nJoy Starter Kit Review


    • Vapor Production – 40%
    • Battery Life – 56%


    • Selection – 11%
    • Prices – 67%
    • Overall Rating – 36%


It’s an extremely basic e-cigarette that would probably only suit those who want no customization and a very low price. Poor battery life as well.

There is a lot of competition these days in the electronic cigarette arena. Companies seem to be coming to market with new products or advancements to current ones all the time. In a time such as this then, why does nJoy Electronic Cigarettes continue to remain for the most part.. idle?

The reason for this must be that they just have the ultimate confidence in their product. Okay.. if that is the case then by all means, let’s take a look at their product. The nJoy disposable e-cigs are a popular product from their line. They also manufacture a rechargeable battery that takes pre-filled cartridges, nothing fancy here.


The nJoy Advantage


“The best thing about this cigarette… it isn’t one.” They have towed that line since the beginning. and they are not going to change for anyone. The company with the fewest e-cig choices on their menu, nJoy pushes to perfect the product they have. They have succeeded with their disposables.


Disposable e-cigs are meant to be thrown away and for that reason it is somewhat acceptable that absolutely no company makes a perfect disposable. The disposable that nJoy produces is on par with what can be expected, but it is not going to be the one disposable to come from the heap. nJoy Kits


The one starter kit they offer comes with everything you would need to get started. You will get the battery, the charging cable, and anywhere from 1 to 3 cartridges to start with. When going this route it is always necessary to buy a cartridge pack right off the bat. With a kit for under $25 you will be vaping almost right away with this kit.


Where They Dropped the Ball


With nJoy their strength is also their weakness. The fact that they have only one design or style allows them to focus all their energies towards it. However, it fails them on the larger market where the consumer begs for variety and options. As “vaping” got bigger so too did the selection available. nJoy and their product were a b it behind the times.


Still, they stuck at it. They continued making a product that resembled the traditional cigarette. The problem is that the product they put on the market just could not keep up with the rest of what is out there. The mods and eGo versions are so much better. It would seem that nJoy would be content to get the leftovers or those very new to electronic cigarettes.


The Overall nJoy Experience

nJoy Starter Kit
QSC Rating: 36/100 by

When nJoy was first shown to people it was back when e-cigs were relatively new. They held onto a lot of their popularity from that period but it has been waning of late. People go through a natural progression when they start with e-cigs. Once they get a taste for it and know more about how it works and what’s available to them, they move away from the disposables that got them started.


Had nJoy moved along with the rest of the industry when it altered course in the past they would be in a better position now. At the moment however, you will never see a veteran vaper using anything from nJoy. As for novices, you might see one every now and again. They don’t even offer any flavors. All you will get from nJoy is tobacco and menthol, nothing more, nothing less.


This is generally how it works. If you buy your first starter kit in a tobacco shop, where people with experience in e-cigs can offer advice, you will not walk out with an nJoy product. If however you make your decision to start vaping while you are in a 7-Eleven, you might. People can do much better than using an nJoy today, and you would be wise to do the same.

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