Ohm Go Kit by Apollo: A Godsend for Beginners

Ohm Go Kit by Apollo

Only w/E-Liquids $39.95

With vaping, your experience is dictated by the kind of vape pen that you use. While it’s possible to find a great vape simply by luck, as a beginner it’s hard to decide which of the many vape pens will be right for you.

That’s why there are vape starter kits. These kits that are built for beginners and have everything you will need to make your vaping experience great even on your first try. They merge a great collection of features with portability and simplicity, allowing you to enjoy the best of vaping without too much frustration.

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The Ohm Go Kit by Apollo is one such kit. It has a straightforward design and a vast variety of features, making the pen a top choice for any vaper. Read more about the pros and cons below!

It Looks Good and Will Continue to Look Good

One of the factors that have made eGo vaping so attractive is the design of the pen. Under no circumstance should you pick a kit that you don’t like the appearance of. The Ohm Go kit is not only gorgeous straight out of the packaging, but has a special coating that protects the kit from scratches and makes cleaning it much easier. You not only get a good-looking kit, but also one that will stay good-looking in the long run.

While we believe that price shouldn’t be a key factor when you’re buying a vaporizer; but if you want an affordable yet efficient vape pen, Ohm Go costs only $39.95 and performs exceedingly well.

An Ideal Balance of Efficiency and Aesthetics

Buying a starter kit calls for a balance between aesthetics and the functionality. Some pens might seem like a great deal when in reality, they aren’t; thankfully, this is not the case with the Ohm Go.

The kit comes with features dedicated to offering a great experience, incredible clouds, and deep flavors. With the use of two different coils, you can experience both of the mouth-to-lung vaping as well as direct lung vaping. The better flavor and harder hits of the latter might feel foreign for new users, especially those accustomed to smoking, so the inclusion of the former is a great thought by Apollo. It gives you time to adjust slowly to the new mode of vaping.

The kit also comes with two different coils. It has the 0.5 ohm, which is the primary, and a 1.0-ohm replacement. Typically, the 0.5 ohm is a better coil with better performance. However, it might be a big jump for a beginner. Instead, you could use the 1.0 ohm until you get used to vaping, then go for the harder hits when you’re ready for them.

Ohm Go Kit by Apollo

Auto Customization = Added Ease of Use

It is also worth noting that the kit has variable power, which is rated from as low as 5W all the way up to 50W. Ideally, this will require the kit to come with settings that allow you to toggle and find the appropriate setting for the juice and the atomizer that you’re using. The problem is that it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Luckily, with this particular kit, you don’t have to play around with the settings. It is self-adjusting. This means that you get the benefits many power options, but don’t have to put up with the sea of buttons and settings. That not only saves you time but reduces your chances of making a mistake and wrecking the kit. You get to vape at the optimum settings and performance level of the kit without having to break a sweat.

What Makes It an Ideal First Kit for Any New Vaper?

Starter kits do not come cheap. Replacing an entire kit every so often can leave you in deep financial holes, which are why it is always advised to get a good quality kit the first time you buy. While it might cost you more, it will save you a lot more in the long term.

The Ohm Go Kit by Apollo is built for durability. The tank is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass, which allows you to have a see through the tank but one that is as tough as nails. The rest of the kit is made from stainless steel.

The finishing of the kit is also worth a mention. While most of them are built to last, not many are made to look good for a long time. But the Ohm Go Kit by Apollo is one of the few that looks good, and will last. It has a special finishing that protects the kit from all the scratches it might collect over time, which also makes cleaning the kit very easy.

The kit has other additions that improve both quality and convenience. These additions include a no-slip grip, ensuring that the pen is safe at all times and providing a nice finish that keeps the kit comfortable in your hand. If you prefer keeping it in your pocket, you don’t need to worry about it moving around.

Ohm Go Kit by Apollo


If there’s one particular spot where this kit shines, it’s the ease of use. Even though it offers a broad range of features and power options, it has one feature that makes it superbly easy to use: the auto-adjust feature. The kit can change the settings automatically depending on the atomizer being used. It makes it very easy for you to enjoy a good vaping experience without having to troubleshoot different settings.

Also, there is the battery indicator. It does not make using the device easier but does make it more pleasant. The battery indicator blinks green when the battery is fully charged, blue when in it half full and red when it is dying, so users are never caught unawares while using the kit.

The no-slip grip, the sizeable nature of the kit, and the fact that it can fit comfortably in your hand are all features that make using the pen much easier and, more importantly, friendly to the new user.

What We Loved About the Kit:

  • Elegant and sturdy build
  • Impressive collection of functions that offer flexibility
  • Presence of two coils for mouth to lungs and direct lungs vaping
  • Easy to use approach
  • No-slip grip that makes it harder to drop the pen
  • Highly portable. Has a decent size and is not too heavy
  • Does not slip around in the pocket
  • Perfect for starters
  • Auto adjusts features is extremely useful for first-time users
  • Is scratch-resistant and easy to clean

What We Didn’t Like Much:

  • The auto adjusts feature takes the power of control away from you
  • The tank is slightly small
  • The battery is slightly on the small side


While there are many affordable and decent starter kits available on the markets for new vapers, if you’re looking for something that’s not only affordable but also easy to use, we highly recommend the Ohm Go Kit by Apollo.

Ohm Go Kit by Apollo
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