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Playboy Vapor Review

Playboy Vapor ECig Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the Playboy Vapor ECig followed by a quick synopsis.

  • Vapor Production – 80%
  • Vapor Flavor – 75%
  • Size & Portability – 85%
  • Batter Life – 65%
  • Overall Rating – 75%
It may be odd to see a major commercial company like Playboy throw their hat into the e-cigarette production ring, but that is exactly what has happened here. Their iconic logo brands a new line of disposable e-cigarette products.So is their logo just being slapped on a shoddy product, or does it really live up to the iconic name? We tried out their line to give you the verdict.

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What You Get

playboy display With the Playboy name, we were expecting a higher price point, to be honest. So we were pleasantly surprised by the reasonable $22.99 asking price for the starter kit. With that base kit you get a rechargeable battery, two refill cartridges, 5 flavor cartridges and a USB charger. It’s all the basics you would expect from a starter kit but with the added benefit of additional flavor cartridges.

They also sell a e-hookah starter kit, if you are interested in that sort of thing. And if you want to get refills for your e-cig, it will cost you $17.99 for a three pack. Once again, that’s a great price, since most of these retail from other companies for about $10 apiece.

The Quality of the Product

playboy ecig Playboy’s e-cigs look like any other disposable electronic cigarette. They mimic the look of a traditional cigarette pretty well, and they aren’t really meant to last you for years and years. And because it is a disposable cigarette instead of something of much greater quality and cost, then you should not expect a lot of vapor production.

In fact, the vapor production on these cigs is kind of weak, resulting in a minor throat hit that gets the job done but just barely. Now most disposable e-cigs don’t give off a great vapor, but the majority of them still do a better job than Playboy’s efforts. That vapor is important because it is an integral part of the smoking experience, even the electronic smoking experience.

As it stands, Playboy eCigs are more suitable for first time users. They are inexpensive and not of a great quality, which means they are perfect as an introductory product. Experienced vapers and those who want some nice vapor production aren’t going to be satisfied with what these products produce.

The flavors aren’t anything to get excited about either. The traditional tobacco flavor is probably the best one. It tastes a lot like the real deal, with a very authentic taste and a nice throat hit. But the other flavors really suffer from poor mixing or lackluster ingredients. There’s menthol, apple, strawberry and a few others, but most of them are fairly bland and lacking the kind of flavor and pizzazz vapers are looking for.

The standard refills are pre-filled cartridges. These are among the cheapest we have seen anywhere, and they come in seven different flavors, If you opt for the e-liquids, on the other hand, you can enjoy equally low pricing and choose from a greater variety of about 20 flavors. These add in some coffee and dessert flavors, but once again, none of them are really worth using for the long term.

Is It Worth Your Money?

Playboy Vapor Electronic Cigarettes
QSC Rating: 75/100 by

Right now, the Playboy e-cig brand is one with a lot of potential. It’s off to a good start, especially with the very competitive pricing. But they have simply got to get better mixes in their store. As it stands they make a compelling case for first-time vapers, but everyone else would do well to find something a bit more substantial.

The problem may lie in the fact that they aren’t being very hands on with the entire process. Playboy isn’t producing the e-cigs themselves or mixing up the juices on their own (not that many companies do). Instead, they are sourcing the work out to a Chinese company who puts everything together and slaps the Playboy logo in all the products. This allows the cigs to be sold quite cheaply, but it doesn’t make for great production values or a very good product overall.


  • Great pricing
  • Decent for first time users


  • Poor flavor selection
  • Poor flavor quality
  • Poor vapor production

We’d have to give the products a pass for now. The Playboy logo always looks attractive, but in this case, looks are not enough to save the product. If you want a disposable e-cigarette that gives you real value and nice experience, there are plenty of better options.

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  1. My playboy e-cigs we put juice flavour in the battery, now it doesn’t light, there is no smoke, what must I do?

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