve refilled them a few times. The answer to this is to just keep every cartridge that you buy, and when they run out of smoke, put them in a drawer somewhere. Then if you’re ever out of cartridges and can’t make it to the store, or don’t have the money at the moment, you can grab some of the empty filters that you saved, refill them, and it works just fine to hold you over until you buy more cartridges. I personally prefer the taste of the liquid that originally comes in the Mark 10 cartridges to most of the e-cig flavors that I’ve tried, smoking cotton candy or a watermelon is cool, but the filters for the Mark 10 taste very similar to an actual cigarette, but way better. I haven’t tried the menthol cartridges yet, mainly due to my love of the non menthol Mark 10 cartridges. I’m sure the menthol is great too, one day soon I’ll try it. With real cigarettes, I often switch between menthol and non menthol lol. So while you can effectively refill and smoke the empty cartridges, I personally use that as a last resort, and like to buy fresh cartridges whenever possible.

    My review of the Mark 10 is 5 of 5 stars!! The first e-cig I ever tried was like the Mark 10, when e-cigs first came out, the original ones looked kinda like the Mark 10, no button, looked like a cigarette, lighter than the button version, but heavier than the Mark 10. I didn’t stick with the original e-cig because of battery life, cartridges were expensive, didn’t know how to refill, ect.. The Mark 10 though.. I’d say is light years ahead of the original e-cigs when they first came out, and I’d also say it’s a much better product than the button press e-cigs that I’ve tried, especially if you want something that feels as close to an actual cigarette as possible compared to the button press kind.

    I can’t say whether the Mark 10 is better than Blu or any of the other e-cigs that use cartridges and require no button pressing. The reason for that is that I haven’t tried the other kinds of e-cig due to the fact that I like the Mark 10 so much. Everyone has their own taste, their own needs they need met when they look for an e-cig. The Mark 10 meets all of my nicotine needs, so for me, it’s a perfect fit. Hope this review helps anyone who wants to know about the Mark 10 from a heavy chain smoker’s point of view. This thing may very well save my life!

    Have a great day everyone!!
    – Cole Minor

  70. e-cigs are fine, it’s nothing but flavor, water, glycerin and the nicotine. Removing the tar alone from the equation will save a million lives. The two big problems with store-bought e-cigs are long-term cost, and the cheap build quality of the batteries. It looks good on paper; ten bucks gets you a rechargeable battery and a ‘pack of cigarettes’ worth of smoke in a cartridge. Then all you have to do is buy two ‘packs worth of smoke’ at six bucks apiece, and Bob should be your uncle. Sadly, that doesn’t work. The Mark-10 is designed deliberately small (more on that in a bit) which means that the battery already is suffering from longevity problems, and then to make it worse is made from the cheapest recycled materials available, which gives a maximum battery life of only a couple of months. The goal being that after a couple of weeks you will pop for another ten buck battery kit over just more six buck for only two cartridges. And then buy two more cartridges. And then an extra battery kit, for when the one you just bought dies.

    The one big upside of the Mark-10 is the flavor. It is absolutely FANTASTIC. Unfortunately, everything else else about the Mark-10 is a downside. It is designed, deliberately, to hook you quick on vaping and then make you spend a fortune on it because you don’t know about vaping alternatives. To purposefully get you hooked on e-cigs, and then make you shell out only slightly less what you would have paid for real tobacco, for the world’s most crap batteries and a daily six dollar outlay.

    In fairness, if you are looking for a store-bought e-cig that hits you like a real cigarette and tastes like Heaven, the Mark-10 is absolutely the best option in that market. I have done nothing but love every single puff I have ever had from a Mark-10. Unfortunately, it was designed specifically to steal money from the poor and the ignorant. The batteries and the cartridge are small on purpose – an awesome flavor, cheap nickle and a smaller wad make it cheaper to produce, and more money spent on returning customers.

    Don’t get me wrong, if you need an emergency e-cig for whatever reason, the Mark-10 is far and away the best the best store-byable e-cig out there for flavor, although the Vuze kicks its ass in the throat hit department, and the kick. is noticeably better. If, on the other hand, you are looking for smoking alternatives and quitting, go Google “vaping.”

  71. I have smoked for over 35yrs, tried the Mark 10 and haven’t had a real cigarette in 3 weeks. I am not having any problems with it only staying charged for 30 minutes, maybe because I am not puffing a lot. I am really glad I found this product. I can final breathe again.

  72. Honest opinion of the mark ten is that the product is bad. It is like smoking a dirty sock and the fortunate part is that it lasts about the equivalent of half a pack of cigarettes.

  73. Lol you all smoke too much if it’s only lasting you that short amount of time. I only got one cuz i left my charger for my e cig at work and needed something to get me through the day which it has with not even a full charge. lololol

  74. I have tried other e-cigarettes and this one is the best as far as flavor and convenience. It charges really fast when connected to my computer via USB. The vapor could be stronger but at least id does not make you cough up.

  75. Just bought a mark ten tonight…first ever ecig….instead of smoking half a pack sitting here reading this I have used the mark ten – and one real cig tonight….this may be just what I need to put the real guys away for good…haven’t used it enough to really comment on battery life or such…but I didn’t charge it outta the box and it lasted me for a couple hours tonight and no sign of dying battery.

  76. Like many here,…. I like the MARK 10 form factor and flavor…. however as others have posted the battery life and the cartridge life is HORRIBLE.

    With that said there are some “workarounds” …..

    1 : Buy the portable charger from Mark ten ( I’ve only seen it online at there website. Nice and compact and does the job

    2 : Buy some eliquid and refill the carts. Halo sub zero is very close to the markten menthol…. you can also choose the nic level. I’ve found you can refill the markten carts about 2 times .

    3 : By the extended markten battery last about twice as long

    Also, Markten ha come out with there MARKTEN XL …. I found it on there website. I gave it a go. Ok it fixes everything with the previous Markten, the carts last as long as anyone elses same as the battery. My big problem…. right now it only has a 2.5 nic level… which is way too much for me at the moment. I go between 0 nic and 1.5 ….

    The new XL is a larger form factor but still on the slim side and the fit and finish is good.

  77. If you want to quit smoking there is only one good way to do it: Cold Turkey. Smoking ecigs does not break the habit and the ritual of smoking a cigarette. Go online and find a support group for quitting smoking (yes they exist) and surround yourself with people who don’t smoke. If you want to make it easy on yourself, don’t drink for the first couple months also. Then you will not be as tempted.

    If you slip, don’t consider it a failure… Just keep going on as a non-smoker instead of throwing in the towel. Quitting is a journey of finding out how to deal with your life without using a deadley pacifier. It will help you train your mind to stop making excuses and ultimately make you stronger.

    I quit smoking 5 years ago and believe me, there is no better feeling than telling someone that you are not a smoker. After the first year you will see how much time, money and life you save by quitting. Good luck everyone, I’m pulling for you.

  78. Been doing MarkTen Menthol XL for about a month, but looking for something different. I do like the draw and size but on Sheetz sells the XL carthridges, no other store sells the XL around here.

    Biggest complaint is the consistency of cartridges. There is none. Some last a few hours, some less, some more. Shame because I do actually like the ecig.

  79. Hey Y’all,

    Can anyone recommend the closest taste to a Marlboro Red short? I am trying to get my hub to switch from the real cigs but he continually says he cant get the same flavor and nic content.

    I use the MarkTen menthols and L O V E them. I am working on my PhD and eCigs are a must for students! Smoking in my lab now no problems! I also just ordered the charging kit so I can have the convenience of a charged base and extra carts if needed.

    Agree with the others about the true Vap products – too cumbersome and hard to ‘hide’ – more like little tiny bongs!

    Merry Cmas!

  80. You’re not suppose to sit there and continually smoke an ecig. First of all it’s just moronic, are you trying to be cool? And second, it has antifreeze in it, so it’s killing you even faster. So of course you’re going to get a crappy rating from this guy for the battery because he’s not using it like a regular cigarette. Oh, that’s why your cartridge didn’t last either. See how that works? You’re not cut out for testing products, let alone journalism itself. Leave it to the pros.

  81. I’ve been trying a variety of e-cigs throughout the years starting with the very first Njoy that came out several years ago (cotton stuffed cartridges that weren’t supposed to be refillable but so many of us refilled them anyway) which seemed like a great idea but it honestly really sucked. I have to say the newest Njoy over -the-counter non-rechargeable e-cigs give a great hit and last for awhile and they even come in a case but the first few hits are always a strong chemical taste.
    I’ve purchased the rechargeable, re-juicers too and while I like some of those I’ve not ever really liked any over-the-counter e-cigs at all for one reason or another. Either the battery doesn’t last long or the filter doesn’t or there isn’t a good hit.
    The Mark Ten E Cig is by far the best hitter, it’s dependable and has a very reasonable battery/filter life. It’s one of the best over – the – counter and rechargebale, refillable (tho not with juice which would make it even far superior than I think it already is) that I’ve experienced. The non-menthol has a real tobacco taste and hit without any chemical taste at all. Now I just need to buy a case cause I keep putting it down and wondering where I left it.:)

  82. I used mark ten menthol for more then a year
    Love it no problem in any way
    Couple days ago I’ve tried the new xl
    And that give me the worse headache of my life

  83. Have they upgraded them since this article? Not only do I prefer them over Blu, I have zero issues with the battery lasting (usually lasts when fully charged for a few days) but the cartridge lasts me about a week. I’m not a huge Vapor, but I do Vape almost every night. The taste is like the real thing, unlike Blu. I haven’t tried any other so I have nothing to compare it to. I do find them pricey though, that’s why I went with Blu because they were cheaper but I have the whole kit still sitting in a drawer waiting in case I run out.

    So my only gripe would be the price.

  84. I posted a comment that took over 2hrs to write out and it got error out. So here is the short… Short version. There is only 2 e-cigs I will smoke… That is the Vuse and Mark 10. I have tried them all Blu, Vuse, Mark 10, Njoy, and the list goes on and on. But In a nut shell only speaking for the Mark 10’s… The taste is decent. They are sold everywhere. The price is competitive. It is easy to carry, conceal, transport. The battery life is only down fall but givin the size and portability it is acceptable. Always carry a backup. The charges (filter) life lasts me 10+ hrs so no complaints there. Mark 10’s and Vuse are ment basically for just e-cig users… NOT traditional cig smokers or Vap users… And we are the only ones that will appreciate all it has to offer. I welcome all comments and questions ppl might have. Thank everyone for reading and for your time.

  85. I really liked the Mark 10’s. I smoked for about 30 years and switched to the Mark 10’s about 3 years ago, quitting real cigs all together. After smoking Mark 10’s for about a year, I was able to quite completely. I would definitely recommend the Mark 10’s. Not sure why this review was so negative.

  86. i bought a couple of systems 5 weeks ago when I smoked my last ever cigarette. They are very good at satisfying my cravings. Now they have come out with the XL and pulled all the cartriges of the reg markten from the shelves. They are promoting the XL whigh has more nicotine. I cant even get the menthol on line. I feel like I have been ripped off but more importantly, I believe it is very bad business to up the nicotine level to try to get more people hooked. I am reallt Ticked off. Wish I knew what else to do. they have politely refused to give me any satisfastery answers.

  87. I used to smoke Newports and quit just like many others using e-cigs. I started off with Blu but noticed that when I first tried them the cartridges would leak then then months down the road the cartridges only lasted a day or less. That was a huge chunk of change going out the window with 3 cartridges cost over 15 dollars. I went in the local gas station yesterday to get my refills and the cashier told me about MarkTen. She gave me a starter pack and a box of cartridges which came out to $2.17 with the coupon. I charged the battery and must say I like this. I placed an order through MarkTen’s website to get a charger case and some cartridges. Way cheaper than what I’ve been spending on Blu and tastes great. I don’t really care about making so much smoke that it looks like there’s a fire in my car or house. I just want the flavor and satisfaction of smoking without having the real thing.

  88. I would like to try this markten ive been smoking for 15 years and im ready to quit but its not that easy. And i dont wanna pay a arm and a leg to buy something that dont work. How would i go about getting a sample.

  89. I got a kick out of the t-ball bat comment. If I had to describe the other e-cigs I would have to say they look like an Indian Peace Pipe. And yes there is second hand smoke. That’s why I like them or 10. It’s small enough that it fits in my cell phone case. I received my free coupon last week. Picked up monkey it on Wednesday and here it is the following Tuesday and I still amusing the cartridge that came with the kit. I can put my battery charger and 2 extra cartridges in my cell phone case with my cell phone and No One Ever Knows It. I even pulled it out kept it in my hand and since there were no smoke or Vapors no one knew that I had taken a puff in the middle of my daughter’s college graduation.

  90. Mark Ten Menthol e-cigs make me gag and cough no matter how little I inhale. I normally smoke menthol cigarettes. The non-menthol are a little better but coughing still happens. Glad I got free coupons. In no way would I pay for these.

  91. I have been vaping for a few years, the coughing and hacking will go away after you put the cigarettes away and only vape.

    I have a box mod and LOVE IT, but I cant always hold a stupid mod when trying to do stuff, so its times when I need a cigalike..

    Tried Vuse, Blu, and other random cigalikes. Blu was good, then I saw the Mark10. Just right! Flavor was good, but the battery life was low, but expected since the battery is little..

    I have 5 Mark10’s, 3 Blu, and now 3 Mark10 XL’s..

    Holy smokes, the new XL is amazing! Longer battery life, better flavor, and bigger better hits with a much better cloud. Sure, not gonna compare to mod clouds.

    I didnt like how the original Mark10 battery was just wrapped with a crappy sticker, while the Blu battery was actually dipped in paint. The new M10 XL is rubberized and isnt as slick and dont drop them as often.

    I got my first XL kit for $1, and came with a package of cartridges in the deal.. Then I bought another XL a few days later, and every kit comes with a cartridge, charger, and the battery, but also, they give a $3 off coupon for cartridges.

    The 4 hole technology is a gimmick. Under that 4 hole cap, is just one tube just like the blu, and every other cigalike..

    Regardless its a good little e cig. I will stick with Mark10, and their XL..

    Use these when driving, working etc… Then at home watching tv for the night, use a mod e cig. Makes all the difference in the world..

    Just leave the real smokes alone.. The coughing will go away, your chest will start to clear itself..

    My father passed away from COPD recently and it was the absolute worst thing to see.. I threw out my cigs, dumped my tobacco bags, and dumped soapy water on everything.

    I am now more dedicated to vaping, and no smoke.. well, except the happy stuff that is lol.

    • Oh, and I have had no problems with the Mark10 batteries holding a charge, even after using them for 2 years. I have 5 regular Mark10’s, 3 Mark10 XL’s, and 3 Blu. I dont use the original Mark10’s since I got the XL version. They may just end up in a box, with the chargers, along side them Blu I dont use anymore.

      My $40 box mod, and a few $12 tanks work amazingly well when at home, and the new XL’s are for when I drive, or work etc…

      I even refill the XL cartridges with various flavors of juice. First fill wont get proper flavor, the 2nd time you refill them, you get most of the flavor. Basically you will mostly taste residual Mark10 juice after your first refill.

      I am a 2 pk a day smoker of 20 years. I had a heck of a time going to vaping, but a nicotine lozenge in my mouth, puffing a Mark10 works well for me. Right now I am only a few weeks smoke free this time, and I plan to stay smoke free.

      Also, when trying to quit smoking, it helps to reduce stressers. Take the scenic route home from work, stop and smell the roses etc.. It honestly helps.. Also, getting divorced helps eliminate tons of stress hahaha..

      Good luck to anyone and everyone that is trying to quit. Its certainly not easy, and its going to be a long bumpy road.

      I just saved up enough to buy a motorcycle, and am planning a cross country cruise.. The money I save on not smoking is building up faster than I expected.. “so is this dang belly from wanting to eat all the time” haha..

  92. Can I use another Cartridge (non – nicotine Blu cartridge) with the Mark 10 XL battery? I Just got the kit for $1 but the menthol cartridge is nasty tasting and too strong in nicotine dosage. Which cartridges are able to be used to with the battery?


    • MarkTen strongly advises against it. I haven’t tried myself so I do not know if the threads on other ecigs will even fit but they say it may damage the product and voids the warranty

  93. I gave the Mark-10 Telephone # a call & had’em put me on the Mailing List. They Hook Me Up with 2-4 Coupons a month that gimme the $1 Deal, just gotta pay the Tax on the $ Ya Save.
    I had the Original Mark-10 Device from the Beginning, then I was sent the new XL Propaganda/Coupons in the mail. So now I XL.
    My Only Complaint… I Wish there were 3 Cartridges in the Cartridge Pack…There’s Definitely ROOM in the Lil’Box for a 3rd Cartridge.
    (I was in the Movie Theatre Saturday Night & I saw a fellow Mark-10 Vape’R, I could tell by the color of the Light on their E-Vapor Device. That should be a More Prevalent Brand Distinguisher.)

  94. Several years ago in an attempt to quit analog cigarettes I tried a gas station cigalike (don’t remember the brand but it came in green and white packaging). It did nothing for me. Then in May 2015 a friend introduced me to vaping at a party. I didn’t know wwhat “vaping” was so I googled it and watched a ton of youtube videos. In retrospect I realized that cigalike I tried was indeed “vaping”. On May 15th I went to a vape shop and the owner set me up with a proper starter kit. I had my last cigarette on 31st 2015. It’s over a year and still no cigarettes. I personally think Vuse, Markten and all the other cigalikes are a waste of time. But looking at the comments here and other places, clearly they work for some people. I personally like clouds from a box mod and don’t like tobacco flavored juices so cigalikes could never really work for me. The main thing is to get off the burning tobacco. Whether it’s a cigalike or a box mod or a vape pen is up to you – just quit the cigarettes. Your body will thank you and everyone around you who doesn’t have to smell your smoke will thank you.

  95. Several years ago in an attempt to quit analog cigarettes I tried a gas station cigalike (don’t remember the brand but it came in green and white packaging). It did nothing for me. Then in May 2015 a friend introduced me to vaping at a party. I didn’t know wwhat “vaping” was so I googled it and watched a ton of youtube videos. In retrospect I realized that cigalike I tried was indeed “vaping”. On May 15th I went to a vape shop and the owner set me up with a proper starter kit. I had my last cigarette on 31st 2015. It’s over a year and still no cigarettes. I personally think Vuse, Markten and all the other cigalikes are a waste of time. But looking at the comments here and other places, clearly they work for some people. I personally like clouds from a box mod and don’t like tobacco flavored juices so cigalikes could never really work for me. The main thing is to get off the burning tobacco. Whether it’s a cigalike or a box mod or a vape pen is up to you – just quit the cigarettes. Your body will thank you and everyone around you who doesn’t have to smell your smoke will thank you.

  96. I, along with most I read here, also like the MARKTEN XL. I have tried many others (my drawer is full of them) and have found this MARKTEN XL to fit my needs the best. It works far better then you are leading the readers to think, at least in my opinion. It is the first I have used that has not wound up in “THE DRAWER”

  97. Thanks for the review. I see a lot of folks appear to like Mark 10. I don’t. When ecigs first appeared at the local gas station Mark 10 was there. I tried it. Tried Enjoy, Metro, Nicotex and a number of others. I hate them all and was about to give up entirely. I found three reputable brands online that I stay with. They are all great. I m glad also to know some people do get what they need from them . If it works, don’t fix it! There are probably at least 1000 brands to choose from. If you like it , it’s good.

  98. I thought the Mark tan was excellent. Tastes so much better than Vuse. Lasts longer too. I don’t know why you haven’t got any lasting batteries or cartridges but mine have lasted for 2 days compared to a day for the Vuse? Anyway, as long as it helps us quit the real ones it’s all good. thx for your reviews…

  99. I’m a little hesitant to try it. It’s second ingredient is “Propylene Glycol”; also referred to anti-freeze used in your car. It is a hazardous synthetic compound that the FDA has approved for use in foods and cosmetics. Doh! Anybody have any knowledge about this stuff and is this e-cig safe? Thanks!

  100. I started using the mark10 xl about a month ago and I enjoy it. I switch between using it and smoking cigarettes. In 4 weeks, I’ve bough two packs of cartridges and had a $3 coupon off one and a coupon for 1 pack of cartridges for only $1. It feels like I’m holding a cigarette, it looks like a cigarette, not some bulky black box with all its bells and whistles. It’s affordable, it’s discreet, and very helpful if you work in a place that doesn’t allow smoke breaks. I don’t think the websites review was accurate. If you are looking for something simple to help you quit or cut back smoking, without having to take a class to understand it, then this is the kit for you.

  101. I like the realism of the cigarette feel except for the weight of the battery along with no tip smoke and you can’take put it out.
    This brings to my point, if you’really trying to quit, good luck with this. My battery and cartridges last so long it’seems counterproductive to quitting. I have found that I NEVER, and I MEAN NEVER put this thing down!
    I have 2 batteries, one is ALWAYS charged and, because the cartridges last for days, this mark 10 has become my adult life pacifier, yes, a pacifier! 51 years old and I have a pacifier! Pathetic, so, to who ever wrote that awful review, you couldn’the more wrong! For those who want a real draw, this IS for you. For those who want a real cigarette feel, this IS for you, and, for those of you who want longevity and your money’s worth. THIS IS FOR YOU!
    ENJOY! ! !

  102. A two pack a day smoker x 40 years and this product is working for me. I have spoken to my physician about the product and he encouraged me to continue.

  103. This review is ridiculous in my opinion. I have tried many E-Cigs, and the Mark Ten, and the Mark Ten-XL are the best on the market. I prefer the XL, but both are good. They give you the draw of a actual cigarette. The battery life, and cartridge life is 5x better then any other out there. The cost for the life of cartridge is fair in my opinion. I imagine the guy who wrote this review is smoking a dildo sized variable voltage battery with a Kangor Liquid tank smoking Tutti Fruity liquid. He’s the guy that spends half his paycheck every week on Mods, and Liquids, and then wants to complain about the price of a Cigarette, or E-cig. Trust me, I have tried Vaping. people ride around with Tackle boxes in there cars just to maintain there Vaping habit. It’s frigging retarded!

    As someone that has tried them all, The Mark Ten is the best out there.

  104. I don’t know what you were smoking. I have had tons of E-cigs, and this is by far the BEST one I have ever bought. I like strong cigarettes and the Mark Ten XL hit like a champ. I went from a pack a day to 3 or 4. I love it !!! Don’t listen to this review. It hits hard, last forever, and is 6 bucks for 2 cartridges.

    • I have to disagree with this review. I’ve tried a lot of other ecigs on the market, and as a pack-a-day smoker, this is the best one I have tried by far. Have gone from a pack a day to a pack in 5 days or longer. Great product and I encourage it for anyone trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

  105. I just bought a Markten XL a little while ago, specifically because tonight I made up my mind to quit smoking, and I figured weaning myself would be easier than trying to quit cold turkey. Now, I’m an eager beaver, so I started puffing it right out of the box. It’s been about an hour, and I’ve taken about 20 drags or so just to have a nice feel for it. So far, so good. The flavor is much better than other e-cigs or menthol e-juices I’ve tried in the past. The vapor produced is just enough to give me the nic I crave; not too much that I choke on a cloud, not so little that I don’t even feel it. It’s just about the same size hit I would get off a cigarette.

    I’ve been smoking pretty regularly for about 3 years (I’m 23), and I figure I’d better stop before my dependence on nicotine is worsened. I spend money I can’t necessarily afford on cigarettes, and I would like to stop doing so. Tonight, when I purchased my Markten and a pack of carts, the cashier (who at this point knows me as a regular customer) was incredibly nice and applied 2 coupons for $4 each off my purchase, saving me a total of $8. That right there is the cost of one pack of cigarettes. On top of that, he gave me another $4 coupon for the next time I come in. Throw on there the $3 coupon the Markten already comes with, and I’m already saving $7 off 2 more packs of carts, nearly the price of another pack of cigs.

    So far, my experience with the Markten XL has been a good one, hands down. Great taste, great price, and so far, I can’t say anything’s wrong with the battery life either. Whoever wrote the base review for this product obviously had a pretedermined extreme bias against the product/parent company, or they have a stick up their ass.

    I’m very hopeful that this will help me kill the need to smoke. I haven’t had the urge to touch a cigarette yet, which hasn’t happened with other e-cigs or vapes before. For someone like me, this product is already showing great potential.

  106. I quit smoking in september and used Blu to help but Blu was having problems with charging and not working anymore so out of frustration I tried Mark 10xl regular flavor (red) and fell in love. Perfect flavor and hit and enjoyed them for the past few months. Recently I have noticed a flavor and strength change. I noticed that the flavor was really strong and I was getting headaches and nauseous from it. I went to their site to find that they update the Mark Ten Red tobacco flavor and increased its nicotine content to 3.5. I am so disappointed and had to stop using immediately.. now I am out shopping for a new one..

  107. I LOVE my mark 10 xl. My only problem is, i am spending more on my cartridges than i did on a pack of cigarettes. I was smoking maybe a little more than a pack a week, im spending $10 bucks on 2 cartridges every 2 days. BUT its worth it to me, and i havent smoked a cigarette in 5 months. Keep it up!

  108. I agree with Chris above me. This is by far the best disposable ecig I have yet to find and I have a whole box of different ecigs that sucked. I’d take this Markten over Krave, New hookah, Cig2o, Mistic, and yes I’d even take Markten over Blu, Njoy, and those expensive tank evapors! It’s been the easiest to get a draw from without feeling like your suck through a tiny pinhole or loosening front teeth over time (tank evapors did that to me). The flavor has been the most tolerable if you don’t want all those darn fruity flavors in other brands. Even a strong draw didn’t cause me to hack up a lung, which a few others (like Blu) did. Your review even began in a pessimistic manner which leads me to believe that your opinion is biased and you had this determined to fail before actually trying it.

  109. You must Puff very frequently ,if not constantly, and take very long drags. It’s common for vapers that normally use high nicotine e liquid in a set up with temp control. as someone going straight from cigarettes to this two cartridges lasted me one week and half hour charge lasted me half a day. This is puffing on it for about 4-5 minutes, like a normal cigarette and only a few times an hour. The drag on it reminds me much of the real deal. I love my markten xl and don’t plan on going back to cigs or a vape rig with nicotine.

    • oh and my only complaints on the product is that the aesthetics of it. I wish the battery had faint lines like that of a cig, and the light at the end resembled that of the cherry on a cig rather than a white ten logo and white light. As well as the cartridges. Most cigs have yellow filters but markten is white. If it more closely resembled a cig it’d be a match made in heaven for me.

  110. Ok so I have been using Mark10 E cigs for over a year now , And what I have found out is The cartridges are really freaking easy to refill with your favorite juice from your favorite juice supply store. And it saves you a ton of money .

    Just google… How to refill a Mark10 cartridge. watch the videos.

    I refill them over and over maybe 2 or 3 cartridges a day. And when they no longer absorb the liquid just toss them and use the new cartridges you purchased with all of those discount coupons….Your welcome.

  111. I love this e-cig! I draw a lot during the day and the battery will last typically 2 days but if I use it excessively its about 1-1 1/2 a day. I have been smoothing this harder then my old bat sized e-cig. The price is amazing! I went from spending $100-$140 a month on cigarettes to $24-$32 a month. I have tried all the flavors and I hate them all except one. They all suck at hitting and lose flavor fast but their newest flavor “Winter Mint” The light blue one lasts the longest before losing flavor. I would say 2-3 days. It can range on usage. But the draw on this on this one is astounding! I never have had a cheap little vape hit as good as this specific flavor! I have used this thing for a year now and I have not only saved a lot of money I have also been coming off of it to stop smoking all together. A+

  112. I agree with some of the others who have posted in that the Mark Ten XL is a far better option than smoking “regular” cigarettes – nobody can deny that. The problem is this – idiotic millenials (who didn’t even smoke cigarettes to begin with) invaded the e-cig market just as quickly as they jump on anything else “trending” on social media – calling it “vaping” – shut up already. Bottom line, it’s a great product for those looking for a bridge from being a “smoker” to a non-smoker. Personally, it has allowed me to completely drop “real” cigarettes and at the same time, I’ve noticed my cravings for even the e-cig are on the decrease. IT WORKS! So before you trash a product based on not much more than an opinion, think twice.

  113. I have smoked a pack of Newports a day for 12 years and this is the only ‘vapor’ or e-cig that has worked for me! I have not touched a cigarette in 3 weeks and I love the Mark Ten.

  114. I was a smoker from the age of 15 i am now 33 ive been using the markten xl for one month and its great!the cartridges last me a week.its been the only product that has worked and helped me quit smoking real cigarettes. I havent had one in a month now.i love the sweet cream and the classic flavors.this review isnt giving the product a fair review.its wrong.the battery last for at least 48 hours.the flavor cartridges last for days.its awesome!ive used the blu too and this one is way better.has a better taste and throat hit.the only bad thing about it is not being able to buy the flavor i like in a store i have to order them online.ive also been doing a survey on it for a research group trying new flavors they are going to roll out in the future and trust me they have some great new flavors on the way!i absolutely love this product!!!

  115. Will def. buy Mark Ten XL on my trip out today. My concern, is this ecig one of the ones that could catch fire?

  116. The mark ten XL is exactly perfect. Mimics about 5 packs of Marlboro red cigs

    it has a click it makes when you enter the burn area so you can have it smooth or a heavy duty hitter

    I usually smoke Marlboro red 100’S

    Its got some serous power does not taste like blue vapor crap which is almost a hooka feel which is ok for partys and for girls that dont smoke but some times you want to iron your lungs into oblivion with nicotine. It can almost outclass at draruim black

    its been 20 years since this type of product has been out and i think the markXL classic put it right on perfect notch When in doubt buy one

  117. I have bought a Mark 10. I love it. My filters last me about a month. I do have to charge it a couple of times. I’ve tried others they do not compare to Mark 10. I would recommend Mark 10 to anyone.

  118. I picked up the Mark Ten XL at a local convenience store only because of the coupons I received in the mail. I have to say that, although I’m not impressed, I’m not unimpressed, either. It is what it is. It’s a little pricier than the one I normally use, but it was certainly worth a try. I’m a heavy smoker (two to three packs a day) and it still gives me a very nice throat hit. With that said, I don’t know if it will be part of my smoking cessation program or not due to the small variety.

    With all that said, it may very well be the perfect thing for some, and I’d advise giving it a try if you get some of those coupons in the mail. You’ve got nothing to lose, save lung cancer and/or emphysema, and those are great things to lose!

  119. I picked up the Mark Ten XL at a local convenience store only because of the coupons I received in the mail. I have to say that, although I’m not impressed, I’m not unimpressed, either. It is what it is. It’s a little pricier than the one I normally use, but it was certainly worth a try. I’m a heavy smoker (two to three packs a day) and it still gives me a very nice throat hit. With that said, I don’t know if it will be part of my smoking cessation program or not due to the small variety.

    With all that said, it may very well be the perfect thing for some, and I’d advise giving it a try if you get some of those coupons in the mail. You’ve got nothing to lose, save lung cancer and/or emphysema, and those are great things to lose!

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