Mig Cigs E-Liquid Review

Check Out a New Gourmet Brand: MigVapor

Mig Vapor offers a few different lines of e-liquids, with enough variety to keep most anyone happy. The company is a little late to the e-liquid party, as vaping enthusiasts have been enjoying these kinds of products for a while. Many of those who vape are going to be skeptical of any new companies trying to make their way into the market and take up a sizeable share of the vaping pie.

So we had to give their e-liquid lines a try to judge for ourselves if they were worth your time and money.

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What Is on Offer

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10% Off Coupon

Save 10% on Mig Vapor with our exclusive coupon! Just click the button to reveal code and use it at the checkout for 10% OFF entire order.

Mig Vapor has several different lines of e-liquid, and anyone should be able to find some flavors and varieties they are happy with what is available.

The 50/50 line is made from 50% VG and 50% PG. Each blend is made for e-cigarettes and vaporizer tanks. The manufacturer really went out of their way to create some truly unique flavors. The Rolling Stones RY Tobacco has a soft and gentle flavor that is quite possibly the best tobacco flavor we have had the pleasure of vaping. The Fruity Loops e-liquid really packs in some great fruit flavor, and you can taste each individual fruit as you vape it.

The Red Line of e-liquids uses very high grade kosher VG concentrate. Mig Cigs calls their Red Line “Level 5” flavors. The goal with all of these is to make intensely flavorful e-liquids that work primarily for drippers and mod users. In our testing, we found that they work quite well for tanks and e-cigarettes as well.

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The Quality and Vaping Experience


We mentioned at the beginning of this review that Mig Vapor has been a late comer to the e-liquid market. But they actually partnered with an e-liquid manufacturer that has been making the stuff since 2008. So they weren’t jumping in blind. They had experienced people working with them who knew their way around some e-liquid.

And it shows in the quality of the e-liquid. Each of the flavors is curated by a skilled chef. No flavor is allowed to be approved and put into production until the chef tests it and okays it. Apparently, they have a really strict testing and approval process there, as Fruity Loops was supposedly rejected more than 50 times before it was finally made in such a way that it earned the chef’s approval.

The Red Line flavors are ideal for mixing. Mig Vapor actually encourages mixing of these flavors, both with one another and with other e-liquids. We were really blown away when we mixed together the Vimana and Innocent flavors. They were great alone, but when mixed together, they created something unique and sensational.

vimannaMig Vapor touts the Vimana flavor as the e-liquid equivalent of what Red Bull and Coca-Cola do for bar mixing. In the few mixes we tried, we had great results, and we would say we have to agree with them. We honestly can’t wait to try mixing some more of these flavors together to see what we can come up with. The Red Line is going to be a big hit with experienced vapers.

The vapor production on all the e-liquids we tried was outstanding. They give great throat hits with plenty of flavor and a nice amount of vapor. And out of all the flavors we tried, not one felt like a retread of something we had tried before. Even flavors that seemed similar at first glance felt like something quite unique once we tried them out for ourselves.

We did a little research into where these come from, and it turns out that they are all produced in Southern California. That’s why there’s no feeling of déjà vu with these flavors. They aren’t coming from some foreign manufacturer that sends basically the same set of flavors to each e-liquid company.

We also looked into the customer service department for our review. We didn’t have much interaction with them for ourselves, but reading what others have to say about their experiences with them, we understand the consensus is generally a very positive one. They seem to have one of the most responsive customer service departments in the business, and that’s going to be a big change for many vaping enthusiasts. We know a lot of companies, especially the smaller e-liquid ones, are notable for how absent their consumer service department is. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Mig Vapor .

Disclosure: We receive a small commission if you buy the reviewed e-liquid using the provided links. This helps us to maintain this website.

The Verdict

If we had to lodge a negative at Mig Vapor ’ e-liquid lines, it would be that they are priced higher than a lot of their competition. They aren’t the most expensive, by far, but they are certainly pricey when you compare them with the average. So some consumers are going to feel like they are overpaying, because they believe their e-liquid should be cheap. If you want cheap, low quality e-liquid, there are plenty of options, but that’s not what Mig Vapor is offering.


• Great variety of flavors
• Unique flavors to choose from; you won’t find anything like a lot of these anywhere else
• High-quality liquids
• Some of their flavors mix very well with other flavors, even outside of the Mig Vapor lines
• Superb vapor production


• Priced a little high
We previously looked at Mig Cigs Vapor and their line of e-liquids as a competitor worth keeping an eye on. We saw them appear out of nowhere and start to make an impact on the industry. Now they are a force to be reckoned with, and they offer a robust line of e-liquids that everyone should be trying. If you aren’t trying what they have to offer their great vapor production and flavor, then you at least need to see what great combinations you can make by mixing some of their flavors.

We know we are going to be seeing what unique concoctions we can make from their e-liquid line for a long time to come.

Final Score: 9.5/10