Pure Smoke E-Cig Review




Pure Smoke E-Cigs seems to put a lot of faith into their disposable devices. One of their biggest products is a disposable in a box made to look like a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Now they are not the first company to do this, almost everyone with a disposable on the market has a design like this. THe problem is that I do not like them, and I am not alone.


Pure Smoke

The Pure Smoke disposable is, for the most part, just like any other sub-par disposable out there. They advertise “around” 400 puffs, but you get half of that, and their vapor production is quite low. Sure, it will seem adequate at first, but as the pre-filled cartridge starts to run low in juice, you will notice a sharp drop in vapor production.

This is by far the biggest complaint that I have seen about this brand, and others like this. The inconsistent production and almost non-existent throat hit are both common complaints about this particular brand. The same could be said about their website. At first it seems as though the site will open up to a variety of options. Yet when you click the button the site loads a page, but the option that you would expect are nowhere to be found.

The site comes off as bland, even though you might not have that impression initially. The same can be said for their devices. You would expect more, but get less. I had hoped that as I looked deeper I would find something great. Something like an amazing flavor selection, or something, anything to make up for the lack-luster feeling I have at this point.


What They Offer

Pure Smoke has decided to stick with the relatively average cig-a-like design and they sell both a disposable as well as a rechargeable version. However, if it was me, I would stay away from the rechargeable if for no other reason than to not be seen holding on of those fake cigarette packs that companies like this like to make their charging cradle.


They also sell a variety of parts and accesories but only for the products that they sell. They are not that big on trying to get other business. They are sticking with car chargers, plugs, and cartridges for their products only. Of course the prices are just about average also but they had better be considering they do not offer much.


E-Juice and Flavor Selection

The only juice they sell is that which comes pre-filled within their cartridge packs. Thing is, even here they do not offer much of a choice. They give you a small variety of options for flavors and that is it. One thing that you can take solace in is that their batteries will fit various other cartridges from other manufacturers. So that compatibility is one thing that Pure Smoke did right.

You will get the same options for flavors that most other companies offer. There are a couple more unique flavors like watermelon for example. But even that is not that special. The prices are what you would expect also. They are not cheaper than the next guy but they are not the most expensive either. So you will find that the prices are ok.. but then when you consider what you might pay for shipping is when the shock comes in.



Sadly, I never found anything “special” to make up for the bland website and below average product performance. This is one company that I had hoped would pull through as I went on. It just never happened. The site almost put me to sleep and when I tried their products I felt the same way. There is just nothing about this brand that I like or wish to brag about. Maybe in the future they will come up with something new.


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