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NicStick offers a couple of different choices for e-cig users. There is the traditional atomizer which comes pre-filled and the Ego tube which you need to fill with liquid yourself. Do either of these options equate to a valuable product or do they both sizzle out after closer inspection? Read on to find out what we thought about them.

What You Get

NicStick has quite a few kits to choose from. We’ll look at a couple of them, starting with the Freedom Gift Set. This retails for $39.95 and comes with a battery, three different kinds of chargers and two pre-filled clearomizers. It’s a basic kit for a decent price.

If you want to go with an Ego kit, the basic Ego bundle will cost you $49.95. It includes two batteries, a refillable cartridge, two atomizers, three different chargers, a carrying case and a bottle of e-liquid. That’s a lot of bang for your buck, and it is one of the best values out there (strictly from a price standpoint) for people who like Ego devices.

The Quality of the Products

nicstick starter kitNicStick may have the pricing structure down, offering some great deals of electronic cigarettes. But they really suffer when it comes to offering quality products. Vapor production is poor, and the standard flavors are unremarkable. We missed getting a great throat hit from the e-cigs, even when we followed their vaping instructions exactly.

On the plus side, the Ego kit is price low enough that it is a good value for people who have never tired this type of e-cig before. They can try an unconventional method without making a huge investment and find out if it is right for them.

We did like the matching black color scheme and packaging for all the products. It gave them a classy, uniform look that makes you want to display them. But you probably won’t want to stick with them as your go-to e-cig. The products are generally unreliable, and they simply don’t perform very well.

Is it Worth Your Money?

The nice thing about NicStick is even if you don’t like what they are offering, you won’t be wasting a lot of money. The prices may not be quite low enough to reflect their true value, but at least they are lower than most of the competition. Honestly, you could do worse, but not by a lot.


Stylish design

Decent pricing on all products


Poor vapor production

Poor e-liquid flavors

Overall low quality products

If this is your first foray into electronic cigarettes, you may be tempted by the price. But be warned that low quality products like what NicStick is selling can turn you off to electronic cigarettes entirely. We suggest looking for something that is maybe a little more expensive but is also of better quality. Otherwise, you will just want to go right back to smoking regular cigarettes.

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  1. I am a pack a day to two packs a day kind of smoker. Just depends on how stressed out I am. I generally smoke L&M lights or regulars. But my mom got me started in making my own cigarettes with the cigarette making machine they came out with. Not the little ones you can carry in your purse but the big one with the crank. Anyways I buy a bag of tobacco and a box of filters and spend about 20.00. A friend of mine introduced me to the vapor electronic cigarette. I have a Nicstick the first ones you guys came out with and to me it was just like smoking a regular cigarette and back to them I went and still smoke. Well I have borrowed the vapor stick from my boyfriends mom until I can get the money to buy my own. My friend calculated it up one night while I was there that I’d be saving money instead of spending a lot of money by switching to one of the vapor electronic cigarettes. Well today I had a pack of cigarettes with me and only had a few left in my pack. I used also the vapor electronic cigarette. Between smoking it and the regular cigarette I prefer the vapor because it does t make my clothes smell like smoke and I like the tastes of the liquids. I tried green apple and love it. I believe I have found my new best friend in cigarette terms. Where I live there is no smoking here and with the vapor I can smoke inside and with winter coming upon us I’m more than likely going to quit smoking regular cigarettes and start with the vapor.

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