My Freedom Smokes Review

my freedom smokes review

  • Vapor Production – 81%
  • Battery Life – 89%
  • Selection – 91%
  • Prices – 84%
  • Overall Rating – 89%
My Freedom Smokes is one of the best online e-cigarette stores. They have great starter kits for beginners as well as advanced batteries and tanks for veterans.

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My Freedom Smokes is one of the fastest growing online vapor stores in the country. They started as amodest little store but have turned into one of the juggernauts in the industry along with My Vapor Store, Discount Vapers, and a few others.

My Freedom Smokes is a big store. There are two kinds of e-cig stores or companies out there. There is the kind that manufactures and sells their own products. Then there are those like My Freedom Smokes, the companies that mean to be a big supplier or to sell anything made by anyone. That is My Freedom Smokes and they are good at what they do.

Just look at the amount of products they have in each category:

my freedom smokes catalog


The Freedom to Choose

When a company takes on the challenge of selling multiple products from multiple manufacturers, they must do their best to give everyone their due. This means equal “feature” time for various products as well as keeping everything in stock. There is nothing worse than wanting to give a company your money, and them not being able to take it because the product is “on back order”.


Large Variety of Quality Products

Of course all of the popular makes and models are all represented here. The eGo, the CE5, and many others. The wide selection also covers multiple styles of tanks, heads, atomizers, cartomizers, and pre-filled carts as well.

With places like this it is difficult to try and cover one or two products, and a reviewer is much better served to focus on the variety of selection. So that is what I did with My Freedom Smokes. On that note, if I had to compare the selection offered here versus other places it would be easy enough to do.

Here are some samples of products they offer:

Freedom Smokes Build Your Own Starter Kit

Build Your Own Starter Kit

freedom smokes kanger evod

Kanger Evod Tanks

freedom smokes e-liquid

Large Selection of E-Liquid

The My Freedom Smokes selection is centered around one thing. Quality. They might have a big selection but you would be hard pressed to find junk within it. They take great pride in the fact that the juices and the e-cig devices they sell are all top of the line, quality products. Even when they sell kits for as low as $10, it is a quality device.



MFS E-Liquid Selections

my freedom smoke e-liquidTheir e-liquid selection is just as wide. They carry their own “premium” blend of e-liquids made from a base of VG and PG or both. They sell their liquids in single bottles, sample packs, and also by the liter. It is rare to find someone who sells that quantity.

Just like some of the other companies that are trying new things, My Freedom Smokes is also your one-stop-shop for e-liquid mixing supplies. If you fancy yourself as someone who can produce a premium mix, then MFS is the place to load up on your supplies.

So whether you are looking for menthol, tobacco, fruits, or cigar and pipe flavors MFS will stock it. The great thing about stocking up on e-liquids with MFS is their prices. They offer quantity discounts and various promotions all the time. It is easily one of the best places to save money on juices.

My Freedom Smokes
QSC Rating: 89/100 by

Overall, Freedom of Choice Wins

Overall My Freedom Smokes seems to be wanting to give people the freedom of choice. The freedom to choose various devices and various liquids all from one place. Even if you are fond of a particular brand and shop at their site, you are stuck with all of their accessories.

With the freedom to choose at My Freedom Smokes you can mix your favorite device or brand with other favorites from other manufacturers. You can decide what tank goes with your battery and what juice to fill it all with. You have the freedom to choose, if you shop at My Freedom Smokes.

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    • Distributers are online i live in lake charles as well most distributers will be online they make the prosuct and sell it to you in bulk.

  1. I love this place. I have been smoke free for three months. We have been to 4 stores in our community but have had the best products from MFS. They are by far the best out there. We unfortunately came across an offer for a pen from vaporin. All we had to pay was $4.95 in shipping fees. We fell into the scam and they charged our credit card for $119.00 for a cheap product and a commitment for perfume tasting juice. After expressing our deception they discounted half our money and canceled the whatever contract so beware of VAPORIN. MFS is the only company to order from. There products are great, fast shipping and you will always be satisfied.

  2. Bad customer service I have been trying to get ahold of someone for two weeks now they make big promises but under deliver there are a lot of other good websites to order from will never buy from them again

  3. “I’ve never had such lack of customer service –EVER .I purchased one of the starter kits that was allegedly on sale for $ 39.99 , included 2 cylinders and two beakers.Need less to say , my check out price was 41.99. ( this is not the issues, its just a add on to the scam taking place) upon receiveing my kit I noticed my items were missing .After contact someone ( via email because the company NEVER answers the phone ) , I was told they were out of stock ; yet I was charge a even higher amount than what the kit was on sale for and after bringing this to their attention , I was told it didnt include the items missing ???The website CLEARLY states a list of items included –my cylinders and beakers being some of those items.Needless to say after the countless phone calls ( none returned ) and agnozing emails with a arrogant D – bag who knows nothing about customer service , I will not be doing business with them anymore .You lost a good customer — I vape , I make and Im the one they call for local vape convention photos . Word of mouth will make you or break you .”

    • I bought the same thing and didn’t get it right away, read their FAQ. Sucks, but it’s their policy, why everything gets shipped so fast.

  4. Customer service is atrocious. I hope they go out of business soon. once they have your money, they could care less if you are happy or not. Eff these guys… Not another penny.
    “Fast shipping” is not an excuse for lack of customer service. Learn from my mistake and take your business elsewhere.

  5. What a joke this outfit is… After going to their Black Friday “sale” and waiting through interminable delays from their almost non-functioning website, I was, after at least 12 to 15 attempts, able to get my order to go through. Now, on December 2, I get a “Transaction Refund” receipt from them. No explanation. No discussion. Just, a refund. So, while I could have gotten Black Friday deals from other reputable vape retailers, now I sit here having to re-buy all of this stuff at non-Black Friday prices. And the difference is very significant. I can definitely see why MyFreedomSmokes gets such horrible reviews all over the web. Apparently I am not the only person who is completely unsatisfied with this screwed-up retailer. I spend a lot of money on vape gear because a number of folks in my family have turned to vaping instead of smoking, and I want to support that in any way I can. I certainly will not be (trying to) spending my money at this online joke of a retailer. There are too many good, solid, vape retailers that I will support.

  6. Absolutely horrible. First and last purchase I will ever make from them. Bought two tanks…An aspire that has no scratch to verify sticker and feels so cheap it can’t be legitimate…and another tank with absolutely no markings at all. Ridiculous. I didn’t even bother to call or write..just threw the tanks in the trash because I don’t vape on garbage.

  7. I mostly buy coils and batteries from them, but I have had EXCELLENT experiences. The Website is easy to navigate, and allows me to simply “re-order” what I did last time. Shipping is lightening-quick.. usually two days. I am a very happy customer after two years.

  8. Maybe their customer service has improved drastically in 2016, but we’ve never had an issue with MFS, and would recommend them.

    Last week, we placed a $100 order, and received it in 3 days. The day after the order came in, we got a coupon for a $5 mod box if you spent $75 or more. I called to see if they could make the offer retroactive, since we’d placed an applicable order just a few days before. The phone was answered (by a live person), within 3 rings, and it took me less than 5 minutes to get the answer I was looking for. Seems that they’ve taken the complaints about customer service to heart, and vastly improved that area of their business.

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